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Eric Heitmann x Ryan Dimmock – Ashes That Remain

“-Ryic Heitmann X Ryan Dimmock- Using the language of sound and visual concept, they try to share with us a baiting statement that nature needs to be protected, rather than leaving the mountains of ash. Sad, melancholy, but such beautiful in essence the neoclassical melody about the most important and painful. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Eric Heitmann x Ryan Dimmock- с помощью языка звука и визуального концепта стараются поделиться с нами жизненноважным утверждением, что природу нужно беречь, а не оставлять после себя горы пепла. Грустная, меланхоличная, но такая прекрасная по сути своей неоклассическая мелодия о самом важном и наболевшем.”

This is an ambient neoclassical cinematic collaboration with the brilliant UK violinist Ryan Dimmock. This composition is about remembering those that we have lost and the strength that their memory leaves behind

John Hayes – Almost Amen

“It will seem to you that you almost took place to heaven, the doors will soon open your secrets and you will find yourself in the way to forgiveness. And inside you will sound an echo of the Echo unfamiliar to you - let it be so. It is amazing how much the combination of Ambient and Neo Classical genres affects consciousness. Bliss. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вам покажется, что вы почти что достучались до небес, двери скоро приоткроют свои тайны и вы окажетесь на пути к прощению. И внутри вас прозвучит отголосок незнакомого вам эха — да будет так. Удивительно, насколько сильно воздействует на сознание сочетание жанров Ambient и Neo Classical. Блаженство.”

John Hayes is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

John’s musical journey began after receiving formal piano training during his youth. With a penchant for non-traditional styles and playing techniques, his tendency to get into trouble with his instructors grew over the years. At a young age, he was destined to become a sonic explorer, attune to the more uninhibited musical environments.

In 2018, John released his debut solo album, By The Woods, a collection of sparse, muted piano compositions that saw glimmers of the artist’s vision. In 2020, he followed this up with The Last Best Place, a powerfully tender album devoted to a friend who had passed away. The somber atmosphere and cathartic energy are palpable over the eleven songs.

Later that year, Hayes’ next project was a collaborative effort with Maxy Dutcher, putting out Borealis on Moderna Records. The release saw Hayes expand on his spacious piano compositions and move into a more intricate layered harmonic territory full of neo-classical stylings and electronic influences ranging from trance to experimental dance.

John finished off an illuminating 2020 with a second collaboration, this time with fellow Minnesota composer and producer Eiskavon called Du Nord released on Western Vinyl. The two artists met through the Minneapolis music scene and became quick confidants, as a few songs turned into an EP before blossoming into a full-length album. Taking cues from influences spanning Chopin to Eno, the duo provided the perfect soundscape for the Midwestern winter.

Hayes' music has won the support of notable tastemakers, including KEXP, BBC, and James Heather's Soho Radio show "Moving Sounds." He also previously served regularly as the resident pianist for the award-winning Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

John currently writes, records, and produces music from his studio in Denver, Colorado.

Valeska Rautenberg – A Fragile Path To Peace

“-Valeska rautenberg, once again proved to herself and her listeners that making music for herself the same thing as creating art. A beautiful, air work in the rays of a cinematic melody and atmospheric layers of Ambient & Drone. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Valeska Rautenberg- в очередной раз доказала себе и своим слушателям, что делать музыку для себя то же самое, что и создавать искусство. Прекрасное, воздушное произведение в лучах кинематографической мелодии и атмосферных слоях Ambient & Drone.”

A Fragile Path To Peace is an instrumental ambient piece full of warm sounds and string arrangements that is soothing, hopeful and melancholic and sounds like a big soft cloud wrapping you in its arms. The world needs peace, we need peace ... let's walk this fragile path.

JoyCut – NOVEMBRE13_

“"JoyCut" has managed to capture the power of peace and silence in a track starting simply in order to reach a peak of deep Cinematic character towards the finale. Classic instrumental samples are smoothly merged with wide electronic pads and the result didn't left us unaffected.”

Today May 20th, Italian sonic innovators JoyCut share new single ‘NOVEMBRE13_’ alongside two visual narrations, excerpts from The New York Times’ Op-Doc ‘Taller Than The Tree’ By Academy Award-winning director Megan Mylan. Watch/Stream ‘NOVEMBRE13_’ Here. ‘NOVEMBRE13_’ is taken from out JoyCut upcoming new album ‘TheBluWave [TimesWhenSilenceIsAPoem - TheIceHasMelted - AndBleedingGlaciersFormOurTears]_’ Out Digitally June 5, Vinyl Release Due August 12 - via PillowCase - 伊達 直 / Kartel Music Group

‘NOVEMBRE13_ is an expansive instrumental composition, a monumental cut in which JoyCut create a textured and detailed soundscape, moving from a soft and gentle sound to a cinematic grandeur density. Placing themselves between the experimental post-rock of Sigur Rós and Mogwai, the grand ambient landscapes of Erased Tapes’ A Winged Victory For The Sullen and the sparing use of dynamic range of Stars Of The Lid, JoyCut move across contemporary explorative sounds capable to release a glorious spike of dopamine in the brain.

The upcoming album, ‘TheBluWave [TimesWhenSilenceIsAPoem - TheIceHasMelted - AndBleedingGlaciersFormOurTears]_’, is in the band’s own words “dedicated to those who love to linger on the ways of introversion. Explorations dedicated to the experience of abstraction, disorientation, travel, return”. In their quest to highlight these experiences JoyCut came across the short documentary ‘Taller Than The Tree’ By Academy Award-winning director Megan Mylan, which profiles one middle-aged Japanese man stuck in a crisis of care. Masami Hayata is a Tokyo man delicately balancing his roles as advertising executive, father, husband and devoted son to his ailing mother. Japanese men haven't traditionally been caregivers, but for Masami Hayata, it's a crucial part of raising his family.

