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Dub Boat – Signs (Spotify)

“The main qualities of -Signs- are the melody and energy of Reggae. Music that has a magnetic effect, filled with mentality, meaning and love from its creators. Deep work that can easily attract you.”

“Главные качества -Signs- это мелодия и энергетика reggae. Музыка, которая обладает магнетическим эффектом, она наполнена душевностью, смыслом и любовью автора. Глубокое произведение, слушается легко и очень приятно!”

Mike Caudell on Saxophone in song Signs.

Dub Boat is an instrumental Reggae band hailing from Boston's North Shore. The band brings influences from Jazz, Rock, Funk and Soul to create a unique Reggae sound, with heavy grooves, deep pockets, and catchy melodies. The band includes current and former members of Soul Rebel Project, The Brew, Cold Engines, and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. Dub Boat's self-titled 2020 debut release charts new territories in Reggae music.

Jon Persson - Trumpet
Adam Saylor - Bass
David Drouin - Guitar
John Funkhouser - Keyboards
Aaron Zaroulis - Drums

Addis Pablo, Baroni One Time, Daddy Mory – Tranquille (Spotify)

“An intoxicating blend of French flavoured deep roots reggae and South American hip hop reggae, skilfully mixed to create a vibrant yet ‘Tranquille’ infectious modern vibe that has a joyful, warm texture and affords the listener an experience full of character with a cosmopolitan flavour.

Accompanied by Baroni One Time, the French reggae icon joins forces with the Venezuelan hip hop reggae star on a hymn to independence in the form of an ego trip. With an instrumental produced by a reference in European producers, Hemp Higher Empire, who invited Assis Pablo to the Melodica. Augutus' son Pablo brought a deep roots touch to this solid modern reggae production. After the success of these last solos, Daddy Mory returns in combination, still in the framework of his next EP, Krtitk.

Josh Harris, Norris Man – This Morning – Original (Spotify)

“Imagine that you awake, open your eyes and see humming birds hovering outside your window gathering nectar. The sun is rising into a clear blue sky & the scent of gardenia, honeysuckle, Jasmine, orchids and many more wonderful fragrances fill air. On the cool breeze you hear the addictive vibes of a reggae redemption song. Welcome to Jamaica, Enjoy ‘This Morning’ by Norris Man & Josh Harris.”

A morning song of redemption

Jack Doyo, JxHines – Through The Night (Spotify)

“Strong percussion and stimulating sensation in a song that can easily stick in the brain. "Jack Doyo" joins with "JxHines" to offer some fast and effective Afro-pop creation. Can you withstand the energy blast? Now is the time to stand up and dance!”

Through the night is one of the singles off Jack Doyo's Debut project. This is a warm melodic mix of an island vibe and high keys which ultimately delivers a radio friendly dance record.

Rasta Phil – Livin’ Ain’t Easy (Video)

“-Livin ‘Ain’t Easy- is the intense energy of sparkling beats, keys and expressive bassline. You can also enjoy Vocals in Reggae style, which is performed at the highest level from the first to last second.”

“-Livin’ Ain’t Easy- это интенсивная энергия искрящихся битов, клавишных и выразительной басовой линией. Вокал в reggae неотъемлемый компонент, который исполнен на самом высоком уровне от первой до последней секунды.”

Rasta Phil, is a talented musician and performer who started his music career after moving from Trinidad to Boston, U.S.A. in his teens. Rasta Phil quickly rose to success as a mentor, co-producer, and advisor to many famous celebrities during the ‘80s and ‘90s. His originality and positive lyrical content are well known internationally along with his acting and production work. Over the years Rasta Phil has successfully nurtured close ties with a broad network of famous actors, artists, producers, and directors in both Hollywood and the Canadian entertainment industry.

Early in his career while in Boston, Rasta’s musical ability led him to work and tour with Ralph Tresvant and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He also performed on The Arsenio Hall Show, one of the many times he created an unprecedented vibe during his live performances.

After migrating to Canada Rasta Phil focused on movies and acting. He has collaborated with and remains close to many giants in the entertainment industry such as Mark Wahlberg, Michael Budman (Owner of Roots Canada), Kate Hudson, Gina Rodriguez, Kevin Bacon, Laura Haddock, Josh Duhamel, Isabela Moner, Anthony Hopkins, John Singleton, James Foley, Antoine Fuqua, Danny Glover, Ned Beatty, Ludacris, Bokeem Woodbine, Mila Kunis, Alyssa Milano, Reese Weatherspoon, Post Malone, Jimmy Butler and many more.

Rasta Phil is currently attached to some exciting new projects with many more in development while also devoting countless hours to helping various organizations for at Risk Youth. Creating positive opportunities and experiences through music and entertainment.

FeelFree – “Big Shot Man” (Video)

“”FeelFree” new single in Reggae mood and protesting spirit. Lyrics full of meaning in a song with fighting attitude against control and human manipulation. The sound that gives courage and can replace our lost energy. Don’t miss it.”

Big Shot Man” the latest single from FeelFree unloads a full lyrical clip into the greed-fueled, divisive culture that has pervaded American politics for far too long. This rootsy protest anthem from the D.C. based band features FeelFree’s hard-hitting horns and a memorable chorus that sings, “we will never be afraid, though you wanna manipulate, we love what you hate, and we’ll build what you break.

