Lisa Nicole – Count on You (Spotify)

“Do not believe those who say that singing is just an addition to music. This work by -Lisa Nicole- can easily pull out all your emotions, enrich them with her radiant singing and drive you crazy. Believe me, she will succeed.”

“Не верьте тому, кто говорит, что вокал это лишь дополнение к музыке. -Count on You- в исполнении -Lisa Nicole- с лёгкостью вытащит наружу все ваши эмоции, обогатит их своим лучезарным пением и не раз сведёт вас с ума. Поверьте, у неё это получится. ”

Canadian country artist Lisa Nicole is pleased to release her newest single, “Count On You”, which is new on all digital platforms and will go to Canadian country radio on April 19th.

Written and recorded prior to the pandemic, the song’s modern retro-pop country canvas is an inviting backdrop for an honest and heartfelt lyrical journey that is especially timely and meaningful in present times.

Lisa Nicole says, “This song was about how the support of one person – whether it’s a partner, a family member or a trusted friend – can light up the room and pull you through when everything else seems to be going wrong.”

As the third single to be released from her 2021 fall album, Where the Wild Hearts Beat, “Count On You” was originally written by Lisa Nicole and star songwriter Dave Pahanish in Nashville, where she lived in the spring and summer of 2018 after a once-in-a-lifetime duet with Keith Urban at a Music City pop-up concert inspired her to move there.

Upon returning to the Canadian Kootenays, the artist integrated new ideas from her longtime guitar player Jason Thomas along with her producer – CCMA award-winning Jeff Johnson – to further enhance and complete the finished product.

For the artist – who grew up in Castlegar, British Columbia and now lives in nearby Trail – the memories of living in Nashville, writing with the likes of Pahanish, and recording with Johnson back in British Columbia have added fuel to her artistic spirit and only increased her desire to leave a lasting impact through songs with meaningful purpose mixed with a current sound.

“Count On You” offers hope through connection and comfort but also shows the power of how we can each make a difference for anyone close to us.

“We all want someone to count on, but we can also be that someone to count on,” says Lisa Nicole.

“Count On You” is now available on all digital platforms. It goes to Canadian country radio on April 19th.

The Wandering Hearts – Gold (Video)

“Scars are stories to be told!…and The Wandering Hearts with their new single Gold, delivering the next memorable hit song.
We receive and review daily new music in the nagamag music, picking what 100% align with our our personal taste. Yet we admit, quite few times we have goosebumps so hard, and this song is really gold! Starts ethereal with an obvious quality and deep story line, once the chorus starts, release out anything hidden inside you. There’s a light in the night and it’s breaking up the sky… Amazing!”

After shooting to the forefront of the UK folk/Americana scene with their debut album ‘Wild Silence’, The Wandering Heartsheaded to the genre’s spiritual home of Woodstock at the start of 2020 to work on a follow-up. The result is their forthcoming self-titled album, which will be released on July 30th, which they have today launched with the new single ‘Gold’. It represents their first release under a new deal with Cooking Vinyl. Listen HERE.

The Wandering Hearts headed deep into the Catskills, where producers Simone Felice and David Baron hosted experimental and spiritual sessions in a studio packed with vintage instruments. The album echoes the timeless songcraft of Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel with the pure passion of Jade Bird and The Lumineers. It’s a record that celebrates life, new beginnings, and striving to shine through a darkening world.

The new single ‘Gold’ opens with the gritty, fervent soul of AJ Dean-Revington’s vocals, before the band’s patented harmonies surge to the fore, while thunderous drums and a euphoric hook escalate the song’s drama. It offers a timely reminder that challenging experiences will in time fade in favour of a better future.

The band, completed by Tara Wilcox and Chess Whiffin, commented: “‘Gold’ stemmed from the idea of something becoming more beautiful after being broken. We had chatted about the Japanese art form kintsugi, which repairs pottery with lacquer mixed with gold. This was the perfect imagery for what we were writing about. Our scars are a visual representation of our struggles and our stories of loss are stories of survival. ‘Gold’ feels even more connected and poignant now, after a year of so much loss and everyone just trying to survive.”

The single release is accompanied by the stunning official video. Directed and shot by Jackson Ducasse (Dua Lipa, JC Stewart), it was filmed in the Northampton countryside and sees The Wandering Hearts surrounded by beauty and nature, perfectly complementing the sentiment of the song. Watch HERE.

