The Ghosts of Liberty – Daddy’s Daughter (Spotify)

“Emma Millard's deep, rich lead vocals, Tyler Millard's mesmerizing folk-rock, blues and soul music. An excellent and original duo The Ghosts of Liberty in their genre.”

“Глубокий, насыщенный лидирующий вокал Emma Millard, завораживающий фолк-рок Tyler Millard, нотки блюза и соул музыки. Великолепный и оригинальный дуэт The Ghosts of Liberty в своём жанре.”

Dark and moody, Daddy's Daughter is an anthemic warning song to any groom out there who would even consider leaving his bride at the altar. A blistering female vocal features plenty of tongue-in-cheek reasons not to mess with a daddy's girl on her wedding day. Accompanying the vocal are acoustic guitars, mandolins, and a marching rhythm which give Daddy's Daughter a swampy insistent feel.

The Americana roots duo that would evolve to become “The Ghosts of Liberty” got its start long before Emma and Tyler Millard knew they would be eventually be married.

When Tyler was 21 sitting in a doctor’s office after having noticed that his peripheral vision had been giving him some trouble during a college game of ultimate frisbee, he received some bad news from his doctor who said, “You’re slowly going blind. You have RP. There’s no known cure.”

Tyler did not let his diagnosis slow him down. He picked up a guitar for the first time and began playing obsessively. His career in teaching was ended with his blindness. He put together a local blues-rock band in his small North Carolina town, and began playing full-time. Over the next several years, his musical chops got sharper as his vision slowly but surely continued to betray him. Tyler exclaimed, “It felt like a race against time!”

Emma taught herself how to wail and belt just like all the country greats as a little girl growing up in the heart of Texas. As life went on, from church choir to classical opera, musicals, and fronting an alternative pop-rock band, she saw a lot of different audiences for a lot of different reasons, but one thing remained the same, which is how much she loved singing for every one of them. Emma reflected on one of her deepest challenges, “Throughout my lifelong struggle with depression, and for all of life’s celebrations, music is my source of purpose."

Fast forward to 2014, Emma met Tyler for the first time at a “jam session”, and they immediately hit it off as friends. She began opening up for his band at local gigs. Meanwhile, she spent hours offstage with him writing and bonding over late night milkshakes at rural dive bar booths. Over time this bonding led to the realization that they make the other better in both life and music. Tyler’s steady, funny, and loving personality gave Emma the confidence to believe in herself and to continue chasing her passion. Emma’s spontaneous and sentimental nature provided Tyler with a ceaseless supply of inspiration and motivation. In 2018, under a giant oak tree, they made their union official in a beautiful late summer ceremony.

In January of 2020, six years after they met and hundreds of live shows later, “The Ghosts of Liberty,” their first child, is officially born. The duo worked with a three time Grammy nominated composer/producer to create a series of singles, one of which is "Daddy's Daughter." You will find the song on all streaming platforms.

TOLEDO – Dog Has Its Day (Spotify)

“Dog Has Its Day instantly painted our faces with smiles from the first lines of the song of the same name. Melody of independent folk music or simply and laconically Folk, this is freedom and independence in every note. TOLEDO is talent. And nothing else.”

“Dog Has Its Day мгновенно разукрасил наши лица улыбками с первым строк одноимённой композиции. Мелодичность независимой народной музыки или просто и лаконично Folk, это свобода и независимость в каждой нотке. TOLEDO - это талант. И никак иначе.”

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Dog Has Its Day is about the lull after the initial chaos of a relationship breakup. It’s about the time where you play detective, trying to piece together exactly what it is that brought you here. Ultimately, it’s beyond the point, and you try to let things play out as they will.

Like a lot of the songs on the EP, we tracked drums first, and then spent a majority of the time adding background oo’s and ahh’s. The bridge section here is one of our favorite spots. Also, who doesn’t love dogs?!

TOLEDO is an indie project from Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz. Based out of Brooklyn, NYC. Inquiries or any requests from us please email [email protected] we would love to hear from you!

Emile Mosseri, Han Ye-ri – Rain Song | Minari (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Video)

“Two young artists work together in this soothing soundtrack which welcomes Winter in a really warm way. The unique Koreatic lyrics mainly focus on a -waiting for the rain- mood.”

Award winning composer Emile Mosseri, known for his music in The Last Black Man in San Francisco and Kajillionaire (which featured his collaboration with Angel Olson), is scoring the critically acclaimed A24 film Minari, out 2/12 via Milan Records.

