Matthew Avery – Moonlight (Spotify)

“Moonlight. This huge and so inaccessible for us moon ball behind the clouds. There, among the eagles of the constellations and the mirages of our dreams, it burns - the moon. Matthew Avery managed to convey through music what each of us looks at from our windows every night.”

“Moonlight. Этот огромный и такой недосягаемый для нас лунный шар за облаками. Там, среди орелов созвездий и миражей наших мечт горит она - луна. Matthew Avery удалось передать через музыку то, на что каждый из нас смотрит из своих окон каждую ночь.”

Matthew Avery is a composer based in San Diego, California.

Saah – Shine (Spotify)

“We know that many of you miss the warm days of a warming summer. Saah's new creation - Shine is an example of a perfect neoclassical piece. 4 minutes of summer in our cold, lonely hearts.”

“Мы знаем, что многие из вас скучают по тёплым дням согревающего лета. Новое творение Saah - Shine пример идеального неоклассического произведения. 4 минуты лета в наши холодные, одинокие сердца.”

"Shine" is an emotional, optimistic piano based instrumental. it is then accompanied by a gentle string orchestra.

Joshua Carlton – Her grand arrival (Video)

“Another perfection arrives from Joshua Carlton: “Her grand arrival”. Gently strong (Neo) Classical piece created for the rainy Winter days. A must for your ears and mood control.”

Oregon instrumentalist Joshua Carlton toured the world with post rock band This Patch of Sky for the last decade. This lead him to compose music for television and film such as ‘Brand, a Second Coming’ (a documentary film on actor Russell Brand and his battle with drug addiction), and the Vice channel. He has also been featured in the McDonald’s Ramadan commercial, as well as large brands such as Petco. Joshua’s excited to share his new solo project. “This is an album that I absolutely had to write” he says of 2021 debut ‘Moonlight Under the Black Flag’. Joshua was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February of 2020 and found solace in purging his emotions through the music he was composing. “This music is truly my heart, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it”.

Conor Mulroy x Michael Feingold – The Moon’s Reflection Under the Water (Spotify)

“Conor Mulroy and Michael Feingold presented very cinematic material to their listeners. Deep, thick layers of ambient, hammer piano echo and drone fog around us. A treat for true gourmets!”

“Весьма кинематографичный материал подарили своим слушателям Conor Mulroy и Michael Feingold. Глубокие, густые слои эмбиента, эхо молоточкового фортепиано и туман окружающего нас дрона. Удовольствие для истинных гурманов!”

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold - The Moon’s Reflection Under the Water Song Bio:

In April of 2020 Conor Mulroy and Michael Feingold collaborated to create the album Echoes from A Fading Clocktower. Conor sketched out the music on his piano in Colorado, then created MIDI versions which he sent to Michael in Western Massachusetts. Michael used the MIDI piano reductions to orchestrate the pieces, creating an organic sounding album. Sketches started being created in late March of 2020 while waiting for the approaching pandemic. Michael’s thoughtful arrangements make it hard to believe that sending the music electronically across the country in the form of MIDI computer data was part of the creative process.

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold Bio

Conor Mulroy is a composer whose style covers a wide range of musical influences. He founded Melmac Records in 2015 through which he has released 11 albums. He has a master’s degree in music composition and is currently pursuing a doctorate in music composition at the University of Northern Colorado. As a composer he writes music that draws inspiration from a variety of genres. As a performer he plays electric, classical, and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

Michael Feingold is an Orchestrator, guitarist & producer whose work covers a wide variety of genres. He has played guitar for artists such as Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, & Kanye West. Currently he is working as lead orchestrator for the video game series “Destiny" by Bungie as well as orchestrating for the upcoming TV series “The Old Man” starring Jeff Bridges.

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold have worked together on multiple projects, including 2 singer/songwriter records of Conor’s music, and the orchestration of a 15 minute piece composed by Conor arranged for symphony orchestra. In 2015 Michael orchestrated 3 short vignettes Conor had written, and after 5 years of brainstorming how to approach creating music together again they carefully sculpted Echoes From a Fading Clocktower.

Conor Mulroy & Michael Feingold Social Media

John Bickerton – Daybreak (Spotify)

“Home is where the heart is. John Bickerton tells us a life story that is like a mirror to each of us. The piano sounds in this neoclassical album work wonders. Heartland is our choice, which we are happy to share with you.”

