AMAYA – Escape (Video)

“With an operatic voice to falsetto in modern processing offered here by AMAYA. An expressive feed of music with memorable melodies that will shake your inner-self.”

“Оперный голос на фальцете в современной обработке нам предлагает AMAYA. Экспрессивная подача музыкального произведения с запоминающейся мелодией не оставит вас равнодушным.”

Emerging singer AMAYA releases her second single after releasing her debut EP No Way Back earlier this year. The song’s mesmerising vocals are accompanied by stunning immersive visuals in a captivating music video that was inspired by sensory deprivation and themes of inward turmoiland disillusionment in response to a deteriorating world.

Escape is, much like the thematic direction of AMAYA’s debut EP, underscored by dark undercurrents and a sense of urgency, without any clear resolution. Her vocals and lyrics stand out, imbued with drama and a gripping poetic narrative. Blending orchestral elements with dark electro-pop, AMAYA has evolved creatively since her EP release, using a broader spectrum of genres in her roster of influences. Coming from a background in theory and musicology, the singer’s originally classical influences may seem at odds with this fresh sound, but what we hear is quite the opposite – a track with a nostalgia-inducing sample and contemporary themes relevant to today’s landscape of musical production.

Agustin Mantaras – Myst (Spotify)

“What can you find in the fog? Fog will always carry the secret.if you want to know about this, you have to enter into the fog and seek for it. The slow melody partly is interrupted by a hasty as you are into rush to get through the fog. An emotive neoclassical by Agustin Mantaras x Bergi.”

“Что ты можешь найти в тумане? Он всегда будет нести тайну. И если ты хочешь узнать ее, ты должен войти в туман и отыскать ее. Неторопливая мелодия перебивается с торопливой и ты несешься сквозь туман. Не забываемые чувства оставляет Agustin Mantaras x Bergi.”

Spanish composer and producer originally born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Bergi has been playing guitar since his early youth. He feels more inclined to compose classical music even though this style was barely heard in his childhood home. Usually, his music emerges from the strings of his old Spanish guitar, place where he feels natively comfortable, and takes it to the piano to evolve the composition, bringing the song into the world.

Bergi, recently released the single release "Myst". It features an emotion-drenched arrangement, a powerful piano progression, and mesmerizing melodies. It was featured in One World Music Radio in the UK, in the live show "Shores of Atlantis" and ranked second position on the Top 50 Singles Chart for July 2020.

In Steve Sheppard's own words (presenter on One World Music Radio)

"Myst from Bergi is an outstanding single from the artist, the performance on piano is utterly reflective and deeply emotional, and a song that would easily fit into the category of being cinematic in its overall energies as well.

If a composition stops me in my tracks it must be good, and Myst from Bergi is most certainly that, it is music that will conjure up memories moods and images within the mind, it is a song that may well bring a tear to your eye with its tones of reflection and sad beauty, but overall, it is a piece that I am more than happy to recommend to anyone who likes their music to move them to the very depths of their soul"

Kuzu – The Prison Beyond Sky and Time (Spotify)

“Solid rough rhythms intertwine with the singing of birds, which sounds like a melodic insects. You feel like been in a forest full of life, Life surrounds you, and blooming.”

“Шершавые ритмы переплетаются с пением птиц. Это похоже на мелодию насекомых. Вы оказываетесь в лесу полным жизни. Жизнь окружает вас, и вы расцветаете вместе с ним.”

Tobtok – New Levels (feat. Mila Falls) (Spotify)

“I feel like we can make new levels and be happy. And this is an absolute truth, which is supported by the new fiery and danceable groove from Tobtok, Tobtok, Milwin & Alfie Cridland and the strong voice of Mila Falls.”

“Я чувствую, что мы можем сделать новые уровни и стать счастливыми. И это безусловная правда которая подкрепляется зажигательным и танцевальным грувом от Tobtok, Milwin & Alfie Cridland и сильного голоса Mila Falls.”

