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San Salinas – We All Are One (Spotify)

“Refined vocals, harmonious rhythmic design and soulful music. An excellent combination of acoustics and solo in the arrangement, from which it immediately becomes clear from the first seconds that this work was done by professionals. Remember - we are all one and the music unites us!”

“Изысканный вокал, гармоническое ритмическое оформление и душевная музыка. Отличное сочетание акустики и соло в аранжировке, от чего сразу становится понятно с первых секунд, что это работа выполнена профессионалами. Помните — мы все едины и объединяет нас музыка!”

Eamonn McCormack – Gypsy Women (Spotify)

“If it’s in your blood, there is no denying it and here its clearly evident. Impressive guitar solos along with classic blues sounds captured our attention to the fullest. ”

Eamonn McCormack was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. He is an Internationallly acclaimed Blues-Rock guitarist, singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist who has recorded 7 albums to date. Eamonn has also recorded, played and/or toured with Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, ZZ Top, George Thorogood, Robert Plant and Jan Akkerman and more.. His latest album "Storyteller" released 10 April 2020 is already being critically claimed as one of the finest blues rock albums this year by critics. More info:

The Key Rocks – The Line (Acoustic) (Spotify)

“In the manner of fulfillment, deep vocals prevail, but at this tempo the naked voice exerts its acoustic melody with its intonation peculiarities. The vocalist added a texture that required expressiveness, which is a key element to understand the main message of lyrics. Soulful! ”

“В манере исполнения преобладает глубокий вокал, но при этом тембр голоса наделяет акустическую мелодию своими интонационными особенностями. Вокалист придал тексту необходимую ему экспрессию, который бережно заставляет понимать основной посыл текста. ”

The Key Rocks is an independent solo project by Irish Musician and Producer Kevin James Murphy. The Key Rocks applies a low cost, lofi, approach to recording to demonstrate that in this crazy world where there is some much expectation on things being perfect, mad consumerism, and overproduction, that it is possible, without breaking the bank, to get your music out there globally with a little bit of focus and effort. The Key rocks maintains a simple approach. Limited takes, trying to keep the recordings authentic, home-recorded with basic equipment, and with only a limited amount of overdubbed tracks. The songs are written from either a personal or an observational perspective and capture real moments or feelings that I have experienced or observed.

The Line is a song about a moment in time where two people met and had a deeply meaningful experience together. The future was full of promise with a long journey ahead. But for reasons unknown, and due to complications things don’t work out as expected and turn to the worst. If only they had had more time as they crossed a line during their brief time together. If only they had given each other more time . . . . as now it has all turned to dust.

It was recorded in a kitchen in Kuala Lumpur, and kept as simple as possible in line with the simple message in the song.

The Line (acoustic) appears on the album Deja Reve released during 2020.

Lachlan Bryan And The Wildes – Ok to Love (Spotify)

“"Ok to Love" has so soulful and soft rhythm, as if in old and good times. It connects two genres; Country and Acoustic. This is characteristic of a good and open to the heart music. Striking harmony is felt by the entire track too. Also the memorable singer's voice keeps you active until the last second.”

“Мягкий и такой душевный ритм, словно как в старые и добрые времена, соединяет 2 направления - Country и Acoustic. Это невероятно приятная, по хорошему добрая и открытая сердцу музыка. Поразительное спокойствие и гармония, которая ощущается на протяжение всего трека. Запоминающийся голос вокалиста не даёт заскучать ни на секунду!”

This is the opening track to Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes' new album As Long as it's Not Us, which debuted this week at #5 on the Official Australian ARIA charts.

Alex Dunn – Southern Star (Spotify)

“The night comes and it's time to relax. Sit back and choose "Southern Star" for a joyful trip among some softly vibrating guitar chords. Follow the singer's expressive voice and say goodbye to your everyday stressful situations!”

Before returning to Seattle to pursue music, rising Americana folk artist Alex Dunn spent much of the past 15 years working and living on boats as a commercial salmon fisherman in Southeast Alaska. Now back in Seattle and coming up on the release of his sophomore LP Southern Star, Dunn has encapsulated his experiences at sea in the album’s title track out via Color Red on September 17, 2021.

