Mark Sutton – Road to Freedom | Neoclassical music review

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Nagamag proudly presents the song with title “Road to Freedom” by the talented “Mark Sutton”. A unique Neoclassical composition that captured the attention of Nagamag’s curators, who were deeply moved by the emotions awakened during their listening experience of “Mark Sutton – Road to Freedom”. The song expresses Cinematic / Epic Music, Heavy Drum & Bass music genre details that worth to be enjoyed by listening the full production!
Nagamag music magazine gladfully shares with you the following music review that one of our experienced Neoclassical reviewers motivated to write about “Mark Sutton – Road to Freedom”. Nagamag, as an international music magazine, reviews Neoclassical songs that discovers around the globe, for Neoclassical listeners of all over the world! The original review of “Mark Sutton – Road to Freedom” is written in the native language that is spoken by the dedicated Nagamag’s Neoclassical reviewer and followed by two translations, of which the first one depends from the origin of the artist “Mark Sutton” (United Kingdom) and the other is translated in English/Spanish/Greek depended by the original music review as well as the first translation.

“Freedom is unboubtedly a top value and nothing can replace it. Among mysterious and commanding soundscapes, Mark Sutton will guide you to the devine beauty of Cinematic. These 3D pads and dynamic parts of percussion can reveal a hidden aspect for your ears. This time, the road to escape is easy and only a click away!”

“Η ελευθερία είναι απρόσεκτα μια κορυφαία αξία και τίποτα δεν μπορεί να την αντικαταστήσει. Μεταξύ των μυστηριωδών και διοικητικών οχημάτων, ο Mark Sutton θα σας καθοδηγήσει στην ομορφιά του κινηματογράφου Devine. Αυτά τα τρισδιάστατα μαξιλαράκια και τα δυναμικά μέρη των κρουστών μπορούν να αποκαλύψουν μια κρυφή πτυχή για τα αυτιά σας. Αυτή τη φορά, ο δρόμος για να δραπετεύσει είναι εύκολος και μόνο ένα κλικ μακριά!” *

“La libertad es desagradablemente un valor superior y nada puede reemplazarlo. Entre los misteriosos y dominantes paisajes sonoros, Mark Sutton lo guiará a la belleza Devine de Cinematic. Estas almohadillas 3D y partes dinámicas de percusión pueden revelar un aspecto oculto para sus oídos. ¡Esta vez, el camino para escapar es fácil y a solo un clic de distancia!” *

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Cigs Inside – High Stepping

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“Η ένταση της μελωδίας ανεβάζει την αδρεναλίνη και ζωντανεύει τις αισθήσεις μας. Ο ρυθμός ξέφρενος και ζωηρός δυναμιτίζει την ατμόσφαιρα και γίνεται η αφορμή για μια εσωτερική έκρηξη και απελευθέρωση. Τα πληθωρικά και φορτισμένα φωνητικά μας μεταφέρουν σε μια ατμόσφαιρα απόλαυσης και ατελείωτης διασκέδασης.”

“The intensity of the melody raises adrenaline and brings to life our senses. The rhythm frantic and lively dimizes the atmosphere and becomes the occasion for an inner explosion and liberation. The exuberant and charged vocals take us to an atmosphere of enjoyment and endless fun.” *

“The intensity of the melody raises adrenaline and brings to life our senses. The rhythm frantic and lively dimizes the atmosphere and becomes the occasion for an inner explosion and liberation. The exuberant and charged vocals take us to an atmosphere of enjoyment and endless fun.” *

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Justin Hawkes – Existential (from the namesake debut album – out now)

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“The cinematic beginning is so epic, really like, such an atmosphere, so deep and very emotional. Reminded me of Hybrid sound from the mid 2000’s. When vocal starts with its first verse, song goes into perfect drum and bass, did not expected it, amazing. ”

This song released by: Pilot.

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4am Kru x SHANTÉH – Good Thing Remix (Spotify)

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“Discover the supersonic sound of "Good Thing" in a new mix, just out to blow up more speakers. Sophisticated combination of Drum & Bass with lyrics. Music with own attitude and advanced artistry!”

Brixton songstress SHANTÉH & London jungle collective 4am Kru return with new collaboration 'Good Thing Remix.' After riding the algorithms to 100k+ Spotify plays with their previous collaboration Sunrise Remix, these young independent London artists re-emerge sounding hungrier than ever, eager to prove that jungle & drum bass music can be simultaneously soulful, uplifting and dancefloor ready. Good Thing Remix is out on new independent label Embrace The Real Records on Jan 28th.

Jolly Giant – Tear It Up (Spotify)

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“Classic twists to this Drum N Bass and EDM fusion. Big room sounds with the proper build ups. Gets the crowd hype and moving without hesitation. We see big things on the horizon for talented producers as this one. ”

A new DNB track with my own original vocals and sounds that bring an upbeat and aggressive energy.

Diezmo – Give Me Love (Spotify)

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“Pure liquid gold with the essence of this angelic jazzy voice. Liquid DNB sure has come along way and tracks like this do a great job with pulling people into the genre. ”

Give Me Love marks the start of a new journey into Drum & Bass from production duo Diezmo. Here Juan and Gelby turn their attentions from the house, garage and latin productions into the 174bpm, creating their own signature DnB sound using unique layers of percussion and brass stabs, overlaid with female vocals from one of the UK DnB’s ‘Royal’-ty. We know Diezmo are bringing a fresh new dimension to the scene with this and forthcoming bangers.

