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Neena Rose – Perfect Stranger (Spotify)

“-Perfect Stranger- вызывает стойкое чувство ностальгии, душевный, эмоциональный подъём, желание жить и дышать воздухом, которой мы впитываем. К творчеству -Neena Rose- хочется время от времени возвращаться и снова ощущать её всем своим телом. -Perfect Stranger- воодушевляет и погружает в свой уникальный мир, который помогает отстраниться от окружающей действительности.”

Neena Rose's, "Perfect Stranger", dances on the line between the persona we create for people in our minds, and how they actually are. Describing the feeling of meeting a seemingly perfect guy and the fear of learning something that may skew the perception of him. Following the saying, "ignorance is bliss", Neena Rose leaves the stranger behind before any red flags could ruin her memory of him.

Canadian singer/songwriter and Pop/R&B artist, Neena Rose, has emerged onto the music scene with a magnetism not encountered everyday. Between her breakout single, 2018's "Games", and all it successors, the talented Neena Rose is shaking things up and taking the industry by storm.

The Hamilton, Ontario-based artist has received extensive early support and has garnered large following across social media platforms, especially on TikTok. In March of 2019, she was the youngest panelist invited to speak at the California Copyright Conference, and later that year, she was 1 of only 6 Canadians nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

Between her breakout single — 2018’s “Games” — its successors, “Circles” and “Rewind”, and this year’s forthcoming EP 333, Canadian singer/songwriter and pop-R&B artist Neena Rose has emerged onto the music scene with a magnetism not encountered every day.

The 17-year old Hamilton, Ontario-based artist has received extensive early support from media and playlisters, and was a recent panelist at the California Copyright Conference, making her the youngest female Canadian to speak thus far.

Her debut single — “Rock N Roll Lullaby” — was recorded at age 12 with Diamond/Platinum producer/songwriter Roy “Royalty” Hamilton III (Britney Spears, Nas), and the five years since has included performing for audience sizes up to 14,000 (including Oprah Winfrey), and singing CHCH legacy program Tiny Talent Time’s new theme song.

She’s an “amazing young talent,” says Universal Music Publishing Group’s 80 Empire. “She’s an incredible vocalist and witty lyricist… Working with her is a sheer joy!”

“Hellafun to talk with,” Cashbox Magazine’s Lenny Stoute adds. She’s a “combination of music biz savvy and emotional intelligence, with a commanding voice. Gonna go far.”

“I love it all, but writing lyrics is my favourite part,” Neena muses, reflecting on previous dips into nu-country, emo rock, and lofty pop bops before finding her most authentic self in R&B. “I want people to gain empowerment from my music. I want it to communicate to them: ‘You’ve got this. You can be different. You can do anything.’”

It’s true, and Neena Rose is leading by perfect example.

Different – Wild Story (Video)

“Very sensual and warm track. Incredibly beautiful chorus, stunning rhythm section and at the same time a very vintage sound. The vocals have the ability to penetrate into the inner self, lift the ocean of emotions and as if waves, one after another, absorb every listener!”

“-Wild Story- очень чувственный и тёплый трек. Невероятно красивый припев, оглушающая ритм-секция и при этом очень винтажный звук. Вокал имеет способность проникать в самую глубь, поднимать океан эмоций и словно волны, одна за другой, поглощать своего слушателя!”

Wild Story Bio:

Wild Story is a duo originating from Los Angeles, California. This anthemic band combines Viv Parker’s cinematic, immersive production with the adventurous, dynamic and vulnerable melodies of Katie Hargrove. From their first writing session together, Katie and Viv knew they had something special. Building on their solo careers, the pair decided to plunge headfirst into the LA music scene together with Lyric House’s support along the way. Staying true to themselves and each other, they have found success creating music that reverberates with fans and listeners alike. In their own words, Wild Story is about embracing who you are, creating your own narrative and owning it wholeheartedly.

Track Quote:

Wild Story’s “Different” is a symbolic anthem for those who have ever felt like they simply don’t fit in. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Katie has struggled with this feeling all too often. After moving to the US at a young age, Viv also struggled with the notion of feeling like an outsider. Together, the pair crafted “Different” as a song for anyone and everyone. No matter who you are, no matter your story, “Different” is a song for you.

Kiey – Sunday Sanctuary (Spotify)

“Very fresh delivery in the Electro Pop scene, from those which we appreciate from the first seconds. Rich sound pallete with organized mix of pads and melodic patterns. The song starts smoothly and quickly changes with dynamic shifts, followed by the lyrical part. True masterpiece by "Kiey"!”

Eva Snyder – at&t (Spotify)

“-at & t- is filled with a kind of mysteriousness and a certain proportion of uniqueness. The value of this track is in the bright vocals of -Eva Snyder- and the instrumental part that make the entire atmosphere of the single. It is very nice to listen on the road and with the company of close friends.”

“Инструментальная композиция -at&t- наполнена своеобразной загадочностью и определенной долей уникальностью. Ценность этого трека в ярком вокале -Eva Snyder- и инструментальной составляющей, которые делают всю атмосферу сингла. Очень приятно послушать в дороге и в компании близких друзей.”

Massachusetts roots and Nashville based by way of San Francisco, Eva brings elements from both coasts to her unique sound. Eva marries raw and transparent lyrics with an authentic pop vibe brought to life on an acoustic guitar with over 20 years of performing experience. She credits Maren Morris, Halsey and Julia Michaels as influences to her music which can be identified in her brutally honest lyrics layered on gutsy melodies.

