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Loopro – Amsterdam – English Version

“In music, its positive component is very important so that it gives us extremely positive vibrations. And what could be better than the new track -lopro and rhythm of Dancehall? If only his new track about the magnificent Amsterdam!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В музыке очень важна её позитивная составляющая, чтобы она дарила нам исключительно положительные вибрации. И что может быть лучше, чем новый трек -Loopro- и ритма dancehall? Если только его новый трек о великолепном Амстердаме!”

Mark Balet – Bad Gyal

“In the heat of Dancehall and Afrobeats, the depth of vocals is very important, its timbre and the force with which he affects the listener. -Mark Balet- worked to the smallest detail the strongest side of his new track- his voice can be listened and enjoy until you drown in it. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В жарах Dancehall и Afrobeats очень важна глубина вокала, его тембр и сила, с которой он воздействует на слушателя. -Mark Balet- проработал до мелочей самую сильную сторону своего нового трека — его голос можно слушать и наслаждаться до тех пор, пока вы не утоните в нём.”

Mark Balet Is a singer/songwriter from Paris, based between New York city and Miami. Born to military parents, he was raised between Ivory Coast, France, United States, Spain and Egypt. In 1996 at the age of 13, he formed Mauvaise Race, a hip-hop and raggamuffin duo with his Sidekick Tash, and sharpened his style through Reggae Sound Systems.

Formerly known as Marky, he first gained notice in Paris in 2009 with the song Outsider from his French Album Eternel [Eternel Music/Sony ATV]. From 2014 to 2017 Mark Balet released Born to Love, Holy Ground, and King of kings with the Reggae leader, VP Records in New York.

His New ReggAfroPop Album Faya is now available now on all digital platforms.




PAPA Sound x Jamkid – Mannen (Skull Edit)

“The track confidently holds the rhythm specified by the AFROBEATS genre and sounds so atmospheric that you feel as if you are in the walls of a huge club, where -papa Sound and Jamkid-. Yes, such music can wake anyone! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек уверенно держит заданный жанром Afrobeats ритм и звучит настолько атмосферно, что создаётся ощущение, как будто находишься в стенах огромного клуба, где за пультом красуются -PAPA Sound и Jamkid-. Да, подобная музыка способна разбудить любого!”

Mannen’s created on the same riddim (instrumental) as One Bagga Shh!. It’s an energetic dance song with flavors from dancehall, afropop and reggae. The song is performed by Jamkid from Rågsved, Stockholm. Jamkid got the name from his parents who saw that Jombo (his real name) hummed and danced to dancehall and reggae, and give him the name “the jaming kid”, later Jamkid. Mannen’s all about loyalty and suburban friendship that leads to disappointments. Boys often call each other “brother”, “fam”, “akhi” and so on, men who later get into the backside of the street with money, hype or drugs, they turn their backs on each other. Instead of remembering that you belong together and have shared moments and successes.

The word “Mannen” means something like an upset: “Hey, what are you doing!”


PAPA SOUND is a Swedish producer duo focused on creating bass driven, dancehall, afrobeat, and reggae tunes. Founded by Patrik Arve and Paolo Albo, Papa Sound became a duo in the year 2020. The name PAPA comes from their given names initials Paolo Albo and Patrik Arve. In their songs, they vent the issues and passions they have in common, from social injustice or environmental issues to just their love for music

“Usually we are looking for the spark in the gap between different genres. For us, 90% of good music is all about the attitude. It’s more important than your actual “skill”. Hence our love for punk, hip-hop and reggae. We are baking outernational musical biscuits full of bass and riddim. The vocals are, at this point, made by guests from Jamaica or Africa and is considered the icing on the cake.”

Patrik Arve is one third of the award winning group Teddybears with hits like “Cobrastyle” featuring the Jamaican Mad Cobra, the song has the song has at this point 50 million streams. Arve and Teddybears have made songs with Beenieman, Ninjaman, Elephantman, Busy Signal, Cutty Ranks, Ward 21, Wiley, Kano, Ghetts, Iggy Pop, Eve, Robyn, Neneh Cherry to name a few.

PAPA Sound x Jamkid “Mannen” releases on all major plattforms 15 april via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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Ir Sais x konshens x Farina – Flauta

“The new track -IS & konshens & farina-, in which the rhythms of Dancehall and Afrobeats shimmer, high -quality semilization and a very peculiar vocal duet that creates a real magic of sound. Pleasant listening! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый трек -Ir Sais & konshens & Farina-, в котором переливаются ритмы Dancehall и Afrobeats, качественное семплирование и очень своеобразный вокальный дуэт, который создаёт настоящую магию звука. Приятного прослушивания!”

