Oxygen – The Sixteenth (Video)

“A beautiful trip hop song with solid groove through deep sensational vocals, a timeless track!”


The second post-apocalyptic single from our debut EP. Oxygen features a huge orchestral sound, contrasting the song’s central themes of loneliness and regret. The song is accompanied by a stunning video shot in and around the mountainous central North Island of New Zealand.

Earthphish – ‘Rite Of Life’ (Video)

Rite of Life from Earthphish is about the challenges in life and to embrace them as a learning experience.
A downtempo electronica, trip hop infused and with solid groove, certainly will move your body through its ritual vibes.

Few words about Earthphish:
Formed in Switzerland 2001 by Donovan John Szypura, Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan, and Andre Ledergerber. Earthphish later converted to a duo – Choreographer and Singer Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan and Composer and Producer Donovan John Szypura became a symbiosis of music and dance. They produced numerous award-winning contemporary dance pieces between 2001 and 2005. Their demo CD ‘Metropolis’ was produced in 2001, followed by their debut CD ‘Soft Green Exit’ in 2003. The last EP ‘Earthphish’ was released in 2006.

Earthphish fell into hibernation. They appeared in Australia in 2012 and are now based in Tasmania. Earthphish awakened in 2020 and released the single ‘Rite Of Life’. Earthphish announced to release a set of singles before releasing the album called ‘Turtles All The Way Down’ in November 2020.

Lee Scratch Perry, the grandmaster of Reggae and Dub will be featured on the song ‘Deadlock’.

The Angel – Words Like Daggers feat Jhelisa (Video)

“Words Like Daggers” by The Angel featuring Jhelisa

Video directed by Mark Pellington, Sergio Pinheiro and Sweeten

“Words Like Daggers” is the first new artist recording from downtempo iconoclast, The Angel, in nearly a decade. The acclaimed record producer and film/TV composer has been known for pioneering a progressive dubtronic fusion of sounds on her records and in her film and TV score throughout her career.

Recently, The Angel was requested by her cousin, Rain Phoenix, to contribute a song to the LaunchLeft “Launched Artists Digital Singles Series” honoring her brother, River, for what would have been his 50th birthday. The contemplative lush electronic “Words Like Daggers,” written and produced by The Angel is the submission, and features longtime collaborator, vocalist, songwriter and producer Jhelisa (“Friendly Pressure”).

Of this inspired collaboration, Angel reveals,”Jhelisa and I have become close friends over the years.” Explaining how the seeds of collaboration grew holistically, “There’s a lot of sisterly love and mutual respect between us, so Jhelisa already understood the mournful weight of the track
before I asked to feature her. I’m always grateful that she’s willing to experiment with me because it’s not something she does lightly. Jhelisa beautifully channels the essence of whatever emotion needs to come through in the most evocative and visceral way.”

Jhelisa offers this insight about the song, “You wave goodbye from the edge of the shore, wish them the best, and love them forever. The word ‘Goodbye’ is a dagger wound you can eventually heal from through love and compassion.” The Angel continues, “I wanted the song to sound like a memory, like you’ve entered someone else’s dream space…The emotion is contained, very internal, so I juxtaposed a vocal vulnerability against a driving, incessant rhythm, where you can feel the underlying tension at the same time as experiencing the gentle plea, ‘Where’s my shelter…?’”

Rain’s LaunchLeft podcast and label are an alliance and space for eclectic artists and famed creatives. She especially curated a selection of music premieres including this anticipated release from The Angel. All artists selected have a special connection to River. The “Launched Artists Digital Singles Series” conclude on River’s birthday, August 23, with two previously unreleased songs from his band, Aleka’s Attic.

“I’m incredibly proud of my cousin as an activist and artist,” exclaims The Angel on contributing to the LaunchLeft Singles Series and Rain’s vision. She continues, “Rain’s solo album, ‘River’ is a brave and beautiful tribute to her brother and I wanted to be by her side as she took this next step to celebrate River’s 50th via this special singles series. The spirit of LaunchLeft, as an alliance of left-of-center artists who support and uplift each other, is something that River not only lived by, but is exactly the kind of alliance he would have championed. This is something we need more of in our industry and in the world.”

The Angel wrapped a video for “Words Like Daggers” with award-winning director and friend, Mark Pellington (Prolific Film Content), premiering via LaunchLeft’s partnership with Flood Magazine. Directed by Mark Pellington, Sergio Pinheiro and Sweeten, the video is a collaboration between Pellington, his editor and FX artist/director Pinheiro and film collage artist Sweeten. The three joined forces with The Angel, Jhelisa and cinematographers Alfeo

Dixon in Atlanta and Eve M Cohen in L.A. to create this emotional nocturnal collage. Mark acknowledges, “The Angel is a great artist. I loved the track and brought in some colleagues to make it happen. I understood her personal expressionism and intention and felt I could help the creative effort.”

