Malmo, Enlia – Memories of Joi (Spotify)

Malmo, Enlia – Memories of Joi

Memories of an artificial person; what are we without our own memories..? A song that inspired by the Blade Runner universe.

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Funky Notes – Everything To Me (Spotify)

Funky Notes – Everything To Me

“Funky Notes lovingly cuts, flips and pitches sounds from various sample sources of the 70s and mixes them with clapping drums to a wonderful instrumental soulful/LoFi/Chillhop urban sound.”

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Laps – Chanson de Geste (Spotify)

Laps – Chanson de Geste

Classic boom bap beat, cooked up in my MPC1000. The inspiration came from the chanson de geste literature: stories of wondering knights in the middle age, embarking on fantastic, dangerous adventures to conquer the heart of the lady they loved

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Lightfoot – The Relapse (Spotify)

Lightfoot – The Relapse

Fresh off with a successful first release of 2020, The Relapse is Lightfoot’s 2nd single of 2020 with record label, Dust Collectors. Lightfoot once again supplies a swingy, drum driven track with soulful and melodic samples and instrumentation throughout. Just in time for our winter blues to kick in with an itch for that summer air. The Relapse is currently featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals playlist.

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Usken – The Nest (Spotify)

Usken – The Nest

In 2016, during a journey of more than 4,000 kms across Scandinavia, Isabelle (ex LO vocals) and Yann (ex LO guitar) discovered a tiny island at the entrance of a Norwegian fjord: Usken. A guitar, a computer loaned on the spot and some explanations of the musical programming sound like an obvious fact: Usken will be a duo, and this is the use of machines that will make it possible to reconcile influences as varied as trip hop and electronic music for Isabelle, the garage and 60s music for Yann.

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Silona – Goodbye Friend (Spotify)

Silona – Goodbye Friend

Goodbye Friend seals Silona’s debut Immortal EP with desperation of an unsung goodbye. It tells a story of a highly sensitive person, too raw to blend in this world.
“I have never died just as I have never really lived. Though I love the idea of dying as much as I love the idea of birthing. Please, spare me of all other lifetime stages, as none never fit in with me. Pray with me for I could say goodbye, and never return to this world again.” Written by this person, AKA Silona.

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Lisofv – Snowing With Darkness (Spotify)

Lisofv – Snowing With Darkness

Lisofv is an electronic music producer from South Korea.
Got inspirations from cinematic atmospheres,old-school beats,00’s electronica vibes…

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Space Above, Tom Young – Nobody Home (Spotify)

Space Above, Tom Young – Nobody Home

The new single ‘Nobody Home’ was written with New Zealand’s Tom Young of popular band LEISURE and songwriter / producer in his own right.
Presented in a hypnotic space of glitch beats and rhythmical bass, the landscape of Space Above’s trip-hop influences and dark moods showcased allowed for Tom’s vocal to propel the track further in to a world of depth, suspense and crescendo.
Space Above is the atmospheric-electronic project of New Zealand music producer Aaron Short, formerly of The Naked And Famous. Space Above strays from pop structures in an exploration of ethereal sounds and dance floor progressions. Blending spacious vocal melodies from artists including Alisa Xayalith, BOYBOY, So Below, with intoxicating electronic twists, Short is always looking further outwards for inspiration.
The project began with a series of singles and remixes emerging from Short’s home studio in Echo Park during 2015, and a full-length album titled ‘Still’ following in 2017. With its lead single ‘Fall Through’ featuring as Todays Top Tune on KCRW, and its musical themes of deeply frozen escapism, the record made for a journey that caught ears from The Line of Best Fit and Hillydilly, and premiered on Consequence of Sound.

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Gili Kimchi – Stuck (Spotify)

Gili Kimchi – Stuck

Stuck, it’s about these moments in a relationship, where you feel insecure and the frustrating fear of communicating it to the other side.

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Erik Strauss, Ilaria Riccio – Darkside [A Way to Come Back] (Spotify)

Erik Strauss, Ilaria Riccio – Darkside [A Way to Come Back]

Deep diving in 90s trip-hop reverb while reflecting on today’s communication. Erik Strauss is a DJ/Producer from Italy. His first EP was “White Paper”, a minimal 3 tracks concept released in 2010.
After produced “Hop Hope” under italian label Level One Records, he start live-clubbing at some venues in Venice and Padua while making remixes for foreign artist (like The Polysonic and Scarlett Etienne).
In 2017 released another EP “Untitled” based on samples from ’20s music and the next year compose “Everything that could have been left behind”, 8-tracks album made of previously discard tracks.
While getting more downtempo/trip-hop, in 2018 he became part of french label Nuit Blanche

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