The album will also feature ‘Over Your Body’, and will be released on CD, LP, cassette and download and is available to pre-order HERE.

The band’s Official Store also has exclusive signed bundles including T-shirts, limited cream LP and gold cassette.

‘Wild Silence’ propelled The Wandering Hearts upon a remarkable journey. After a personal invitation from the legendary Marty Stuart (who wrote and performed on the new song ‘Dreams’), they became the first British band to make their USdebut at Nashville’s iconic Ryman Auditorium and then play the Grand Ole Opry in the same week.

An early career highlight came at the UK Americana Awards, where they won the Bob Harris Emerging Artist Award and performed with Robert Plant, Mumford & Sons and Imelda May. Two years on the road followed, which included sold-out headline tours, opening for Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks at Hyde Park, and support slots for Lukas Nelson and Justin Townes Earle.

The Rose Petals – Military Man (Spotify)

“The fresh Country sound that you need to listen, is out now. Leading acoustic guitar chords bring harmony in your soul and welcome the Spring sense. Very notable singing and overall result that you'll remember for a long time.”

The Rose Petals, fronted by songwriting partners Peter Donovan and Elijah Ocean, take off their rose-colored glasses in favor of a historical lens on the folk rock "Military Man," the latest release from the band's debut album American Grenadine.

Donovan says the song was written about the Eisenhower era and the false notion that there was ever a time when everyone was living the good life.

"American Grenadine is an album about American legends and tall tales, specifically those involving our Presidents and First Ladies. Most of these stories are inspired by actual events. But, over time, the details become tailored and exaggerated to the point of mythology - their subjects commemorated as our de facto American gods," says Donavan. "'Military Man' was written about General Dwight D. Eisenhower and the myth of the 1950s. The Eisenhower era is often remembered as a time of great prosperity. But in reality, not everybody was enjoying the good life. One in four Americans was living in poverty. However, after fleeing to the suburbs (via a brand new Interstate Highway System), the flourishing middle class was able to largely ignore the growing urban decay. Today, we usually think about the picket fences and the two-car garages. We wax poetic about the 'good old days.' We find the past much easier to digest through rose-colored glasses."

American Grenadine, the debut record from Los Angeles pop-rock band The Rose Petals, has been over a dozen years and thousands of miles in the making. The group’s songwriting duo, Peter Donovan (All the Real Girls) and Elijah Ocean (Rolling Stone named his 2018 single, “Down This Road,” one of its top 10 best country and Americana songs of the week) first met in 2008, but it wasn’t until Donovan embarked on a cross-country tour of U.S. Presidents’ graves in 2016 that The Rose Petals came to fruition. On that trip, Donovan and Ocean wrote over 20 songs, 11 of which comprise the group’s debut record, American Grenadine. Using jangly guitars, sparkly tambourines, and tantalizing harmonies, the album tells the unseen stories of 11 U.S. presidents and their wives, from Warren G. Harding’s postmortem scandals (“The Kids All Sent Their Pennies”) to Dolley Madison saving irreplaceable valuables like a copy of the Declaration of Independence and a painting of George Washington when the British came to attack the White House (“Chesapeake Leopard”). Far from a political statement, though, the songs on American Grenadine are not intended to be a celebration or an admonishment of their subjects. They’re stories about life, love, power, and death. They’re snapshots of threads in the American tapestry, as seen through the eyes of our very fallible American presidents. Ultimately, American Grenadine, through crisp layers of guitar and emotive vocal lines reminiscent of both R.E.M. and Gin Blossoms, proves that these powerful men — these seeming American gods — were just as imperfectly human as the rest of us

Karen-Lee Batten – Drinkin’ Song (Spotify)

“Your "Drinkin' Song" is now available by the fantastic Karen-Lee Batten. Striking Country sound with exuberant voice in the lyrics, are fair enough to feel the rhythm in your vains. Whether you're alone or not, this is an excellent company for the next three minutes!”

Award-winning Canadian country recording artist Karen Lee Batten is thrilled to release her sassy new party single, “Drinkin’ Song”. New on all digital platforms, the track will go to Canadian country radio on April 26th.

Co-written by Batten with Jeff Johnson (Madeline Merlo), and Mitch Merrett (Tyler Joe Miller) – and co-produced by Merrett (Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion) and Johnson (Meghan Patrick) – “Drinkin’ Song” is an intoxicating blend of traditional country sass topped off with the musical equivalent of a lightning shot of moonshine.