The music is an emotionally evocative body of music that enhances the film’s intimate storytelling. Making its debut today alongside album preorder is the soundtrack’s lead single “Rain Song,” a hauntingly beautiful and moving piece featuring vocals from actress Yeri Han, who stars in the film as Monica. Performed by Yeri Han as a lullaby, “Rain Song” came together as a collaborative effort between Mosseri and Korean translator and lyricist Stefanie Hong, who worked with Mosseri to adapt his original English lyrics into the Korean language.

Coyle Girelli – Something Strange in the Night (Spotify)

“Coyle Girelli's debut album is a kind of hybrid of musical styles, combining elements of American genres. Pay attention when listening to this miracle on the track Something Strange In The Night. We assure you that you will put it on repeat.”

“Дебютный альбом Coyle Girelli своеобразный гибрид музыкальных стилей, сочетающих элементы американских жанров. Обратите своё внимание при прослушивании этого чуда на композицию Something Strange In The Night. Мы уверяем вас, что вы поставите её на повтор.”

Rook Monroe – Dandelion (Spotify)

“Rook Monroe's vocals abound with their own unique charm, and the musical structure of Californialand plunges headlong into the light atmosphere of Indie Pop. Piano sounds, acoustic guitar riffs and bass drums provide the basic rhythm of Rook Monroe songs.”

“Вокал Rook Monroe изобилует своим, неповторимым шармом, а музыкальная структура альбома Californialand окунает с головой в лёгкую атмосферу Indie Pop. Звуки пиано, рифы акустические гитары и барабаны с басом обеспечивают основной ритм песен Rook Monroe.”

"Dandelion is about not letting your dreams die. Not being afraid to fly. Leaving your baggage on the ground and letting life take you where it will." - Rook

Rook Monroe's debut EP, Californialand, and its titular single, set the stage for the narrative arc of a rolling stone leaving a place he must leave in the past, to find a destination he can't define. Californialand finds Rook at an intersection of confidence and confusion, as much concerned with leaving lies behind as with heading towards one.

Produced with his good friends Trackside (Selena Gomez, BabyJake, Khamari), the production duo with whom he built his nostalgic sonic identity, the self-written project was crafted in LA as part of a yearlong process of musical discovery. The closing track Say Goodbye To My Children was created with super producer Brendan O'Brien (Grammy Producer of the Year, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan), who played a great role in helping find the overall sound.

Rook's first three singles garnered immediate love with editorial placement on Spotify's New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, Tidal's Pop: Rising, and Apple Music's Wake Me Up. A successful songwriter in his own right, having penned Rihanna's critically acclaimed 'Desperado' - and more singles for artists ranging wide, from Jeremih to The Chainsmokers - he summons all his influences into a rock influenced package for his passion project.

Side By Side (One For All And All For One) – Project United – A Song For The World – Corona-Crisis (Video)

“The song Side By Side has already turned 30 long years and today, in this difficult time for each of us, with the support of 70 musicians from all over Europe, it is reviving in our hearts. We are not alone. We are together.”

“Песне Side By Side уже исполнилось 30 долгих лет и сегодня, в это нелёгкое для каждого из нас время, при поддержке 70 музыкантов со всей европы, она возрождается в наших сердцах. Мы не одиноки. Мы вместе.”

“Side By Side” is performed by 70 musicians from all over Europe. From Portugal to Lithuania, from Ukraine to Italy, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea and from Berlin to Vienna: Corona may force us into isolation – but we are not alone.

The video to the song was shown in tv-stations in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Spain. The ARD named it an “Anthem for unity”. Also many radiostations had the track in their rotation.

KAY JAM feat. NALU | Hollow (Video)

“KAY JAM with NALU in their new song Hollow, invite us into an emotional diving, deep and entrancing harmonic journey through a fathomless choreography visual. ”


« Un morceau qui parle du vide ressenti lorsque la distance s’immisce entre deux personnes. Un lien invisible difficile à délaisser ».

(Kay Jam)

En collaborant sur ce titre composé quelques mois plus tôt, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) mêle son univers habituellement plus rock à la sensibilité et à la voix réconfortante de Nalu (Noa Zalts). Cette rencontre artistique donne naissance à une ballade folk touchante, remplie de douceur et d’une tension habilement distillée. Le duo nous emmène délicatement et nous raconte une histoire. Celle d’une rupture entre deux individus qui tentent de suivre leur propre chemin en l’absence de l’autre.


« A song about the emptiness felt when two people are apart. An invisible connection remains and it makes it hard for them to move on ».

(Kay Jam)

By composing this track, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) melts his usually more rock universe with the sensitivity and the comforting voice of Nalu (Noa Zalts). This artistic collaboration gives birth to a touching folk ballad, full of softness and skilfully distilled tension. The duo delicately takes us along to tell us a story about a separation between two people who are trying to follow their own path, while missing each other.

