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T-Freeze – Away (feat. Dannykull)

“The vocals in this dancehall track like an acute razor glide across your body, exciting and electrosing everything around you. The melody is beautifully combined with a rhythm-section, major notes melt a bad mood on the horizon of events and you do not notice how it turns out on the flooded sun beach. Today is your day, and -t-Freeze and Dannykull- will help you remember it forever!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вокал в этом Dancehall треке как острая бритва скользит по вашему телу, возбуждая и наэлектризовывая всё вокруг себя. Мелодия красиво сочетается с ритм-секцией, мажорные ноты плавят на горизонте событий плохое настроение и вы не замечаете, как оказывается на залитом солнце пляже. Сегодня ваш день, а -T-Freeze и Dannykull- помогут вам запомнить его навсегда!”

Heather Green – Phased

“Music has never been so accessible to every person. She seems to talk to you, sending the good sound vibrations Indie R&B by air. Flies like birds into the windows of your soul and warms the warmth of vocals -heather green-. A very soft track for real connoisseurs.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Никогда ещё музыка не была так доступна каждому человеку. Она словно разговаривает с вами, посылая добрые звуковые вибрации Indie R&B по воздуху. Залетает как птицы в окна вашей души и согревает теплотой вокала -Heather Green-. Очень мягкий трек для настоящих ценителей.”

Mimoza – Madly

“Crystal vocals with big chord piano and guitar parts. Sounds like an anthem of sorts, I can feel the crowed going mad with this one when played. I t have a lot of subtle parts, that can be used in many different styles, different versions, love when song opens the door of another interpretation, it is inspirational for a musician and a producer. ”

Empowering multi-platinum singer songwriter Mimoza returns with a new single. Entitled “Madly”, the romantic pastel-dipped pop anthem explores self-love, knowing your worth, and never settling for second best. “Madly” encompasses an intense array of deep emotions such as pain, heart, and strength all in one record. Featuring emotive piano chords and swelling synths under Mimoza’s striking melodies and signature soul-drenched vocals, “Madly” is the perfect soundtrack of self love.

Self love has always been a huge topic close to Mimoza’s heart. With her last big record “Young Queen”, she honored her roots and mother who raised her to think highly of herself. These important values pertaining to self love and respect are once again accentuated in “Madly”. Mimoza, who directed and produced the stunning music video for “Maldy” takes modern romance to another level.

On the video, Mimoza confides, “My concept for the video was ‘modern romance.’ I think we often romanticize how beautiful life would be if that one person fell in love with us but what if we romanticized falling in love with ourselves first?” Mimoza teaches us to still wear a crown, even with a broken heart and shows us once again that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

Mimoza is signed to Universal Music Group and has over 100 million streams across platforms. She further co-wrote the multi-platinum Billboard charting single “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max.








Los Angeles based pop singer and songwriter Mimoza is known for her explosive anthems and utterly infectious songwriting. Her most recent hit is the single “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max, which impressively went platinum in twelve different countries and reached No. 1 on the U.S. Airplay Charts. This success isn’t just a coincidence. In fact, Mimoza has proven herself over and over again ever since the age of 17. After years of writing hits for other artists and receiving gold and platinum plaques, Mimoza is ready to focus further on her solo music with her upcoming single “Madly” set for release September 9th. “Madly” follows Mimoza’s commercially successful “Young Queen” released in 2021, which was written as a love letter to her home country, and her Albanian roots. Paying tribute to her mother and all moms who raise their daughters to see themselves as ‘young queens’, the powerful pop anthem impresses with soulful vocal tones and big bold instrumentation. Her new single “Madly” encompasses an intense array of deep emotions such as pain, heart, and strength all in one record. The romantic pastel-dipped pop anthem explores self-love, knowing your worth, and never settling for second best. The song begins with an emotionally charged piano driven verse, and soon culminates into a climatic soaring chorus full of fervor for an intoxicating listen. Aiming for the next pop crown, Mimoza is relentlessly forging her own path and not looking back. This queen is here to stay.

