Noah Vela – just a kid (Spotify)

“-Just A kid- can become addictive to the very end, as you listen in one breath. The esoteric atmosphere is created primarily due to its depth. It directly adjusts to the desired vibration with its very pleasant melody that is perceived at the subconscious level.”

“-just a kid- завлекает и не отпускает до самого конца, слушается на одном дыхании. Эзотерическая атмосфера создана прежде всего благодаря своей глубине. Настраивает на нужную волну легко и непринуждённо. Очень приятная мелодия, которая воспринимается на подсознательном уровне. ”

This song is just a reminder that everyone was once a kid before we experienced life. Life removes the feeling of being a kid. Trauma changes a person and everyone goes through something traumatic. Overtime we forget who we were and what we could be.