Nadia Kamrath – Fever Dream (Spotify)

“In -Fever Dream-, there is its own unique atmosphere, filling consciousness from the first sounds! -Nadia Kamrath- creates its own, a special world that will win you and make you forget about all your problems. Atmospheric melodies, the musical pattern and vocals will not attract your interest quickly. ”

“В -Fever Dream- есть своя неповторимая атмосфера, заполняющая сознание с первых звуков! -Nadia Kamrath- создаёт свой, особенный мир, который завладеет вами и заставит забыть о всех своих проблемах. Атмосферная мелодия, музыкальный рисунок и вокал не оставят равнодушными.”

Nadia Kamrath’s first single “Fever Dream” is filled with dreamy piano melodies, intimate pure vocals, and attention-grabbing electric guitar. Her debut song has been selected for a film currently being screened by several top distributers including Warner Brothers, Disney and Paramount. She has put together a launch plan that includes her large network of friends, family and fans, ads on Instagram and Facebook, a Spotify Ad Studio campaign and a Vevo music video release.

Almand, SAMME, emlyn – Give Me More (Spotify)

“What is better than cool, light music in the middle of a hot Summer? "Give Me More" has all we need and it couldn't be differently. Three artists joined forces in the production of this Electro Pop candy and the result is quite entertaining.”

LA based producer Almand and his friend across the border in Mexico SAMME clearly have chemistry. They have worked together on remixes in the past, gaining support from Chill Nation and other outlets. But when the idea came up of doing an album together during quaratine, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Now, their joint EP Mend Things is out July 2 on Blanket Fort. It‘s a collection of 3 original songs featurings guest vocals from emyln, KQT, and songwriting from Mitchell Rose and others. The title track, which dropped as a single last month, has already gained close to 70k streams on Spotify. The EP is a mix of modern pop and edm influenced sugar trap.

In the past, Almand has had releases on PRMD (Avicii's old label) as well as support from Chainsmokers, Cash Cash, and others.



Ghostly Kisses – Don’t Know Why (Spotify)

“There’s the haunting melody, the perfectly produced acoustic guitar, orchestration & mellow ambience, & then there’s the absolutely captivating, & thoroughly absorbing vocals of Margaux Sauvé, all of which build & release “Don’t Know Why” by ‘Ghostly Kisses’ to an unforgettable, heart felt dialogue of regret & remorse to a resigned, ‘I have to play this again’ conclusion.”

“Don’t Know Why talks about a separation, the moment when you realize

you’ve tried everything and you don't want to fight anymore. ‘Don’t know why I could never make it alright’ is sung in the chorus, expressing failure, guilt and the realization that you have to accept defeat and go your own way.”

Oehl – Keine Angst (Video)

“”Oehl” chose a prototypical way to communicate their message via this Indie Pop single. In “Keine Angst”, cool beat and oldstyle synth elements are softly blended with acoustic guitar chords. The artists have brought John Lennon back to life to make us think about the climatic issue of our planet.”

John Lennon sightings in Argentina, Austria and Iceland. Is he back?

Across the Universe: Austrian-Argentinian Band collaboration brings John Lennon back to life.

Keine Angst. That means No Fear.

That is the answer the Austrian-Icelandic pop duo Oehl offer up to the most burning issue of our times, the climate crises. Don‘t be afraid of change, it‘s inevitable. The only choice we have is to be an active part of it.

And what better icon of hope could there be, other than the 20th century messiah, John Lennon, himself.

But how can this be? Is it really John himself or a state-of-the-art deepfake? See for yourself.

Alyssa Jacey – Drowning Me (Spotify)

“Alyssa Jacey is here to add some colour in our grey lives. The famous singer/songwriter can easily attract with her advanced vocal capabilities and obviously create a positive impression. This is a representative example from the Electro Pop scene. Enjoy!”

Alyssa Jacey is a multi-genre, award-winning singer/songwriter, inspirational career coach, and professional dancer/choreographer. Her other love affairs like motivational speaking, acting, modeling, improv musical comedy, and TV Hosting became more than just part-time passions after moving to Nashville nearly 10 years ago from her hometown San Diego, California. Her infectious personality, easy-going music, and smooth vocals make Jacey a deeply original artist. With her many fans, including legendary artist manager, Doc McGhee (Bon Jovi, Kiss, Motley Crue, Darius Rucker), and Ron Delsener (President of Live Nation, NYC) this quintuple threat cannot be overlooked! Jacey was about to turn 24 when she learned she could sing for the first time. Until the stage became her second home as an artist, she had unknowingly been greatly influenced over the years by the vocal stylings of Sarah McLachlan, Joss Stone, Amy Grant, and Jewel, which fans later would credit for her honey-like tone. Other vocal comparisons have been made to Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, and Alison Krauss, as well as Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. However, when you take a listen to her catalog of over 400 songs (a quarter of them released), you’ll notice she only sounds like one person…herself

Dylan Rockoff – Magic (Spotify)

“Not a single note should be ignored in this crazy dose of a perfect musical drug. -Magic- sounds with ease and pleasure. With its positive vibrations gives good emotions and the desire to enjoy life.”

“Ни одной лишней ноты, только сумасшедшая доза совершенного музыкального наркотика. -Magic- звучит легко и непринуждённо, своими позитивными вибрациями дарит хорошие эмоции и желание радоваться жизни.”

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