Dutch Falconi – La Amante Del Inquisidor (Spotify)

“-La amante del Inquisidor- made from soft and very pleasant percussion, jazz elements and live music. All this is really sedative for the soul. It happens that you do not know what to expect from the next portion of this being revered by many genres, but this composition is acting in a special way. Unforgettable impression!”

“-La Amante Del Inquisidor- мягкая и очень приятная перкуссия, джазовые элементы, живая музыка, всё это настоящее успокоительное для души. Бывает, что не знаешь чего ожидать от очередной порции этого почитаемого многими жанра, но эта композиция воздействует особым образом. Незабываемое впечатление!”


Composer Dutch Falconi’s sophomore solo album, Curious Fabrications, out on Aurore Records July 23rd, is a sonic sleight of hand. It’s a film noir-ish adventure set in the big, cold, naked city, with the songs functioning as a roadmap for the intrepid listener to follow. Each track is a puzzle piece in the unfolding of the listener’s personalized narrative, one motivated by the fruitful ambiguity of the music. Is it a crime you’re solving? Probably. Are there clues? Everywhere. Are there dangerous and sexy characters to encounter? You bet. Hang onto your seats.


“I hope the pieces themselves lead to narratives conjured up in the mind of the listener. I prefer an unfixed perspective with music where the listener participates by bringing their own imagination to the pieces, and that contributes to their perception of the album. They’re part of the ensemble that way,” the Sacramento, California-based artist shares.

In the heyday of the 1990’s swing revival movement, Dutch led The Dutch Falconi Orchestra, a 27-piece swing orchestra juggernaut, replete with go-go dancers. From 1989-2000, he was the band’s benevolent dictator and composer, conductor, mechanic, bank and therapist. The small city of a group made 3 three records and shared stages with the big cats of the day like Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and the Royal Crown Revue. Dutch retired from the bandstand to pursue other creative ventures outside of music, but in 2020 resurfaced with a clutch of singles and a wildly eclectic solo debut, Bloom & Brimstone.


Curious Fabrications builds upon the success of his first solo bow, and like that album Dutch is the sole writer, player/performer, and producer. The similarities stop there. In keeping with the overarching theme of fruitful ambiguity, Dutch has created a swing album where nearly everything is synthetic and virtual with a tiny tidbit of Dutch’s actual playing. This album is a showcase for Dutch’s original swing era compositions, his flamboyant musicality, and his fearless imagination.

The single, La Amante Del Inquisidor, slinks forth with theatrical flair. The song exudes a hard-to-pin-down ethnic quality, and instead of being an appropriation, it is a melting pot of sounds. The tune boasts a vaguely klezmer melody set into a mildly Spanish flamenco framework performed with 40’s Latin dance band instrumentation. It’s an intriguing mélange of cultures and sounds that could possibly only come to fruition while twiddling one’s thumbs during pandemic downtime. “For me, the lockdown brought the delicious opportunity to stretch out,” Dutch shares. “I had the luxury of time to experiment. I frequently set out to reorder and recombine elements from tangentially related styles. The intention was to hit on some crooked math, like, 1+1+1=4, where the sum of the parts might make something surprising and unexpected. Something beautiful, wild and curious while being charged with passion and mystery.”


Tibe D’oro – X+x (Spotify)

“The slightly detuned piano sections give this track a real sense of nostalgia, a sense of yearning. One of those songs where the main theme will stick in your mind for days. A gentle tug at your heart strings, a trip down memory lane, haunting memories of a place & people you loved. The tune successfully invokes all of these feelings & more.”


Tibe D’Oro is the place of desire the Viennese Duo, Fabian Sialia and Leonard Cuscoleca, creates the sound for. In their music and composition process, they try to create a world as they feel it could or ought to be. The compositions draw from recordings from an artist mansion in North London that became a shrine for the local music scene. Singer-songwriter Amy Yon (vocals), and trumpeters Ludwig Ascher (Drahthaus) and Johnny Woodham (Alfa Mist), play with utmost freedom to a singular tempo and tune. A treasure trove of recordings allowing endless assembling emerged. The result are the three pieces X+X=1 closely interlinked through repeating and transforming elements.

Together with the work of the Vienesse Painter, Philip Mueller (Artwork, Vision of Tobe D’Oro), the compositions merge with the painter's image world depicting scenes from Tibe D’Oro.

Released on Fox Lane Music 2020

LHĒON – I Hate The Way That I Love You (Spotify)

“-I Hate The Way That I Love You- was produced as very atmospheric, regarding the whole composition and its mood. There is a clear feeling that the author introduces her listener into a strong conceptual canvas. -Lhēon- vocals sound organically in the frame of the musical concept invented by her.”

