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Jacko Hooper – Muttered Words (Official Lyric Video)

“Jacko Hooper tells us: Love never ages. It warms and keeps the fire in the oven. Composition muttered Words – soothes us with the warmth of Indie Folk and the flow of vital energy.”

“Любовь никогда не бывает слишком старой, – говорит нам Jacko Hooper. Она согревает и сохраняет огонь в печи. Композиция Muttered Words – успокаивает нас теплотой Indie Folk и потоком жизненной энергии.”

This is the final single release from Jacko Hooper this year, following new releases every other month of the year.

Tracks have seen radio airplay on BBC Introducing and KCRW and have been successfully playlisted by a host of premium independent curators.

The track is bittersweet, melancholic and speaks of needing to leave a relationship or situation for the greater good having exhausted all other options. It’s time to move on but the journey is going to be difficult for everyone involved.

Recent tour history includes; James Bay, Chet Faker, James Blunt, Michael Kiwanuka, Passenger, Freya Ridings, SOAK, Foxes, Amber Run, Russian Red, Rachel Sermanni, Natalie Prass, Luke Sital Singh and many, many more.

Jacko also runs Brighton’s premiere folk promotions company and boutique record label, Folklore Sessions which has hosted over 200 acts at their monthly showcases since 2014 as well as hundreds of other shows across the south of England, working with artists such as Bess Atwell, George Ogilvie, Passenger, Phil Cook, Martha Gunn, The Xcerts, Kudu Blue, Sam Brookes, Chloe Foy, Katherine Priddy and many, many more.

Press Quotes:

‘Something quite darkly beautiful…’
– Clash

‘Sentimental, wistful and touching, Jacko Hooper is a one-man songwriting machine with a painfully beautiful voice that is bound to move even those with the coldest hearts.’
– Another Lazy Sunday Promotions

‘One of our favourite singer-songwriters this year. With a dedicated army of followers around the world and a voice recalling the late Jeff Buckley, we predict huge things for next year…’
– Source Magazine

“Jacko Hooper is without doubt one of the best artist to feature on Balcony TV to date, his live performance is gripping and intense and his songs stay with you long after the show, catchy melodies and clever chord structures, he is one to watch in 2014…”
– BalconyTV

‘His first title had the audience stunned into silence. It was indescribable. The awe was overwhelming simply because I cannot stress enough how beautifully Hooper played.’

Eve Adams – A Walk in the Park (Spotify)

“Just as folk music brings together genres of music and people, so is Eve Adams doing with us in their composition A Walk in the Park. The unobtrusiveness and ease of being that unites our hearts.”

“Как фолк-музыка объединяет музыкальные жанры и людей, точно также и Eve Adams поступает с нами в своей композиции A Walk in the Park. Ненавязчивость и лёгкость бытия объединяющая наши сердца.”

Independent jazzfolk artist Eve Adams follows her captivating "You're Not Wrong" single with her newest offering "A Walk In The Park," due out next week. As a captivating writer from Los Angeles who heralds the undying influence of 20th century Americana music, her folk-noir sound tells stories of "dark, domestic dramas unfolding behind closed doors, equal parts violence and romance."

"Just like a walk in the park, we can go on and on," Adams croons in the opening line of her new single. Delicate and naive vocals are accompanied by a jazzy bass line, dramatic, tumbling organ and hazy percussion. The song seems to creep in from down a dark hallway, where a woozy pair of high heels tap on the sticky linoleum floor. Eve questions fate in this new track and shares, "Romance can be such a perfect distraction. It's a shame it doesn't last."

"To me, this song is about escaping into the fantasy of a new romance. Like the feeling of getting to know someone new, walking around in the dark, with nothing but the night to notice," she adds.

Eve spent her formative years traveling to and from her family farm in the tiny town of Colcord, Oklahoma. Inspired by the pastoral landscapes and the nuanced characters she grew up around, her whimsical tales depict a world that is familiar yet surreal, haunted by apparitions.