From the label that brought you the Top 10 hits ‘Sorry’ & ‘Lonely’ and No. 1 single Head & Heart by Joel Corry and Top 20 hits from PS1 ‘Fake Friends’ comes another massive dance anthem from Tobtok, Milwin & Alfie Cridland featuring vocals by newcomer Mila Falls on Hoxton based label Perfect Havoc.

28-year-old Tobtok aka Tobias Karlsson, is one of the most talented artists leading the new wave of Swedish electronic music DJ / producers. He has generated over 100%+ million streams across his music globally with a double platinum record to his name in Australia with ‘Fast Car’ and enjoyed consistent regular DJ and radio support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, KISS FM, Capital Xtra and more and is in high demand as a remixer and producer for other artists such as Joel Corry, L Devine, HRVY, Alex Ross, Karen Harding, Kesha and more. With the success of his productions and remixes, Tobtok has had the opportunity to showcase his skills as a DJ with hugely respected house label, Toolroom, who invited him to provide a mix for their ‘Miami Poolside’ album series, he has graced the decks at a number of venues around the world including Ushuaia in Ibiza 6 times to date, and played The Warehouse Project, Village Underground and multiple Kitsuné parties. He’s appeared at festivals such as Creamfields, Sziget and Summerfade, as well as toured across the USA three times with his own headline dates. Tobtok has also enjoyed releases on labels such as Ministry of Sound, Astralwerks, Toolroom., Hexagon, Kitsune and Good Soldier. With more massive tracks, collaborations and DJ sets lined up, Tobtok is ready to break through in a big way.

Milwin, real name Edwin Lindberg, is a Swedish DJ, producer and songwriter. Milwin’s life has always revolved around music, with his father being in a band and himself playing instruments at an early age. His sound originates from electronic music of all genres, producing everything from electronic pop to tech-house. One thing is for sure, when Milwin performs you are guaranteed a good party! Milwin has had releases on a number of labels such as Universal Music which saw his single ‘Follow Your Heart’ achieve over 1.3 million streams, LoudKult, Spinnup and One Seven Music. Milwin has also remixed for the likes of Lucas Estrada and Pawl.

Alfie Cridland started to make a name for himself after winning Nathan Dawes DJ competition in 2017. After supporting Nathan at the 02 in Birmingham, Alfie then went on to support him on his Zante tour 2 years in a row. As well as hitting thousands with his mashup videos online, Alfie now continues to showcase his talent in nightclubs up and down the UK. His first debut single ‘Last Day In Paradise’ alongside Paul Kay and released on Perfect Havoc received support from BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and also made it into the Capital Big Top 40 at No. 35 and hit No. 5 in the iTunes UK Main Chart and No. 2 in the iTunes Dance Chart. The record continues to grow and is nearing over 2 million streams.

Mila Falls is a UK Songwriter and performer. Having performed on stages around the world including Paris, Ibiza, Croatia, Tunisia, embarking on UK radio tours, she went on to release an album and multiple music videos. Mila Falls has also been the voice of the Fifa World Cup back in 2018, with her voice being heard by millions across the world on the title sequence for every match.

Mila Falls landed her first record deal with Defected Records in 2013 featuring on S.Chu’s “Oh My” championed by Annie Mac and Toddla T on BBC Radio 1, achieved “Smash Of The Week” and was aired by DJs worldwide. Since then she has released many songs not only for herself but for artists across Europe. As a songwriter, Mila has penned songs for artists from Universal, Warner and Sony Music. She has worked with global brands such as Apple, Youtube and Universal Audio, achieved endorsements with a long list of supporters. Mila has recently been chosen as a delegate songwriter representing the UK at international song writing camps in the Norway, Spain, Poland, Sweden, France and the Netherlands and has some very exciting releases planned.

Dax – GOTHAM (Video)

“Dax blows your mind with his powerful recitative, you will find yourself overwhelmed by his words. He wants justice in this world in which we are all at the mercy of the digital world! It’s a strong song that definitely deserves top honors.”

“Он взрывает ваш разум своим мощным речитативом, вы окажетесь подавленным его словами. Он хочет справедливости в этом мире, в котором мы все во власти цифрового мира!

Это сильная песня, однозначно заслуживающая высших наград.”

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