“Дом там, где сердце. John Bickerton повествует нам историю жизни, которая словно зеркало каждого из нас. Звуки фортепиано в этом неоклассическом альбоме творят чудеса. Heartland - наш выбор, которым мы с удовольствием делимся с вами.”

Maryna Aksenov – Expectation (Spotify)

“Waiting for the kiss of a loved one. Waiting for the sun to rise and the lonely face of the moon. Waiting for travel from edge to edge. Expectation from Maryna Aksenov - everything that we all love and certainly wait at the temple of our desires.”

“В ожидание поцелуя любимого человека. В ожидание восхода солнца и одинокого лика луны. В ожидание путешествий от края до края. Expectation от Maryna Aksenov - всё то, чего мы все любим и непременно ждём у храма наших желаний.”

Innocenzo Genna – Dreams (keep me awake) (Spotify)

“Post Quarantine Piano from Innocenzo Genna can be easily compared to icy raindrops flowing unevenly down a fogged window and loudly falling on the windowsill. Music works wonders, and Innocenzo Genna is one of the wizards of the emerald city of freezing rains.”

“Post Quarantine Piano от Innocenzo Genna можно легко сравнить с ледяными каплями дождя, неравномерно стекающими по запотевшему окну и звонко падающими на подоконник. Музыка творит чудеса, а Innocenzo Genna один из волшебников изумрудного города ледяных дождей. ”

Innocenzo Genna, called also Inno, has always lived music in multiple dimensions: as a musician, firstly performer and entertainer, and then composer, but also as a technology scholar. His interest in music is not only artistic and emotional, but also professional, because for years Inno has been working in the Internet and technology sector as a lawyer and policy expert, so as to be involved in the major political debates concerning music and technology: from P2P to online piracy, from online platforms to the liberalization of collecting societies, up to the recent European copyright reform.

Such an intense professional activity enriched Inno’s musical vocation, while adapting his classical practice with modern and pop piano, blues and jazz, so as arranging the various genres into a personal compositional style. The many trips in Italy and abroad have contributed to creating the context of images, memories and fantasies from which his compositions are born.

In 2007 Inno settled in Brussels where it found new creative inspiration through the contact with the dynamism and the international ésprit of both capital city and European institutions, the creative Belgian surrealism, and also because of the rainy and melancholy climate of the place. In 2016 he completed his first collection of piano compositions "Brussels Stories", while a second CD is scheduled to be released in 2020.

The piano compositions of Innocenzo Genna fall within the categories of minimalism and modern classic, with frequent combinations into blues and jazz. He is similarly conservative as a composer, for his music drawing heavily on harmonic and melodic practices found in 18th and 19th-century European compositions. His repertoire is freely accessible through his website and social networks such as Youtube and Soundcloud, while being available also on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer.

Luminem – Back Home (Spotify)

“Frienly piano melodies just arrived from Luminem. The ideal choice to calm you down from the daily rush. Surely effective and one of the best for all the (Neo)classical fans.”

Luminem’s first release Back Home captures the feeling of returning to Melbourne after living in London, and being back in her family home. After adventuring overseas there’s a bittersweet appreciation after returning and seeing familiar things in a new light.

Emotive piano with subtle pauses, Back Home flows naturally with expressive tempo and dynamics.

A tender and nostalgic piece, the final chord hangs in your head, and leaves you wanting more.

Back Home is the title track from Luminem's debut EP set to release early 2021.

Luminem plays from the heart to bring more light, love and harmony into the world.

Inspired by composers like Erik Satie and Ludovico Einaudi, Luminem creates soundscapes to evoke feeling and reflection in the listener.

Emotive piano, with occasional accompaniment, combines gently undulating tempo and elements of space. Music that creates a background ambience or reveals intricacies on closer listening. Fragments of Luminem melodies often linger in the mind.

Elskavon x John Hayes – Closer (Spotify)

“Here is a selected piece of advanced creativity skills. It surprisingly brings a special feeling of piece and balance and whether you're a Classical fan or not, we think that you will like "Closer".”

Western Vinyl:

Chris Bartels (appearing here under his instrumental moniker Elskavon) and pianist John Hayes found their way to one another through a common interest in ambient-classical composition, and shared influences spanning Chopin to Eno, both in genre and chronology. On their debut collaborative LP Du Nord, the pair work in a modern framework draped in classical textures, adding up to a moving and tranquil outcome that sonically describes their mutually beloved home state Minnesota, particularly as it is during its overlong winter months. Using cassette tape, and both in and out-of-the-box effects processing, to wring every last drop of sincerity out of a small array of acoustic timbres, Hayes and Bartels manage to lure electronic composition away from its oft-accused sterility into a deeply human, empathic realm.

