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Camilo EG, Laurin Wilson – Night and Day (Acoustic) (Spotify)

“The vocal-instrumental duo of Camilo EG and Laurin Wilson is the way to a heart, which needs healing. Their combined work Night and Day examines the theme of attachments and loves, combining elements of pop-rock and folk in modern sounds. Unknown landscapes in your imaginations!”

“Вокально-инструментальный дуэт Camilo EG и Laurin Wilson это путь к сердцам тех, кто нуждается в исцелении. Их совместная работа Night and Day исследует тему приключений и любви, сочетая в себе элементы pop-rock и фолка в современном звучании. Неистовые пейзажи в вашем воображении!”

Camilo EG

Born in Colombia and made in Texas—Camilo EG explores themes of adventure, love, loss, and the human spirit as he blends elements of Heartland Rock, Folk, and Pop into a contemporary sound. He does this by exploring the "power of song" through evolving narratives that bring about burgeoning sonic landscapes.

Bobby Dove – Hopeless Romantic (Spotify)

“Hopeless Romantic is the new album of Bobby Dove, including 11 carefully crafted songs for tickle your ear needs. We picked the same titled track which happens to be and the intro one. Light heartwarming atmosphere for the incurable romantics who hunt love even when the turn out been hopeless. The importance is to be guided by love and romance always to make this world a better one! ”

The upbeat title track and lead single (with video), satirically exposes the highs and lows of being a “Hopeless Romantic”. Bobby's vividly shattered dreams are brought to life with nostalgic melodies, and a topnotch Canadian country band that includes Bazil Donovan and Jimmy Bowskill - along with an animated visual clip produced by the “gorgeous and glorious” Gregory Pepper. Co-produced with Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo) and Tim Vesely (Rheostatics) at The Woodshed studio in Toronto, Bobby Dove’s new album, Hopeless Romantic, offers 11 new original Americana/Country songs on subjects such as unrequited love, being on the road, haunted hotels and hard-rocking pallbearers. On Hopeless Romantic, Bobby collaborates with some of the finest in Canadian Country music including Jimmy Bowskill (The Sheepdogs, Blue Rodeo), Burke Carroll (Kathleen Edwards) as well as guest singers Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo) and Jenny Whiteley.

Paul Weinfield – January Sun (Spotify)

“January Sun is a softer and more western-oriented form of folk rock. Paul Weinfield's new single makes you feel a breath of fresh air on the edge of a tall, cool promontory.”

“January Sun это более мягкая и ориентированная на запад форма фолк-рока, от чего слушается и воспринимается новый сингл Paul Weinfield как глоток свежего воздуха на краю высокого, прохладного мыса.”

"January Sun" is a song about the importance of being willing to start again. All vocals, songwriting, and instruments by Paul Weinfield, except drums by Keith Robinson and trumpet by Rhys Tivey.

Ella Beyer – Six Feet (Spotify)

“Heart-touching song with dominating guitar chords and high level vocal capabilities. Music with attitude by the fantastic Ella Beyer. This effort is certainly going to be appreciated by many listeners out there. True creativity skills never stay in the dark.”

Six Feet is a song about longing and love in an uncertain world. While “Six Feet” is Ella’s first official release, she has performed many original songs live. Her signature sound, showcased in this single, is a fresh take on the vintage art form. Ella writes about the world around her, covering themes from love at a distance to the struggles of high school with sage wisdom.

The universe forged an old-soul in 17 year old Ella Beyer. She’s the uncanny incarnate of the 70’s, from her music to her personality, her clothing and style – flowers and all. Through Ella’s songwriting you can hear the influences of Joni Mitchell and Carole King emerge as she takes on current events in her own right. Her honey sweet voice and her bubbly optimism are her spirit trademarks.

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone. So when a 17 year old is able to create musical lemonade from lemons in 2020, while still balancing high school and normal teenage things, its sure to turn heads. “Six Feet” is a current event catch that demonstrates Ella’s remarkable songwriting talent at a young age. While her personal style, and musical influences transcend generations with a sweet charm of an era gone by – Ella’s fresh new single is here to stay, encapsulating a moment in history that wouldn’t be forgotten soon.

While “Six Feet” is Ella’s first official release, she has performed many original songs live. Her signature sound, showcased in this single, is a fresh take on the vintage art form. Ella writes about the world around her, covering themes from love at a distance to the struggles of high school with sage wisdom.

When she’s not writing music or studying at her performing arts high school, Ella uses her talent in partnership with the Dragon Kim Foundation where she volunteers with Fostering the Arts. Her unique ability to mix her original works with stunning covers of well-loved songs is a perfect fit for the program, which works to expose kids in the foster care system to opportunities in the arts.