“Southern Star” is an oceanic folk song that carries the rhythms of the sea while detailing the arduous yet dreamy nature of living aboard a small wooden fishing vessel. Much of Dunn’s life was often ebbing and flowing, dictated by the seasonal nature of the fish themselves—it was only natural for him to compose an Americana homage that reflects this uniquely aquatic existence. Dunn enlisted Bryant Moore (True Loves) as his co-producer and the two captured the reminiscence of long, hard days toiling upon the sea and nights spent below deck, lulled by the water slapping against the hull, the creaking wood expanding and contracting as the boat heaved up and down.

Dunn collaborated with his good friend and renowned multimedia artist Elena Stonaker on a music video to accompany the track and re-create imagery of a dream-like reality where one floats through rugged waterscapes filled with wild creatures and the experiences of a particular, untamed solitude.

“The video for ‘Southern Star’ showcases Elena’s signature style of creating soft and beautiful, almost child-like worlds, while at the same time evoking the darkness that often lies beneath the surface,” says Dunn. “I wrote many songs while living and working aboard commercial fishing vessels and the video details the numerous creatures and seascapes that filled this wild existence while focusing on the power of dreams—for they are the connections to a promising future. In this case, a future symbolized by the guiding light of a ‘Southern Star.’”

Southern Star is set for release in fall 2021 on Color Red, a music discovery platform founded by Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds that is also home of fellow Seattle artists Polyrhythmics, True Loves, West Seattle Soul/The Pulsations, and more. The record was tracked and mixed by Robb Davidson of Avast Recording Co. and mastered by Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound.

For more information and to learn more, visit and

Love, DEAN – “Put A Record On” (Video)

“Looking for some real and serious sound? Then this may be a good choice. “Put A Record On” can easily stand among the most notable creations. Consisting of Alternative, Indie and Americana elements keeps a high production level and also invites us in the warm artists’ place.”

Musicians, singer-songwriters, and husband and wife, Rachael and Luke Price, are bringing back the feel-good vibes of classic Americana. On Love, DEAN’s self-titled debut, they’ve handcrafted a musical mosaic from vintage soul, Motown, old-time music, gospel, folk, and neo-soul. The self-titled album is themed around love and community, and coming of age milestones. It’s vibrant, personal, and it’s for everyone.

“This album is a love letter from us to anyone who listens. We’re hoping the listener feels let into our lives; that they can see value in music; value in people; and that they feel inspired to grow in their own lives and relationships. We leave space for grief, hardship and honesty but our target is encouragement and positivity in the midst of struggles,” Rachael says.

Rachael and Luke first met as Berklee College of Music students on the very first day of school. Rachael’s artistic perspective encompasses soul, gospel, and Americana. Luke is an accomplished fiddler steeped in old-time music, bluegrass, swing, and honky-tonk. From these varied backgrounds, the twosome nurtured a soul-pop aesthetic. “We want to connect with people, but we also like to keep things musically interesting. For example, there may be a section in 7, or a strange horn line or a complex drum fill or passage, but we never like these touches to take away from the song” Luke says. “We strive for something that feels familiar but has unexpected twists.”

The band began simply as DEAN! while Luke and Rachael were in college. They felt keen on the trusty and traditional overtones of the name. The couple also each had a beloved family member named Dean, and when they rebooted the project in Portland, Oregon, they modified the handle to Love, DEAN. A perfect addition that showcases the warmth within the group.

Love, DEAN is part of a creative community of musicians who drift in and out of each other’s projects and also come together to teach at music camps. “Our music comes from our experience and from the influence of our musical community which stretches across the country, from Boston, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Portland,” Rachael says.

The warmly inviting single, Put A Record On, grooves with a Beatles-esque soulfulness. The track features Luke’s Pop Staples-like R&B guitar filigree, Rachael’s slow-burn vocals, dreamy organ playing, trippy atmospherics, and a deconstructed pocket drums and bass groove. Its lyrics are evocative and inclusive—lovingly snapshotting how music can be a sanctuary away from the onslaught of day-to-day living. Rachael sings: Finally by ourselves we shut the door/Every step creaks slowly cross this floor/Anticipation telling us it’s time /Hold me tight as Ray sings “Georgia On My Mind.” “We love listening to records together and with friends, and we wanted to celebrate all the beauty of those moments, tangible and intangible,” Rachael says.

Dr. Zwig – Unborn Voices (Spotify)

“What needs to be done before you start listening -Unborn Voices-? The answer is simple; activate your imagination and open the heart. Music herself will find the way. Excellent combination of acoustic instruments and intoxicating vocals.”

