Leif Shively Band – Pretend

“As its title reveals, this Acoustic song from "Leif Shively Band" states the presence of fake feelings between two people. when we're afraid to express our true emotions, choose to pretend. The singer reveals a bitter truth in a peaceful Acoustic background mix.”


This a song about living with someone that you know in you heart isn’t right for you but, you stay anyway because staying feels easier than leaving. So you go on living life playing pretend.


The ACT Americana Trio – True North

““True North” has this instant, pack-n-go effect on you. The song has both a candid, nostalgic sweetness to it and a straightforward confession to the group’s roots. The band’s vision of Americana music aligns consistent aesthetics with seasoned songwriting and skilled arrangements where the language is authentic and knows how to use its dramatic potency.”


True North’, the title track from their new EP, is The ACT’s anthem for the magnetic draw to where we come from, and where we are going. It’s for anyone who’s ever felt too far away, for far too long. When everything else in the world seems a little too uncertain, it’s good to know True North will always lead you home.


Kara Cole – 3 Weeks

“In Folk atmosphere and bittersweet mood, "Kara Cole" tells a story about losing her love. Feelings of despair and nostalgia float in the air in a mix of loose acoustic guitar chords. Actually nothing lasts forever and we should always expect the unexpected.”


3 Weeks is a story of heartbreak. The pleading of wanting to know why but not asking because it's a moot point. The story takes you on a journey of what you go through when you are losing someone you thought was forever but they've moved on and you can't.


Chris Lively – More Than You’ve Ever Been

“Lyrical, emotional composition with a beautiful guitar melody and soulful vocal -Chris Lively-, which is a real decoration of this work. Proper musical design completely informs this song to his listeners. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лирическая, эмоциональная композиция с красивой мелодией гитары и душевным вокалом -Chris Lively-, который является настоящим украшением этого произведения. Правильное музыкальное оформление полностью доносит эту песню до своих слушателей.”


It's a simplistic tune about re-envisioning periods of emptiness or loss as portals for growth, self-extension and transformation. The melody seemingly came spontaneously one night and the next day I wrote the lyrics and recorded it. It may or may not be incorporated into an upcoming compilation.


Kenny Curcio – Cut To The Heart

“Music that makes your heart beat in an accelerated rhythm. Clear structure and line of narration, excellent possession of tool and vocals. New song -Kenny Curcio- as a sip of fresh air in the desert of your gray everyday life. Pure pleasure! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая заставляет ваше сердце биться в ускоренном ритме. Чёткая структура и линия повествования, прекрасное владение инструментом и вокалом. Новая песня -Kenny Curcio- как глоток свежего воздуха в пустыне ваших серых будней. Чистое наслаждение!”



Steve Pointmeier – Goodbye

“Vibrations in a -Steve PointMeieier voice cause the ocean of goosebumps throughout the body. His timbre and manner of execution are crazy with its energy, and women's backing vocals only emphasizes his beauty. Beautiful acoustic song in the best traditions of the Country genre. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вибрации в голосе -Steve Pointmeier- вызывают океан мурашек по всему телу. Его тембр и манера исполнения сводят с ума своей энергетикой, а женский бэк-вокал лишь подчёркивает всю его красоту. Прекрасная акустическая песня в лучших традициях жанра Country.”



Cassie Jean and the Fireflies – Mrs. Mavis

“Encourant, assertive song with a magnificent chorus! The tempo of the track is moderate, but at the same time very emotional and betrays the entire musical canvase more solidity and feelings. The combination of Folk Rock and Country genres create the desired immersion atmosphere. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Воодушевляющая, напористая песня с великолепным припевом! Темп трека умеренный, но при этом очень эмоциональный и предаёт всему музыкальному полотну больше солидности и чувств. Сочетание жанров Folk Rock и Country создают нужную атмосферу погружения.”


Join Mrs. Mavis on a rollicking wild ride through a life well lived, courtesy of singer-songwriter Cassie Jean Barbaresi. Produced by Grammy winner Bud Snyder and featuring a brilliant fiddle performance by Nashville legend Joe Spivey.


Jackie Bristow – Shakin’ My Bones

“Grab this chance to chill on guitar chords and the most friendly vocal performance. The singer reflects wonderful pictures of natural beauty in this mesmerizing Country single, which we loved from its first seconds.”


Artist said about this song:

“I wrote ‘Shakin’ My Bones’ after a weekend trip to Joshua Tree. I was playing shows with a couple of my friends, and before the gig, suddenly we were in the middle of a big dust storm and we had to take cover. We were up in this very cool house on a hill and could see the glowing town lights though the dusty mist in the distance. It was moody and magical. It was my first trip to the California desert. It was peaceful and wild. I felt my emotions stirring and slowing down, connecting to the land and the spirit of the place. When I got home to my apartment in LA, I was feeling inspired and I stayed up all night and wrote ‘Shakin’ My Bones.’


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