Becky McNeice x T.Tokz – Melting | Afrobeats music review

Becky McNeice x T.Tokz – Melting | Afrobeats music review

“Όμορφη και κεφάτη μελωδία που σε μεταφέρει με την φρεσκάδα της σε ηλιόλουστες αμμουδιές. Τα υπέροχα δροσερά φωνητικά με την γλυκιά και απαλή χροιά τους μας μαγεύουν και μας κάνουν να νιώθουμε τόσο ανάλαφροι. Ο ρυθμός με την ζωηράδα του μας κρατά σε μια ευχάριστη εγρήγορση, ώστε να απολαύσουμε όσα ωραία συμβαίνουν γύρω μας.”

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“Beautiful and heady melody that transports you with its freshness to sunny sandy beaches. The lovely cool vocals with their sweet and soft timbre enchant us and make us feel so light. The rhythm with its liveliness keeps us in a pleasant alertness, so that we can enjoy all the good things happening around us.”

“Hermosa y embriagadora melodía que te transporta con su frescura a soleadas playas de arena. Las encantadoras y geniales voces con su timbre dulce y suave nos encantan y nos hacen sentir muy ligeros. El ritmo con su vivacidad nos mantiene en un estado de alerta agradable, para que podamos disfrutar de todo lo bueno que sucede a nuestro alrededor.”

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Nagamag introducing you to “Melting”. a collaborative perfection of “Becky McNeice x T.Tokz”. This creation in the terrain of Afrobeats, has touched the hearts of our curators, who really enjoyed listening to “Becky McNeice x T.Tokz – Melting”. It’s more than just a song; it’s a product that combines the composition power of more than just one artist. it’s a music built that also defines music. The Melody and rhythm of this piece is a treasure for your ears, waiting to be discovered. Nagamag is delighted to share this music review by one of our Afrobeats reviewers, who musically joined the meaning of this collaboration “Becky McNeice x T.Tokz – Melting”. Our tireless mission to explore Afrobeats songs from all over the world brought this offering as a share point to the global community of Afrobeats enthusiasts in their love for this kind of music.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on April 5, 2024