Estella Dawn – Salt (Spotify)

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“Many of us have to fight in life to cope with difficult situations, or even find the way to escape. "Estella Dawn" reveals this truth and also her inner thoughts via her new Electro Pop single. "Salt" can truly touch our souls and reveal a lot through its lyrics.”

Denver, CO — When you feel like you’ve hit your own personal rock bottom, when you’re frustrated with the world, with yourself, with everybody around you, when it’s hard to feel positive because it feels like life is throwing punch after punch at you and you don’t feel like you have the strength to take it. In the words of artist Estella Dawn, “sometimes you just need to let tears flow and cleanse the things that you can’t control.”

Dawn has strong views about the world and isn’t afraid to share them through her engaging, candid music. “I’ve always seen my internal darkness as wolves, I’m either part of the pack, or on the run from the parts of myself that scare me. But no matter which side I’m on, they’re always there. When the pack is descending and my mind starts spiraling it feels like all I can do is keep my head down and set one foot in front of the other, just getting through the day in hope of a better tomorrow.”

She adds, “we all have our own ways to cope, whether it’s having a cry sitting on the floor of your shower or screaming along to aggressive rock music in the car, buying too many house plants or finding comfort in somebody else's company, drinking, smoking, eating, the list goes on. We’re all just doing our best.”

Estella Dawn Interview on Nagamag

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Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Estella Dawn:
Pop/Indie/Neo Soul/Electronic/Adult alternative are probably the main genres I write in. I've never been particularly worried about sticking to one genre, what I'm feeling and what I've been listening to impacts the music I make on any given day, I like to roll with that, Sometimes it's rock/pop other days it's laid back indie, you might not enjoy every song I've written but there's a wide range of styles so something might just tickle your fancy.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Estella Dawn:
I began classical piano lessons at the age of 9, picked up the guitar a little later, around 13 and started writing more structured songs at that point. Banging away on the keys or strumming the three guitar chords I knew, it really just grew from there. Now I write in my own studio, using Logic. Recording software has helped me to expand my style and flesh out what I hear in my head. Having the ability to create beats and full song instrumentation has made a huge difference in where my songs are now, I've released 12 original songs in 2020/21.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Estella Dawn:
I can't say that there's any specific moment in my childhood that I can attribute my love of music to, it's something I've always just gravitated to. I used to make up songs from a really young age and I was always just drawn to music related activities. Songwriting has become my way to reflect on and process the world and my experiences within it.

Do you prefer studio or performing live and why?

Estella Dawn:
I enjoy both! However I am definitely more comfortable in the studio. It's easier to nail a vocal take when I'm not also trying to control my nerves. I've always been a pretty shy gal so I find my throat and voice do funny things when I'm performing live. I just have to work around it when I put my set together, I'll start out with easier songs and save the big belting numbers for later on. That being said, there's truly nothing like being on stage, you feel so close and connected to everyone listening, you also get to set the tone and create a mood. I think there's something incredibly special about live music, ultimately it's an experience shared between the people there that night and the performer. The show will be different, every crowd will react differently, every song will be sung/played a little different, you can't recreate that, it's like a snowflake.

Who would you consider your main musical influences?

Estella Dawn:
Musically I have always been drawn to songwriters with interesting lyrics, or singers with strong vocal performances. Ultimately songs that make you feel something. I would say I draw inspiration from songwriters like Halsey, Jaymes Young and Dermot Kennedy. I also really love that artists like Billie and
Finneas Eilish created such interesting and original music from their house. That they made every creative decision from the songwriting itself to the production and everything in between is incredibly inspiring. I also really admire artists like Sam Cooke, Etta James, Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, their songs just hit you in all of the right places. It's timeless music and you can't beat the emotion they pour into their singing.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Estella Dawn:
Redbone "Come and Get Your Love"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Estella Dawn:
Dermot Kennedy ‘Power Over Me’

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Estella Dawn – Trolls (Spotify)

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“-Trolls- displays some reasonableness of musical parts and also pays meticulous attention to detail. This track is literally playing with all the colours of rainbow, bringing up a state of perfection. The high level and melodious music for the mind.”

