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Tauk – Chandara (Spotify)

“Far out sounds that seep through the chakras. Your pineal glad will respond if you allow it. A modern take on a classic trip of free rhythm and jazz vibes. ”

"Chandra" is a chill track from TAUK's latest LP, Chaos Companion.

Matan Gilboa – Red Eyed Orange (Spotify)

“Feel good Jazz-Fusion instrumental by multi-instrumentalist Matan Gilboa. This track from the new album Doy, displays both virtuosity & a sound knowledge of composition. Full of selective emotional delights, the performance has a joyful playfulness that will make you smile.”

An instrumental piece that makes you dance and sing along. It is part of the album ‘Dov’.

Matan Gilboa is an Israeli Jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist. He started composing at the age of 17, when he recorded his first solo album. Years later Matan formed ‘Atara’ Jazz Fusion band, where he was composer and drummer, with which he recorded the album ‘Figure It Out’. Following that, he continued his solo career with his new album ‘Dov’, an experimental and daring instrumental album, in which he plays 5 different instruments, alongside many other musicians.

Ghost Echo – Late Night (Video)

“Selected low bpm track for your nightime entertainment. “Ghost Echo” unlease their talent in some kind of mysterious Trip-Hop mood with Cinematic touch. Dominating beat and some superb electric guitar chords guide you through an alternate reality.”

Dark triphop track from the debut album of Ghost Echo. Best be described as Cinematic Electro-Prog.

Black Bordello – Prufrock (Spotify)

“This is a deep forest of loungish grooves and harmonies through a brilliant structure and elegant vibes.”

This song is influenced by the poem 'The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock' by T S Eliot. It's an art rock/ progressive rock journey narrative that juxtaposes modern materialist lifestyles with a more abstract philosophical perspective. Black Bordello has been described by Loud and Quiet as 'genre-defying' and 'world-building', practices that are soundly demonstrated in Prufrock.

Jack Simchak – When I Wake (Spotify)

“When I Wake from Jack Simchack is an emotional chaser through psychedelic rock with his vocal depth been recognizable once you become familiar with his music due of his signature style.”

Jack Simchak is a singer/multi-instrumentalist that lives in Brooklyn, New York. Simchak writes, produces, records, and performs his original compositions in his home studio. His compositions show his affinity for bands such as Tears For Fears, Joy Division, The Cure and The Smiths.

William Sanford – We Will Fight and Defeat These Bulbous Spheres with Their Tiny Little Crowns (Spotify)

William Sanford – We Will Fight and Defeat These Bulbous Spheres with Their Tiny Little Crowns

Progressive Rock

An out of the usual attempt to bridge the wide gulf between modern electronica and progressive rock which partly flirts with alternative and experimental. William Sanford is a hobbyist musician from the Chicago area/NW Indiana that draws influences from Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Pop, and the Avant-garde.
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