Eve's coming of age coincided with her departure to Montreal at the age of 18. A fortuitous meeting with saxophonist Military Genius led to the recording of her first album "In Hell" (2017)- Part I of their "Divine Romance" trilogy. While writing Part II, the blossoming creative relationship was cut short when Eve had to return to California due to a family crisis. During this time of uncertainty, Eve self-produced and released her second album "Candy Colored Doom" in 2019.

In the emotional wake of a tragedy, Eve rejoined Military Genius in Vancouver to finally complete the long-awaited Part II.

Con Piliouras Interview on Nagamag



What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Con Piliouras:
Greek folk music, Rebetika, Jazz and World Music

Few words about your musical background and career?

Con Piliouras:
I write music in a variety of different styles, this is because I have a vast taste of musical influences.
My current focus as a composer is to continue developing my World Music project, which is a fusion of Greek, Jazz and other world music influences.

I am also passionate about playing the Guitar, and I thoroughly enjoy performing Jazz.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Con Piliouras:
My first connection to music was at the age of 4. I grow up listening to tradition Greek folk music and I was always mesmerised by the amazing melodies.
The love for music further developed with the exposure of Rock music and then later Jazz.

This was all presented to me by my Mother and Brother.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Con Piliouras:
Chick Corea "Windows"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Con Piliouras:
Manos Hadjidakis "Choros"

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Chris Mapili – Find Something You Can Hold On To (Spotify)

“Find Something You Can Hold On To - calls out to all of us in his new composition, Chris Mapili. The postulate of our life is with you. Do what you must and be what should be. Goosebumps in the chorus with this wonderful vocal performance. ”

“Find Something You Can Hold On To - взывает всех нас в своей новой композиции Chris Mapili. Постулат нашей с вами жизни. Делай, что должен и будь, что будет.”

Blending renegade folk with gospel, "Find Something You Can Hold On To" takes you on a gritty and grand journey through your heart and soul. Carefully crafted for 2020's year end holiday season and 2021's upcoming climb, this timeless classic will have you singing along half-way through your first listen

Blending grunge, folk, rock, and a deeply emotive percussive delivery with piercing lyrics, singer/songwriter Chris Mapili continues to captivate his audiences. His upcoming EP traverses intimate and gruff acoustic landscapes.

Våke – Farer (Video)

“All the light that beats an invisible, warm ray from our souls, the one we carefully give to those who care and cherish so gratuitously. This heartwarming composition, witch comes from Norway, is a vivid example of this.”

“Весь свет, который бьёт невидимым, тёплым лучом из наших душ, мы бережно дарим тем, кто нам дорог и кого мы так безвозмездно любим и дорожим. Данная композиция, с приветом из Норвегии, тому яркий пример.”

Våke is a Norwegian folk band, based in Oslo, that consists of Rannveig (vocals), Andreas (guitar) and Vårin (vocals and violin). They aspire to make unassuming, honest songs about things that matter. Their style is influenced by 70s folk and country, but they like to play around with different expressions.

All photos credited to Martin Halvorsen.

Ivory Woods – Levees (Timberline 002) (Video)

“Levees from Ivory Woods is not your average guitar focus vocal song. wins you on first seconds with his soft as cloud or air atmospheric vocal performance and beautiful lyrics. The guitar line follows gently and right recorded, erupting this blend into a unique minimal beauty. A beauty which is hard to define without listen, is something that comes from inside. ”

Levees is part two of the series of home recordings called Timberline. The series is to fill gaps between official releases and the songs are all recorded in my bedroom with my dog sleeping at my feet, no professional engineering. Mainly acoustic guitar and vocals, nothing fancy, I aim for plain beauty on these tunes. Hope you like it and I would appreciate it if you chose to share it on your media!

Formed by Finnish singer-songwriter Jussi Alamikkelä, Ivory Woods reached the ears of its indie folk audience in 2017 with their debut album Ivory Woods. The album consisted of songs from the previous couple of years and was put together with help from producer Matias Kiiveri and fellow musicians Atte Loponen, Jeremia Kangas, Matias Haataja, Aapo-Matti Puhakka and Joni Seppänen. It presented a unique combination of solitary, nature inspired folk songs with deeply contemplative lyrics and the band’s built-in rock n’ roll flow that had been bringing them together for years.

