MKSTN – Super Model

“The track that made a crushing blow to the ears of lovers of the genres of Chillwave and Lo-Fi House. An illusion of immersion in a different, parallel world is created, in which energy completely masters your body. Hypnotizing work capable of introducing into a state of deep trance. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который произвел сокрушительный удар по ушам любителей жанров Chillwave и Lo-fi House. Создаётся иллюзия погружения в иной, параллельный мир, в котором энергия полностью овладевает вашим телом. Гипнотизирующая работа, способная ввести в состояние глубокого транса.”

"Super Model" is about a fictional story of an outdated A.I. robot that ironically feels growing pains when viewing newer versions of itself. It's a song created with the intent of feeling euphoric and emotional on the dance floor. I wanted to combine elements of everything I love listening to that would give me goosebumps live or in my headphones. Psychedelic synths, classic electronic drum machines, yearning electric guitars, a groovy bass-line, and a chant that makes everyone feel "forever young".

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 4, 2022