Imani Wj Wright – So I Thought (Video)

“From the soulful tracks you want to hear with your love, both together staring the winter view out of window, warmed up with a soft blanket, a warm cup of coffee. Imani Wj Wright with his new track So I Thought sings sensual and profoundly impactful through a reflective, soft, sweet harmonic groove. ”

Imani deals with his relationship slowly drifting away on “So I Thought”

Riley Michaels – Now I Know (Video)

“Ever broke up and reflected on what you truly want out of a relationship with a person? Riley Michaels and his band are coming with the track Now I know to pinpoint exactly this with a pop song with nicely arranged riffs and characteristic vocals that will entice you”


“The song’s message is simple, and it is upfront and bold – “Now I Know what not to do.” This is a song detailing a person who has had bad experiences with relationships, and now that person has a grip on their desires, and what they truly want out of a relationship with a person. They know the signs and the red flags now, and they are hell-bent on not making the same mistake twice. It’s about giving your all, and only getting a little bit in return, and how unfair it is. It’s a warning to not get too attached to this new love interest because you can see the red flags, and you don’t want to get hurt again. The recording process took months to do. We started with little demos and little bits and pieces of songs that eventually we just pieced together. But it all started with a funky bassline and an in-your-face drum beat.” – Riley Michaels


From Beamsville, ON, Riley Michaels started making music at 8 years old after winning 1st place in a local singing competition. When he received Guitar Hero for Christmas, he jumped deep into the “rabbit hole” of Classic Rock, Blues and other similar genres.

Today, the music Michaels makes is a combination of Pop and Adult Contemporary, with a range of influences. From his new releases, you can hear the smooth guitar playing of John Mayer, the subtlety and groove of Prince, the emotion of James Bay, and even some pop progressions that sound like Harry Styles or the Jonas Brothers. He even mixes in a little country, in the style of Chris Stapleton!

Riley’s new songs evoke the vibe of driving down the highway with the roof of your car open, a day at the beach, or even a dance club. Others offer intimate feelings that audiences will connect with on a deeper level.

In 2017, Michaels wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered his EP “Toxic Love” in his home studio, featuring 5 self-written songs with full-band instrumentation.He continues to write and record at his home studio in Beamsville, and he is currently planning the release of new music that he has been writing since March 2018.


“Morgan Doctor well known from her collaboration with significant artists is coming forth with this brand new single from her upcoming album Strangers in an interesting mix of electronic and darker post rock sound acompanied by a higly aesthetic videoclip”

Morgan Doctor is a Juno and Dora nominated performer and creator. She currently plays with Andy Kim (Arts and Crafts), Jill Barber, Amanda Rheaume, and Fefe Dobson. She has drummed with The Cliks (Warner/Tommyboy),Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Ron Sexsmith, Kevin Drew, Alex Lifeson Feist, Sandra Bernhard and many others.

Morgan Doctor has performed and appeared on live National TV (MTV Live, David Letterman,MTV CRIBS, MTV Total Request Live, IFC, CNN, Craig Ferguson, etc) and live radio shows, awards ceremonies, TV and radio commercials, sold out theaters and arenas, music videos, and countless full length albums. Morgan also performed and won at MTV LOGO’s “Artist on the Brink” Award for 2008 with The Cliks. She received a Dora nomination for her sound design for Between Us Goddess in 2005 and earned a Juno and Dora nomination with her work with The Toronto Tabla Ensemble in 2001. Morgan’s session drumming can be heard on such TV and Film Soundtracks as the CBC Metro Morning, The L Word, and Grey’s Anatomy. Morgan is a big advocate of music education and teaches at Girls Rock Camp Toronto as a drum instructor and band coach.

In 2006 Morgan signed with Aporia Records and has released three solo albums. Her solo work has been used for TV shows such as WordTravels (OLN/National Geographics Channel, Food Network), and radio shows such as DNTO, Hear and Now and The Signal (theme song). Her most recent release, “Major Over Minor” is her first full length instrumental album. “… it is a rare musician who can make an instrumental album that seems confessional” – Toronto Star

Morgan is endorsed by Zildjian, Vic Firth, Yamaha Drums, Evans Drum Heads, Steinberg and Humes and Berg. She has also appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine and is a regular contributor to Tom Tom Drum Magazine. She is a Banff Centre Musician in Residence alumni.

When she’s not performing, recording, producing, or practicing yoga, Morgan enjoys time with her dachshund Cymbal.

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