Vanessa Wagner – Etude N16 [Philip Glass]

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Piano music has a unique ability to leak into the most souls. Like water flows between tightly lying stones, which is in a hurry to become part of large, raging rivers. Beautiful, neoclassical gift from the wizard -Vasessa Wagner-.”

“У фортепианной музыки есть уникальная способность просачиваться в самые недры души. Словно вода струится меж плотно лежащих камней, которая торопится стать частью больших, бурлящих рек. Прекрасный, неоклассический подарок от волшебницы -Vanessa Wagner-.”

Just ahead of Piano Day tomorrow, pianist/composer Vanessa Wagner celebrates the release of her new album Study Of The Invisible on InFiné with her stunning take on Philip Glass’s “Etude N°16” — a tense, and determined vision of the piece.

The album sees her breaking new ground in a repertoire that she is, in France and even in Europe, practically the only “classical” pianist to tackle – a contemporary and timeless repertoire that can be described as “minimalist”, but which in reality covers a multitude of singular universes and musical personalities that are often out of the ordinary, all generations combined. Bryce Dessner, Caroline Shaw, Harold Budd, Brian & Roger Eno, Nico Muhly, Timo Andres, and more, are all here.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 5, 2022