“-Trolls- это продуманность всех музыкальны партий, тщательная проработка деталей, трек буквально играет всеми цветами радуги и доведен до состояния совершенства. Это совершенная и мелодичная музыка для душевного отдыха.”

The internet is an incredible and diverse platform, especially for creatives. The ability to interact online, to watch, listen and engage with people and their content is amazing. However, the wonderful web also has a dark side, and one aspect I've always struggled to understand is Trolling. I truly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I don’t in any way expect people to like everything they see or hear. However, what I think is unfortunate is the desire for some people to tear others down, seemingly, just because they can.‘Trolls’ is essentially a reflection on this unwanted negative attention that I, and I’m sure many others, sometimes experience online.

Estella, a New Zealand born, US based songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist. She has a keen creative vitality, resulting in a constant output since relocating to the US in 2016. Estella released her first EP “Dancing Girls” at the beginning of 2018 to excellent reviews: A constant writer and producer Estella then went on to release another 8 singles by the end of 2019, with another 10 following in 2020. As a working musician, she writes and records her vocals and piano as well as co-producing all aspects of her music. Estella sings with the melodic command, subtlety and range that spans genres from Billie Holiday to Billie Eilish. These well crafted songs contain multiple layers, both vocally and musically. Subtle and soothing when needed and sharp and gritty when desired.

Estella Dawn has something to say, and she does it through music. Her songs are often personal and social explorations of life. 2020 saw her refine her skills to develop and define her own style, as well as navigate the overall business of music. It was a prolific year for Estella, she released a new single every 6 weeks, building a steadily growing following that are resonating with her intimate, been there, done that, outlook on life. With this growth, there have been many highs, her song "I Dare You" charted on the media base Radio Top 40 chart, she's been interviewed by and had songs added to many radio stations, her songs have also been included on some big Spotify playlists and she's had many wonderful reviews by global music bloggers.

Building on this work, 2021 began strong with Estella's first single 'Petty' (January 14th) gaining her even more attention globally. She's excited to share her next offering 'Trolls' (April 1st). Singles will then keep flowing until she heads into the studio mid 2021 to record and produce a full length album with a band. Keep an eye on Estella Dawn she clearly has a deep creative well to draw from.

Ava Kay – Wild Again (Spotify)

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“Ava kay with her new single Wild Again on Monument Music, grabs your attention from the very first seconds of her ethereal heartwarming vocal performance. A minimal asset of brilliant harmonic lines follow up gently and all together blended in a soulful song that becomes memorable! ”

Ava Kay is a Canadian, singer-songwriter and composer whose accomplishments as a writer includes gold records and both domestic and international radio hits. Her pop songwriting career has produced songs that have accumulated over 40 million streams and counting across streaming platforms. The Toronto born and raised songstress has collaborated with the likes of Grammy award-winning producer Afrojack, Britain’s Got Talent/Eurovision finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy and multi-platinum artists Raghav, ATB and Tyler Shaw, but now Kay is focusing on her debut artist solo project.

Ava has taken the winning approach to her writing career and added her effortless and deeply moving vocals to the mix. Her honest approach to both the songs themselves as well as their delivery gives listeners an instant and true to real life connection and understanding into the world of Ava Kay.

Kay describes songwriting as coming from “a feeling, a release, an expression” and her debut solo single “Wild Again” highlights that truth. The song is rich, minimalist and atmospheric, while remaining accessible to a range of playlists that could include Sia to Nicholas Britell. It’s this range that leads Ava to answer when asked what her style is as “Cinematic Pop”. Complemented by euphoric strings and haunting vocal melodies, it is a tranquil combination of feelings in an emotional soundscape. With additional production by Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen) Ava has left no stone unturned to deliver magic to the listeners ear.

