Ari Bradshaw – Can’t Help But Fall For You (Video)

“You can immediately notice the deep soul and wonderful musical taste of -Ari bradshaw-. Just swing on the waves of Lounge & Chillwave without forgetting to observe how white clouds travel through the sky. Music made for the soul.”

“Сразу слышно, что у -Ari Bradshaw- глубокая душа и прекрасный музыкальный вкус. Просто покачивайтесь на волнах ритмов lounge & chillwave не забывая наблюдать, как за окном одно за другим проплывают белые облака. Музыка для души и вашего настроения.”

“Can’t Help But Fall For You” is the debut single from Ari Bradshaw’s instrumental album, Play 22. The track is, alongside the rest of the album, heavily inspired by Moby’s Play alongside modern lo-fi and downtempo music. This is the first single Ari has released without a featured artist.

“Phoenix’s Ari Bradshaw is a genre-bending musician whose musical storytelling and full, all-encompassing production reflects his intensity. While most of his music today is captured by the “Urban Top 40” umbrella, his beginnings couldn’t have been stylistically further. Inspired by producers such as Skrillex and Avicii at a young age, Bradshaw began producing electronic music at the age of 12 before expanding his reach into pop, rnb, and hip-hop music throughout his adolescence. His influences later expanded to include artists such as Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Dr. Luke, Bon Iver, B.o.B, and A$AP Rocky. After receiving a full-ride to the prestigious Vanderbilt University, Bradshaw moved to the heart of Music City to develop his craft. Working with rising musicians such as Bahjat, Lackhoney, Sarah Steil, Brett Koolik, Curt Summers, A.C., Lucy DK and more – Bradshaw’s abilities were refined through intense competition and collaboration with artists throughout the Nashville college scene. While normally opting to executive produce solo, Bradshaw formed executive production duo Valley with Mike Rohacz in his freshman year at Vanderbilt. Before graduating university, he founded music company Brickstone Studios LLC, released two EPs (with rappers A.C. and Alcott), over fifty singles, and had completed over seventy unreleased singles. He continues to work on new music as he trickles out these unreleased singles to a growing fanbase.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 8, 2022