Du Nord makes a gregarious introduction with “Vermillion” wherein a deep four-on-the-floor kick drum anchors a plucked violin leading to one of the album’s most extroverted cuts. But from here the heavy percussion recedes into the blizzard, and the focus shifts to subtler, more microscopic emotional detail. On album centerpiece “Closer,” like so much of Du Nord, closeup pianos carry the whispers of their felt and wood viscera, while reverberant strings and synths echo from the pews in solidarity. Tracks like “Cold is Not So Cold” and “L’etoile” eschew rhythmic cohesion altogether, mimicking the quiet cacophony of icicles melting, their drops striking the ground in a near-unison that never attains lockstep. The latter song’s name, as well as the album’s title track form the two halves of Minnesota’s motto “l’etoile du nord” meaning “the star of the north.” Echoing the state’s distinctive seasonal changes, “Du Nord” is a brisk, gale-force drone that contrasts the relative gentleness of its aforementioned companion piece. Other moments of the album act as humanizing fourth-wall breaks. The brief “Sibley” bears a tape-recorded electric piano motif truncated by an errant groan from Hayes before breaking into the full fidelity of “Sougan” in which artifacts jut in and out of the sonic strata, like EVP in the recordings of some benevolent ghost hunt. Similarly, the epilogue “Lobby” spotlights a lonely, cornered piano, captured from across the room on a cassette tape that reveals its age in hisses, warps, and flutters. It’s the product of two minds working with such synergy that their sonic thumbprints blend together entirely, becoming one.

The pair met out of the unique brand of kismet that can only be found in local music scenes, and their shared geography is integral to the aim of Du Nord, both practically and thematically. The two lifelong residents of the Twin Cities were introduced through a mutual friend in their city’s burgeoning ambient scene, and the exchange of ideas developed naturally from there. In Bartels’ own words “We first got together to write a song at John's former apartment, in around the fall of 2018, something like that. Pursuit of a collaborative single turned into a 4-song EP, which eventually turned into this full-length. We’ve just let things naturally develop. For some songs, John improvised on the piano, sent them to me, and I did some chopping and processing, and added some of the more textural layers. But the majority of the album was written together, in the same room at the same time... these were the most creatively exciting times for us.”

John Hayes & Elskavon prove that even though “magic” may be an overused descriptor, there is a healthy amount of it to be found in the distinctive seasons of the Midwest, particularly its winters. In the colder months there, Earth pretends to be a different planet: Woods become more walkable, their underbrush suppressed by snowfall; days get shorter as once-busy locales dress themselves in motionless sheets of ice; a sun that shone gold in the spring and summer now beams a faint purple light from behind cloud cover that only shows mercy at dawn and dusk. Yet, winter has a counterintuitive consequence. Though the season is bereft of warmth, the absence of heat compels us to seek it out, and makes us hyper-conscious of its necessity and sensation. It spurs a deeper appreciation of spring and summer, the other side where the grass is literally greener. It is in this way that Hayes and Elskavon are able to divine such deep affect and intimacy from the starker phases of their environment. While the Great Indoors is something we’ve all come to know regardless of our respective climes, these Minnesotans have always been in touch with the lonesomeness of such disconnection; theirs brought on by lingering, secluding winters.

Floraleda Sacchi – Primavera (Spotify)

“An original performance by Floraleda Sacchi on an acoustic harp of the most famous works of Ludovico Einaudi. An elegy of real, sincere feelings and an immense bouquet of emotions.”

“Оригинальное исполнение Floraleda Sacchi на акустической арфе самых известных произведений Ludovico Einaudi. Элегия настоящих, искренних чувств и необъятный букет эмоций.”

Floraleda is a musician, composer and producer who creates her own musical world blending acoustic harp and electronics, classical, minimal and pop.

Trained as a classical musician, she won 16 prizes at international competitions, received in 2018 a Latin Grammy - with the project Magica y Misteriosa for Harp and Strings -, played at Carnegie Hall New York and in top venues all around the world as one of the most sought-after harpist of her generation.

She recorded for Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, and then she created her recording label, Amadeus Arte, where she started writing her own music combining electronics, looper and fx pedals to the harp developing a unique sound and a new artistic identity. Her first project in this direction (Darklight, 2017), was on top of charts in several counties of the world.

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