“Berlin based project release, strikes like thunder in the House scene. Carefully crafted vocals, distinct hihats, crystal clear lead, rhythmic beat and dancing spirit. An ultimate work by all means. Enjoy!”

“SYMMETRY”​ is the 10th single of​ Berlin​-based ​electronic​ duo “​VERBOTEN BERLIN​“ (“forbidden berlin”), they​ combine​ analogue instruments, classic songwriting and “​Neo-KRAUT”​ with ​Berlin club music culture ​and already had ​live bookings​ in ​Italy, Poland and Germany.

As individual musicians they have already remixed/produced artists such as: ​Lana Del Rey, Wankelmut, Metronomy, The DO, Booka Shade, Robot Koch, 2Raumwohnung​ etc... and have released on club labels such as Get Physical Music & DIYnamic Music.

Through their innovative music​ jam sessions​ and short ​videos​ on ​INSTAGRAM​ they have amassed over ​26k followers organically​ and have an ​international ​loyal ​following​, which is highly engaged. (over​ 3k comments​ alone on their key posts)

Verboten Berlin also has ​over 6M views​ of their v​ ideos on IG​ and especially the song “SYMMETRY”​ with almost ​1M ​views on ​IG​ is an absolute ​fan-favorite​ and shows all positive signs of a​ “key song”​ for the duo.
For the ​main single version​ they collaborated with ​super-producer Jochen Naaf​, who currently enjoys ​international success​ with the band ​GIANT ROOKS​ and also produced hits for acts such as: ​Bosse, Hundreds, Polarkreis 18​ etc..
Quote​ of Jochen Naaf: “I’ve known Alex (singer of Verboten Berlin) since years and have always been a ​fan of his soulful voice​. When they showed me the song, I immediately had a ​vision​ to do my own version. ​“Symmetry”​ has these ​magic moments​ and already feels like an​ “instant classic”. ​I loved playing around and ​combining​ the ​electronic elements​ with the more ​organic sounds​ of this masterpiece! “

In addition, Verboten Berlin has already ​worked with ​with many ​heavyweights​ of the ​electronic scene​ and their songs have been ​remixed​ by artists such as: ​Booka Shade, Rodriguez Jr., Tube & Berger, Monkey Safari, Aparde, Fejka (of Christian Löfflers KI Records) ​ and also received playlist support by ​Spotify​ in key ​editorial playlists s​uch as: ​New Music Friday, Electronic Rising, Low Key Tech, Afterhours...

Verboten Berlin currently has about ​100k Monthly Listeners​ on Spotify and their music was played on international key ​radio stations​ such as: ​EINS live, Sputnik, Triple J Australia, Sirius FM USA​... and one of their songs was also used in a big ​Hollywood movie​ - ​The King Of Staten Island​ - directed by Judd Apatow and starring ​Pete Davidson.
The song also has an​ official music video​, created in collaboration with the​ legendary design & visual agency PFADFINDEREI​ who has been at the forefront of electronic music and video art for the likes of ​MODERAT​ etc... watch the video here:

The Verboten guys decided to also release their ​own special club version​ of ​SYMMETRY​,
which they also ​perform live​ and has a different unique approach​:

Musically​ the ​Club Remix​ starts with a ​electronic bell​ and some ​deep drums​, it then slowly builds the atmospheric vibe by adding​ synth brass and arpeggiated Prophet sounds ​that interact with some light vocal chops.
After the ​vocals​ fade in for the​ breakdown​, the tension keeps rising with the main vocal and some percussion and ramps before the ​full massive beat​ drops back in, right on point with the high chorus chants.
At this peak moment a ​syncopated synth line​ enters the picture and keeps pushing the remix forward with ​reverb​s and ​detuned FX​ sounds before the song fades into the deep...

Lyrically​ the song examines the ​concept of “Symmetry”​, how symmetry can ​transform​ things intobeauty​,howtolookforthe​subtledetails:​ ​“Whatyoulookatisnotwhatitseems....”

More info about Verboten Berlin:

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 19, 2021

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