The Angel adds, “Mark and I go way back to his MTV ‘Buzz’ days. He, Jhelisa and I all lived in ’90’s London, forging our individual artistic paths. Bringing us together for this video added some historic synergy to the mix. I’ve always loved Mark’s visual aesthetic. I’m grateful for his
emotional creativity, his artist-to-artist and human-to human approach. He challenged and encouraged me to write an internal dialogue that was separate from the lyrics, to use as the framework for my voiceover. I added newly created music beds, that now make up the intro and outro. After many years of working to picture, it was inspiring to reverse engineer the bookends of the video, and treat them like film in this way.”

The Angel and Pellington pulled the vision and team together fast, with Pellington overseeing the live action shooting, then Pinheiro and Sweeten adding their layers of image and visual FX. Angel adds, “Mark has an innate ability to tap into the underlying meaning of a song, then translate that into a poignant visual feast.”

Describing the feeling, Angel says, “The ‘Words Like Daggers’ video is centered on Jhelisa, the evocative messenger who draws us into self reflection, unleashing demons, showing us what it feels like to maintain both power and empathy in the face of adversity.”

Being able to celebrate River in 2020 with a new song and production makes this release even more meaningful to The Angel. “’Words Like Daggers’ is an exploration of loss… the agonizing breakdown of a deep connection, merged with other poignant losses, like the loss of my bass player and spiritual brother, Robert Russell, who plays on the record… all life experiences I would have shared with River.” The Angel adds, “Thanks to Rain, celebrating River in 2020 has become an unexpected and important part of my healing process…a touching reminder that the process is ongoing. I Ioved River dearly.”

The Angel hails from Brooklyn and is based in Los Angeles via an extended, inspired stay in the U.K. She has produced and released many acclaimed
works since the 90s under additional monikers, 60 Channels and Jaz Klash. She is also one of a handful of women film/TV composers, having scored
features including, Boiler Room, Gridlock’d and KiDULTHOOD as well as Ava DuVernay’s pilot “For Justice” for CBS among others. The Angel has
produced, remixed, and collaborated with Monday Michiru, The Brand New Heavies, Bay Area rapper/singer, Mystic, The Pharcyde’s Tre “SLIMKID3”
Hardson, Delicious Vinyl Records, Spearhead, Ninja Tune, London jungle o.g., MC Navigator, and Bristol’s More Rockers/Smith & Mighty.

Jhelisa launched her career out of the UK Acid Jazz music revolution of the 90s. She has produced numerous solo albums including the revered classic,Galactica Rush. Jhelisa is a musical maverick whose many collaborations have included work with Bjork, Massive Attack, Soul Family Sensation, Bryan Ferry and Chaka Khan.

Elodie Rêverie – Under the Radar (Spotify)

Elodie Rêverie – Under the Radar (Spotify)

Like the majority of Elodie Rêverie’s music, her latest single Under the Radar originated from an iPhone note, but it marks the start of a new era of her music. “I wrote the lyrics on my phone early on in quarantine, and I’d just finished The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut,”she recalls. “I often turn to literature when looking for lyrical inspiration.”However, the LA based singer-songwriter known for her creative beats, clever lyrics and bewitching vocals wasn’t preoccupied with generating new music. A few weeks later, she was browsing on Splice(a cloud-based music creation platform) with no specific objective and came across a loop that made her pause—the loop sparked her decision to turn the iPhone note she’d written a few weeks prior into a song.For the first time in her career, Elodie decided to hire a producer. “I love to produce, but I felt really zapped and decided it was important to preserve my energy.” Elodie connected with the producer of Under the Radar, Riley Urick through a colleague. “It’s been cool to see someone else’s interpretation of my song align with how I wanted to feel when I listen to it,” says Elodie. “I want to be transported somewhere else mentally, to slow down. I want the song to capture the essence of how I was feeling when I wrote the lyrics.”IG handle @elodiereverie

Aftrlyfe, Rider Shafique, Silke – Dive Deep (Spotify)

Aftrlyfe, Rider Shafique, Silke – Dive Deep (Spotify)

With a powerhouse collaboration with UK-based artist Silke, blending in perfectly with a post-rock production and Rider’s rootsy vocals, this EP is nothing short of hip and groovy. The three heavily synth-based tracks seem to be telling a series of chronological stories, starting with the contemplative and atmospheric ‘Dive Deep’. The second track ‘Babylon a Burn’ furthers the theme with a more upbeat cinematic music, leading to climactic crescendos in its penultimate track ‘Rise from the Ashes’.