“-I Hate The Way That I Love You- выдался весьма атмосферным, как по композиции в целом, так и по настроению. Создаётся явное ощущение, что автор вводит своего слушателя в сильное концептуальное полотно. Вокал -LHĒON- органично звучит в рамках придуманной автором музыкальной концепции.”


Sweedish born, Melbourne based Neo-Soul singer-songwriter LHĒON has unveiled her brand new track, “I Hate The Way That I Love You”. Fiercely powerful, LHĒON is reaching new heights with her latest funk-tinged offering.

In striking contrast to her previous releases, the electrifying “I Hate The Way That I Love You” is jam packed with a stylish Motown inspired soundscape, topped off by the endlessly powerful and distinctive vocals of LHĒON. Written and produced by Lee Bradshaw, LHĒON brings her commanding presence to the expertly written track. Led by the constant drum beat, sassy hooks and a groove fuelled organ instrumentation, the vibrant anthemic nature of this offering has culminates in a punchy and exhilarating listen.

When asked about her new release LHĒON shared:

“IHTWILY is about the conflicting feelings of knowing someone is bad for you but still being unable to let go.”

Often compared to Adele, LHĒON’s unrelenting talent for conveying the most delicate of emotions in the most relatable yet aspirational way is what has helped her stand out. After the warm welcome to her debut EP, Full Disclosure Pt. I, and the release of the unforgettable “elique” and “pretend”, “I Hate The Way That I Love You” marks the beginning of a new sound with a new EP, Full Disclosure Pt. II.


Sheboshka – See-Saw by the Shore (Spotify)

“Lyrical jazz composition and carefully constructed leisurely narrative. Colourful harmony, melody and soft light background instrumentation. At such moments, you realize that this music is a product of its time and that today it is, more than ever, important and urgent.”

“Лирическая джазовая композиция, в которой бережно построено неторопливое повествование. Красочная гармония, нежная мелодия и лёгкая фоновая инструментовка. В такие моменты осознаёшь, что подобная музыка продукт своего времени и именно сегодня она как никогда важна и актуальна.”


Sheboshka create haunting songs that cross the divide between jazz, folk, and alt-country, speaking of love, longing, and leaving.

Adam Tsarouchis – Esthimata mou (Spotify)

“Our breath holds from the captivating voice of -Adam Tsarouchis- pouring an endless stream of his soul in our souls. His song -Esthimata mou- lays between Brazilian bossa nova and classical jazz. Exotic jewel of an exquisite compilation.”

“Дыхание перехватывает, когда пленительный голос -Adam Tsarouchis- льётся нескончаемым потоком из души в душу. Его песня -Esthimata mou- это танец жанров бразильского bossa nova и классического джаза. Диковинный бриллиант в изысканном ассортименте.”


a Greek Latin bossa nova song


David Whitman – With Love (Spotify)

“Music David Whitman is a bouquet of passions and a deep, sincere respect for his work. The album Soul Flow is an example of defeating improvisations within the framework of Jazz, and ensemble percussion as an inventive element of hunting technical masterpieces.”

“Музыка David Whitman это букет из страсти и глубокого, искреннего уважения к своему творчеству. Альбом Soul Flow пример поразительной импровизации в рамках изысканного Джаза, а ансамблевая перкуссия как изумительный элемент ловкого технического мастерства.”


This song received an Independent Music Award nomination for Best Instrumental Jazz Song. The album received two other IMA nominations and won four Global Music Awards. John Raymond, one of DownBeat magazines most watched young trumpet players, marvelously interprets the feature.


David Whitman brings a passion and deep respect for the music to the stage wherever and whenever he performs. Praised for his versatility, he possesses a high level of skill across a broad range of percussion styles and ensemble situations. Critics provide affirmation ; “His spirit echoes the playing of Art Blakey,” and “his goal of capturing the high standards of … prestigious jazz labels is dazzlingly achieved,” with playing that is hailed as “swinging,” “mesmerizing,” and “invigorating,” with “mesmerizing brushwork,” “youthful exuberance,” and “deft technical skill.”

David’s first album as leader ("Oh, Clara!") was recently released on the North Park label to critical acclaim, winning an Independent Music Award for Best Instrumental Jazz Album in 2018, as well as a nomination for Best Producer. His second album as leader (“Soul Flow”) won four Global Music Awards (Production, Composition, Jazz, Album - – all Silver), and three additional Independent Music Award nominations (Best Jazz Song, Best Blues Song, and Best Producer).

