LITO – Rise Again

“Music that is like a Phoenix bird helps rise from the ashes to everyone who worns on the chosen path. Relive together with a new, atmospheric single from -lito-, spread all the boundaries in your mind and take another step towards a new life. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая словно птица Феникс помогает восстать из пепла всем, кто заблудился на избранном пути. Восстаньте вместе с новым, атмосферным синглом от -Lito-, раздвиньте все границы в своём разуме и сделайте очередной шаг на пути к новой жизни.”

Just admit it. With standard phrases like “a new kind of music” or “revolutionary genre mixes” most of you probably just roll your eyes and click on the next mail. Or you may read a bit further now and let us convince you that it really is “something different”. Whatever it is, we think it’s awesome!

LITO aka Marlon Bertzbach grew up on a farm as the son of a Filipino mother and a German father. Under the stage name FINN, he has played countless small and large concerts over the last eight years, gaining experience and fans. He has released two albums in German, and parted ways with his musical team after eight years.

The new journey begins with a decision: he sings in English, because this language has been part of his reality since birth and lets him explore new artistic paths. The music leads LITO out of his reserved singer-songwriter past and into a new greatness.

Between scene-astic soundscapes and catchyPop melodies he develops together with producer Stefan Heinrich (Klan) an international and modern sound, that is born out of indie and flirts with the mainstream. LITO’s voice stands out so proudly from the arrangements that you can feel the newfound freedom.

If that still doesn’t convince you, check out the video – unique visuals meet intricate animation. A video from the studios of the big film companies.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 13, 2022