alex kate – Lost In You

“Emotional, deep, well written and with a beautiful voice. Although it does start with a retro feel to it, songs shapes out to be quite modern with great production. Love that the rhythm parts feel like another instrument and the pizzicato strings at the end is a really nice touch. ”

Lost in You was written from start to finish after watching a murder mystery programme which for some unknown reason hit Alex with inspiration. Running upstairs to her bedroom to quickly record the song, Alex says: “You wouldn’t think that a programme about murders would inspire such a love song.. You never know when creative moments are going to hit I guess.”

Even though the foundation of the song was established rather quickly, Alex sat on it for quite a while, trying to figure out what it needed to sound like. She has: “the same feeling about songs as Michael Angelo had about sculptures. Songs are like angels caught in marble and you have to just chip away to release them and some can take more time than others.”

In order to unlock the full potential of the song, she brought Daniel Newcombe (MD for BEKA) into the project this August and when he sent the first demo, she knew that she had finally found the angel: “He created the ethereal dreamscape that I knew I was looking for that reflected the utter abandonment to love.”

The video to Lost in You was shot in Capetown as most of her visuals for the Rebel for Love EP. While working with just a demo at the time, she got a friend, Freddie Reed who usually works for National Geographic, involved and had the wild idea to go and shoot the video in two days in the desert and finish at a farm up on a cliff 500km from Capetown. “‘Sounds great,’ I said to Freddie. I didn’t know that we would be driving through some of the heaviest rain that the Karoo desert has seen in 10 years and get to our final destination and there to be no sunset or stars and a complete white out. However, it was actually the most amazing experience shooting in the desert where Afrikaburn happens. Freddie Reed, the director wanted to encapsulate the feeling of being lost and lonely in the city and at peace and alive in the desert. I think he has done a magical job.”

Ways of Seeing – Walk Through The Crowd

“-Ways of Seeing- gives us a melancholy, slightly dreary, but very deep composition. The text reflects particles of pain of loss and loneliness that followed this. The Dream Pop genre is very successful for transmitting the entire atmosphere, which is perfect for the onset of golden autumn.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Ways of Seeing- дарит нам меланхоличную, немного тоскливую, но очень глубокую композицию. В тексте отражена частички боли утраты и одиночества, которое последовало за этим. Жанр Dream Pop очень удачно подходит для передачи всей атмосферы, которая прекрасно подойдёт для наступившей золотой осени.”

It is a song about isolation, procrastination and longing. It looks back on vivid memories of a relationship that could have been great. These memories are tinged with regret for a lack of courage to fully seize the moment.

Fast Guns – Thylacine

“If you do not have enough feeling of freedom in your life, then the new single from the group -fast guns will decorate it in all the colors of the rainbow. In this Indie Rock track there is a spirit of liberation from everything that can be captured by your own complexes. The track is reduced in such a way as to give it the atmosphere of the 60-70s and this only adds heat to him.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вам не хватает ощущения свободы в вашей жизни, то новый сингл от группы -Fast Guns- разукрасит её во все цвета радуги. В этом Indie Rock треке присутствует дух освобождения от всего, что может вас держать в плену ваших собственных комплексов. Трек сведён таким образом, чтобы придать ему атмосферы 60-70-ых годов и это лишь добавляет ему теплоты.”

Stephanie Schneiderman – Daughters

“Love the change of pace this song have, with an amazing vocals, to melodic structures it brings, from one mood to another, just great writing and arrangement. Back vocal edits are perfectly placed and the detail I like the most is that reversed piano keys in transitions. ”

Rosanne Baker Thornley – Sorry I’m Late

“This track as an easy reminder to many of us, which and who in our life is most important. This is a small, personal drama, which is beautifully packed in a musical box and is presented to its listeners. Charming vocals accompanied by acoustic music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек как лёгкое напоминание многим из нас, что и кто в нашей жизни важнее всего. Это небольшая, личная драма, которая красиво упакована в музыкальную коробочку и преподнесена своим слушателям. Очаровательный вокал в сопровождении акустической музыки.”

Sorry I’m Late features the vulnerable and introspective title track, which gently pieces together the hectic nature of a day in Thornley’s life, as well as the most rewarding experiences she’s had, such as raising her daughter.

Over hypnotic acoustic guitar, drums, and lilting piano, Thornley straddles the line between entering into the future’s unknown and grappling with the present’s quickening pace.

Paul Moody – Pop Star

“The ability to reach the hearts and souls of people with the help of sound vibration is like a gift from above. You can consider for a long time the talent -Paul Moody- like something magical in our world, but a special charm is captured in its last single. Listen and see for yourself.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Способность достучаться до сердец и душ людей с помощью звуковых вибрации — это как дар свыше. Можно долго рассматривать талант -Paul Moody- как нечто волшебное в нашем мире людей, но в его последнем сингле улавливается особый шарм. Послушайте и убедитесь в этом сами.”

Madam Radar – Hands

“As soon as you hear the ringing of acoustic and electrihitar, you will instantly find yourself in the atmosphere of the americana genre. Feel how the heart is compressed from vocals in the chest, the rhythm leads to beautiful prairies and there are no barriers to you on the way to freedom!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как только вы услышите звон акустической и электрогитар вы мгновенно окажетесь в атмосфере жанра Americana. Почувствуйте, как от вокала в груди сжимается сердце, ритм ведёт за собой в прекрасные прерии и нет для вас никаких преград на пути к свободе!”

Americana love song with a wall of harmonies and passionate guitar solo.

Hazlett – Oh Downhill

“When there is a soul in music, it resonates with the feelings of those who plunge into it as much as possible. She smoothly leads to herself and tells her unique story. Here is the most tender track, whose acoustic atmosphere is ready to swallow you like a hungry and wild beast.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Когда в музыке есть душа, то она максимально резонирует с чувствами тех, кто погружается в неё. Она плавно ведёт за собой и рассказывает свою уникальную историю. Перед вами нежнейший трек, чья акустическая атмосфера готова вас проглотить словно голодный и дикий зверь.”

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