“I am yours. How often do we say these important words of those to whom we are so dear and those we seemed to love. When the heart is in the chest sings and soars to heaven the soul, remember – I’m yours. A heartwarming song by Dariend Brooks! ”

“Я твой. Как часто мы произносим эти важные слова тем, кому мы так дороги и тем, кого мы, казалось бы, любим. Когда сердце в груди поёт и воспаряет к небесам душа, помни – я твой.”

Darien Brooks shared few words about this song: This song was birthed from the experience me and my wife encountered in giving birth to our first born. Long story short both my wife and son almost died due to complications. The entire experience increased our faith and reassured us that we belong to God and he is everything we need.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Darien Brooks grew up submerged in gospel music. Darien discovered his musical gift under the leadership of the late Pastor Willie F. Brooks, of the Guiding Light M.B.C. Pastor Brooks encouraged and pushed Darien to utilize his singing gift even as a young boy. Being surrounded by a family littered with musical talent, Darien was destined to carry the mantle.

About Darien Brooks:

In 1997 Darien embarked on a new journey as he went to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the prestigious Morehouse College. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics at Morehouse, Darien decided to make Atlanta his home. Darien was licensed on January 27, 2009, and ordained on November 21, 2010, as a preacher under the remarkable leadership of Bishop Alfred T. Lands of the Family Life M.B.C. God has blessed Darien as an anointed vocalist and bass guitar player.

One of God’s greatest gifts to Darien was given to him on December 19, 2009, when he married Shakiera Brooks. Darien and Shakiera have five children Darien Jr., Donavon, Destin, Dasia, and Dawson. The children’s ages range from nine months to 9 years of age. It is no secret Darien Brooks’s most important thing to him is his family. Darien’s musical journey is a family affair as his family debuts with him in the official video of his debut single “I Am Yours.”

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December 10, 2020

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