Elobrian Sunrise – One From The Heart (Spotify)

“One From The Heart...and one more from the Soul will add here. Elobrian Sunrise with this amazing minimal yet solid drum & bass offer us a laid back experience - not be fooled by the tempo and the drum and bass breaks - with soulful strings and vocal samples, engaging a wonderful relaxing atmosphere to soundtrack your moments in the background.”


In 2018, German producer, Elobrian Sunrise, teamed up with Texas based label, SVNSET WAVES and stunned listeners with his debut album, “Secret Garden”, a gorgeous collection of jazz & hip-hop influenced dreamy electronic tunes. His unique sound and easy-listening vibe earned the German artist over a million streams on Spotify. Since then, he has released a number of EP’s and beat tapes, but in October of 2020, Elobrian Sunrise teams up with SVNSET WAVES yet again to bring a new EP, along with a new sound, to listeners. Although still heavily inspired by hip-hop and jazz, EloSun’s new 4-track EP, “From The Heart”, leans towards a new direction - Drum & Bass. “’From The Heart’ started with my vision to create a drum & bass release that is not only for the dance-floors, but also for the listening experience at home”. Throughout the EP, Elobrian Sunrise teams up with multiple jazz musicians he met during his time studying composition at The Folkwang University of Arts. This collection of works is strikingly unique, fresh, and undeniably entrancing - all delivered “from the heart”.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 26, 2020