Dr. Zwig – Unborn Voices (Spotify)

“What needs to be done before you start listening -Unborn Voices-? The answer is simple; activate your imagination and open the heart. Music herself will find the way. Excellent combination of acoustic instruments and intoxicating vocals.”

“Что нужно сделать прежде, чем начать слушать -Unborn Voices-? Ответ простой, - включить воображение и открыть сердце. Музыка сама найдёт путь. Прекрасное сочетание акустических инструментов и опьяняющего вокала. ”



Meet Dr. Adam Zwig—psychologist-musician, educator, and author. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology, has had 9 Top Ten hit singles on the U.S Adult Contemporary charts, and is an internationally renowned workshop leader and lecturer. He has been featured on Billboard, SiriusXM Radio, CBS Radio, and many other stations, and in People Magazine, Pollstar, and many other publications. Dr. Zwig has released 7 albums, has songs on NBC, Fox, and Fuel TV, and has garnered over 130 million views on YouTube. His forthcoming book, Music in the Mayhem: Tales of Total Transformation from a Rock n Roll Psychologist, shows how life problems are not pathological but rather personal growth processes trying to happen. His podcast, The Dr. Zwig Show, posts new episodes every Wednesday.

Brian Berggoetz – I Will Go Down (Spotify)

“"I Will Go Down" is a brilliant Country creation, especially for guitar lovers. The artist unfolds his talent mainly via melodic guitar and violin chords. His calm voice, also raise the production level even higher. Strong and various feelings arise when listening to this beauty!”


An Americana style song with unique changes written about finding one's red line when in love


Toler Gibson – Harlingen (Spotify)

“Track mood steeped in faith and best hope for a brighter future. -Harlingen- attracts the listener not only for its technical components, such as high-quality synthesis and mixing, but also for its conceptual idea that -Toler Gibson- reflected in the lyrics.”

“Настроение трека пропитано верой в лучшее и красочной надеждой на светлое будущее. -Harlingen- понравится слушателю не только своей технической составляющей, вроде качественного сведения и аранжировки, но и своей концептуальной идеей, которую -Toler Gibson- отразила в тексте песни.”


a song about growing in up in Texas... life and death in Harlingen tx... El Paso Tx


Toler Gibson is a group of mountain dwellers living high above the clouds in California.

It started when Gibson, a Canadian born, Texas raised Angeleno moved from LA to the mountains of Idyllwild and met Toler, a Seattle born and raised Angeleno who had moved to Idyllwild from LA, three years prior. The two bonded on their love of country, folk, & psychedelic music and immediately started pickin’ and singin’ their favourite classics in one cabin or another. Toler Gibson was born.

The two have been in multiple other known bands such as Bell Gardens, Furry Things, Winter Flowers, Old Gold, as well as releasing solo material. TG started by playing their favourite old country tunes in the bars and roadhouses in Idyllwild but eventually turned into a fully fledged band. The band expanded when drummer Charlie Woodburn and bass player Rob Hume landed in Idyllwild from LA, then adding Drew Manne as their main pedal steel player. The band played their first original set at Grand Ole Echo in LA in 2018.

The boys started slowly tracking “The Days Before” in Gibson’s Heavy Meadows studio through 2019. They found a home with London based indie label Rocket Girl Records.


Robert Weston – Last – single edit (Spotify)

“-Last- owns a quality of indie folk and country. Juicy rhythm section and graceful singing, accompanied by improvisation and six string guitar. -Last- is extremely rare and valuable material for your collection. Music covers all its care of expressiveness. It helps to forget and let things go.”

“-Last- это качественный indie folk и country, сочная ритм-секция, пение изящной шести струнной гитары и импровизация. -Last- это крайне редкий, оттого и ценный материал в вашей дискографии. Музыка своей выразительностью перекрывает все заботы. Помогает отпустить и забыть.”


Robert Weston is a country music singer and songwriter from The Netherlands. Robert is greatly influenced by artists like The Beatles, George Jones, George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and contemporary country music. Robert's music harkens back to country's roots with a fresh new voice and sound.