Dede K Interview on Nagamag



Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Dede K:
Afrobeat, Afropop, pop, afrohipop, reggae, dancehall

Few words about your musical background and career?

Dede K:
Started music as Lil Bideo back in 2009 (while I was still in college). Had to drop music for some years to finish up my Bs.c education. In 2017, I returned to the musical world with a new stage name (Dede K aka De King Vibez). Music has always be part of me and I don’t see myself doing something else whilst I’m steady discovering new vibe.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Dede K:
Not sure.. grew up listening to legends and tbh, I’m not sure when I actually had interest in music but I do remember when it was time for me to record my first track in 2009

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Dede K:
I’m a storyteller and my music cuts across many genres. Rhythm, Melodic & lyric-intensive. Every song is a story or a poem told through music.. even in my party songs, I still fix in some meaningful words

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Dede K:
Young M.a. "Kween"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Dede K:
Bella Shurmda "World"

Discover & Listen to Dede K

Dede K on Spotify

Dede K's Signature Track

Dede K on Social Media


Anna Aarons – A Perfect Day (Spotify)

“The song -a Perfect Day- does everything, that even a minute of former melancholy and doubt goes into oblivion. It brings a lyrical mood. It is very unusual to hear female vocals in Reggae, but a spontaneous smile appears on the face and the mood instantly goes into a plus!”

“Песня -A Perfect Day- делает всё, чтобы даже минута прежней меланхолии и сомнений ушла в небытие и вырисовывалось лирическое настроение. Очень необычно слышать женский вокал в жанре reggae, от чего улыбка самопроизвольно появляется на лице и настроение мгновенно уходит в плюс!”

“I’m walking way above cloud 9, making my own sunshine” is the opening line of “A Perfect Day”, a feel-good happy song performed by London singer songwriter Anna Aarons.

Fusing lively cumbia with reggae beats and the most gorgeous ukulele sounds, Anna Aarons delivers a pick me up song that gently lifts everyone’s mood into a happier space and blows away the worries of the day to day. Her nonchalant vocal style appeals with her casual directness coupled with sensual melodic finesse. Gentle yet infectious reggae beats add a bounce to everyone’s step. The catchy singalong chorus perfectly expresses the universal mantra to happiness: “everything is A-OK, oh what a perfect day”.

Anna Aarons specialises in a brand of commercial yet authentic and soulful indie-pop. Her distinctive voice is partnered with dynamic bass, driving percussion and jazzy electric guitar on her last single ‘Words’ and previous offerings ‘Her’ and ‘Since You Went Away’, both of which celebrate female figures in Anna’s life. In her music, she has conveyed her sanguine ability, touching on dark themes such as grief in the lyrics and uplifting them with jazz-threaded kinetic production.

Inspired by Amy Winehouse, Anna has sold out multiple shows at Pizza Express Live performing her tribute to the late soul superstar. She began to develop a name for herself by busking on the London Underground, and her talent helped her reach the Quarterfinals of the Isle of Wight New Blood Competition. Now, she is delivering captivating new music that is indicative of her dazzling potential.

Buku Wise – NevermindMe (Spotify)

“A foot-tapping, head-nodding blend of reggae & hip hop with a heartfelt message to those that didn’t pay attention the first time around. ‘Nevermind’ by ‘Buku’ has that Mega Hit, always on the radio kind of feel & polished production. This is going to be a biggy – You heard it here first.”

Nevermind Me is a smash hit by Buku Wise that reminds those who didn’t take noticed before but now the tables have shifted. Great Song

Nathan Harrington – Sleeping On Your Side (Spotify)

“Roots Reggae with a liberal helping of rock rhythms and melodious vocals. Nathan Harrington and the band switching between vibes with a slick intoxicating finesse. ‘Sleeping On Your Side’ is a high energy song about a toxic love affair that will have the dance floor filled in no time.”

"We’ve all had those toxic relationships where you make excuses for your other, not realizing the drain and fatigue it puts on your mind, body and spirit until it’s too late. ‘SOYS’ is a song that takes you through one of these relationships, the highs and lows of a break up. But ends with clarity being restored. It’s never easy going through a breakup, especially when there was so much love. But you can’t hang on to a feeling that has faded.”

With a sound that is uniquely his own, Nathan Harrington combines elements of Roots and Reggae to bring a bold and captivating sound to life. Deeply influenced by artists like Black Uruhu, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, and Toots & the Maytals, his musical inspiration helps to hone his tone while contemporary influences like Rebelution and Slightly Stoopid point him towards the next generation of CaliRoots artists. “The music I make is meant to heal people. Reggae holds a high vibration, and I believe it can pull people away from the darkness,” shares Harrington.

Creating a new wave of sound, when it comes to songwriting, living is Nathan’s biggest intrigue. Whether it’s exploring nature on a hike, surfing the sea, or channeling meditation, it’s what truly inspires home to open and his eyes and see, and his ears to hear. Aside from singing, Nathan plays instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and percussion. He’s shared the bill with artists such as Jacob Collier, 2 Chains, Shawn Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter and Jed’s A Millionaire to name a few. Nathan has also been in numerous modeling campaigns and was cast in Jordan Peele’s movie “US”.

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