“In the ocean of music we listen daily and selectively pick to blog about, there is a part of artists who know how to tell a story, with the right flow, the right selection of sounds. Ricia Rae here with her dream vocals and a minimal asset of groove/melodic lines that help the vocal performance to do her magic, provide us a wonderful atmospheric chill electronica. How Do We Get out of Here? We discover good music!”


This is a pretty dark experimental electronic song written during one of the pandemic lockdowns. A good song to listen to when you’re feeling trapped by anything – a job, a zoom meeting, a relationship, a prison cell, the world.


An experimental electronic project out of Montreal Canada fronted by singer-songwriter Ricia Rae. Combining sometimes strange and haunting lyrics with layers of mixed beats, and analogue and digital synths to create an electronic soundscape experience.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 27, 2020

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