Fransoafran – A Wish (Spotify)

“What you want, when night falls over the horizon? Composer and talented violinist -Fransoafran- answers this question in his new work -A Wish-. Bright, distinctive sound, gentle melody, which connect the soul desires.”

“Чего желаете вы, когда вечер опускается за горизонт? Композитор и талантливый скрипач -Fransoafran- отвечает на этот вопрос в своём новом произведение -A Wish-. Яркий, выразительный звук, нежная мелодия, в котором происходите соединение желаний с душой.”

A contemporary classical composition for piano, violin and cello, with a musical motif developing to tell the story of someone barely daring to express a wish, then overcoming their inner fears to transform this secret dream into a firm resolve.

Roman Wróblewski – Big Hug (Video)

“The pronounced expression and collection of the artist’s intention and classical performance -Roman Wróblewski-. Emotions that can not be hidden. -Big Hug- is the expressive power of feelings and thoughts.”

“Ярко выраженная экспрессия и совокупность авторского замысла и классического исполнения -Roman Wróblewski-. Эмоции, которые невозможно скрыть. -Big Hug- это сила проявления чувств и переживаний.”

Longing for closeness intimacy during the pandemic – a new music video by Roman

The video was produced in the post-industrial setting of the Companhia União
Fabril (CUF) industrial park in Barreiro, Portugal. The preparation process, including shooting, took
more than a year and was interrupted twice by restrictions caused by the prevailing Covid_19

Lucília Raimundo, a Mozambican-born dancer and choreographer who has worked with many
theatres in Portugal and Europe for over 15 years, is responsible for the choreography. The second
dancer in the video is Carolina Carloto, a talented Portuguese artist of the young generation.
Initially, the movements and gestures were meant to tell a story about love and the fear of losing
someone close. However, with the proliferation of Covid_19, and the resulting increasing
restrictions on social distance and uncertainty, the idea for the choreography naturally evolved into
a story about the uniqueness of the times in which we live.

The video was directed and shot by Andre Abrantini, a Portuguese director who is also the author
of the second video clip to Roman Wróblewski’s music, “Jump”. While working on “Big Hug”, Andre
decided to use black and white imagery, emphasising the opposition of the main characters. This
apt artistic move also highlighted the contrasts and shapes of the unique post-industrial setting and
works wonderfully with the poignant melody played in the low register of the piano.

The location of the video also plays an extremely important role in the image. With the help of the
Pada Studios residency centre and courtesy of Baia do Tejo company, the artists had the unique
grounds of an industrial park in Barreiro at their disposal. This park, closed after the 1974
revolution, was one of the largest complexes of its kind in early 20th century Europe, employing
nearly 10,000 people in its heyday. The dilapidated buildings and vast areas of factory waste,
together with Lucília Raimundo’s emotive choreography, complement Roman Wróblewski’s music
to create a moving work that tells a story, full of longing for a simple hug.

Steven Vrancken – Existence – Solo Piano (Spotify)

“Lonely solo piano in -Existence- reveals something airy and vulnerable. Lively, intimate and noble nature. Ambient tone and soundscape intoxicated by the beauty that barely touches the strings. Sense of silence and appeasement.”

“Одинокое соло пиано в -Existence- нечто воздушное и такое ранимое. Живое, интимное и благородное естество. Опьянённая своей красотой едва касается струн. Эмбиентные тона и звуковой ландшафт. Идиллия. Тишина. Умиротворение.”

Artist shared few words with us behind his inspiration:

"Yup, all the craziness out there did also affect me in several ways. That's why I was a bit out of the loop with my regular music releases. But hey, I'm back :-) Here's a slower, solo piano version with a subtle ambient touch, similar to my editorial 'The Snails Teachings II'. I love to experiment with various melody versions - exploring moods. Peaceful, uplifting nothingness are the words that pop up in my mind for this one." Steven Vrancken

Rick Gallagher Project – Nous (Spotify)

“Rick Gallagher Project captivates the beauty of piano melodies in a three-minute Classical masterpiece. Pure harmony and some elusive, melancholic atmosphere offered from the hands of an elegant artist.”

A relaxed emotional felt piano waltz, perfect for focus, study, background and relaxation playlists.

Rick Gallagher Project is the cross-genre music platform of Pittsburgh based composer/pianist/producer Rick Gallagher. A career jazz pianist/educator, Gallagher brings his creative harmonic approach, melodic vision, improvisational spirit and delicate soulful touch to a blend of musical genres. His compositions have been synced to all forms of media ranging from major TV networks to film projects and many other commercial applications across the US and the globe. Gallagher's musical markings relax, stimulate and inspire. More info at

Eydís Evensen – Midnight Moon feat. GDRN (Video)

“When emotions give rise to various feelings like waterfalls, when the melody pours boiling water and pulsates in red hot veins, then starts the deep instrumental piece -Eydís Evensen- from -Midnight Moon- in support of the talented performer -GDRN-.”

“Когда эмоции рождают водопады чувств, когда мелодия льётся бурлящей рекой и пульсирует в раскалённых до красна венах, начинается погружение в инструментальную пьесу -Eydís Evensen – Midnight Moon- в сопровождение талантливая исполнительницы -GDRN-. ”

Icelandic pianist and post-classical composer Eydís Evensen’s debut album BYLUR — which takes its name from the Icelandic word for ‘snowstorm’— will be released on April 23rd via XXIM Records, Sony’s new imprint for innovative, post-genre instrumental music. It features thirteen pieces written throughout her life so far for piano, with additional strings, brass and electronics on a number of tracks.

