AMAYA – Escape (Video)

“With an operatic voice to falsetto in modern processing offered here by AMAYA. An expressive feed of music with memorable melodies that will shake your inner-self.”

“Оперный голос на фальцете в современной обработке нам предлагает AMAYA. Экспрессивная подача музыкального произведения с запоминающейся мелодией не оставит вас равнодушным.”

Emerging singer AMAYA releases her second single after releasing her debut EP No Way Back earlier this year. The song’s mesmerising vocals are accompanied by stunning immersive visuals in a captivating music video that was inspired by sensory deprivation and themes of inward turmoiland disillusionment in response to a deteriorating world.

Escape is, much like the thematic direction of AMAYA’s debut EP, underscored by dark undercurrents and a sense of urgency, without any clear resolution. Her vocals and lyrics stand out, imbued with drama and a gripping poetic narrative. Blending orchestral elements with dark electro-pop, AMAYA has evolved creatively since her EP release, using a broader spectrum of genres in her roster of influences. Coming from a background in theory and musicology, the singer’s originally classical influences may seem at odds with this fresh sound, but what we hear is quite the opposite – a track with a nostalgia-inducing sample and contemporary themes relevant to today’s landscape of musical production.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 10, 2020