MAINFRAME – Attention | Electronica music review

MAINFRAME – Attention | Electronica music review

“Beginning with the melody and how it flows is so nicely done. The way the instruments trade off is so fluid, it basically flows brilliantly. Seductive vocal and the background synth layers that adds that sensual touches to the songs atmosphere. Slower and smooth beats gives that retro club anthem alike feeling. ”

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“Ξεκινώντας από τη μελωδία και πώς ρέει είναι τόσο ωραία. Ο τρόπος με τον οποίο τα όργανα είναι τόσο ρευστά, ουσιαστικά ρέει εξαιρετικά. Η σαγηνευτική φωνητική και τα στρώματα synth φόντου που προσθέτουν τις αισθησιακές πινελιές στην ατμόσφαιρα των τραγουδιών. Οι πιο αργές και ομαλές ρυθμές δίνουν στον οπαδό του retro club.”

“Börjar med melodin och hur den flyter är så snyggt gjort. Hur instrumenten avbryter är så flytande flyter det i princip briljant. Förförisk vokal och bakgrundssyntskikten som lägger till den sensuella beröringen till låtens atmosfär. Långsammare och smidiga beats ger den retroklubbens hymnkänsla.”

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Lyrics of MAINFRAME – Attention :

Now when I got your attention
I sort of got a brand new heart
Desperate for some affection
I needed to reboot, to restart

But clearly my visions were eluding
Got caught in places not for me
Darker beings were intruding
In my mind, in my soul, I couldn’t see

Dreams, elusive, they scared me
No one really wants to die
Always prevented from what I could be
So I, say farewell, I wave good bye

The song “MAINFRAME – Attention” is released by CREST • A Division of Strawtown

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Reviewed by Nagamag on October 14, 2023