Aiko Tomi – Can’t Touch Me (Spotify)

“It's true that very few songs move far from the typical production way. Discover the personal talent of Aiko Tomi and her recent work "Can't Touch Me". Out of the rules Grime-like sound. Unpredictable, indescribable and stunning!”

This song is sassy, eccentric and pretty tongue-in-cheek -- the beat slaps away any judgement. It's OK to feel yourself!

Fitz Brothers – 7 Years (Video)

“Brand new “Fitz Brothers” release directly heading to the top with high speed. Your favourite Electro and EDM atmosphere. Crystal clear production combined with artistic audio and visual effects. Worth to listen in high volume and watch the clip too.”

Artist shared few words behind this inspiration about this song”

“Seven weeks after a heartbreaking breakup, this song came out basically in one pour. Although at first there wasn‘t more than a bassline and a voice, the essence and honesty of the song was already there and never changed throughout the process of the following production.

‘7 Years’ is a song I just needed to write and it helped me get through a rough couple of months. It’s very dear to me. I think most people can relate in one way or another. Things fall apart from time to time and we need to find a way to deal with it. This was my way and I’m glad to share it with you today.” – Fitz Brothers

Estella Dawn – Trolls (Spotify)

“-Trolls- displays some reasonableness of musical parts and also pays meticulous attention to detail. This track is literally playing with all the colours of rainbow, bringing up a state of perfection. The high level and melodious music for the mind.”

“-Trolls- это продуманность всех музыкальны партий, тщательная проработка деталей, трек буквально играет всеми цветами радуги и доведен до состояния совершенства. Это совершенная и мелодичная музыка для душевного отдыха.”

The internet is an incredible and diverse platform, especially for creatives. The ability to interact online, to watch, listen and engage with people and their content is amazing. However, the wonderful web also has a dark side, and one aspect I've always struggled to understand is Trolling. I truly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I don’t in any way expect people to like everything they see or hear. However, what I think is unfortunate is the desire for some people to tear others down, seemingly, just because they can.‘Trolls’ is essentially a reflection on this unwanted negative attention that I, and I’m sure many others, sometimes experience online.

Estella, a New Zealand born, US based songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist. She has a keen creative vitality, resulting in a constant output since relocating to the US in 2016. Estella released her first EP “Dancing Girls” at the beginning of 2018 to excellent reviews: A constant writer and producer Estella then went on to release another 8 singles by the end of 2019, with another 10 following in 2020. As a working musician, she writes and records her vocals and piano as well as co-producing all aspects of her music. Estella sings with the melodic command, subtlety and range that spans genres from Billie Holiday to Billie Eilish. These well crafted songs contain multiple layers, both vocally and musically. Subtle and soothing when needed and sharp and gritty when desired.

Estella Dawn has something to say, and she does it through music. Her songs are often personal and social explorations of life. 2020 saw her refine her skills to develop and define her own style, as well as navigate the overall business of music. It was a prolific year for Estella, she released a new single every 6 weeks, building a steadily growing following that are resonating with her intimate, been there, done that, outlook on life. With this growth, there have been many highs, her song "I Dare You" charted on the media base Radio Top 40 chart, she's been interviewed by and had songs added to many radio stations, her songs have also been included on some big Spotify playlists and she's had many wonderful reviews by global music bloggers.

Building on this work, 2021 began strong with Estella's first single 'Petty' (January 14th) gaining her even more attention globally. She's excited to share her next offering 'Trolls' (April 1st). Singles will then keep flowing until she heads into the studio mid 2021 to record and produce a full length album with a band. Keep an eye on Estella Dawn she clearly has a deep creative well to draw from.

Katnes – Drop The Mask (Spotify)

“Deeply emotional singing performance that barely reveals the artist's inner thoughts. We all more or less use to wear "masks" in order to hide our vulnerabilities. Do you have the courage to drop that mask and accept reality as it is?!”

Drop the Mask’ is about seeing people as a whole, without anything covering their flaws and uncertainties. It is an encouragement to show yourself and be true to who you are. This acoustic ballad showcases Kati’s abilities as a songwriter and as an artist growing into her own. Her music is approachable, written with a certain intentionality to the atmosphere it creates. A mixture of acoustic guitar and beautiful melodies easily conjure images of the misty forests and lakes of Finland – even if only ever seen in pictures.

Kati Niemi, who records as Katnes, is an independent singer-songwriter who combines Nordic soundscapes and Finnish melancholy with americana country music. The end result is fresh indie-folk or what Norwegians call Nordicana. Katnes has been strongly influenced by vocalists like Adele, Birdy and Sara Bareilles. Combining those influences into her own unique voice and the tasty fingerstyle guitar playing of Petri Kuusela (Lanai), we can hear such warm, open and tasteful modern folk emerging from Finland.Kati

CtrlT – Hold On (Spotify)

“Nigerian born artist CtrlT’s new single ‘Hold On’ is out now. This Afro-fusion melody is gentle and persuasive. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics, which are interesting and meaningful with some catchy phrases. Instrumentally, the song has a warm, rhythmic accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly.”

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, CtrlT (Control T) is an Atlanta, Georgia based Afro-fusion/ Afropop artist. He currently studies Mechanical Engineering in Kennesaw State University (KSU). His full name is Samuel Oloruntoby Oginni. His passion for music started at a very young age, when he would perform at small events in his high school, church and big ones like GCGT in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended Covenant University Ota, Nigeria before moving to the US with his mother. He is now looking to reach the world with his voice through his music.

Maddy Hartson – Woman (Spotify)

“Pure obsession can be the result from Hartson's new hit; "Woman". Commercial sound style with the singer's dynamic voice. Warning! 100% attractive, totally irresistible and addictive atmosphere.”