Ella has also performed with shows held by The Music Path, a California non-profit that works to increase access to music in public schools. Beyond just her work in these volunteer and non-profit settings, Ella has participated in shows including the Berklee College of Music Songwriting Sessions, and performs locally at venues such as the Alex Theatre, No Future Café, and Descanso Gardens.

Gregg Garvey – Minot (Spotify)

“Singer and author Gregg Garvey is one of the last romantics of our day. You just want to put all your gadgets aside, open the door and feel the rustle of grass under your feet. The song Minot sounds in my head, and my fingers beat beat after beat. Life will never be the same again.”

“Певец и автор Gregg Garvey один из последних романтиков наших дней. Так и хочется отложить все гаджеты в сторону, распахнуть дверь и почувствовать шелест травы под ногами. В голове звучит песня Minot, а пальцы отбивают такт за тактом. Жизнь уже никогда не будет прежней.”

Titled after a town in North Dakota, the song is an inward reflection on first loves, first pursuits of dreams, and finding one’s own bravery. At the heart of the song is the idea that even if a person fails at first, they have now become someone who made that voyage, and so may make more of them.

Gregg Garvey is a singer and songwriter from Minnesota. Influenced by visionary artists such as Gene Clark, David Sylvian and ‘60s-era Scott Walker, Gregg’s music is a mix of dreamy Baroque pop and vintage rock soul.

Sam Newton – Ground Me (Video)

“Ground Me is a pleasant and so charming, acoustic melancholy into which you dive headlong, as if into the abyss of a blue ocean. And you drown in it and sink to the very bottom of it. Elegy of feelings and events.”

“Ground Me – приятная и такая очаровательная, акустическая меланхолия, в которую ныряешь с головой, словно в бездну синего океана. И тонешь в нём и опускаешься на самое дно его. Элегия чувств и событий.”

Artist shared about this song:

” This is a true story about a pivotal moment in my life. When I was 4 years old, my Dad and I build a rocket from old cardboard boxes and tape. I sat in it cross-legged on the floor and put on my Dad’s huge headphones. He dropped the vinyl of the “2001: A Space Odyssey” soundtrack – this was the first time I’d heard music on headphones – amazing…it blew me away!! I shut my eyes and was transported to another world! I believe that was the moment I decided I wanted to be a composer…that feeling of wonder and passion has never left me. “

Aidan u0026 the Wild – Running (Video)

“Defeatably, how vile and careless music becomes. If you do not know the words of Aidan & the Wild and do not listen to the song Running until that day, close this page, try to find it and enjoy it for a second.”

“Поразительно, как порою легка и беззаботна бывает музыка. Если вы ещё не знакомы с Aidan & the Wild и до этого дня не слышали песню Running, то закрывайте эту страницу, устраивайтесь по уютнее и наслаждайтесь каждой секундой.”

Artist shared with us few words about this song:

Running is the first single of of my debut album “Revelation Never Came”, that releases October 8th 2021. The album (and this song) was recorded during the lock-down period of mid 2020, during which I took it upon myself to do the production and play all instruments except drums and bass on the record.

I wrote this song last March at the start of this crisis. At that point it still partly felt surreal and I couldn’t help but think about the weirdness of this world. Change came so suddenly and there was nothing to do about it.

After a bit of lockdown I started feeling a bit sore because of lack of activity, so I decided to buy these sneakers and start running in the morning. *Note that I previously regarded sports as not for me, since I’d prefer to spend that time making music*. This song has become a discription of that first run after six years of no real exercise, and the rapidly changing world that forced this event.

Taking a cue from heroes such as Ben Howard, John Butler, John Smith and the Tallest Man On Earth and a profound love for ancient myths and stories about lost times come together in the distinct sound of Aidan & the Wild’s music.

Aidan, a.k.a. Diederik van den Brandt, takes his listeners away on a musical journey through his interpretation of folk and americana music. Spending most of his days practicing his instruments results in a singer-songwriter who clearly knows his way around the guitar. Open-tuning finger picking alternated with slide and percussive style techniques produce a saturated and captivating sound. The big blueprint of his songwriting is folk music, but within the spectrum all corners are explored. From groovy americana and uplifting songs about Jesus to enchanting melodies that transport the listener to another world, from personal stories about love to epic works about myths and dragons. Combined with his raw and honest voice and occasional foot percussion he delivers a one-man show that keeps captivating every second along the way as well as an energetic and enchanting performance backed up by his band.


“Well this is an absolutely elegant song with 100% natural instrument mix. Excellent overall result, which cannot hide the artist’s professional skill. We are not used to such an experience and even this voice can become unforgetable!”