It also features a guest appearance from award-winning Icelandic singer GDRN on ‘Midnight Moon’, the album’s only track with vocals. The single is out now along with an artistic new video directed by Einar Egils. The track starts off with a string quartet instrumentation which feels like an Icelandic lullaby; comforting and constant.

The piece then transcends into the main movement which includes a piano, a string quartet and the Moving vocals of Icelandic artist GDRN. Valgeir Sigurðsson adds a soft wave of electronic textures throughout the piece, lifting it up to new heights.

Peter Aries – Christmas (Spotify)

“Did you miss the bright colours of the past childhood? The magician -Peter Aries- decorate your mood with warm vibrations from his neoclassical work -Christmas-. The magic world of music, directly at your doorstep. Enjoy!”

“Соскучились по ярким краскам ушедшего детства? Маг и волшебник -Peter Aries- разукрасит ваше настроение тёплыми вибрациями своего неоклассического произведения -Christmas-. Волшебство в мире музыки у вашего порога. Наслаждайтесь!”

Peter Aries shared few words with us about his new release "

" The "Stories" EP is my first attempt at a purely classical themed release. The song Christmas is a tribute to my granddad who passed away in a tragic accident in 2016. It symbolizes the feelings connected to holidays (Christmas in particular) and how nothing is, or ever will be, like it was before. But the memories remains. "

David Bertok – Monaco (Spotify)

“-David Bertok- proves himself a unique composer and incredibly talented artist. His composition -Monaco- from the album -Botero- sticks out from this charming waltz violin and piano. Dance of the two moons on the melting horizon. Work which worths your attention.”

“-David Bertok- уникальный композитор и невероятно талантливый художник своих произведений. Его композиция -Monaco- с альбома -Botero- это обаятельный вальс скрипки и пиано. Танец двух лун на тающем горизонте. Поразительные ассоциации. Достойное вашего внимания произведение.”

From the Soundtrack to the documentary film "Botero" - about the famous artist's life.

David was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and grew up in Munich, Germany where he studied classical piano.

As a Fulbright Scholar, David relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 to complete the SMPTV program at the University of Southern California. Since graduating he has been composing and orchestrating for feature films, documentaries and television in the United States and Europe.

His stirring melodic sensitivity along with his creative production approach give his scores a unique voice.

Recent credits include music for the feature films “Botero”, “For the Love of George” (starring Rosanna Arquette), the award winning “The Wedding Invitation” and the Netflix TV show Chef’s Table.

Daniël Tomàs – Ambedo (Spotify)

“Beautiful and melodic work in the direction of classical minimalism. -Ambedo- intends to drive his listeners in his splendor. Peaceful harmony and balanced spirit.”

“Красивое и мелодичное произведение в жанре классического минимализма. -Ambedo- позволяет себе растворить своих слушателей в своём великолепие. Тишина и покой. Покой и тишина.”

The Dutch pianist and producer Daniël Tomàs (van der Duim) has been one with the piano from an early age on, since his grandmothers piano was situated in the living room from the moment he was born. It was this playful discovery that triggered him to further study jazz/pop piano at the ArtEZ Conservatory, focusing on improvisation. Throughout studying Daniël kept a specific passion for intimate, neo-classical piano pieces and in his master studies he decided to further deepen this sound by combining it with improvisation and electronics, with the help of the acclaimed pianist Jeroen van Vliet.

After studying Daniël mainly worked as musician, composer and producer for multiple pop, jazz and theater projects, like his jazz-trio: Doppler Trio or his productions for singer ELIËN. But the corona pandemic in 2020 forced him to stop performing and allowed him to focus on one of his biggest dreams: recording a successful solo piano record.

For four months in a row he started every morning with recorded improvisations, followed by writing down and organizing ideas on his childhood piano.

It was throughout this proces that he rediscovered the beauty of his childhood piano, being combined with felt before the hammers, which gives it an intimate mood. This led to the decision to fully record the piano in the same room as where he spent almost all of his childhood hours studying, resulting in the album: “Pintures”.

“Pintures” (- French for: “painting” but also meaning piano textures) is about the power of imagination.

Although the music is recorded from an introspective perspective, the effects and vocals are creating a whole new world ‘behind’ the music.

Every song is a new painting, it has its own journey through intimate and distant worlds, but always has the same intimate felt piano keeping you ‘home’ in a certain kind of way.

The titles are meant to create an extra dimension behind the music, creating an ambiance for the mind to wonder. Like the song title Ambedo, which means: “A kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details”.

The music can be described as atmospheric, narrative, neoclassical piano music in combination with etheric voices and droning synthesizers.

The album will be released end 2021/beginning 2022.

Sherwood Roberts – flight (Spotify)

“Deeply emotional piano performance, ideal to lower your heart beat and relieve from stress. The Classical way of art is here to relieve pain and lighten up your soul. Prepare for a short flight trip with Sherwood Roberts.”

Sherwood Roberts is a pianist and composer from a little village in the UK. An ex head chorister of Salisbury cathedral he is a proficient singer, songwriter, producer and cellist.

His debut EP ‘Beginnings’ is predominately an acoustic piano work recorded at AIR Studios with a track featuring Bryony Moody on cello. ‘Beginnings’ will be released throughout 2020 with videos accompanying each track.

Alex Marchisone – Spores, Pt. 2: The Circle (Spotify)

“Cinematic piano piece single from the hands of Alex Marchisone. Dedicated to our natural environment and the endless circle of nature. Discover the infinity as it is captured from the strike of the first tinkering notes. Balanced harmony resulting from high creativity skills.”

Alex's new single 'Spores, Pt. 2: The Circle' is the second and last part of a mini suite inspired by nature and the environmental crisis. This track represents the infinite circle of nature from microscopic through macroscopic to cosmic and universal.

A short film for the entire suite is in the making.

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