Inspired by the ups and downs of a past relationship, “Drinkin’ Song” is Batten’s sing-along anthem for when life’s curveballs call for a loud bar, a stiff drink, and a good laugh.

Speaking about the single, Batten says, “We wrote ‘Drinkin’ Song’ as a party tune to remind us that lettin’ loose is a must in order to take us away from what’s not working. We don’t always need a sad song to get us through the rough times. In country music, we like to think that the answer for everything is in a honkytonk bar – where you can raise your glass, sing along, and have a wicked time with your crew.”

For Batten – a former “Canadian Idol” finalist and 7-time BC Country Music Association Award Winner for Female Artist of the Year – “Drinkin’ Song” follows last year’s well-received single release, “Too Strong”, and comes after winning the 2020 BCCMA Award for Fans’ Choice. “Drinkin’ Song” is the second single from her planned EP, which will be released next fall.

The process of co-writing the majority of the songs on the EP has been a creatively rewarding experience of inspiration and reflection for Batten – with “Drinkin’ Song” being the latest example.

She says, “While ‘Drinkin’ Song’ comes from a challenging time, the process of bringing it to life made me realize and celebrate just how far I’ve come. I hope people can listen to it and be grateful for turning their own hard times into good times.”

Karen Lee Batten will be supporting “Drinkin’ Song” with an official music video in advance of its April 26th release to Canadian country radio.

“Drinkin’ Song” is available across all digital platforms now.

Dajuan Dawson – I Can’t Erase (Spotify)

“Many people try to look and behave in a way that doesn't fit to their character, but this cannot last for long. We simply can't erase some memories and behaviours. This is the message of Dajuan Dawson here and all you have to do is hit the "play" button.”

Dajuan is a country singer and hip hop rapper from West Virginia.

Quote the Raven – Home Is Worth the Blues (Spotify)

“The melodic ballad -Home Is Worth the Blues- from a gifted country musician -Quote the Raven, creates a genuine harmony of stringed instruments such as guitar and mandolin, vocals and colorful sense of adventure.”

“Мелодичная баллада -Home Is Worth the Blues-, исполняемая кантри-музыкантами -Quote the Raven, это неподдельная гармония струнных инструментов, таких как гитара и мандолина, колоритный вокал и жажда приключений.”

“Written in a former slaughterhouse turned jam space in Calgary, this single was inspired by the environment, the stories told and the history within the building. We want this song to resonate with those who are always working tirelessly to make ends meet and to know their voices are heard.

“Home is Worth the Blues” is dedicated to the people who are working to live - the working class who gives it their all every day at a job that helps them survive and live within the world. The lyrics tell the story of how home is the place in our lives that make our day jobs worth while.

We want this single to inspire listeners to continue their daily grind knowing at the end of the day they get to come home to loved ones, relaxation and to remember why working tirelessly is all worth it.

An impromptu trip to Nashville set the wheels in motion for the sophomore record from Americana Folk duo, Quote the Raven. The sounds filling the Nashville airways reinvigorated the Newfoundland duo’s inspiration and they found a new home in the Americana genre. Their new record titled Can’t Hold the Light is a summation of the journeys that the pair have experienced over the past two years.

Collaboration has always been at the forefront of everything Quote the Raven has done. Similar to their first record Golden Hour, Can’t Hold the Light features an A-list of collaborators including Chris Kirby, Charlie A’Court, Blake Reid, Andrew Waite, Jessica Pearson, Andrew Sneddon, Nick Earle, and so many more.

In the past two years, Quote the Raven have reached over 500,000 streams, been added to the prestigious “Folk & Friends” playlist on Spotify, and earned showcases and award nominations at the East Coast Music Awards. They’ve performed at the 2019 AmericanaFest in Nashville, been featured regularly on Stingray’s Folk Roots channel, landed on the !earshot chart across Canada, and received multiple sync placements, including the CityTV drama “The Wedding Planners”.

Music Newfoundland & Labrador’s 2019 Group of the Year have embarked on a whopping five tours of Eastern Canada, mapped out a Home Routes trek of Western Canada and performed at the legendary Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival.