“I often crave calm, reflective music myself and I wanted to be able to create songs that were true to that, while still making records that people can connect to without it feeling too insular, Wild Again feels like all that without any compromises” shares Kay. The musician confides, “I think the artists I am influenced by the most are those who are true to their musical landscape, and are able to convey an emotional sentiment in a distinct manner that is undeniably their own sound.”

Ava’s work as a songwriter and composer, has also garnered multiple award nominations and a significant amount of success at TV and film. TV projects include work for Disney, CBC and Hallmark, while her film credits range from original compositions to entire film scores for award winning films such as American Mary, Dr. Cabbie & The Door amongst many others.

With a resume that shows only successes at arguably every medium and genre in the music business, Ava is now using those experiences to bring her sure to be signature sound to the forefront on her own single and EP.

“Wild Again” is currently available worldwide and the EP GO is out summer 2021.

Estella Dawn – Petty (Spotify)

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“Estella Dawn has a voice timbre, unique for its genre. Its modulation amazes and delights at the same time! Bright, transparent sound and beautiful melody complement each other.”

“Estella Dawn обладает уникальным для своего жанра тембром голоса. Его модуляция поражает и восхищает одновременно! Яркий, прозрачный звук и красивая мелодия дополняют друг друга.”

With the first release of 2021 Estella is in a reflective mood. Like many of her previous releases she touches on the intricacies that most people face in their daily lives. This time it is about the complexities of a friendship where you feel that you became the support person for someone and, in hindsight, they were not as caring or supportive in return. Someone that you once defended tirelessly is now the one throwing jabs at you and it can be difficult not to want to retaliate.

The breakdown of a relationship whether it be platonic or romantic is a tough and turbulent time. Often fueled by both the emotional and irrational, there are so many moving parts and when you’re dealing with peoples core feelings, things can easily sour. As someone that has always been fascinated by diverse relationships and how they play such an integral role in the individual and collective human experience, Estella has now candidly touched on some of her own.

Simply put, Petty is about the breakdown of a friendship, knowing someone’s intimate secrets and wanting to use them in retaliation but ultimately realizing that you are better off moving on and being a better person for it.

Estella Dawn – Parting (Spotify)

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It's sad to watch the slow train wreck of a relationship ending. Everything seems forced. But someone needs to make a decision, painful or not, so everyone can move on. Just let me go. Piano ballad with lush vocals and atmospheric arrangement. Written, Co-produced and Performed by Estella

Few words about Estella:
Estella is a New Zealand born, Colorado based singer-songwriter. At 23 her work speaks with maturity and confidence. Her songs are a mixture of pop, neo-soul and rock, delivered with an open hearted honesty. While her songs bring you close, her voice never lets you go, Estella sings with the melodic command, subtlety and range that spans genres from Billie Holiday to Billie Eilish.

We are about half way into 2020 and on track to delivering a full length LP, by the end of the year. So far so good. From the Neo-Soul vibes of "Cadmium Yellow" (released in January), the "burn the town down" dynamics of "Hallow" to the attitude heavy anthemic rock of "I Dare You", due out on June 4th, Estella has been flat out.

Not that the last 2+ years weren’t productive. With the release of her EP “Dancing Girls” at the beginning of 2018, and another 8 singles delivered by the end of 2019, Estella has been constantly working. These are well crafted songs with multiple layers, both vocally and musically.

The story starts with Estella singing original songs from the booster seat in the back of her parents car growing up in New Zealand (true, ask her mother). From a young age she glides into songwriting, piano, guitar, music production and recording (piano under the watchful eye of a fierce octogenarian!!) So really Estella has been a musician all her life, like her father and grandfather before her (Andy McGee, lead singer of Desert Road and Max Winnie, Wellington musical icon, respectively) Whether it has been for personal entertainment or crisis management she has music in her; her head, her hands, her heart. Now there is a richness and depth in her voice that has comes from years of hard work and constant singing.

Estella fuses her powerhouse vocals, story like arrangements and diversity of style into music that is unique, honest and intimate.

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