Bye Mon Ami – Let u go | Jazz music review

Bye Mon Ami – Let u go | Jazz music review

“Захватывающий фанковый трек, который безусловно станет хитом среди поклонников жанра. Вайбовая и первоклассная мелодия, потрясающий, такой опьяняющий ритм и прекрасные вокальные партии объединяются в этой песне в один удивительный коктейль, чтобы доставить слушателям незабываемый музыкальный опыт и кайф.”

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“An exciting fan track, which will certainly become a hit among fans of the genre. Waib and first -class melody, stunning, such intoxicating rhythm and beautiful vocal parties, unite in this song in one amazing cocktail to deliver the audience an unforgettable musical experience and buzz.”

“Ein aufregender Fan -Track, der sicherlich zu einem Hit unter Fans des Genres wird. Waib und erste Melodie, atemberaubend, so berauschendem Rhythmus und schönen Vokalpartys, vereinen sich in diesem Song in einem erstaunlichen Cocktail, um dem Publikum ein unvergessliches musikalisches Erlebnis und Summen zu bieten.”

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Lyrics of Bye Mon Ami – Let u go

Wait a minute
I’ve been thinking
about the things you said
and your drinkin’

I came to realize
what kind of man you are
blame me for all your problems
it only goes so far


i finally gotta let you go
you’re still complaining ’bout the bitch I’ve always been
you’re hitting deep and way to low
and all despite the massive hole you’re sitting in
I finally gotta let you go

Brace yourself
for a bumpy ride
i hope you are prepared
now it is callout time

All the shit you did
for attention
it really blows my mind
no comprehension

You twist and turn
facts and figures
your reality
ist just a failure

now I’ve got enough being under your stupid thumb
this is no bluff
now I will dump your trunk



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Reviewed by Nagamag on February 1, 2024