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Landsailors – Wishful Thinking

“The magnificent guitar intro instantly tunes in a lyrical way. Music -Landsailors is like lazily floating clouds that remind you of whipped cream for your favorite cake. So sweet and tasty sound diluted with a romantic duet. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Великолепное гитарное интро мгновенно настраивает на лирический лад. Музыка -Landsailors- словно лениво плывущие облака, которые напоминают вам взбитые сливки для вашего любимого торта. Настолько сладкое и вкусное звучание разбавленное романтическим дуэтом.”

This is an acoustic based song that has a haunting, edgy, warm sound. It is a vocal duo that carries power and warmth and a song that goes on a journey from zero to one hundred. It's about feeling like everyone else in the world is running your life for you and the desire to want to be free to be your own person.

Kat Hammock – Springtime

“There’s something about “Springtime” that has the freshness, light and hope of the season it’s titled after. Kat's airy voice seems to be flowing and intertwining with the piano and wraps around you like a cloudy blanket. Not to overlook the arrangement, nicely flavored with an impeccable laid back supporting percussion.

Wrote Springtime about meeting my boyfriend, and the ways he has helped reintroduce joy into my life during a prolonged period of "Winter".

Grant Carey – it’s raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) (ft. Sandwoman)

“The disclosed message of the song is truly something innovative and extraterrestrial. Here is the usual Chamber Pop with the mood of folk music, but it has a unique gift - to build you to heaven and fill your mood with bright light, good and warmth. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Раскрываемый посыл песни является по-настоящему чем-то новаторским и внеземным. Перед вами обычный Chamber Pop с настроением Folk музыки, но он обладает уникальным даром — возвести вас до небес и наполнить ваше настроение ярким светом, добром и теплотой.”

Eclectic pop producer Grant Carey releases ANIMAL ANIMAL

"It's the first half of my double album love letter to NYC and my last few years there before moving to California. It's about being alive and in love, two of my favorite hobbies that i try to keep up with as much as possible."

Included among ANIMAL ANIMAL's 10 song tracklist is 'it's raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) featuring Grant's partner and frequent collaborator Sandwoman. A delicate and intimate ballad about falling for a bandmate, 'raining in brooklyn' features soft plucked guitars, soothing piano and softly layered harmony vocals.

Kara Cole – 3 Weeks

“In Folk atmosphere and bittersweet mood, "Kara Cole" tells a story about losing her love. Feelings of despair and nostalgia float in the air in a mix of loose acoustic guitar chords. Actually nothing lasts forever and we should always expect the unexpected.”

3 Weeks is a story of heartbreak. The pleading of wanting to know why but not asking because it's a moot point. The story takes you on a journey of what you go through when you are losing someone you thought was forever but they've moved on and you can't.

Alaskan Tapes x Michael Lessard – Know

“We couldn't resist to comment on this unique collaborative single, that directly affected our mood. Your favourite Indie Electronic sound is -this time- driven by truly soulful vocals and lyrics of deep meaning. Mainly smooth production with an etherial highlight towards its finale!”

This track is a recent collaboration between Michael Lessard (of The Contortionist), and Alaskan Tapes. They got together over the previous year and started making ambient indie folk music together.

Brendan Kidd – Hymn to the Muezzin

“Misty mountains with dark lush forests that seem to go on forever. A weary traveler on a lonely road soaking up the memories of yesterdays glory. The vocal chorus guides us further on this journey as the acoustical guitar and strings really make themselves stand out. Hope is felt in the distant echoes of this beautifully assembled piece. ”

The music is North American folk, with deep currents of eastern classical. The emphasis and focus of the music is on the poetry, elevated by melody; and musically, classical compositions from acoustic instruments, including harp, cello, oud, and violin, provide the lyrical templates for the text. The main influences for the poetry are the long tradition of Sufi Qawwali and the work of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, mysteriously mixed with the Canadian folk lineages of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. The music is in turns bleak and mourning, and suddenly opens out into rapture and invocation.

Jude Moses – Kokoro

“Allow yourself at least for a moment to stop your eyes on this amazing creation from -jude moses- and just observe how all the wounds of your vulnerable soul are addicted. The combination of the genres Indie Folk and Chamber Pop create a unique atmosphere in which you feel like in your native land. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Позвольте себе хотя бы на мгновение остановить свой взор на этом изумительном творении от -Jude Moses- и просто наблюдать, как затягиваются все раны вашей ранимой души. Сочетание жанров Indie Folk и Chamber Pop создают уникальную атмосферу, в которой ощущаешь себя как в родных краях.”

Kokoro, is the Japanese word for when your heart, spirit, soul, and mind are all together. A "oneness". Jude Moses's new album really dives into the "oneness" we have with this planet and its people and creatures. Kokoro is the opening track and really sets the scene for whats to come.

Maleen – Earth Ballet

“In this grandiose track there is a real spirit of the forest, the power of mother nature and the smell of freedom. Shaman folk with a very soulful female vocal and meditative rhythm. Take everything you need from this world and remember, time is a stream of water that flow under your feet. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом грандиозном треке присутствует настоящий дух леса, сила матери-природы и запах свободы. Шаманский фолк с очень проникновенным женским вокалом и медитативным ритмом. Берите всё, что вам нужно от этого мира и помните, время — это поток воды, который струится у вас под ногами.”

Earth Ballet is a reminder to take care of our planet, listen to the pulse of Mother Earth and be aware of our footprint.

The music inspired filmmaker Isabelle Denaro to create a short film based on my music.

KATE LEAHY – Follow Me

“-Kate leahy- calls on to follow her, catching her voice in the air streams of the air and a pleasant, mental melody of the acoustic folk and americana. The taste of freedom is felt almost on the tip of the tongue, there is still a little left, just follow -kate leahy-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-KATE LEAHY- призывает следовать за ней, улавливая в потоках воздуха вибрации её голоса и приятную, душевную мелодию акустического фолка и Americana. Вкус свободы ощущается практически на кончике языка, осталось ещё немножко, просто следуйте за -KATE LEAHY-.”

FOLLOW ME is a tender love song, with Kate’s seductive vocals set against a smooth bass groove, electric guitar and banjo. It's currently #2 in the AMRAP Regional Chart in Australia.

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