Robert released an EP last year, named 'F1RST' and is he's currently writing songs for his second EP with Nashville writers such as Levi Gray, Dakota Jay Ryan Kinder & Will King. If Covid19 restrictions are lifted, he's going to record the songs in Nashville, later this year.

Robert is currently also a member of the Dutch country music band Ramblin' Boots. For the past three years, the band went on an international tour through Europe in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway and Switzerland. In 2019 the band played the USA, supporting the Davisson Brothers (from WV) in Myrtl Beach (SC) and they also played a gig in Nashville.


Rod Black – Laketown (Spotify)

“A magical, melodic and diverse song, with such a nostalgic mood, and with care are used many motifs of rock music. Single -Laketown- ideally balances between excellent melody and uncompromising effort of charismatic male vocals.”

“Мягкая, мелодичная и разнообразная песня, в которой с такой ностальгической ноткой и с любовью использованы яркие мотивы рок музыки. Сингл -Laketown- идеальный баланс между отличной мелодией и бескомпромиссным напором харизматичного мужского вокала.”


Bristol Records is thrilled to announce the digital release of “Laketown” – the new single from Canadian country artist Rod Black – distributed by SONY/The Orchard via Copperline. Now available on all digital platforms, “Laketown” will be released to Canadian country radio on June 7th.


A country ode to beautiful summer weather, good company, and great music by the lake, “Laketown” was written by Rod Black and CCMA Award-winner Jeff Johnson, who also produced.


Black says, “Jeff and I developed this one at the studio one winter, when we found ourselves thinking about summertime. We wanted to capture a perfect summer setting and the moments and feelings that go along with it. For those who hear it, I hope that ‘Laketown’ brings back great memories, with the promise that with every new summer, there are new memories ahead.”


“Laketown” marks the latest musical milestone for Black in a distinguished journey that has taken him around North America and across genres. Born in Langley, BC, Black grew up in Regina and Saskatoon, and broke through with Jet Black Stare’s 2009 Top 30 US Billboard Rock hit, “Ready to Roll”. The allure of his roots pulled him into country, where he scored – among other highlights – a Canadian Billboard Top 20 hit with 2014’s “Keepin’ On” and the #1 CBC Country/Sirius XM charting single “Good Times” in 2019, with years of Nashville living in between.

Now back in Langley and signed to Bristol Records in partnership with Nashville’s Copperline, Black has found his musical heart in the country genre. Besides embodying the spirit of lakeside adventures, “Laketown” is also a reflection of Black’s own carefree personality and adventurous soul. As his second single of 2021 for the artist, it will also be part of a new EP that will drop later this year.

In conjunction with the release of “Laketown”, Black has recently launched a weekly video series, “Side of the Road” www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6-e3IFegFw , where he shares his own life experiences and offers candid insights into topics like family, success, health, and self-empowerment.

“Laketown” is available now on all digital platforms. It will be released to Canadian country radio on June 7th.


Leah Tash – All You Ramblers (Spotify)

“Elements of rock 'n' roll, jazz and soul music can be noticed from the very first notes. -All You Ramblers- can captivate the listener's emotions with its lyrics and catchy melody. Dive deeply in the waves of this fascinating sound.”

“Любовь -Leah Tash- к рок-н-роллу, джазу и музыке соул слышна с самых первых нот. -All You Ramblers- берёт в плен слушателя своими эмоциями, текстом и запоминающейся мелодией. Глубокое погружение, в котором с лёгкостью можно и нужно наслаждаться жизнью.”



Leah Tash was born and raised in New York City but her sound may call to mind places long ago and far away. Leah became drawn to traditional folk and blues music at a young age, finding inspiration in artists like Leadbelly, Bessie Smith, and the Carter Family. The music that Leah writes reflects these early influences while also expressing a further passion for rock ’n’ roll, jazz and soul music. The result is her own unique brand of Americana.


The Red – Pretend (Spotify)

“The song that leaves a pleasant imprint on our minds and proudly takes priority of place among other creations. The Folk music genre has a unique feature; it can be entertaining and wherever you are, need to listen until the end. Unique, original sound and sensible melody.”

