Trappers Disguise – Forever Foy

Trappers Disguise – Forever Foy

“Ο ρυθμός σε βάζει σε μια όμορφη και ελκυστική δράση που δεν μπορείς να αντισταθείς. Τα φωνητικά με πάθος και ένταση ασκούν την γοητεία τους πάνω σου και σε μαγεύουν. Ο μελωδία ανήσυχη και σαρκαστική σου επιτρέπει να ζήσεις μια ακόμη περιπέτεια προσφέροντας σου απόλαυση χωρίς όρια, ενώ η φαντασία σου καλπάζει.”

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“The rhythm puts you in a beautiful and engaging action that you can’t resist. The vocals with passion and intensity exert their charm on you and enchant you. The restless and sarcastic melody allows you to live another adventure offering you pleasure without limits, while your imagination runs wild.”

“El ritmo te sitúa en una acción hermosa y atractiva a la que no podrás resistirte. Las voces con pasión e intensidad ejercen sobre ti su encanto y te encantan. La melodía inquieta y sarcástica te permite vivir otra aventura ofreciéndote placer sin límites, mientras tu imaginación vuela.”

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Lyrics of Forever Foy – Trappers Disguise

I said yeah

Trappers that’s in disguise
Burgundy in my eyes
These Arizona bushes, they be so dry
Wash it down with a Sprite
Watch hundreds collide
Falling right from the sky
Kenny Lofton I be so high
Riverfront in 305
I’ll be down, park by the side with B.Brown
With knee problems I hide
I say Bobby Brown, Whitney problems I hide
That’s Bull 45 right on my side
That little tote full, cocaine glass full
Dark shade glass pulled
Down over my eyes

Trappers that’s in disguise
And I just be chilling man
Smoke my little weed, drink my little drink
You know I throw my couple dollars
Shit, you know, I tote my little tote, you know
Ain’t nobody else business
Shit, I keep that thing on me
Definitely keep that thing on me
Shit, you know
Where’s my motherfucking glasses

These shoes get in them
Bruise a kidney
Two to the chin, piece of shit
These miles hard as it get
Mild tartar my fish
Dinner served
Where the fuck is your dish
These hoes thirsty as shit
Please have you a sip
Trappers that’s in disguise
Hope my son, can see me rise
Dopamine, hit
The brighter I get
It’s 5:45
Either way you looking at it, look at him
I am him, he is me
That chest gold underneath
I’m a shine
Mr. T
I said I’m the shi
My nigga don’t miss the T

I mean, that’s my young nigga forever, you know
I mean, shit
That’s my other half, man
These some beautiful mornings out here, baby
Some beautiful mornings
We gon’ shine, baby
We gon’ shine

Preferably white tees
These guns’ll break the sleeves
None of your business if you know me
Sleep with the fishes
Jaws and Seabiscuit
Boy, is he gifted
Present wrapped circles, heavens, yes
I am blessed
I’ll Mufasa you, lioness
Alpha male at its best
Take a chunk right out your chest
Open face, sandwich neck up
Cause ain’t no stitching the rest
Blood, tears
Drenched in this fucking sweat
You ain’t seen nothing yet

Just a trapper that’s in disguise
Trappers that’s in disguise
Nigga, I’m straight with no white tee
Niggas play if they want to
Nigga, I stay in that gym
Bite your motherfucking head off, boy
Take a chunk right out your goddamn chest
Ain’t no stitching that shit up
Blood, sweat, and tears in this thing

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