Muenster – Fake News ft Jsun the Prophesor & Kilathon

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“Highly charged rhythm and melody that electrifies the atmosphere. The flow of vocals fits perfectly into the scene. Words and thoughts to be said have found a way out. The dynamic expression of emotions gives the right tone to the style of the piece.” (Automatically Translated)

“Έντονα φορτισμένος ρυθμός και μελωδία που ηλεκτρίζει την ατμόσφαιρα. Η ροή των φωνητικών ταιριάζει απόλυτα στο σκηνικό. Λόγια και σκέψεις που πρέπει να ειπωθούν έχουν βρει διέξοδο. Η Δυναμική έκφραση συναισθημάτων δίνει το σωστό τόνο στο ύφος του κομματιού.” class=”iframe_media”>

Muenster is a versatile wordsmith, a polished and flashy orator, and a prolific national performer. This Austin native/Denton transplant is not your typical Texas rapper. The rhymesayer’s résumé boasts more than a decade of experience and dedication to his craft, evidenced by hundreds of live performances, several Warped Tour regional circuits, and a collection of meticulously crafted recordings that seemingly have no low points. His albums are the listen-on-repeat kind, ones that never give you the urge to skip a track (which is a rarity, especially in the hip-hop community). Muenster seamlessly blends an array of vocal cadences reminiscent of the UK grime scene with a delivery as varied as a late-90s Project Blowed mixtape. Listeners will find sincere, insightful poetics that aren’t afraid to grapple with provocative social and political topics. His cerebral, timely lyrics result in a more fulfilling experience than your typical club banger, but Muenster’s tracks still bring the bang. He showcases technically complex delivery matched with quick-paced lyricism, which comes off as natural and almost effortless, deploying surgically sharp enunciation and precision that somehow results in an insidiously listenable swagger.

Will Wallace & Laurel Smith – GIRLS MONEY CARS (Video)

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“Will Wallace & Laurel Smith appear with this Electro super track. Ecstatic and dynamic sound. Wicked bass and lead loops mixed with a breathless voice that immediately stimulates your ears.”

LONDON – DJ and producer Will Wallace and singer- songwriter Laurel Smith unleash a dark-pop club anthem and music video for ‘Girls, Money, Cars’.

A phenomenal new release from Preston’s rising new name in music production, Will Wallace emerges with slick sound and visuals, and Laurel Smith brings the kind of bad-B energy you’d look for in North London’s emerging music scene. The pair have been quietly working on a smash dark-pop meets future bass single.

This collaboration is nothing short of perfect, a cocktail of the work of two seemingly disparate artists, surprising their respective fanbases after the successful release of Will’s upbeat electronic hit ‘Greenlight’ and Laurel’s far moodier ‘Out the Cage’ hit the air waves.

Will’s evolving sound proves he can’t be pinned to one genre – ‘Girls, Money, Cars’ is complex, both pop and trap-heavy yet impressively spacey, hypnotic and rounded. Dripping with unapologetic badass attitude, Laurel commands her breathy controlled vocals over sharp, incisive lyrics that she wrote for this track, pointing to the music industry’s subjugation of women that keeps them trapped in a male-gaze public image.

Dark and delicious,‘Girls, Money, Cars’ illuminates the warped, disorienting reality of entertainment, through an ecstatic, highly-produced mix that seriously ups-the-anti on new wave revenge-anthems.

The creative approach in the video is stellar, immediately hooking us with the nostalgic visuals of Y2K house parties, ironically placed over Laurel’s intimidating vocals, only to take an immaculate left-turn into a climaxing bassline from Will. We anticipate Will’s return to the stage with this creative ensemble, after his roster list of shows played pre-lockdown, including the notorious Don’t Let Daddy Know at the O2 Victoria Warehouse. Be ready to hear Will Wallace’s exhilarating drops on this banger across the clubs this summer, and watch Laurel’s dead-pan, covergirl—bound face on your screen in awe.

Gabdez – WE GO OUT (Spotify)

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“-WE GO OUT- The powerful, deep and slightly philosophical composition that strongly hits the emotions. -Gabdez- managed to record a track that sounds very integral and dimensional.”

“-WE GO OUT- мощная, глубокая, немного философская композиция, которая сильно бьёт по эмоциям. -Gabdez- удалось записать трек, который звучит очень цельно и однопланово.”

Since the beginning, the song is a clear invitation to "Go Out" from this long Covid days!

While the entire world is reborn with the vaccines from the Pandemic time, we all wish to find the happiness and contact life we have lost in the last year.

The melody of the track is built on a pop base of 100BPM, it starts with an electronic beat which wants to underline the energetic mood.

Afetr the first verse, the sound grows with 4/4 kick and deep loop to introduce with a break the second verse which contains the all meaning of freedom, music and party!

Totally produced by "DEZMUSIC", this electro/melodic song with its sound is trying to be a crossover between different music genres pop/deep/trap, light and easy to listen but also enough quick for dancing, like the previous production "Feel it".

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