Peter Lix – Freedom (Spotify)

“Multitalented artist Peter Lix released this summer an uplifting track under the name Freedom, a drum and bass electronic production that generates a warm ambience with its emotive piano keys and lush melodies ”

Freedom kicks off with emotive piano keys that provide an immediately gripping hook. As the track rolls into play, lush melodies and spacious retro strings fill the soundscape with warm ambience. The drums provide an energetic current that rolls fluidly throughout, and it isn’t long before you’re submerged within its melodic throes.

Peter Lix has been involved in music since he was 15 years old. He started out as a Jungle/D&B DJ on the popular pirate radio station Rude FM, before progressing into music production in his late teens.

Peter went onto enjoy success as part of the Beatfreaks – an electronic music production trio that had major label and chart success. He has has also worked in music distribution, label management and music licensing.

He now releases music under the artist name Peter Lix, as well as working in other areas of music production.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 10, 2020