Quote the Raven marry smooth vocal harmonies with an, at times, haunting aesthetic that both bewitches and allures the listener. They draw influence from the likes of Joy Williams (Civil Wars), Brandi Carlile, and The Milk Carton Kids. The pair entertain audiences with their quirky, quick wit dynamic that glimpses into the daily lives of touring musicians.

Eric Lee – Same Dirt Road (Video)

“Eric Lee proves his advanced skills in this Country hit, full of magic guitar chords and cool dynamic singing. Are you on the road to work or returning home? Is it early in the morning and you have to wake up? This song is just what you need.”

“Same Dirt Road” is the standout debut single from South Florida songwriter and recording artist Eric Lee. Inspired by the idea that we’re all connected, no matter where we grow up and what “road” we walk, Lee both co-wrote and produced the release, which was mixed by Multi Grammy-winner, Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Jack White) and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Pete Lyman.

With a breezy, effortless contemporary sound that showcases Eric Lee’s expressive vocals, “Same Dirt Road” is a strong introduction from a promising new emerging artist. Nashville’s GrassRoots Promotion will lead the digital marketing and streaming campaign, focused on connecting with fans on all social and streaming platforms.

“Same Dirt Road” is the standout debut single from South Florida songwriter and recording artist Eric Lee. Inspired by the idea that we’re all connected, no matter where we grow up and what “road” we walk, Lee both co-wrote and produced the release, which was mixed by Multi Grammy-winner, Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Jack White) and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Pete Lyman.

With a breezy, effortless contemporary sound that showcases Eric Lee’s expressive vocals, “Same Dirt Road” is a strong introduction from a promising new emerging artist. Nashville’s GrassRoots Promotion will lead the digital marketing and streaming campaign, focused on connecting with fans on all social and streaming platforms.

Eric Lee is an American Singer-Songwriter. Raised in South Florida, Lee grew up with eclectic tastes in music. With wide-ranging influences — from Dwight Yoakam, Bob Dylan, Eagles, and Dolly Parton; He emotes a unique voice in country music, creating vocally driven songs with heart and soul.

Since it’s release in November, Eric Lee’s debut “Same Dirt Road” has been added to Six of Spotify’s Country Editorial Playlists including New Boots, Wild Country, Breakout Country, Next From Nashville (Top 5), New Music Nashville, & Fresh Finds Country (No. 4). “Same Dirt Road” has already garnered over a Million Streams on all platforms, 135,000 monthly listeners, 9,000 Followers and counting!

Also added on:

Pandora: New Country Now & Fresh Finds Country

He’s also had success as a producer and co-writer, licensing music for TV, Film, and Ads. In 2018, He produced and co-wrote the song “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been” performed by Kaleena Zanders which was featured in Toyota’s segment during the Super Bowl & Winter Olympics that year.

His upcoming debut album, “For Who You Are” was self-produced and mixed by six-time Grammy winner Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton & Jack White) & Mastered by Grammy winning engineer, Pete Lyman.

Bobby Dove – Hopeless Romantic (Spotify)

“Hopeless Romantic is the new album of Bobby Dove, including 11 carefully crafted songs for tickle your ear needs. We picked the same titled track which happens to be and the intro one. Light heartwarming atmosphere for the incurable romantics who hunt love even when the turn out been hopeless. The importance is to be guided by love and romance always to make this world a better one! ”

The upbeat title track and lead single (with video), satirically exposes the highs and lows of being a “Hopeless Romantic”. Bobby's vividly shattered dreams are brought to life with nostalgic melodies, and a topnotch Canadian country band that includes Bazil Donovan and Jimmy Bowskill - along with an animated visual clip produced by the “gorgeous and glorious” Gregory Pepper. Co-produced with Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo) and Tim Vesely (Rheostatics) at The Woodshed studio in Toronto, Bobby Dove’s new album, Hopeless Romantic, offers 11 new original Americana/Country songs on subjects such as unrequited love, being on the road, haunted hotels and hard-rocking pallbearers. On Hopeless Romantic, Bobby collaborates with some of the finest in Canadian Country music including Jimmy Bowskill (The Sheepdogs, Blue Rodeo), Burke Carroll (Kathleen Edwards) as well as guest singers Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo) and Jenny Whiteley.

Olivia Rose – Gold (Spotify)

“Classical singer of country music Olivia Rose again pleases us in his inimitable, powerful vocals and expressive text in her new song Gold.”

