King (Remix) – 4am Kru, SHANTÉH, Josh Kye (Video)

“Pay attention here and not been fooled by the fast breaks intro, after first 20 seconds dives into a chill mood sensation delivering warm atmospheres with each new layer added and explode to a fine piece once piano hits and warm vocals enter. A wonderful drum & bass with laid back aesthetics.”

KING (Remix) brings together emerging London artists 4AM KRU, SHANTÉH and JOSH KYE on this laid back, rolling jungle banger. With 4AM KRU at the production helm, their remix of SHANTÉH’s popular track KING is infused with nostalgic UK rave & jungle flavour. The trio of artist’s intentions being to shine a light on London’s ‘jungle’ genre from their childhood, that has since been marginalized as ‘aggressive drum & bass’. All independent artists, 4AM KRU, SHANTÉH and JOSH KYE are part of a scene of upcoming London artists blending old & current sounds to create something new for 2020.

Peter Lix – Freedom (Spotify)

“Multitalented artist Peter Lix released this summer an uplifting track under the name Freedom, a drum and bass electronic production that generates a warm ambience with its emotive piano keys and lush melodies ”

Freedom kicks off with emotive piano keys that provide an immediately gripping hook. As the track rolls into play, lush melodies and spacious retro strings fill the soundscape with warm ambience. The drums provide an energetic current that rolls fluidly throughout, and it isn’t long before you’re submerged within its melodic throes.Peter Lix has been involved in music since he was 15 years old. He started out as a Jungle/D&B DJ on the popular pirate radio station Rude FM, before progressing into music production in his late teens.Peter went onto enjoy success as part of the Beatfreaks – an electronic music production trio that had major label and chart success. He has has also worked in music distribution, label management and music licensing.He now releases music under the artist name Peter Lix, as well as working in other areas of music production.

Dov1, Hooves – Deep Shish (Spotify)

Deep Shish, is the second time Dov1 & Hooves have collaborated on a tune. This one features a rolling groove, riding on a deep sub bass and some cheeky arpeggiation helps carry the rolling feel throughout. Chopped vocal stabs, field recordings of birds and short quotes help bring us back to earth as this tune makes it easy to drift away to some far off mental landscapes.

In his role as founder & owner of Muti Music, and the other labels he does / has played roles in, Dov1 has helped define the sounds coming out of the US west coast, often serving a as bridge for cross continental influences and collaborations to happen. His collaborations with An-ten-nae, under the name DnA have been widely acclaimed and he continues to push the envelope with futuristic bass music productions.

Hooves, has carved himself a name in the international beats scene as a producer, live percussionist and DJ. Hooves has worked with some of the worlds best as a drummer, including one of the most recognized live D&B acts, Shapeshifter and, more recently, meteoric glitchhop star Opiuo in the Opiuo Live Band. He has entertained thousands in some of the worlds best arenas, frequented the iconic Shepherds Bush Empire and rocked along side greats at Glastonbury.

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NKOS – Lonely Ghost-Self (Video)

After their debut ‘Little Miss Numb’ last year and follow up ‘BOW (Brave Old World)’ only a month ago, NKOS are now back with synth/electro gem Lonely Ghost-self, their electronic take on break up, grief, solitude and pain. Building a path that will lead to the release of their debut album in October. Single number three is now edging towards the digital launchpad, once again co-produced by Jagz Kooner, producer and remixer, doyen of ‘electronic rock & roll’ (it’s his own genre dammit). Co-producer of debut single Little Miss Numb’, Jagz lays a trail of aural breadcrumbs as to what you can expect from ‘Lonely Ghost-Self’, a track titled as if to be a winsome Belle and Sebastian B-Side but revealing a darker, heavier, jagged and harder hitting side to NKOS that was concealed by the dreamier, albeit bruising electronica of previous numbers ‘Little Miss Numb’ and ‘BOW (Brave Old World)’.Initially a pan-national studio-based project, NKOS has evolved into a full band, one set to thrill on stages around the world. Brought together by friendship, the internet and sometimes sheer luck, NKOS comprise four artists from very different backgrounds – and locations – who share a love of deep, edgy electronica. NKOS are releasing their debut album ‘From Dust To Life’ on Beatbuzz Records in October. The album will be available digitally via AWAL and OML Sync and physically in a limited edition metal box cassette with the option of cassette + walkman/cassette player also available.Social Lyris: LONELY GHOST-SELFI cut myself but I’m not bleedingRip my chest, my heart’s still beatingI’m alone what a crazy feelingAnd I know I’m not forgivenI’m chained to the love that I’m losingCan’t face myself can’t stand my feelingsThat’s my sin, the hell that I’m livingMaybe tomorrow I’ll give myself a new meaningIn this moment I need you mostBut if you come to me will I face my ghostI’m chained to the love that I’m losing Can’t facemyself can’t stand my feelings That’s my sin, that’s thehell I’m living Maybe tomorrow I’ll give myself a new meaningMeanwhile today doesn’t come to an endAnd I’m waiting here with my lonely ghost-self

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