B’Elle – El Mundo Baila (Spotify)

B’Elle – El Mundo Baila

B’Elle – El Mundo Baila (Spotify)

‘El Mundo Baila’ which translates to English as ‘The World Dances’ is perhaps exactly the ethos the world needs to hear and adopt at this time! Through this brilliant debut single, B’Elle emits an energy which demands the coming together of people as a community and to be as one in the celebration of life; and B’Elle’s one true love, House Music.

A soaring, carefree slice of pure house joy, ‘El Mundo Baila’ provides an infectious groove with the beaming vocals of Emy Perez throughout. Isabelle Horen (a.k.a B’Elle) imagined the song to life with talented Spanish Producer Julio Navas. With a collection of evenings reminiscing about the White Isle (Ibiza) and speaking of their passions for House Music and its culture, ‘El Mundo Baila’ was born.

Through what has been a troubling time for everyone, B’Elle’s ‘El Mundo Baila’ serves as a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel that represents unity and togetherness; the values that underpin House Music!

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 16, 2020

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