Zir Bijou – Friends to Lovers

“Inspired from the fact that a true love may develop from friendship, Zir Bijou unfolds the sweetest piano melodies in this bright miniature. A sensitive touch for your ears which can reach the soul through its memorable vibrations.”


Artist said about this song:

"Living in Brooklyn, I pass a hundred people, on average, a day. There is one couple I observe almost everyday through the concrete jungle that brings me hope. When they smile at each other, you can feel their love, joy and contentment with one another. One afternoon the joyous couple and I were in the same coffee shop together and I asked them their story. As it would turn out, they were friends that always liked each, but whenever they would have a moment to get together something always got in the way. Finally, as timing would have it, they began meeting up to walk to work and began dating. Today, these soul-mates are happily married and the best of friends. They inspired this piano piece, “Friends to Lovers’."


Reviewed by Nagamag on July 15, 2022