On the new video:

Mississippi-bred, Nashville-based artist Chelsea Lovitt has a familiar 2020 tale – and has a video she wants to release around Valentine’s Day for her song “State Of Denial.” There’s a pretty funny story here…”State Of Denial” is about being distanced from loved ones when you’re a touring artist, and the message still applies since distance is mandated and viruses are in the way.

Chelsea got a great deal from video guru Joshua Shoemaker (Nicole Atkins, Marcus King Band, Vanessa Carlton, and more), to shoot the music video for “State Of Denial” – he filmed her while she drove her band van around Nashville delivering flowers, making people happy while she’s singing about being separated from her loved ones. Then, two weeks before lockdown, Chelsea put out an album in what was supposed to be “her year,” with a tour planned that had to be canceled, like so many other artists. To add fuel to the dumpster fire that was 2020, Chelsea had arranged to sell her rustbucket van to help pay for this music video. On the way to the airport to meet the guy who’d bought it from her (who had flown in to drive back to his home state), it died. For good.

Chelsea Lovitt’s music is a fantastic blend of sass, swagger, and hip-shaking defiance..rock n’ roll and rockabilly, psychedelic country with the underlying lyrical rebellion of 60s folk. Every song on her latest record, You Had Your Cake, So Lie In It, is a sparkling gem – whether it’s sifting through the emotional storage facility of emerging adulthood or red wine-fueled philosophizing, Lovitt’s got the goods, and she’s got it in spades.

Quote from Chelsea:

I wrote this song on a harmonica in a field in Delaware the month before going in the studio. It was 5 in the morning and I’d been listening to Dylan. I had ambitions and ideas for this record to be influenced by Blonde on Blonde of course, and since we were doing it on tape and in Nashville I’d been listening to that and Nashville Skyline obsessively. I wrote this when I was in love, after not ever really being in it. It examines psychological issues that maybe stem from being from Mississippi because for some reason we’re prone to be emotional hoarders and it’s hard to “sift through that pile” when it comes to letting go and living in the moment or especially being in love. The song reflects on what wasn’t love and what is and why sometimes it’s a bittersweet “can’t be,” because distance and/or your own neuroses get in the way.

Now distance is mandated and viruses are in the way.

And it’s kind of like the predicament we have on Valentines this year when we have to socially distance ourselves and a lot of lovers can’t be together, and maybe this year has been a soul distancing folks like me have actually needed to figure out and “sift through” our own internal crap and be better people. When else could we have done that in this fast-paced world? It’s also been a test of what it means to really love somebody, especially when you can’t physically be with them.


Well I wasnʼt quite ready to live

I wasnʼt quite ready to live,

I wasnʼt quite ready to give,

You a try.

And I ainʼt never been ready to sift

Through that pile.

Cause baby I was born in a state that dug the ditch for denial.

I wasnʼt quite natural to give,

I wasnʼt quite certain Iʼd leave

or care if I died

But now Iʼd pay for your time if cost me every nickel or dime.

And I ainʼt never been ready to sift

Through that pile,

Cause baby I was born in a state that dug the ditch for denial.

I didnʼt cry cause I missed you

Itʼs cause I knew youʼd hurt me when youʼre gone.

When I have you in my arms it seems youʼd never cause any harm.

Baby I know you love me but your heart gets harder when your far.

And I ainʼt never been ready to sift,

Through that pile.

Cause baby I was born in a state that dug the ditch for denial.


Buy a house for a hundred dollars

50/50 make some kinda start.

For the first time Iʼd plant flowers and have some kinda yard.

But whatʼs in paying taxes on land when youʼre both so far?

And I ainʼt never been ready to sift,

Through that pile.

Cause baby I was born in a state that dug the ditch for denial,

Yeah baby I was born in a state that dug the ditch for denial.

DSP band – Coming Back to Town (Video)

“A very positive song in an energetic country style that sooner or later we all return to our beloved and familiar prairies of our native lands. Coming Back to Town is for you, dear travelers!”

“Очень позитивная песня в энергичном стиле country о том, что рано или поздно все мы возвращаемся на любимые и знакомые с детства прерии родных земель. Coming Back to Town для вас, дорогие путешественники!”

This is kind of a road trip country rock tune about being on the way back home (literally or imaginatory). Traditionally sound, with instrumenst such as harmonica, dobro, banjo and organ..

DSP band (Down south pepper band) is from the small lappish village Kvalsund, in the northernmost part of Norway. The core members of the band are Per Øyvind Mathisen and Rune Nyby, they have been making music together for a long time.

The band plays americana and country inspired music that reflects the joy and sorrows in life as they observe and experience it. They have released 20 songs on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon, they have also released the album ”The Last Twang” on CD with 12 country and blues inspired songs.

A couple of DSP bands singles have been on independent country music single chart, as a result of airplay on country radio stations around the world.

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