The group headed back to Hollywood House studios, Helsinki, in November 2017 to record their second release, All the World Is Yours EP, which was released in February 2018.

After focusing on touring, writing new material and launching an unofficial series of home recordings called Timberline, the band released their newest single Flickering Light with b-side Sanctuary in early 2020. The release presented Ivory Woods in their current 9-piece form with six guitars. The sound keeps on growing.

Jesper Hasnaoui – It’s That Time Again (Spotify)

“You had a hard day and want something to reset your mind into a state of brightness and calm, it's that time again of search the right medicine. Music is one of the best, proven, and Jesper Hasnaoui with a gentle heartwarming vocal performance and his minimal guitar riffs and drums through a sound clarity is what you need now. Laid back and re-think more clean after listening this. ”

This song is about how we still linger over the same memories every year, and that we should keep learning and exploring so we dont get stuck with what we know and what we think we know.

Jesper Hasnaoui (1992) is an artist based out of Oslo, Norway.

He has from a young age played guitar in multiple bands, and always was the guitarist in the back of the stage. He realized that if he wanted to write music that reflected his own thoughts and ideas, he needed to write his own music.

Hasnaoui is a creative force inspired through a very personal contrast between emotional bliss and emotional desolation. With music being a therapeutic measure, Hasnaoui writes longful and atmospheric tracks, often accompanied by delicate guitars, soothing electronic blankets and mellow percussion.

He finds comfort in melancholy, nature and silence, but with a strong drive to create art, music and portraying emotion live.

Strong influences include artists like Bon Iver, The Tallest man on earth, S. Carey, Matt Corby and Blake Mills

Sam Miller Interview on Nagamag


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Sam Miller:
Chamber folk-pop for most of my music with words and Neo-Classical for my instrumental works.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Sam Miller:
I've been a sideman in rock bands for years and during the COVID lockdown I started recording classical music, which is my current direction. I play bass, guitar and piano.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Sam Miller:
I re-discovered my love of music when I started playing piano after college. During that time I was also immersed in a song-writing community, which had a great effect on my creative sensibilities.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Sam Miller:
Hyri "Work of the Devil"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Sam Miller:
Laura & Anton "Castles in the Air"

Discover & Listen to Sam Miller

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Sam Miller's Website

KAY JAM feat. NALU | Hollow (Video)

“KAY JAM with NALU in their new song Hollow, invite us into an emotional diving, deep and entrancing harmonic journey through a fathomless choreography visual. ”


« Un morceau qui parle du vide ressenti lorsque la distance s’immisce entre deux personnes. Un lien invisible difficile à délaisser ».

(Kay Jam)

En collaborant sur ce titre composé quelques mois plus tôt, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) mêle son univers habituellement plus rock à la sensibilité et à la voix réconfortante de Nalu (Noa Zalts). Cette rencontre artistique donne naissance à une ballade folk touchante, remplie de douceur et d’une tension habilement distillée. Le duo nous emmène délicatement et nous raconte une histoire. Celle d’une rupture entre deux individus qui tentent de suivre leur propre chemin en l’absence de l’autre.


« A song about the emptiness felt when two people are apart. An invisible connection remains and it makes it hard for them to move on ».

(Kay Jam)

By composing this track, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) melts his usually more rock universe with the sensitivity and the comforting voice of Nalu (Noa Zalts). This artistic collaboration gives birth to a touching folk ballad, full of softness and skilfully distilled tension. The duo delicately takes us along to tell us a story about a separation between two people who are trying to follow their own path, while missing each other.

