Ilia de Vega – Nostalgic Road

“A simply charmingly scenic piano piece that fits a sunset or night mood and takes you for a candle dinner with nostalgia in a candid, authentic and definitely not trite way. Red wine and romance will make great guests for sure. Play it a few times and it might start snowing with golden snowflakes.”

Wilson Trouvé – Moving Slowly

“A dancing creature hopping across a meadow into a lush green forest filled with natures magic. The sun rises behind it as the ray shine on the treetops awaking all the creatures. A new dawn is upon us, fresh and magnificent in her glory. This beautiful composure can truly relax one to the core. ”

Mare Insularum Pier – Hampsicora’s lament

“We all struggle among the shadows. Wondering souls taking their turn on this magical planet. Soft as rose petals sprinkled by the morning dew. The piano here really comes alive in soft gentle ways only a true master can express. ”

Song inspired by Hampsicora's failed rebellion against the Romans in 215 BC. With the piece I wanted to imagine the moment when he realises he has lost everything by looking at the smoke coming from the battlefield on which his son is also lying.

ITabib – Golgotha

“Have you ever thought that your soul is often in search of an elixir that can calm it? Believe me, there is no better way than treating it to a new, neoclassical composition -itabib-. You will be surprised how much gratitude you will receive in response from such a mental resonance. Enjoy. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы никогда не задумывались, что ваша душа часто находится в поисках эликсира, способного успокоить её? Поверьте, что нет лучшего способа, чем угостить её новой, неоклассической композицией -ITabib-. Вы будете удивлены, сколько благодарности вы получите в ответ от такого душевного резонанса. Наслаждайтесь.”

Elia Lombardini – Gallop

“Full of vivid instrumental chords, quick shifts in flow and somehow unpredictable progression, "Gallop" will lift your confidence and bring you a kind of joy. An Epic touch from a real artist being capable to lead us free into the wilderness. Highly recommended sound.”

2nd single from Finnish-Italian producer/composer/violinist Elia Lombardini. His debut album "In Death and the Hunger for a Thousand Lives" will be out on Paris based Left Bank Recordings on May 13th.

Elia Lombardini is a finnish-italian composer, producer and violinist. His music fluctuates between classical and electronic music, cathartic harmony and atonal breakdowns. The Helsinki based artists music has drawn comparisons to works by other contemporary composers such as Nils Frahm, Max Richter and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Elia has previously played with esteemed Finnish groups such as The Holy, Karina and Ruusut. Elia Lombardini’s debut album "In Death and the Hunger for a Thousand Lives" will be out on May 13th, 2022.

Angelo Nicola Giuliano x Luca Mazzillo – Beyond the mind

“As its title reveals, this classic beauty can overcome the borders of human mind and offer a connection link with the divine. You can directly feel a stream of vibrating frequencies, penetrating the ears and reaching deep into the soul! Don't miss it.”

Samuel Elliott – Beyond Daylight

“Delve into the magic piano melodies of "Samuel Elliott" and discover his sensitive approach to sound. This short classic beauty can simply touch your heart and soul, offering inner peace and harmony. The artist has devoted his energy to his audience and we really appreciate it.”

Arrowsmith – Repelled

“It is amazing how, in such a minimalist, piano, the work is such a huge number of feelings and emotions, embedded by the author in every note. Sometimes a few words are enough to express their thoughts and -arrowsmith - this is well aware of this. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Удивительно, как в таком минималистичном, фортепианном произведение такое огромное количество чувств и эмоций, вложенные автором в каждую ноту. Иногда для выражения своих мыслей достаточно нескольких слов и -Arrowsmith- прекрасно это осознаёт.”

Soar is the latest release in a series of pieces composed around the modern relationships beginning, middle and increasingly common end. With the third release ‘Soar’ depicting the beginning of the end, Repelled is composed around the end of a relationship.

Repelled is a quiet piece that plays with the structure of ‘Charmed’, but forces an unnatural change in the tonality. It is a solemn and dark creation aimed to reflect a relationships unhappy ending.

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