AKS – Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle) | Hip Hop music review

AKS – Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle) | Hip Hop music review

“Old school vibe that hit you instantly with the first sounds, this song creates wonderful world of nostalgia. Marvelous lead vocal is amazing as it can be, powerful crystal, great lyrical structure. Beautiful hip hop vibe feels like a roller coaster of nostalgia that will stay in your ears”


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“Old school vibe που σε χτύπησε αμέσως με τους πρώτους ήχους, αυτό το τραγούδι δημιουργεί υπέροχο κόσμο νοσταλγίας. Το θαυμάσιο πρωταγωνιστικό φωνητικό είναι εκπληκτικό όπως μπορεί να είναι, δυνατό κρύσταλλο, υπέροχη λυρική δομή. Η όμορφη χιπ χοπ ατμόσφαιρα μοιάζει με ένα τρενάκι νοσταλγίας που θα μείνει στα αυτιά σας”


“Con un ambiente de la vieja escuela que te impacta instantáneamente con los primeros sonidos, esta canción crea un maravilloso mundo de nostalgia. La maravillosa voz principal es increíble, cristal poderoso, gran estructura lírica. La hermosa vibra del hip hop se siente como una montaña rusa de nostalgia que permanecerá en tus oídos.”


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Lyrics of AKS – Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle)

[INTRO]Swear Down,
Just let me explain
I know I’m different fam, I ain’t one and the same
and it’d be a perfect picture if I fit in the frame
but hey…swear down, just let me explain!

#3Letters…You dun know!

[VERSE 01]Calling for wordplay like I’m the main connection,
Phone full of bars and still the aim is to gain some reception,
They’ll always claim like they’re the best, I throw a swift exception,
These days I move like Kanye West if I ain’t in the mentions,
It’s like the flow was tailor made, to stage an intervention,
Real gold and when I coin a phrase, it’s best you pay attention,
In a scene where the role is playing a living legend,
So it’s both “real recognise real” and a “game of deception”
Yeah…it hits different when its true talent,
Breddas think they’re big shots ’cause they move with some loose canons,
If the distance between me and you is a huge chasm,
Please do not talk about levels like you won’t lose balance,
Bruh it’s mic check to get the room patterned,
Put me in the system…I’m introducing a few spanners,
‘Cause I’ve got big dreams (What?)…my brudda who hasn’t?
If they’re sleeping on me I’m ’bout to wake ’em in rude fashion!

[BRIDGE]Yo….Like I ain’t been a problem?
Any instrumental you pedal I defeat the conundrum,
I think what they mean they’re calling me conscious,
Is irrespective of what they’re pushing, I came with the substance!
In my opinion this is real spitting! (real spitting)
I got the sickness…with these ill writtens! (ill writtens)
They call it competition but its good riddance!
…a different three letters when I kill riddims!

[VERSE 02]‘Cause when I write, I’m a real wrongen,
I more than excel man I’m Samson the way I move columns,
Heard they’ve got an issue with me as if the real problem
is a breh who says what he means and it isn’t ill gotten?
I ride my wave, I don’t care who’s current
I value the truth, and with you the currency feels foreign,
So ’til they feel something there ain’t no chill button
If they ever said I ain’t ill they gotta be pill popping,
Yo…gotta be medication,
this surgical operation ain’t losing no patience,
’cause when they double check the quotations,
Man…I figure I’mma go up in their estimations, (Hear what I’m saying fam)
Look…this ain’t the destination, but my train of thought has got me ahead of my station.
(Yo what we telling ’em?)
I guess you get a reputation,
when words that are Heaven sent make a Hell of a statement!
(Ha, Ha, Ha)

[BRIDGE]Yo….Like I aint been a problem?
Any instrumental you pedal I defeat the conundrum
I think what they mean they call me authentic,
Is every time I open my mouth, they can tell that I meant it!
In my opinion this is God given,
Put in 10,000 hours…watch the plot thicken, (Nah mean?)
So if I take a shot…I am not missing,
…it’s a different three letters if I touch riddims!

[OUTRO]Yo…so Swear Down,
…Just let me explain
I know I’m different fam
I ain’t one and the same
and it’d be a perfect picture if I fit in the frame
but hey…it’s swear down, just let me explain!

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