Natalie D-Napoleon – Thunder Rumor [Official Music Video] (Video)

“Yes, we know, some of you will say one more song with vocals and a guitar among an ocean around, but what makes the difference in music with minimal assets are the hookiest qualities in chorus, harmonies and melodic turns, the message it delivers through lyrics. Everyone can bake a cake with minimal ingredients, few can erupt the taste of this minimalism right. This is what Natalie D-Napoleon does with Thunder Rumor. A song which is like your warm blanket when you relax in your favorite sofa spot. ”

The front porch of a one-hundred-year-old Californian cottage was the perfect setting for Natalie D-Napoleon to sit down and write some songs. As a singer-songwriter entrenched in the traditions of folk and Americana music, writing songs whilst watching the world pass by in Santa Barbara offered a parade of subject matter.

Not only did the experience give the singer-songwriter the time and space to write, the passing world served as a muse.

“All my life I’ve written ‘personal’ songs.” Natalie continues. “I’ve poured my emotional life into music, yet I discovered after a while it burnt me out emotionally.

“As the songs began to flow, I noticed a theme emerge – I was telling stories of women that hadn’t been told before. Women have long been the muse, the obsession, or the whore in songs from men. They have ignored the complexities of how women think and feel. With his album – You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea – I want to set the record straight.”

With a fierce new conviction and the help of Jim Connolly’s (Van Dyke Parks) haunting arrangement and Doug Pettibone’s (Lucinda Williams) menacing guitar work, one of the first songs Natalie sculpted was “Thunder Rumor” – a growling, menacing, and chilling meditation on the fear a woman feels when wanting to break free of an abusive relationship.

Natalie D-Napoleon is an Australian/American singer-songwriter and award-winning poet who shares her time between Fremantle, Western Australian and Santa Barbara, California. In the same vein as the likes of Patti Smith, Willy Vlautin, and Leonard Cohen, Natalie has successfully explored both writing and songwriting across her 25-year career.

Natalie commenced her musical career in 1996 fronting Perth indie-rock band Bloom – which won the 1997 WAMI for Most Promising New Act – all the while publishing poetry in journals such as Westerly and undertaking live readings. In 1999 Natalie helped break new ground for Americana music in Australia by forming the alternative-country ensemble Flavour of the Month, which released its debut recording, Fear of Falling (Treadmill Records), in 2000.

In the mid-2000s Natalie branched out as a solo artist, releasing her debut solo recording, After the Flood (MGM). After relocating to California in 2008 and forming a trio with Kenny Edwards (Stone Poneys/Linda Ronstadt) and Dan Phillips (Peter Gabriel), the following year the group recorded a covers EP titled Here in California. Their acoustic cover of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” made playlist rotation around Australia and was featured on ABC Music’s Under the Covers.

In 2012 the trio teamed up with producer David Piltch (kd lang/Joe Henry) to record the album, Leaving Me Dry. With Piltch on bass, Edwards on guitar, and Phillips on piano, the quartet was joined by Victoria Williams on banjo, Greg Leisz (Wilco/Joni Mitchell/Jackson Browne) on pedal steel, Phil Parlapiano (Grant Lee-Buffalo/Joan Baez) on accordion and Aaron Sterling (John Mayer/Taylor Swift) on drums.

Natalie returned to creative writing in 2013. In 2018 she was awarded the Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize for her poem “First Blood: A Sestina.” The following year Natalie headlined the Perth Poetry Festival which was followed by Ginninderra Press releasing her debut poetry book First Blood. Her poetry has subsequently been published in Australian Poetry Journal, Meanjin, The Australian, and Writer’s Digest (US) to name a few.

In 2019 Natalie recorded her fourth solo album with one microphone in a one-hundred-year-old chapel nestled in the hills behind Santa Barbara.

You Wanted to Be the Shore But Instead You Were the Sea was released in October 2020 and features James Connolly (Van Dyke Parks/Jeff Bridges) on bass, Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams/John Mayer) on guitar, pedal steel, and mandolin, and Dan Phillips on piano and percussion. The album debuted on the AIR Independent Album Chart #5 and continues Natalie’s impassioned journey through music and words, pushing the boundaries of women’s voices in traditional song.

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