Lupe Dragon – Cruise Control | Rock music review

Lupe Dragon – Cruise Control | Rock music review

“Мгновенно запоминающийся, энергичный и насыщенный гармониками поп-рок трек от -Lupe Dragon-, плавный вокал и яркая мелодия которого создают яркое и запоминающееся звучание. Если вы поклонник приятной, а главное качественной музыки, а рок для вас не просто незнакомое слово, обязательно послушайте эту песню!”

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“An instantly catchy, energetic and harmonic-heavy pop rock track from -Lupe Dragon-, whose smooth vocals and vibrant melody create a vibrant and memorable sound. If you are a fan of pleasant, and most importantly high-quality music, and rock is not just an unfamiliar word for you, be sure to listen to this song!”

“Ένα στιγμιαία πιασάρικο, ενεργητικό και αρμονικό-βαρύ ποπ ροκ κομμάτι από το -Lupe Dragon-, του οποίου τα απαλά φωνητικά και η ζωντανή μελωδία δημιουργούν έναν ζωντανό και αξέχαστο ήχο. Εάν είστε λάτρης της ευχάριστης και κυρίως υψηλής ποιότητας μουσικής και το ροκ δεν είναι απλώς μια άγνωστη λέξη για εσάς, φροντίστε να ακούσετε αυτό το τραγούδι!”

The original review of “Lupe Dragon – Cruise Control” is written in the native language that is spoken by the dedicated, for this song, Nagamag’s Rock reviewer and followed by two translations*, of which the one depends from the country of origin of the artist “Lupe Dragon” (United States) and the other one is translated to a different language than original review and the country of origin of the artist.

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Nagamag discovered a musical masterpiece entitled “Cruise Control” crafted by the gifted artist of “Lupe Dragon”. This Rock composition, has resonated deeply with our curators as they embarked on an immersive listening journey with “Lupe Dragon – Cruise Control”. The song as well offers an intriguing exploration of Pop Rock, Alternative Rock music. Nagamag, as an international music magazine, is pleased to share with you this music review, lovingly written by one of our experienced reviewers of Rock compositions. A successful result of our mission to continually discover and review captivating Rock songs from all corners of the globe, to the global audience of Rock music enthusiasts!

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Lyrics of Lupe Dragon – Cruise Control

(Verse 1)

Been in the middle I’ve been stuck in the middle and I can’t get you out of my head

It’s been a little and I stumble and fiddle around tryin’ to catch my breath

As you walk my way, I misbehave

I can’t untame the way you


Make me feel so unusual

Make me feel so usual

To talk to someone so unusual and usually I get on cruise control

Cause I can’t explain the way I feel everything else feels so unreal

I can get a little unusual if I’m not on cruise control

Cruise control

(Verse 2)

I struggle with heavy breaths

Climbing down from my neck to my chest

how do you do this to me?

And I can’t even really explain all the ways your hands touch my body

oh oh oh oh

As you pull away, I can’t concentrate I need to have you closer to me

I want that pain cause I can’t have all this pleasure without it

(Chorus 2x)

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Reviewed by Nagamag on April 1, 2024

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