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Promisin – Money Savage (Flotilla Riddim) (Video)

“The track -Money Savage (Flotilla Riddim)- is so interesting and fascinating that sometimes recalls the atmosphere of irony and colourful imagery. It may be noted that -Promisin- is an artist in the broadest sense of the word. Enjoy his great talent and energy.”

“Трек -Money Savage (Flotilla Riddim)- интересен и увлекателен тем, что местами напоминает атмосферу ироничности и красочной образностью. Можно отметить, что -Promisin- артист в широком смысле этого слова, в его музыке слышны талант и энергичность.”

Pure Dancehall Vybz with well put together lyrics. Off the new FLOTILLA RIDDIM By Trouble Don Entertainment

Samu music – La Jugada (Spotify)

“The single -La Jugada- has a main feature; performs the leading role of rhythmic elements, a characteristic of reggae that distinguishes it from others. A melodic and very nice journey with -Samu music-.”

“В сингле -La Jugada- главной особенностью выступает ведущая роль ритмических элементов, которая свойственна жанру reggae и выделяет его из прочих. Мелодичное и очень красиво путешествие вместе с -Samu music-.”

This theme represents what many people suffer in life, When they do not know how to appreciate what they have and when they realize it is too late

Este tema representa lo que en vida sufren muchas personas, Cuando no saben apreciar lo que tiene y cuando se dan cuenta ya es muy tarde

Sunrayz – Back to the Island (Spotify)

“"Back to the Island" is the fresh work from the highly motivated artist; "Sunrayz". Dedicated to the infinite beauty of nature, which we always admire and wait patiently to visit. Take your time to relax with some nice Reggae sound and travel through happiness.”

This song is a trip to paradise whether you can travel right now or now, this jam will take you there!

Sunrayz is a singer/songwriter and producer living in Atlanta, GA. Focus is in the genre of reggae and dub music. Bob Marley is his greatest inspiration and he has inspired him to make his flavor of reggae music that includes all of his musical influences from over the years.

BurrLin – Chale! [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (Video)

“-Chale -! A dancing and at the same time relaxing song in which the rhythm, movement and music are skillfully combined in a single unit. Various elements of reggae, moderate pace and focus on the mix prove this song a hit!”

“-Chale!- это танцевальная и одновременно релаксационная песня, в которой ритм, танец и музыка искусно объединены в единое целое. Ритмические элементы reggae, умеренный темп и акцент на аккомпанементе сделали этот трек хитом! ”

BurrLin pulls from his Ghanaian heritage to deliver a feel good, warm, radio friendly afrobeats inspired hit single, Chale! off of his debut ep, Growth Zone

Ali Cashius Jr, Big Preme – Rude Boi (Spotify)

“Innovative pure Rap style as it comes from "Ali Cashius Jr" and "Big Preme". Tired of the same and same loops? "Rude Boi" breaks the chains of typical sound and proves the value of a personal creation, which you can listen in almost every situation.”

Rude Boi is an ode to the people of the Caribbean Islands like Puerto Rico, who are still recovering from the devastating damage left behind in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Ali Cashius Jr is an independent artist from Detroit, MI. His career in music started as a young kid in Southwest Detroit when his childhood best friend challenged him to a rap battle. His friend was only joking, but Ali found himself preparing 24/7 and filling up his school notebooks with rhymes. He was inspired by artist like 2pac and Nas for their abilities to dig deep into their souls, but wanted to add that signature Eminem word play and rhyme schemes into deeper issues that plagued his childhood and community. The lack of financial resources was real issue not only growing up in Detroit, but even as a young adult. "It was a blessing in disguise" as Ali bounced around Atlanta, Maryland, Virginia, and Arizona looking for work to help support his dream. As of today, Ali Cashius Jr has performed along side artist such as Method Man & Redman, Currensy, Dave East, Kevin Gates, Vince Staples, G Perico, Snow Tha Product, Immortal Technique and so many more! He's also collaborated with Slaughterhouse heavyweight Joell Ortiz, legendary west coast artist Ras Kass, and Futuristic.

Preethevibes – Like Flies (Spotify)

“Preethevibes with his new single - Like Flies - into VA Records/PARA Aris imprint please us once more with his solid harmonic vibes and his raucous, wide, sensural vocals.”

Preethevibes opens this song with a cry for social justice in Dance Hall fashion. Jamaican producer Jungle Ratt partners with the group for this Dance Hall anthem against police violence and international injustice. The single is geared to hit Jamaican airwaves within the next month.

A combination of heart, mind, body & soul, Preethevibes consists of bandmates PARA, KNGLVN, JUS-Q and MILIO. The NYC based indie group emerges out of a multi-cultured melting pot of sound and visuals, combining the foundations of Jamaican Dance Hall and Ghanaian based Afrobeats with the electronic dance culture of NYC’s Lower East Side.

Their "go against the grain" attitude and defiant vocal styles create the perfect recipe for unheard, undiscovered musical patterns and ear-bending audiences.

The group continues to compose and collaborate as an independent entity, releasing projects such as their debut singles "Good Good", "Get Down" and "New Day". The four man band persists to make an impact on the independent scene as they plan the release of their debut EP.

