Boston Switch – Let Me Know – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“Through wonderful deep house emotional vocals that invite you quickly to follow in its groove which stomps at 0:55 with an enormous top notch mix of kick/bass and sound clarity, a memorable song!”

An emotional vocal midtempo/house inspired song. Also Mixed & Mastered by Luca Pretolesi from Studio DMI

About the artist:

Meet Boston Switch a 30 year old professional DJ & Free Surfer from Margaret River, West Australia. As a travel enthusiastic he has performed all over the world from Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji, Norway whilst holds a residency in Greece at Far Out Beach Club & Alt Bar on Ios Island. He is also one of the Official DJs for The Yacht Week throughout the Saronic Islands of Greece.

Also well know in Australia for his history performing a some of the largest music festivals to hit the country such as Future Music Festival, Southbound, Groovin The Moo, Summadayze, Cuban Club & Stereosonic. Including International festivals such as Sunblast Festival & Treasure Island in Indonesia & Your Paradise Festival in Fiji. Having a combined festival booking of over 20 performances in his 6 years of performing.

Finally as a sponsored Free Surfer for California born surf company Rusty Enterprises, he holds an annual residency at the Official Tracks Magazine After Party at the Quiksilver Pro Snapper Rocks, Queensland each year whilst also hosts his very own sold out After Party for the Margaret River Pro in his home town yearly.

Tony Igy – Astronomia (Never Go Home) Official Video (Video)

“We all been addicted to this pop theme, especially after goes viral, but this vocal version push its limits a step further and gives us one more reason to be more memorable. Exuberant sound production and sweet vocals for a classical melodic line now.”

Tony Igy’s ‘Astronomia (Never Go Home)’ sees the superstar Russian DJ and producer team-up with Jesper Borgen (who wrote Alan Walker’s global smash hit, ‘Faded’) to create a vocal version of his now legendary original track, ‘Astronomia’. Released 9 October 2020 on Sony/B1, ‘Astronomia’ is already building into one of the biggest songs of the year.The story of ‘Astronomia (Never Go Home)’ first began in 2010, when Tony’s instrumental became a worldwide club and internet anthem. 6 years later, the Dutch DJ duo, Vicetone, released a remix of Tony’s original that once again saw it embraced by a new generation. Fast forward to February 2020, and earlier this year ‘Astronomia’ was used as the soundtrack for what’s become known as the ‘coffin carrier’ meme featuring a Ghanian funeral dance cut into a video of a skier making a hard landing; by April it had become the world’s most popular meme (22.4 million videos on TikTok), catapulting ‘Astronomia’ to #3 Shazam Global Chart, #6 Spotify Global Viral Chart, #99 Spotify Global Chart, +185 million streams, +1.000.000 daily streams, and Spotify Top 200 in 19 countries.Tony and Jesper’s new song takes the ear-worm hook and one of the decade’s most memorable riffs to another level entirely, a new vision for a record that is fast becoming a modern classic.Tony Igy was born in Russia, Kamensk – Shakhtinsky, Rostov region. He started making electronic music at an early age and wrote is first tune while still at school, the reason being that “it was boring, especially in winter.” He first started listening to the Prodigy, becoming a fan of their energy and sound as well as Liam Howlett’s production. In 2006, Tony wrote one of his first notable tracks ‘Pentagramma’, it started as a track amongst his friends and ended up becoming an anthem at the famous Kazantip festival. Since then his career has gone international, but he remains one of Russia’s most popular dance music stars, working across genres including drum & bass, techno, and trance.

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Lonely Faces Interview on Nagamag



What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Lonely Faces:
Acid, Techno, EDM

Few words about your musical background and career?

Lonely Faces:
I have been interested in instrumental electronic music from a very young age. Originally playing piano and then bass guitar, i made the change to synthesizers by means of my first set of keys when i was in high school. Having always been fascinated with pattern and repetition, it was natural for me to gravitate towards dance and club music. During my late teens and 20s, i was heavily influenced by what was going on here in Melbourne-it was the 90s- there was a thriving rave scene and the music was very fresh and new. You could go out just about every night of the week- it was a very Inspirational time and i feel very honoured to be part of a very exciting era in music.

It was really a decade later that i really became serious about production and really started to build my studio and learn my craft. I had a strong leaning toward analog synthesizers and classic technology form the 80s being a prolific user of many of the Roland instruments from that era, namely the x0x series of devices that we all know and love.

My association with Tempest Recordings and more recently, it's subsidiary Slice Records, began around 5 years ago with the release of some work under the name Guilty Hero (a duo)- a name i no longer use. I decided to forge ahead with Lonely Faces, as this satisfied my various creative desires, and this is where I find myself today....Happily working in my studio, experimenting and exploring.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Lonely Faces:
Music has always been a combination of escapism and self expression for me. From a very early age, i had an interest in the process of electronic music making- even long before i knew the techniques, i was compelled my the musical result of sound design and sequencing. I listened to a lot of krout rock and decided that one day I was to create my own technology based art.

You talk about 80s Synthesizers. Can you please elaborate about the uses of this technology.

Lonely Faces:
I think a lot of people would assume that technology based music would use the most up-to-date equipment at the time....Not so for me, as most of the sound sources i use really have there roots in previous decades. As with many of my contemporaries the TR series of drum machines and of course the 303 are very important devices. The way these instruments sound has always intrigued me, both in use and result.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Lonely Faces:
Mike Oldfield "Ommadawn Pt1"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Lonely Faces:
Thomas P. Heckmann "Himmel & Hoelle"

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Valencia James – Friend I Can’t Keep (Spotify)

“A pure bliss of vocals and electronica in "Friend I Can't Keep" from Valencia James. Solid prodiction which caught your attention in first seconds with signature vocal pop style of Valencia and explodes to a colourful harmonic electronic synth groove. From the tracks you are in hurry to open shazam to add it in your collection.”