“Песня оставляет приятный след в нашем сознании и с гордостью занимает почётное место среди прочих творений. Музыка жанра folk обладает уникальным свойством - её можно и нужно слушать везде, где бы не были. Неповторимая, оригинальная атмосфера и осмысленная мелодия.”


Country song with banjo, love and hope.


THE RED is a French-born songwriter, singer and musician, whose first solo album (2020) is dedicated to American and Irish poets.

Influenced by country music as well as Irish and American folk singers, THE RED treats his music with no fixed rules which would enclose it in very definite style.

His songs are composed and arranged by himself, with no other purpose than to offer the best of themselves to the fans, and the non-fans.

While he is definitely a folk songwriter in a long tradition that gives lyrics a prominent place, his music has been already defined as indie country-folk.

The Ballad of Sir Hudson Lowe – Roger D’Arcy – From the album Crooked Tales (Video)

“A simple but unusual blend of country & jug band blues complete with upright bass, strummed guitars & a male country style vocal by Roger D’Arcy that commemorates the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte on the Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. ”


From the album ‘Crooked Tales’ by Roger D’Arcy. Released as a single on 5th May 2021 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. He had been been exiled there following defeat at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.


Backing vocals for “The Ballad of Sir Hudson Lowe” performed by Emma Kouros and recorded at her own Twenty8 Studio, in Athens, Greece. Twenty8 Studio designed by Roger D’ Arcy, who also marked the studios of Rainmaker, Terrarium in Minneapolis, Black Rock Studios in Santorini etc.

Buckland Boys – Big Hat Tiny Buckle (He Said) (Spotify)

“Cheerful, energetic work, which perfectly combines classic bluegrass and leading acoustic instruments. -Big Hat Tiny Buckle He Said - enriches the listener with magnificent vocal flow, creates a very good, enjoyable atmosphere.”

“Весёлая, энергичная работа, в которой идеально сочетаются классический bluegrass и ведущие акустические инструменты. -Big Hat Tiny Buckle (He Said)- облагораживает слушателя великолепными вокальными ручьями, создаёт очень хорошую, обволакивающую атмосферу.”



Lisa Nicole – Count on You (Spotify)

“Do not believe those who say that singing is just an addition to music. This work by -Lisa Nicole- can easily pull out all your emotions, enrich them with her radiant singing and drive you crazy. Believe me, she will succeed.”

“Не верьте тому, кто говорит, что вокал это лишь дополнение к музыке. -Count on You- в исполнении -Lisa Nicole- с лёгкостью вытащит наружу все ваши эмоции, обогатит их своим лучезарным пением и не раз сведёт вас с ума. Поверьте, у неё это получится. ”


Canadian country artist Lisa Nicole is pleased to release her newest single, “Count On You”, which is new on all digital platforms and will go to Canadian country radio on April 19th.

Written and recorded prior to the pandemic, the song’s modern retro-pop country canvas is an inviting backdrop for an honest and heartfelt lyrical journey that is especially timely and meaningful in present times.

Lisa Nicole says, “This song was about how the support of one person – whether it’s a partner, a family member or a trusted friend – can light up the room and pull you through when everything else seems to be going wrong.”

As the third single to be released from her 2021 fall album, Where the Wild Hearts Beat, “Count On You” was originally written by Lisa Nicole and star songwriter Dave Pahanish in Nashville, where she lived in the spring and summer of 2018 after a once-in-a-lifetime duet with Keith Urban at a Music City pop-up concert inspired her to move there.

Upon returning to the Canadian Kootenays, the artist integrated new ideas from her longtime guitar player Jason Thomas along with her producer – CCMA award-winning Jeff Johnson – to further enhance and complete the finished product.

For the artist – who grew up in Castlegar, British Columbia and now lives in nearby Trail – the memories of living in Nashville, writing with the likes of Pahanish, and recording with Johnson back in British Columbia have added fuel to her artistic spirit and only increased her desire to leave a lasting impact through songs with meaningful purpose mixed with a current sound.

“Count On You” offers hope through connection and comfort but also shows the power of how we can each make a difference for anyone close to us.

“We all want someone to count on, but we can also be that someone to count on,” says Lisa Nicole.

“Count On You” is now available on all digital platforms. It goes to Canadian country radio on April 19th.


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