Ir Sais, the Caribbean singer from Bonaire, sets his sights on a 2022 takeover with the announcement of his brand-new EP, Deeper X (Part 1). The five-song collection, a seamless blend of Afropop, dancehall and reggaeton, will be released May 27, 2022, via Sony Music Latin. Ir Sais recorded most of these songs in Papiamento, the language of his native island, with roots in Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and African languages.

Nowator – Ay Amor

“Emotional vocals are in perfect harmony with the rhythm and melody that harmonize and complement each other. A minute in a minute before you unfolds a charming motive that sparkles with many shades throughout the entire musical composition. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эмоциональный вокал отлично гармонирует с ритмом и мелодией, которые гармонируют и дополняют друг друга. Минута за минутой перед вами разворачивается очаровательный мотив, который сверкает множеством оттенков на протяжении всей музыкальной композиции.”

fabigeez – Mama

“In the streaming stream of the REGAE melody, a masterfully executed -fabigeez-, a streaming of consciousness, very important and meaningful words sound. Songs in which such a powerful emotional message is invested remain in memory forever. The most important words intended to the most important person in the life of each of us. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В ошеломляющем сознание потоке мелодии Reggae, виртуозно исполненной -fabigeez-, звучат очень важные и многозначительные слова. Песни, в которых вложен такой мощный эмоциональный посыл, остаются в памяти навсегда. Самые важные слова предназначенные самому важному человеку в жизни каждого из нас.”

FabiGeez also known as Geez is one of the most versatile Reggae/Dancehall artists currently residing in the city of Toronto, Canada. Born Fabian Graham in the rural parish of St Mary, Jamaica. As a child growing up he and his brothers were raised by their mother. Fabigeez and his siblings all felt a spiritual connection to music. By the tender age of 15 Fabigeez was already writing his own lyrics that proved to not only be inspirational but motivational, positive music. The songs would would win the hearts of his peers and elders because his lyrics possessed such relatable content. In 2007 some time after migrating to Canada his song “marijuana Forever” featured on a local radio program and since then he has had his music featured on several other radio platforms in Canada and also internationally.

Ir Sais – Claramente

“A certain originality and originality is definitely present in the track, thanks to which -ir Sais- won the love of his listeners. Dancehall smooth rhythms, on whose waves you will point to his durning melody. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В треке определённо присутствует некая самобытность и оригинальность, благодаря которым -Ir Sais- завоевал любовь своих слушателей. Плавные ритмы Dancehall, на волнах которых вас укачает его дурманящая мелодия.”

Ir Sais returns with his brand new single and video "Claramente" via Sony Music Latin. Over the pandemic, the Caribbean crooner amassed more than six billion TikTok views for his 8x RIAA certified Platinum hit "Dream Girl," which features remixes alongside Rauw Alejandro and Sean Paul & Davido. Now in 2022, he emerges with the rest of the world, carrying an arsenal of new music and a clearer perspective.

Produced by Ir Sais, "Claramente" is about knowing when to let go of a rocky relationship. In its accompanying video, directed by Ryan “QD El Mago” Navarro, Ir Sais discovers this epiphany through a dreamy escapade across the beaches of his homeland Bonaire.

“Claramente represents the story of someone who was blindly in love and cannot see the toxicity of their partner. In the end, they come to the realization of who their partner actually is, exposing their bad side. All of this is combined into a tropical Caribbean sound representing my island roots,” Ir Sais states.

Nancita Kapi – Let’s Ride (Video)

“Let’s ride on these catchy rhythmic waves and feel the dancing energy flowing in your body. “Nancita Kapi” offers her new single in Afro-fusion style this time, decorated with bold percussion and cheerful vocals.”

Let’s Ride has a bouncy and groovy side to it and it will definitely make you dance. After releasing a look of songs with rhythm and blues and zouk flavours, Nancita has decided to give the public an afrobeat style this time. Being an advocate of woman empowering movements, it is evident that she will take us there when you take a close look at the lyrics in this song

Jholi – Murda (Spotify)

“Rhythmic music and simple -but memorable- arrangement in combination with the bright voice of "Jholi", creating the effect of a blasting bomb! This is a perfect option to listen and twerk.”

“Ритмичная музыка, простая, но запоминающаяся аранжировка в сочетании с ярким речитативом -Jholi- создают эффект разорвавшейся бомбы! Если вы танцуете тверк, то данный трек идеальный вариант для того, чтобы зажечь!”

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