Anzac Park – ice (Vertical Video) (Video)

“If you need music viscous as honey, memorable melody and deep bass – seek for Anzac Park. Great composition that you want to sit alone to relax, or…just the two of us! will you join me?”

“Если вам нужна тягучая как мед музыка, липкая мелодия, и густой бас – спросите об этом Anzac Park. Отличная композиция, что бы в одиночестве отдохнуть. А может быть и вдвоем!”

Anzac Park is an 18-year-old LGBT alternative pop artist with roots in New Zealand, Central Europe and Britain. Influenced by artists such as Lorde, Grimes and Fka Twigs, Park is fascinated by the phenomenon of modern coming-of-age. His music paints a pensive portrait of the Generation Z; he calls it “pop for the young and overly sensitive”, dealing heavily with topics such as identity, party culture, loss of innocence and teenage melancholy. Having lived in 3 different countries by the age of 17, he finished high school with distinction in Europe and, after honing his lyrical skills (in doing so being listed for several international poetry & literature prizes) and experimenting with his musical niche by releasing a series of unpromoted demos, is set to release his first studio single, “Ice”, on October 30th. “Ice” is the lead single from Anzac Park’s upcoming EP, partially inspired by the tribulations of navigating identity & relationships as an LGBT teen and also by the experience of spending adolescence in an unforgiving urban environment after a childhood in a small town. Driven by atmospheric synths and a restless beat, the song evokes the chilly feeling of a blue dawn after a long night out in the city. Lyrically, the song deals with the intensity of teen emotion as well as the cold, frozen feeling of a tired comedown and the listlessness of adolescence. “More ice than an ocean / And I feel so frozen / My god, I can’t keep hoping / Or I’ma end up broken” is a hook that summons a feeling of emotional exhaustion, of disillusionment with party culture and meaningful relationships. Inspired by the creatively challenging conditions of 2020, the entire song (incl. mixing & production) and all its accompanying visuals (vertical video, promo shots) were created by the artist alone in self-iso with zero budget in a DIY fashion. The aesthetic is melancholic and minimal but also slightly surreal, dominated by shades of blue and purple.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 9, 2020