About the artist

Gelby and Juan met in London in 2016 and soon after started co-producing and releasing bass music of different sub-genres such as UK Garage, Trap and Moombahton under the name Diezmo. They also share a love for world and ethnic influenced electronic music which led them to start a side project called @Carthnage in 2018. The evolution of Drum & Bass in the last few years has re-captured their interest and reignited their lifelong passion for Drum & Bass. They now intend to make their name within the genre and are working hard preparing a debut EP to be released later in 2021.

4am Kru, Layla Sibelle – Keep 4 Eva (Spotify)

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“The energy and bright melodies inherent in this light Drum & Bass are fully reflected in the track, spreading all visible and invisible boundaries! Feel the student pulse and the effect of adrenaline in the blood, a genuine source of real fun!”

“Свойственные жанру Light Drum & Bass энергия и яркие мелодии всецело отразились в треке -Keep 4 Eva-, раздвигая все видимые и невидимые границы! Почувствуй учащающийся пульс и действие адреналина в крови, неподдельный источник настоящего кайфа!”

"6 o'clock in the morning & we're still jumping!" North London songstress Layla Sibelle makes her vocal debut on Keep 4 Eva, a laid back slice of summery r&b jungle / drum & bass with London jungle collective 4am Kru at the production helm. Having met on a dancefloor in Camden Town and bonding over shared love of nostalgic rave, it was just a matter of weeks before Layla & 4am Kru had finished up their first offering. Keep 4 Eva is one for the romantic junglists, smooth r&b heads AND the bass & beats crew. Out Sept 9th on new independent London label Embrace The Real Records.

Mefjus & Camo & Krooked – Sientelo (Video)

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“The Drum N Bass remix of a Latin Classic. It has that nu-skool vibe with the old school charm. Big drops and deep synths sound. A dancefloor shaker for sure.

Mefjus & Camo & Krooked collide once more with ‘Sientelo’, a heavyweight Columbian murk-up that brings a whole new universe of flavours to the never-ending drum & bass melting pot

QUIX, Jaden Michaels – Make Up Your Mind (feat. Jaden Michaels) – song by QUIX, Jaden Michaels | Spotify (Spotify)

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“ Make up your mind (featuring Jaden.Michels) Is a bright DRUM and BASS track with nice clean transitions that engage the listener into the deliciously layered lyrics. Her voice draws one into the love story and energy pulsing behind the scenes. Midway the track breaks nicely and allows her vocals to really stand out, while the Drum and Bass build ups converge. ”

QUIX returns to Steve Aoki's Dim Mak imprint with his new single "Make Up Your Mind," featuring Nashville singer/songwriter Jaden Michaels, a drum & bass gem with QUIX's signature emotive punch. The heavy DnB influence pays homage to QUIX's homeland New Zealand, where this dynamic music genre has always had a powerful following. "Make Up Your Mind" opens with a heartfelt, soulful voice by Jaden and rides on a steadily building bassline that culminates in a high-energy, goosebump-inducing drop. The track follows QUIX's earlier release "IDK Vol. 2" from earlier this year and is his second collaboration with Jaden Michaels, after 2018's "Giving Up" who released recently her solo single "Every Last Thing." Read on for QUIX's story on how "Make Up Your Mind" came to be.

"I actually started writing this beat last year during a twitch stream; funnily enough, Jaden had already sent me the topline months before. Essentially, I mashed up the beat with her vocal and surprised myself with how well they worked together. I've never made a DnB song like this before, and I wanted to challenge myself to incorporate the mainstream style with my signature style. Thank you for listening, and hope you enjoyed yourself, especially on that last drop" - QUIX

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, QUIX initially traveled to North America in 2017 for 10 shows and finished up doing an astonishing 42 stops. He has been tearing up the trap scene ever since, continuously shaking the new ground with his unique sound design. Coming off three headline tours in 2018, including Coachella and support on Steve Aoki's Kolony tour, QUIX had a break-out year with his "Illusions EP" on Dim Mak. It has racked up millions of plays and creatively merged genres with powerful vocals while staying true to QUIX's signature sound. He has also been honored by Spotify to feature on the cover of their two biggest international dance playlists, "Mint" and "Dance Rising," and officially remixed the likes of Steve Aoki, GASHI, RL Grime, and more. Jaden Michaels is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. In her career as a songwriter, she has collaborated with some of pop music's biggest stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, Robin Thicke, and more. In 2012 and 2013 Jaden co-wrote one of the songs performed on the season finale of American Idol. Her songwriting work on Carly Rae Jepsen's album "Kiss" received the 2013 Juno Award for "Album of the Year." Stay tuned for more music coming from these exciting and talented artists very soon.

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Jaden Michaels:

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MontyG, Neshy – Anymore (Spotify)

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“In fact, this is pure Drum & Bass - viscous, thick, sometimes wistful and pathetic. It's amazing how everything sounds organically and holistically. Its melodic and expressive vocals can reach your inner world, in a way which is impossible to describe in words.”

“По сути, это чистый Drum & Bass – такой же вязкий, густой, местами задумчивый и патетичный. Удивительно, как всё звучит органично и целостно. Мелодичный и экспрессивный вокал погружает и передаёт тот внутренний мир, который невозможно описать словами.”

Anymore is a dark, menacing liquid drum and bass track, about a girl seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after a toxic relationship, produced by me and sung by my mate Neshy.

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