Using two excerpts from the movie, JoyCut present their news single ‘NOVEMBRE13_’ as the score to this extraordinary story, which invites us to reflect on contemporary Japanese culture, and the demographic and societal changes that have created a crisis of caregiving in a very competitive society. Watch NOVEMBRE13 | MASAMI_Here and NOVEMBRE13 | MASAMI&SHION_ Here. “With NOVEMBER13_’s visual narration we wanted to evoke the spirit of longevity, slowness, fragility, silence, ethereal detachment of the transient substratum of earthly events. There are themes our upcoming new THEBLUWAVE is dedicated to and with the two different visual narratives are offered as another critical food for thought,” says the band.

JoyCut announced the album with the single ‘ThePlasticWhale_’ available as an exclusive through Brian Eno’s EarthPercent Bandcamp compilation for World Earth Day - Download ‘ThePlasticWhale_’ On Bandcamp. On this subject JoyCut have always been one step ahead. Since the beginning, environmental issues have been a central part of the band’s philosophy, made evident by active collaborations with, Italian Climate Network and the ‘NU-Clear-Sound’ artistic direction, a festival dedicated to green issues. The new album’s packaging perfectly reflects this attitude; “we have entirely made it as green as possible,” they say.

JoyCut Bio

JoyCut are Italy's underground music pioneers, stalwarts of the DIY underground music scene, who have been making mesmerising, mostly instrumental music for decades, connecting with audiences worldwide, through live performances across three continents, 74 countries and 216 cities. The last album, ‘PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround’ took the band to new heights, with a never-ending tour of over 100% dates across North America, Asia and Europe. With the digital mantra #JoyCutNeverStops, the band touched more than 60 countries, culminating in a Top 5 European Talent Exchange Programme [ETEP] position. Following a successful TEDx performance in Verona and inspired by their recent vivid travels to the East, JoyCut played a sold-out Venice Biennale show debuting their six-act “Opera” ‘K O M O R E B I’, a soundtrack tribute to Japan: a combination of their dramatic music with visual art chapters that created a world to get lost in. JoyCut have brought their haunting sonic tapestries to Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival.

Nancy Mounir – Gannentini

“With bold eastern character and lyrics of passion, Nancy Mounir introduces us to her upcomming release. Arabic vocals telling a story about a painfull separation in a mix of Ambient and instrumental sound patterns. Taste the difference of this song and forget about typical music.”

Moody, hypnotic, and sneakily catchy, Nancy Mounir’s debut album Nozhet El Nofous—whose title means “Promenade of the Souls” in Arabic—explores microtonality, non-metered rhythms, and bold vulnerability through a musical dialogue between Mounir’s own arrangements and the sounds of archival recordings of once-famed singers from Egypt at the turn of the 20th century.

Adding her own ambient arrangements over voices haunted with passion and desire as she creates a sound that is warmly familiar but utterly new. The full spectrum of this ambitious approach can be heard on “Gannentini,” the latest hypnotic track from the upcoming album.

It’s out June 3rd via Simsara Records, with Nancy recently performing the album at the Alexandria Opera in Cairo with the a string orchestra.

Eran Prion, Ofer Prion – Farward (Main Theme)

“Eran & Ofer Prion present their Cinematic diamond that can change the way you think about music. Deeply affecting string melodies followed by harmonic background Ambient soundscapes, reveal a unique talent and sensitivity of sound.”

The main theme from the soundtrack 'Evelyn', Neoclassical piece featuring a fusion of string ensemble and contemporary electronica. On this track the composers are exploring the multi rhythmical relations between melody and harmony, to express the main character's voice (Melody) which stays consistent throughout her journey, meeting a new challenge every time (Harmony). this musical experiment has yielded a cinematic, evolving montage , sophisticated and heartfelt at the same time.

Lucas Fournier – Comfort (Bonus Track)

“Surprisingly balanced and peaceful production based on piano melodic notes and the deep voice of Lucas Fournier. Enjoy two minutes of real comfort with soothing properties and meditating Ambient atmosphere. Click play for one of the most magic sound experiences.”

Sorrot – Winter

“"Sorrot" from Finland unfolds his artistry in a mesmerizing Ambient piece. Deep electronic soundscapes evolving slowly but steadily into a vivid melody towards the unexpected finale. Discover a personal approach in production, inspired by nature and its powers.”

Beautiful instrumental with elements of ambient, post-classical and electronica. This song was inspired by a snowstorm in Winter 2021 and it developes slowly like falling snowflakes. One can sense the inspiration of nature in all of Sorrot's music. This will be part of upcoming 4 song EP that is dedicated to the seasons of nature.

Eran Prion, Ofer Prion – Evelyn’s Theme (Original Soundtrack)

“In "Evelyn's Theme" the artists kept a low profile and have captured the strength of those bewildering piano note vibrations, with a minimal effort. Slow-paced, mysterious and crystal production, recommended for all the lovers of Ambient sound.”

This beautiful Piano theme is the 3nd Release of the soundtrack album 'Evelyn'. A mellow, minimalistic & romantic piano piece that represents Evelyn's loneliness and introvert character, reflects the enchanting beauty that's in simplicity and chant like structure. It ends with a string ensemble statement to indicate the hidden power Evelyn has within her, powers she is still not aware of. From the prominent TV composers, Eran & Ofer Prion

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