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Leah Weller – Freedom

“Her vocals are beautiful, full with layers, deep, full of different vibes, depending of the verse of chorus lines, with just amazing string that follows. Bass line have a soul of its own, with the old school-ish rhythm section, fits perfectly with her vocals. Love the break, change of pace, with different spoken language, that it comes back with a verse, just great. ”

Leah Weller uses the springboard of mindfulness, levity and the glowing response to her newest music by releasing the nourishing, swaying soul of her debut album’s title track: Freedom.

Embroidered with threads of singing strings, warm blankets of brass and Weller’s own vocals cutting through the wall of sound with crystalline clarity, the song’s story is unambiguously relatable. Freedom arrived on the outswing of the singer-songwriter’s twenties, a hectic decade’s strands pulling together in the alternate, head spinning universe of societal shutdown and the forming of new, grown-up paths, each built stronger with the benefit experience.

Reflecting on the irresistible, richly-orchestrated song, she says: “Freedom is one song that developed through lockdown, a time that was so tough for so many people and I feel no nostalgia for. I read a book called ‘Letting Go’ which dealt with being aware of our consciousness, just one of many similar I’ve been inspired by, where authors deal with the idea of us freeing ourselves from our egoic minds. Like then, I still like the idea of this sense of freedom, especially during a lockdown.”

Announcing the release of her first album with the cultured, main stage soul of Wonder at the beginning of August, Freedom’s twelve tracks link arms and form a protective circle around Weller and anyone else unshackled, or looking to break free of the chains of uncertainty. Philosophical, inspired and unafraid, united with the support of producer and key writing collaborator, Steve Craddock, Weller’s self-belief grew during recording sessions that spanned 2020 and 2021 between studios in Surrey and Devon.

The single pushes the singer-songwriter one square closer to the release of her first long-player on Fri 21 October 2022 with Modern Sky UK.

Nate Amor – Lose This Way

“Vocals on this one are the hook you need, it pulls you in since the first verse, strong and clean. Amazing vocalist, music just as great, layers of guitars, that fulfill the layers you need, same with rhythm section. It feels personal a lot, some much emotions are put into it. ”

Singer and songwriter Nate Amor relocated to LA in 2022 with a fresh mind and fresh music followed. These new perspectives are the driver for a new album he worked on with legendary mixers Joe Zook and Drew Middleton. He delved into a unique sound, paying homage to Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, and Chris Stapleton. But before the full album release, Nate Amor has some singles for you to snack on.

The first track on the menu was the soaring “Ain’t Hitting Me Yet”. Next up is the sweeping, “Lose This Way”.

A song dealing with the trauma of loss, the emotional devastation Nate details is a backdrop for a music video that paints the picture of the moments leading up to a beautiful wedding. Tensions run high when he sings lines like “Bring on the firing squad and/ fire away” while the video shows him as a supposedly happy groom getting his photo taken. But as the song and video progress, we see not everything is as it seems. This leads to a climax that brings an air of optimism. Powered by Nate’s signature vocals and guitar, the climax of the song is anthemic and cathartic.

As Nate elaborates:

“I was living in my friend’s basement. It was spring yet cold in Minnesota and this moment came over me to write a song that could encompass my recent divorce and the loss of my mother 18 months prior. It is a journey to say goodbye to my ex, wish her well, and to say that I’m accepting the loss of her. The truth was that I’d been so selfish. We ALL experience loss. Deaths of many kinds, it’s a part of life. This song helped me get out and release my grief, let go, and continue on.”

A Minneapolis native, Nate Amor grew up with a healthy appreciation for Elvis and The Beach Boys – all things Rock ‘n Roll Americana. His first time performing was at his high school talent show with a cover of Elvis’ “In the Ghetto”. He was hooked. The power of lyrics and positive transformative force of music has continuously fed Nate’s songwriting obsessions.

Nate is a member and vocalist of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, was featured on NBC’s The Voice, and as a solo artist has shared the stage with Train, Mat Kearney, and Marc Cohn.

In 2022 Nate relocated to LA to start a new musical adventure. With a collection of songs perfected over the past few years, he is now more ready than ever to bring his brand of Americana Rock to a global audience.