“Классическая исполнительница кантри-музыки Olivia Rose вновь радует нас своим неподражаемым, сильным вокалом и выразительным текстом в своей новой песне Gold. ”


Canadian country artist Olivia Rose is excited to share her new single, “Gold” – which is now available on all digital platforms. It will be released to Canadian country radio on March 15th.

Co-written by Olivia Rose and David Borys (Wes Mack, Kadooh) and brought to life by Juno and CCMA award-winning producer Bart McKay, “Gold” is the first new music for Olivia Rose since 2019’s single, “Put It Like That”, which has earned almost 120,000 Spotify streams to date and was added to regular rotation on CBC Country (Sirius XM).

In speaking about the new track, Olivia Rose says, “I’m not going to lie – my own dating history has led me to write my fair share of sad break-up songs. With David, we went in the opposite direction by starting at the beginning of a relationship instead of at the end, and we came out of it with something happy and upbeat.”

Far from a lavish sonic exploration of a high-rolling romantic adventure, the heart of Olivia Rose’s lyrics is really a nod to the “solid gold” connection that one can form with a true best friend and partner.

She says, “I want people to sing this at the top of their lungs in the car with the windows down. Having that perfect match in your life is such a rush and I wanted to capture and celebrate the spirit of that feeling in the lyrics and flow of the song.”

“Gold” is just the latest highlight for the Elk Point, Alberta-born artist, who got one of her first big breaks at age 14 when Canadian country legend George Canyon invited her on stage after an intermission set to perform her debut single. Since that formative moment, she has developed her artistry through a series of enriching experiences. A two-time Edmonton Music Award-winner for Rising Star, Rose participated as a Top 12 Finalist in Alberta’s prestigious Project WILD in 2018 and attended Canada’s Music Incubator in Toronto on a full Bell Media Prize scholarship in 2019.

As she enjoys the single release of “Gold”, she is currently nominated for Rising Star again – this time as part of the 10th Annual Country Music Alberta Awards – which will take place February 28th on YouTube.

Olivia Rose will support “Gold” with an animated lyric video – created by NotYourDesigner – leading up to the Canadian country radio release of the single on March 15th. From there, she will head back to the studio this year to create her first full-length record.

“Gold” is available now across all digital platforms.

(Olivia Rose, David Borys)


Boy you, give me, one hell of a fever
There’s more to see than just this little teaser
You’re stuck in my mind, you run through my veins
What’s it gonna take to stake my claim
I know you’re the real thing


You are gold baby
Solid gold baby
Soft to the touch, I’m lost in your rush, I can’t stop diggin’ for your love
If you hold me, I’ll go crazy
For that 24 karat kiss, make me the richest girl you know
Cause you’re gold


I kept finding all the fools and fakers
Bright and shiny, hiding a heart breaker
But you're 100%, the absolute best
One ounce of you is worth all the rest
I ain’t gonna let you go


Cuz you are gold baby
Solid gold baby
Soft to the touch, I’m lost in your rush, I can’t stop diggin’ for your love
If you hold me, well I’ll go crazy
For that 24 karat kiss, make me the richest girl you know
Cause you’re gold


You’re solid gold to me
You’ve got a hold on me
You’re solid gold to me
To me, to me


You are gold baby
Solid gold baby
Soft to the touch, I’m lost in your rush, I can’t stop diggin’ for your love
If you hold me, well I’ll go crazy
For that 24 karat kiss, make me the richest girl you know
Cause you’re gold, ohhh
Gold, you’re gold

Sam Newton – Ground Me (Video)

“Ground Me is a pleasant and so charming, acoustic melancholy into which you dive headlong, as if into the abyss of a blue ocean. And you drown in it and sink to the very bottom of it. Elegy of feelings and events.”

“Ground Me – приятная и такая очаровательная, акустическая меланхолия, в которую ныряешь с головой, словно в бездну синего океана. И тонешь в нём и опускаешься на самое дно его. Элегия чувств и событий.”

Artist shared about this song:

” This is a true story about a pivotal moment in my life. When I was 4 years old, my Dad and I build a rocket from old cardboard boxes and tape. I sat in it cross-legged on the floor and put on my Dad’s huge headphones. He dropped the vinyl of the “2001: A Space Odyssey” soundtrack – this was the first time I’d heard music on headphones – amazing…it blew me away!! I shut my eyes and was transported to another world! I believe that was the moment I decided I wanted to be a composer…that feeling of wonder and passion has never left me. “

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