David has also toured, performed, or recorded with The Who, Geoffrey Keezer, Peter Townshend, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, John Raymond, Johnny Mathis, Weird Al Yankovic, Roger Nierenburg, and so many more amazing artists.


Eve Adams – A Walk in the Park (Spotify)

“Just as folk music brings together genres of music and people, so is Eve Adams doing with us in their composition A Walk in the Park. The unobtrusiveness and ease of being that unites our hearts.”

“Как фолк-музыка объединяет музыкальные жанры и людей, точно также и Eve Adams поступает с нами в своей композиции A Walk in the Park. Ненавязчивость и лёгкость бытия объединяющая наши сердца.”


Independent jazzfolk artist Eve Adams follows her captivating "You're Not Wrong" single with her newest offering "A Walk In The Park," due out next week. As a captivating writer from Los Angeles who heralds the undying influence of 20th century Americana music, her folk-noir sound tells stories of "dark, domestic dramas unfolding behind closed doors, equal parts violence and romance."

"Just like a walk in the park, we can go on and on," Adams croons in the opening line of her new single. Delicate and naive vocals are accompanied by a jazzy bass line, dramatic, tumbling organ and hazy percussion. The song seems to creep in from down a dark hallway, where a woozy pair of high heels tap on the sticky linoleum floor. Eve questions fate in this new track and shares, "Romance can be such a perfect distraction. It's a shame it doesn't last."

"To me, this song is about escaping into the fantasy of a new romance. Like the feeling of getting to know someone new, walking around in the dark, with nothing but the night to notice," she adds.

Eve spent her formative years traveling to and from her family farm in the tiny town of Colcord, Oklahoma. Inspired by the pastoral landscapes and the nuanced characters she grew up around, her whimsical tales depict a world that is familiar yet surreal, haunted by apparitions.

Eve's coming of age coincided with her departure to Montreal at the age of 18. A fortuitous meeting with saxophonist Military Genius led to the recording of her first album "In Hell" (2017)- Part I of their "Divine Romance" trilogy. While writing Part II, the blossoming creative relationship was cut short when Eve had to return to California due to a family crisis. During this time of uncertainty, Eve self-produced and released her second album "Candy Colored Doom" in 2019.

In the emotional wake of a tragedy, Eve rejoined Military Genius in Vancouver to finally complete the long-awaited Part II.


Soto Interview on Nagamag.com


Jazz Features

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Jazz, R&B, Funk, Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip-hop. New to the UK Jazz scene, Soto is a trio born out of Brighton with a foot in the doors of Jazz, R&B, Funk & Soul. Blending intricate rhythms and unique melodies, their feel is both a tribute to the scene, and something new altogether.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Soto aim to make their audiences smile and groove with their work; something which undeniably helps this is the chemistry between the three founding members. Having all met in their first year at medical school, music was initially something of a side-hustle, but as the years passed it became more and more an integral to them as individuals and as a collective. Now, with their time at university drawing to a close, and a debut EP online, there'll be at least a few heads wondering what will be coming next from these guys.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

The feeling that first connected each of us to music is re-experienced on a regular basis. There is a deeply moving experience that arises when hearing the work of artists that touch us, and this similarly is something that is felt when we connect musically as a collective or as individuals. Music is possibly the most significant bringer of joy in any of our lives, which is why we are so determined - even with careers as doctors ready to begin - to make this a central part of our future. A life without music would always feel empty in a way.

What do YOU enjoy most about writing and playing your music?

We are all genuinely dedicated to the musical journey that we're on together. There's nothing better than when we meet for band practice and one of us says 'I've been working on this recently - what do you think?' and plays something beautiful. Many of our songs have come from one person bringing an idea forward for us to jam with, or quite literally just appearing from jams. This makes the process of writing so fun, and something we always look forward to. Similarly, what could be more fun than bringing music into a live setting? We love to improvise and leave lots of room for our songs to be different each time they are played so we can fully express ourselves musically any time we meet - we think of music as a conversation between the three of us and any listeners that may be present.

Where do you see yourselves going musically?

We hope to continue to challenge ourselves. We are always trying to explore new themes, try new things and push each other more and more musically, and this is something we hope to keep going. What we aim to do is continue writing music and hopefully entertaining people with our work. We would love to carve our a career in music, and we are so driven to this that we hope we're fortunate enough to just get that break that we need to make this viable. Whatever happens though, we want to enjoy every step of the way and be present in this journey, wherever it may go.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Celeste "Both Sides of The Moon"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Prime Panda "State Your Business"

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