Pedro Meirelles – Tear (Spotify)

Pedro Meirelles – Tear

Pedro Meirelles is a classical/rock composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Rio de Janeiro.
Throughout time, while developing his hybrid alternations of dissonant minimalism and percussive orchestrations, Meirelles began building and licensing his extensive solo catalogue while also working with renowned names such as Gogol Bordello, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Goran Bregovic and Andrew Scheps.
“Tear” is an expansive track, building from gentle trickles into a triumphant emotive escalation. The first section resembles the beginning of a snowfall, gentle in its introduction, before a blizzard envelops the night. The track manages to effectively convey a rising-and-falling feel in under two minutes, within a wintry atmospheric pull.

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William Ogmundson – First Day (Spotify)

William Ogmundson – First Day

William Ogmundson is a pianist, lyricist and EMMY-nominated composer. He has performed all over North America and Europe (including the Vatican) and released nine solo CDs to date. For more information, go to

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Merrill Crissey – Last Train Home (Spotify)

Merrill Crissey – Last Train Home

This piano piece has a driving rhythm and soft piano feel. The piece is about taking the last train home of the night.

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Collective – Aftermath (Spotify)

Collective – Aftermath

Collective is a band or project that makes home in the mountains of Appalachia. Combining genres such as jazz, indie-folk, rock and classical, the band has a sound that’s both energetic and cinematic. The band leaders; Brennen and Beth Meek, are seeking to simply tell their story, but tell their story in a way that everyone who wishes can join them on their journey.

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Manon – Streams (Spotify)

Manon – Streams

Manon paints landscapes for your ears. The palette of the singer-songwriter is full of contrasting tone colors: light and shadow collide in a universe that is as alien as it is earthbound.
Her pictures captivate with filigree lines, wide surfaces and powerful accents. Composed by Manon, the music unites infinity and intimacy and pulls away from classical structures. Sometimes the work floats slightly, the next moment it erupts like a volcano. Delicate melodies flow into menacing abysses. The result though, is always both organic and authentic.
The new songs were recorded by Manon at Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik and produced with Francesco Fabris.

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Jeremy Cullen – Theme from the Handover (Spotify)

Jeremy Cullen – Theme from the Handover

This track is the main theme from a New Zealand short film called “The Handover”. It tells the story of a single dad who is struggling to move on from his previous relationship, and the tune captures his feeling of helplessness and melancholy about his situation.

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Edward Delsing – Remembering the Moment (Edit) (Spotify)

Edward Delsing – Remembering the Moment (Edit)

Edward grew up in rural Canada. When he was young, his parents bought him a piano, which quickly became his favorite thing in the world. He became drawn to instrumental piano music by Chopin, Beethoven, Vangelis, Yiruma and others, and fell in love with creating music at the piano at an early age. Edward has been performing and teaching music for 20 years, during which time he has been honing his craft as a composer.

Edward has written many styles of music, but his current focus is on writing instrumental contemporary classical music. His piano music is sentimental, relaxing, stirring, often nostalgic, and his melodic style has been compared to Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm, and Max Richter. Edward has piano recordings coming out on BandCamp and all music streaming platforms throughout 2019 and beyond, including his anticipated debut album, Suncatcher (July 2019).

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Moshi – Here, Always (Spotify)

Moshi – Here, Always

This is a peaceful piano ballad over a beautiful ambient backdrop of synth pads, evoking a “longing” feeling by using inverted chords and a flexible tempo to give the effect of always almost arriving home, but always leaving a desire for resolution, finally landing on it by the end of the song.

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Jacob LaVallee – This Time (Spotify)

Jacob LaVallee – This Time

This is a track written with a melancholic, classical music tone. It was written during a time of personal trial by the artist , the music itself helped pull him through.

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Macgray – Oblivion (Spotify)

Macgray – Oblivion

The album “Journey to the Dawn” is the collapse of a man’s world and its subsequent reconstruction. Panic attacks follow glimpses of absolute calm. When the inner voice awakens, reality is buried. Shadows of the unconscious become real. The whirlwind of thoughts suffocates. There is no way out, only a sense of the imminent arrival of the end.
In this story, “Oblivion” is a moment of passage, a transition to forgiveness. When one accepts and learns to forget…

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