Sydney-based Valencia James is back with a new single “Friend I Can’t Keep”. Back out of the shadows after her debut EP Light & Shade and in the midst of a pandemic, Valencia now dives into more playful soundscapes while retaining her brand of edge and sarcasm.Valencia has previously been featured prominently on online media such as Earmilk, Idobi Radio, and VarianceMagazine. “Friend I Can’t Keep” signals a new era for Valencia James, aligning EDM influences with her signature dark-pop voice.

Sly (with Emily Warren) – Cotton Candy (Video)

Enticing alt-pop newcomer Sly joins the Village with his riveting debut single “Cotton Candy,” featuring the talented Emily Warren (multi-billion-stream driving force behind hits for Dua Lipa, Khalid, Sigrid, Rita Ora and Charli XCX) on vocals. Sly, aka Sylvester Sivertsen, has racked up esteemed credits over the past few years, having collaborated and produced for notable artists including The Chainsmokers, Liam Payne, Cheat Codes, the Jonas Brothers and many more. Now he returns to the forefront of emerging artists as a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with his debut release. Having grown up to parents involved in the arts, music runs deep in Sly’s bloodline. His father is renowned producer and drummer Jan Sivertsen and his mother, perhaps his greatest inspiration, is the legendary Danish singer and songwriter Lis Sørensen. The Copenhagen-based artist grew up watching his parents work with analogue equipment which led him to begin teaching himself how to produce in Logic, drawing inspiration from Daft Punk and Justice but continuing to experiment with his personal sound.By his late teens Sly had perfected his skill for mixing live instrumentation and synthesized beats, landing him an early cut with Liam Payne. His success soon spiraled into bigger cuts like “Side Effects” which went on to hit hundreds of millions of streams for The Chainsmokers. “When I started making the music I wanted to hear, I hit a vein,” he says. In turn, inspired by his work with major artists and noticing that he was building a catalogue of idiosyncratic, compelling and human pop, Sly really did start making music for himself.2020 is here and Sly has begun to emerge as a dynamic artist in his own right. In his scintillating debut release “Cotton Candy,” Sly shares his own music with the world: combining state-of-the-art pop production, emotion, and humanity. “Human emotion is what music is about,” proclaims Sly. “I’m very particular about whether music makes me feel something – in its lyric, its melody, its sound, or all three at once,” he explains. New single “Cotton Candy” hits the mark. Sly captures a dark, moody, and sexy energy in this new track and Warren’s luxurious vocals were just what the song needed. He explains that the single is about not giving up on love. “Emily was going through a breakup and we were talking about how difficult love can be, and how to know when you should let go or keep fighting.’Cotton Candy’ is a song about not being ready to give up and Emily got back with her boyfriend the next day.” Sly effortlessly blends pop-forward production with a passion for analogue synths and real drums and guitars, making for a sonic palate that feels both fresh and familiar. Sly seamlessly introduces new elements to the pop lane and “Cotton Candy” is his first official offering.

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Andrew Roman – Abnormality (Video)

Andrew Roman makes his much-anticipated debut on Gemstone Records with ‘Abnormality.’ A refreshing modern house production, this release signals new sounds for the California-based producer as he divulges into grandiose basslines and mesmerizing arpeggios. ‘Abnormality’ jumps straight into an alluring breakdown characterized by spacy synth pads and delicate vocals. Warm arpeggiated plucks and soothing vocal harmonies conjure throbbing tension before the track drops into a dramatic bassline and punchy drums. Roman builds further tension in the second drop with manipulated vocal fills and ethereal ambiance effects.Despite recently joining the Revealed family, Andrew Roman is no new name to the dance music scene. Hailing from San Francisco, his artist project is the culmination of former aliases and ghost producing for other acts in the US and EU. Roman’s past tracks have been featured by Spotify’s editorial team on New Music Fridays and top EDM playlists. He’s also received support from legends like Hardwell, The Chainsmokers, Jauz, and more.

L8NHTS – Leave It All Behind (Spotify)

"Leave It All Behind" from L8NHTS is a radio friendy Pop / EDM that draws from alternative and lo-fi influences. A future bass track that has emotion, melody, and a story with a unique twist using 808's that really pop. Music that will fix your mood and make you move.

Few words about L8NHTS:
Based out of New Jersey, Bo Lindabery also known as "L8NHTS" combines the use of live sounds with dance beats in a unique melodic sequence. Inspired by artists such as Fabian Mazur, Snavs, Illenium, Nurko, and Neovaii, L8NHTS' vocal-centric Music tests the boundaries of the dance genre.

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Christian Corsi – We Feel (Spotify)

This single starts with a deep bass and sensual lyrics followed by an euphoric and super energetic drop led by the rhythm of a saxophone, giving you the tropical house feeling and the high energy you were asking for to define your summer vibes.

Few words about Christian Corsi:
Christian Corsi is a Colombian Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer and DJ based in the United States. His passion for creativity led him to a music production school in Miami from which he graduated to start a new career in the music industry. He is a lover of dance and house music, and artists like Zhu, Highly Sedated and Rufus Du Sol inspired him to start making music in his own personal style.

​Christian Corsi made his debut as an Electronic Artist in 2019 with his first single, "Make Me Feel", a house track full of high beats, retro vibes and sexy lyrics written by Corsi himself.

During the past year Corsi has released the Remix of "Make Me Feel" in a Tech House Version and three EDM original tracks: "Keep Calling" :Touching The Sky" and "Delirium" Delivering an unique style and constant evolution on his production and songwriting skills.

Corsi's passion for creating is unstoppable, and his desire as an artist is to continue to share with the world his love and talent for music.

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