Twins of June – Favorite Person

“Love the tempo on this one, fits great with vocals and music, you can feel the mood that goes with everything. Smooth vocals, guitars, lead parts are full with happiness, it is felt that it is a very personal message to someone. Love when you can feel something like within a song. ”

Following the success of their latest release "Fake Crown", Twins of June, Jesper & Jonas Trumm, releases the single "Favorite Person", August 26th 2022.

"Favorite Person" was written at the beginning of lockdown, where the twins went from having a busy and stressful everyday life to a relaxed and calm life with time to dive into music. The calmness and tranquility of their new life served as a reminder to who and what is really important in life. Which inspored the lyrics to "Favorite Person" to be a conversation between two people, and a description of their shared relationship, memories and a reminder to support our loved ones.

"With Favorite Person we wanted to explore new sounds and universes from previous recordings, which resulted in a more pop/electronic arrangement. We are not a band that writes 10 of the same songs" – Jesper & Jonas Trumm

With references to Harry Styles they combine acoustic guitar, strings, synthesizer and retro/pop drum elements. They draw inspiration from different genres and artists; Passenger, Foy Vance & Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots, Martin Garrix and Avicii. Twins of June reflect a variety of style and show their ability to write catchy summer tunes.

The twins will be touring in Germany in September, where "Favorite Person" will flourish as the latest release.

In addition to the release of their debut album "Home" in 2019 and their EP 'Memories', which reached #1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, Twins of June have been on a handful of tours in Germany & Denmark in the past few years, supporting various artists, including Nicklas Sahl (DK), Rasmus Hagen (SE) and Tim Schou (DK). Currently, the d has more than 2,400,000 million streams on Spotify alone.

Dustin Paul x Nissim Black – Human Greatness 2.0

“Dustin Paul & Nissim Black - Human Greatness 2.0 very nice vocals, top notch production.Guitar theme that is in the background is perfect touch to fulfill the mood. Rhythm section is maybe the part of the song that I liked the most. ”

This infectious pop/hiphop/folk anthem addresses the human ability to shine through history's darkest moments. The unique blend of guitar, beat, and tonal contrast of hip hop/rap artist Nissim Black, and indie-pop singer Dustin Paul, empowers and inspires in this vulnerable melodic hymn.

David Green – Pyrite

“In the voice -David green- sincerity is felt, he, as the owner of an exceptional gift to create incredible beauty of the melody, creates real miracles. The sounds of the piano very beautifully emphasize the entire depth of his new single, increasing the already huge bouquet of emotions.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В голосе -David Green- чувствуется искренность, он как обладатель исключительного дара создавать невероятной красоты мелодии творит настоящие чудеса. Звуки фортепиано очень красиво подчёркивают всю глубину его нового сингла, приумножая и без того огромный букет из эмоций.”

The resounding sincerity in singer/songwriter David Green’s music has been his signature stamp since day one, leading him to a string of successful singles released that highlight his natural gift for melody in his endearing vocals and shimmering piano. In the final days of summer 2022, he’s dropping one of his most stunning solo songs to-date with the release of “Pyrite” officially on September 2nd.

A gorgeous ballad that draws on David’s vivid lyricism, and a heartfelt theme that centers around the triumph of finding that special someone at long last – “Pyrite” is a timeless love-song destined to melt the hearts and minds of everyone listening. From the spectacular beauty in the music & vocals, to the powerfully moving hooks & Green’s undeniable charm, the crossover sound of “Pyrite” is guaranteed to go global, and connect him with new fans all around the world.

Expertly produced by Gabe Lopez to give “Pyrite” its stellar dynamics & warm glow, and featuring the incredible talents of OK Go’s Daniel Konopka on the drums – combined with the natural star talent of David’s mesmerizing performance, this single has absolutely everything it needs to win over all the lovers & dreamers listening in the process.

Available on every major music platform this September, join David Green as he surges forward to new heights in his career, with the most remarkably delicate vibes and catchy single you’ll turn up this year.

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