ACZINO x Kid Frost – Neza | Hip Hop music review

ACZINO x Kid Frost – Neza | Hip Hop music review

“Impressive way this song started and lifts up a whole different path than expected. Beautiful homage the the old school hip hop at its finest. Gangsta style to its core is perfectly blended with amazing vocals, two different Mcs that fit together so well. Grove and atmosphere have perfect darker mood, with almost cinematic feeling. ”

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“Εντυπωσιακός τρόπος που ξεκίνησε αυτό το τραγούδι και ανεβάζει έναν εντελώς διαφορετικό δρόμο από τον αναμενόμενο. Όμορφο αφιέρωμα στο χιπ χοπ της παλιάς σχολής στα καλύτερά του. Το στυλ Gangsta μέχρι τον πυρήνα του συνδυάζεται τέλεια με εκπληκτικά φωνητικά, δύο διαφορετικά Mc που ταιριάζουν τόσο καλά. Το Grove και η ατμόσφαιρα έχουν τέλεια πιο σκοτεινή διάθεση, με σχεδόν κινηματογραφική αίσθηση.”

“Impresionante la forma en que comenzó esta canción y toma un camino completamente diferente al esperado. Hermoso homenaje al hip hop de la vieja escuela en su máxima expresión. El estilo gangsta hasta la médula se combina perfectamente con voces increíbles, dos Mc diferentes que encajan muy bien. Grove y la atmósfera tienen un estado de ánimo perfecto y más oscuro, con una sensación casi cinematográfica.”

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Nagamag introducing you to “Neza”. a collaborative perfection of “ACZINO x Kid Frost”. This creation in the terrain of Hip Hop, has touched the hearts of our curators, who really enjoyed listening to “ACZINO x Kid Frost – Neza”. It’s more than just a song; it’s a product that combines the composition power of more than just one artist. it’s a music built that also defines Gangsta Rap, Latin Hip-Hop music. The Melody and rhythm of this piece is a treasure for your ears, waiting to be discovered. Nagamag is delighted to share this music review by one of our Hip Hop reviewers, who musically joined the meaning of this collaboration “ACZINO x Kid Frost – Neza”. Our tireless mission to explore Hip Hop songs from all over the world brought this offering as a share point to the global community of Hip Hop enthusiasts in their love for this kind of music.

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Lyrics of ACZINO x Kid Frost – Neza

My crazy life
It’s amazing
I keep them quantes on me Ese, that’s two pistolas
Three Parts pure one part baking soda
Take it out the microwave before it bubble over
Hudas on they quota, look over your shoulder
I push weights box plays I don’t slang boulders
I make moves the kind that move mountains
My voice echo thunder the street stay pounding
Its qua queta Tijuana la frontera
17-5 and I pull it out my sweater
I’m D.O.C. duck and cover yeah holmes nobody does it better
I’m a mean go getter, glands of adrenaline
Quick on my toes like I’m laced with a phetamine
Seasoned rap veteran I ain’t gotta floss
Every move that I make let’s you know that I’m a boss
My hood is called Neza, Neza
Pure fucking crazy guys with tattoos on their heads
Don’t get involved in things that don’t interest you
Because the coyote is hungry and is looking for prey
Get out of that weed of nature
Let’s make the house thick
If I get to the studio, I hit like Julius Caesar
Here, your figures tremble: “Skill jumps.”
I have people who are involved in the company
They have death printed on their faces
They’re looking to put bread on the table
They do the cleaning well or take out the strawberry
The mother prays because the son does not return
Be clever because they devour you if you yawn
Here we’re playing hard and fast
For all my fellow countrymen from the west side
This city is mine, where my people are
As soon as I leave, I want to be there again
They can say I am asleep if far away I die
Let them bring me here and bury me in your soil
You’re going to get burned. We live in the fire
You won’t bear the rules of the game
If I am what I am, it’s because I have you
If I am where I am, it’s because of where I came from
When they turn on the microphone, I don’t stop anymore
They know what I intend and the level I maintain
With the Scoop loop spitting a fire
Until Los Angeles turns into hell
We’re on our toes, giving all that we can
Loud and loud with the annoying neighbors
Raw beats, fresh beats
For all my West Coast countrymen.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on May 12, 2024