Making an explosive return to our airwaves, Maddy Hartson releases “Woman” - an energetic and passionate performance set to elevate Maddy’s status in the emerging pop scene.

Showcasing her wide array of talents, “Woman” includes all of what early adopters of her sound can already expect from this young and emerging artist. Empowering lyrics, strong vocals and fantastic production make this new release Maddy Hartson’s most exciting release to date.


“In the studio, I was able to tap into a more bold side of songwriting, one that simultaneously demands attention while still feeling evasive. I spent about an hour alone without anyone else in the room, left with a melody and a blank sheet of paper. I thought about things I'd wished to write about but never did. The feeling of feminine power, confidence, and bravery were all key emotions that played into the creation of this song. That's when Woman was born. ."

Maddy Hartson


Based out of Michigan, Maddy Hartson’s speciality is alternative pop that seamlessly blends midwestern grit and rustic glam. The key facet connecting the two styles is found in her work ethic that has delivered skills of exceptional songcraft at a young age.

The cornerstone of her creations is the simple ethos that there is beauty all around us if we are willing to look just under the surface. While the catalogue Maddy Hartson has released clearly demonstrates that she can relentlessly roll out ‘song of the year’ contenders, her dynamic live performances leave no doubt she’s the real deal. Hartson’s onstage reputation is of someone who commands every stage and invites every crowd to a unique reality for the night. The experience is a cathartic one that dissolves every tether of cynicism in its path.

Having garnered 10k Spotify Streams for each of her releases so far, expect 2021 to be the year Maddy Hartson grows into the mainstream pop scene.

Nadia Venice – Rethink (Spotify)

“Music should fill our hearts and souls from the energy source. In this case, -Rethink- copes with it. -Nadia Venice- is unique for her sound. The successful combination of that neo soul and R & B components, made her expressive style memorable.”

“Музыка должна наполнять наши сердца и души источником энергии, с чем в данном случае отлично справляется -Rethink-. У -Nadia Venice- уникальный для своего жанра звук. Сочетание neo soul и R&B - это удачные компоненты, которые сделали её стиль выразительным и запоминающимся.”

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Nadia Venice began writing and singing songs at the age of 6. Her cousin planted the seed when she was young and she continued to hone in on her craft over the years. For the longest time, she kept the songs she wrote a secret but was always known for singing covers. It wasn't until the age of 19 that she decided to pursue music professionally.

Over the years, she has performed numerous times and made a name for herself on campus at Georgia Southern University. Amongst other well known performers such as Deonte Hitchcock and Cole Swindell, she hopes to follow in their footsteps by achieving success. Currently, she has 8 songs released and is working on her first ep along with two albums on the way.

Sara Diamond – Say My Name Again (Spotify)

“Sara Diamond strikes again with her creativity skills. Brand new Soul diamond with some R&B samples to enrich the lyrics background. This song worths a try even if the style is not at your taste. Carefully made and balanced work for most ears.”

Sara Diamond shared with us few words about this song: "I went through a messy breakup where it felt like my world was turned upside down. Our original intentions regarding the relationship went up in flames; where we started off wanting to stay in each other’s lives, we ended up at the opposite end, eliminating space for each other completely. This song is a final cry, literally pleading for a do over.”

Over the years, Sara Diamond has crafted an incredibly unique sound, perfectly in tune with her enticing gift as a powerful vocalist. Blending her vocal strength seamlessly with her clever song-writing, her music has caught many ears and cap- tured millions of hearts all over the world.

With her last few releases, the indie-pop star has gained over 20 million streams worldwide on her own music and another 16 million on collaborations with the likes of Kaskade, Adventure Club, NASAYA, Tyler Shaw, and several others.

“The Montreal songstress is the vocal equivalent of an Olympian and has a sound steeped in R&B and soul.” - Ones To Watch

Sara’s is currently working on a new project, collaborating with experienced producers and song-writers in R&B and experimental pop. While her sound has always crossed the lines between pop and R&B, she is now diving deeper into the roots of her true inspirations like Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse and India Arie.

flyckt – One Day (Video)

“How much magic can be hidden in just one song? One day you’ll find out! Listen to “Flyckt” fresh piece of true art. His advanced vocal skills give a personal character to this Commercial sound. For an even better experience don’t forget to watch the video clip too.”

flyckt is an utterly modern artist from Sweden that blends pop melodies with big, sentimental and euphoric productions.

flyckt says “One Day and the upcoming EP is a step in a different direction. My new music sounds happier and more hopeful in a way. At least sonically. I guess I´m feeling better about myself?”

His new video, One Day, represents a humorous time of longing for hours, days and weeks to pass. It’s a knowing that things will get better, you just have to be patient. flyckt states that “One day we will make it right. One day everything will be fine. One day she will love you. One day you will love her. One day is a song about that one day.”

flyckt is an artist that grew up surrounded by his family’s equally creative journeys. His father, a world-renowned, Grammy awarded mixing engineer, threw flyckt into the studio at a young age and encouraged risk and experimentation. Due to this early musical nurture, flyckt has gone to thrive in multiple projects in the industry. flyckt was a member of the band Urban Cone that’s recognised for hits like Old School and Urban Photograph. He also flexes his production skills in the dynamic musical trio named Moodshift, that’s grown alongside fellow members Lucas Nord and Oliver Nelson. It marks another successful project for flyckt that’s garnered millions of streams on Spotify alone with singles Chemistry and What About My Love.

“In the One Day video, we aimed to capture the feeling of making time pass while waiting for the day when everything will be different. There is desperation and boredom but also hope for a change! The imagery relates to the track but also to the times we all are going through now. The obvious darkness in the not self-selected isolation turns humorous when emphasized on camera, right?” – FLYCKT

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