Aftrlyfe’s music is reminiscent of the trip hop vibes of Massive Attack, and his influences also include FKA Twigs, Run the Jewels, and 6Lack, among others. When asked for a defining album that influenced him, he answered Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’, which was a sonic illustration of emotions that made him feel beyond what was known before.

Aardvark Aquarium ft. Helen Casey – Reflections (Video)

Upcoming Bournemouth, UK Producer Aardvark Aquarium releases his debut single on South 94.
It’s a modern Trip hop track with a very unique sound, featuring Aardvark Aquarium’s signature, deliciously melodic guitar riffs building up to Irish songstress Helen Casey’s powerful & captivating vocal performance.

Belzifer, Liset Alea – Beauty in Decay (Spotify)

Belzifer, Liset Alea – Beauty in Decay (Spotify)

The new vocal song of Belzifer called "Beauty In Decay" featuring the amazing Liset Alea from the famous french band "Nouvelle Vague'a hypnotic yet emotive and melancholic trip-hop song which captures listeners attention fast.

Beauty In Decay is a song about finding beauty in darkness, in things that are broken or considered unloveable by normal standards. It's an amazing song divided into two different styles: the first part with urban drums and the second one with pure classical instruments.

"The closer I look
The more I love all the broken parts
The cracks in the porcelain
The lines on your face
I’m losing myself in things that nobody notices
Yeah, but I see the beauty in decay"

Few Words about Belzifer:
Belzifer is a passionate music composer from France that makes music with his heart and soul.

He writes mostly cinematic, neo-classical, ambient, and emotional music but more recently he's interested in trip-hop & downtempo music, inspired by his favorite artists such as Portishead or Akira Yamaoka.

The young musician has worked with many talented singers from all around the world, such as "Emi Evans" (from the famous video game series NieR) or more recently, Liset Alea (from the French band "Nouvelle Vague").

"Ferat is a gentle soul with a massively big heart and an even bigger passion to create lush, melancholic tapestries of music" - Delphia

"This was a beautiful collaboration with someone incredibly sensitive who is deeply connected to his musical universe and was very clear about what he wanted to achieve with my vocals. The music was emotionally charged and you can feel this is all coming from a real place, not just music for music's sake." - Liset Alea

Currently working on his 3rd album "Belzifer X" and on his second movie "L'Histoire de la Violence" ("The Story of Violence") that is directly connected to his music, Belzifer is definitely an artist that makes art with love - and honesty.

Neeq Serene – The Others (Spotify)

Neeq Serene – The Others (Spotify)

The Others' explores the dimensions of self amidst the pressures of reality, through the use of simplistic, dark layered synths and progressive drum beats, keeping the emphasis on the melancholic narrative. A hypnotic melancholic trip hop theme with wonderful vocals. Neeq Serene is an electronic artist from the UK, crossing over genres of trip-hop, chill-step, gothic neofolk and IDM.

Meira Loom – Undertow – Radio Edit (Spotify)

Meira Loom – Undertow – Radio Edit (Spotify)

Undertow is a first single preview before the full album "Letting Go" comes this August 2020 from Meira Loom.

Through its hypnotic groove vibes and the folding of the warm ethereal voice of Meira Loom, it shares tickling moments of listening pleasure and relax atmosphere.

Few words about Meira Loom:

“Like Tori Amos listening to Radio Head”—that’s how Meira Loom has been described. Using only her voice, piano, and a stomp board under her heel, she asks: Who am I? After musical adventures that have led her to a number of bands, styles, and stages, Loom now comes back to herself. The result is a set of lyrical songs, expanded with additional instruments and musicians, but all shaped by the versatility of Loom's voice: at times soft tones, and then distorted sounds, telling stories from the agonies of love and the insights of an underwater spy.

Meira Loom is a singer, pianist, and songwriter based in Bern, Switzerland.

Her first single, “Undertow,” will be released on 19 June 2020. The album Letting Go will be released in August 2020.

In the last decade, she has performed on keyboard and backup vocals for artists such as Bobby McFerrin, James Gruntz, Marc Storace (Krokus), and Anastacia on renowned world stages (Montreux Jazz Festival, Blue Balls Festival, Gurten Festival, KKL Lucerne, Hallenstadion Zurich, Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg), before deciding to focus on her own career as a solo artist and songwriter.

Loom (Mei-Siang Chou) is also known as an accomplished and Authorized CVT Teacher (Complete Vocal Technique).


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