“Что нужно сделать прежде, чем начать слушать -Unborn Voices-? Ответ простой, - включить воображение и открыть сердце. Музыка сама найдёт путь. Прекрасное сочетание акустических инструментов и опьяняющего вокала. ”

Meet Dr. Adam Zwig—psychologist-musician, educator, and author. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology, has had 9 Top Ten hit singles on the U.S Adult Contemporary charts, and is an internationally renowned workshop leader and lecturer. He has been featured on Billboard, SiriusXM Radio, CBS Radio, and many other stations, and in People Magazine, Pollstar, and many other publications. Dr. Zwig has released 7 albums, has songs on NBC, Fox, and Fuel TV, and has garnered over 130 million views on YouTube. His forthcoming book, Music in the Mayhem: Tales of Total Transformation from a Rock n Roll Psychologist, shows how life problems are not pathological but rather personal growth processes trying to happen. His podcast, The Dr. Zwig Show, posts new episodes every Wednesday.

Madeline Hawthorne – Boots (Video)

“Very pleased with how much tremendous and subtle -Madeline Hawthorne- approached the construction of the melody. Each transition, saturated rhythm section and vocal parties are in their places. Positive arrangement of spirit and cheerfulness are guaranteed!”

“Очень радует насколько трепетно и тонко -Madeline Hawthorne- подошла к построению мелодии. Каждый переход, насыщенная ритм-секция и вокальные партии находятся на своих местах. Позитивное расположение духа и жизнерадостность гарантированы!”

“Boots” is Montana-based roots-rock singer-songwriter Madeline Hawthorne’s upbeat and honest debut solo single

“‘Boots’ is my introduction to the world as a solo artist,” Hawthorne shares in a press release. “The way the intro is stripped down to a guitar and my vocals, as well as the message of the song discussing women in the world and in the music industry, felt like a good representation of where I am as an artist today.”

The breakout single is accompanied by the release of Hawthorne’s first official music video. Shot in the midst of the pandemic, the video follows Hawthorne as she makes the best of a snowy evening quarantined at home with her husband is inspired by non other than her trusty boots and a well-poured Old Fashioned.

Cypress – Running Like the Wind (Spotify)

“Bright acoustic melody, innovative, expressive mood and incredibly juicy vocals from Ben Higginbotham - all this indicates an extremely high-quality work and automatically raise it among the best of its genre.”

“Яркая акустическая мелодия, новаторские, выразительные ударные и невероятный сочный вокал Ben Higginbotham – всё это указывает на чрезвычайно качественную работу и автоматически делают её, пожалуй, лучшей в своём жанре.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration for this song:

"I wrote this song about being there for someone no matter where you are. Was definitely inspired initially by "You've got a Friend" by James Taylor; however, I was listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen when we produced it, so by the end it had turned into a rock n roll track."

Cypress is the indie folk, singer-songwriter project of Ben Higginbotham. Born in Dallas but based in LA, Ben was inspired by his childhood spent glued to the piano and listening to the crooning voices of Texas singer-songwriter legends like Ruthie Foster and Lyle Lovett to pursue his passion for music early on.

Shortly after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017, Ben created Cypress — a soulful, emotional solo project reflective of his personal and professional growth. Evoking artists like Ray LaMontagne, Ben Howard, and Hozier, Cypress’ indie folk/folk rock sound is rich and textured yet melodic and straightforward — often weaving lyric-driven stories of relationships, family and coming-of-age with a reflective and nostalgic tone. With crisp, powerful lyrics and relatable, universal themes underlying each song, Cypress’ music shines in its smooth approachability and ease of listening.

Released in November 2018, Cypress’ first EP A Fine Line was recorded and produced in Austin, TX by longtime collaborator Taylor Tatsch. Cypress’ most recent single “Take Me Back” was produced by Floyd Fuji and released in August 2020.

Rockford Road – Anymore (Spotify)

“If you have a preference in Rock, you'll not resist in "Anymore"! The band focuses on the old classic '70s sound and this becomes obvious from the very first seconds. Such songs always have to add a missing part in today's music scene. Enjoy this friendly trip to the past.”

Rockford Road was formed so the band could write all original 60's & 70's style FM Rock songs. Influences are Tom Petty, John Prine, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles. "60 Grit" is their third album.

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