Harris Allan – All In (Spotify)

“Have you ever thought to express yourself via a suitable song? when it's difficult to talk, there is always some music to help in communication. Harris Allan offers a nice example with "All In". Ideal sound and lyrics, when speech is not enough to show some strong feelings.”

"All In" is an upbeat folk-pop tune with a laid back feel. It's about the fun moments at the beginning of a relationship, and about the joy that comes from finally making a decision to go for it.

Harris Allan's unique and compelling lyrics and music finds its roots in Folk-Rock tempered by a vast range of life experiences. Imagine the style of music being played at an oceanside campfire beach party with family and friends. Capturing the sincerity of Jack Johnson infused with the catchiness of Ed Sheeran and a Lumineers-esque soul, his debut single—“One Last Ride” —is romantically moving and culturally relevant. His most recent single—"All In"—is an upbeat folk-pop tune with a laid back feel. It's about the fun moments at the beginning of a relationship, and about the joy that comes from finally making a decision to go for it.

"All In" was released on Spotify and all other streaming and download platforms January 21, 2021.

Beginning his music career at 16 as a songwriter, Harris was lead singer and guitarist for Square9. The band released an EP recorded at Mushroom Studios in 2006 and performed in and around the Vancouver club scene.

Harris embarked on his solo music career as hip hop/rap artist Fallan Soldier, writing, performing and producing the songs for his album, “Above The Call Of Duty'', which was released in 2009. The album garnered success at college radio and charted on !Earshot. After the release of the music video “Fights”, Harris toured throughout Western Canada as headline artist for the “Move the Mountains” tour.

Harris spent five years as a DJ while refining his craft as a singer-songwriter. He has three more singles lined up for the spring along with some surprises planned for his YouTube channel.

LowDown Mini Reel #3 (Paradise) (Video)

“What’s the meaning of “Paradise”? Each of us have his own aspect about. It could be the perfect place to live or just being able to act with no restrictions. Whatever the answer, there’s always something special like this to listen and think.”

What price are you willing to pay for a piece of paradise? Or better yet, does paradise even exist? Pursuing one’s happiness can be a noble cause but wagering one’s existence for the spoils of life can lead you down a rabbit hole of misperception.

Chicago, IL – LowDown Brass Band is thrilled to announce the release of Mini Reels #3 (Paradise) on their label Dibs Records. The single will be available on all digital audio and video streaming platforms on Friday March 5 2021.


LowDown Mini Reels are short song and visual ideas that range from 1-2 minutes in length. Whether an instrumental or full vocal performance, LowDown Mini Reels are meant to be thought provoking and straight to the point. LowDown Brass Band has scheduled the “Mini Reel” series for bi-weekly release via all DSP’s and Social Media starting in February. They invite listeners to join them as they continue ever forward. Paradise is the third single off this exciting and fan engaging digital series.

Takeyce – Everything is Gonna Be Alright (Video)

“Everything is Gonna Be Alright and if you still have different opinion, will change your mind asap get through this new song of Takeyce. Delivering sunshine to the most hidden corners of your soul, soulful vocal performance, warm harmonies and a beautiful groove, tight together into a solid mix/production. A mood fixer packed with all qualities. ”

A song of hope, joy, courage, love and anything else you want to make you feel great amidst life’s trials! —- Takeyce

Takeyce, the Jamaican-Canadian singer-songwriter and daughter of Jamaica’s “pioneer of Gospel,”—Claudelle Clarke, has been following in her mother’s footsteps since the age of five. Blending the genres of reggae dancehall, worldbeat, afrobeat, funk, and at times, ska, Takeyce users her deep and soulful voice to captivate her listeners.

Her newest single “Warrior King,” takes the listener into a somewhat mythical world where a woman sings about her “warrior king,” a person the woman relies on and is striving to find their “true soul spirit,” in a world full of distractions. The track is funky with its laidback chorus bassline and Takeyce’s voice shines at the front as she harmonizes with herself and occasionally raps to the beat. Her voice is uplifting and powerful and the production by Dr. Tab gives the illusion that she is singing right in front of the listener.

“It gives a reggae dancehall afro flow; a fantastic way to end such a difficult year and set the vibes for a hopeful and joyful new one,” Takeyce says.

“Warrior King” is part of an upcoming EP in 2021, funded by Factor Canada.

In June 2019 her first independent album, MEN*Tal was released. An eclectic mix of reggae, afro, r&b, the album featured musical production from Jamaica, Nigeria, Poland, USA, and Canada and had Takeyce’s first French song, “Continuer,” featured in the City of Toronto’s seasonal playlist.

Takeyce is also a Factor Canada Juror and a committee member for CKUT 90.3 FM (McGill University) representing the Black Community. She is the Founder and CEO for the Natural Health and Beauty Product Company, Ti’Z Natural.

She is the Founder/DJ/Host of “A Multilingual Affair” Radio Show and Podcast on CKUT, 90.3 FM (McGill University)—a show done in English, French, Spanish, Patois with music played from all over the world and featuring International and local Artists.

Takeyce has performed with legendary reggae artists, Mighty Diamonds, Luciano, and Ed Robinson. When she performs live she is usually backed up by the band The Reggae Funkers. a group of talented professional musicians who have played with top international artists.

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