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Eden Iris – New Year’s Eve (Give Me Something Good) (Spotify)

“-New Year's Eve (Give Me Something Good)- обладает исцеляющими свойствами и создает ощущение по-настоящему тёплой музыки, в которую хочется окунуться с головой, словно в холодные воды океана. Мягкий вокал -Eden Iris- словно тёплое одеяло укроет вас даже в самую пасмурную погоду. ”

“New Year’s Eve (Give Me Something Good) is about a moment in a relationship when the stakes are high. There is tension and silent resentment building up, and the chorus (give me something good, tell me what you want to see) is the moment when the truth comes out and you can say what you really feel. The song is like a bittersweet plea to the one you love. - Eden

Eden Iris is an artist from Auckland, New Zealand who has been described as “an artist working in a new space” (Jordan Luck, The Exponents) who has “the ambition to carve out her own niche” (Demerra Records). She moved to Los Angeles, California when she was nineteen years-old to pursue her music career and has since made a home for herself on the west coast. In Los Angeles, Eden has collaborated with esteemed songwriters such as Maia Sharp (Dixie Chicks), Jamie Candiloro (REM, Ryan Adams) and Bruce Lynch (Kate Bush)

Mark Kelly & The Peaceful Warriors – See You Again (Spotify)

“-See You Again- is a very beautiful and high-quality work. It has elegant Indie Folk acoustic melody and a pleasant rhythm section. All this emphasizes the overall sound quality. Also its warm Summer vocals create a stunning product worthy of your collection!”

“-See You Again- это очень красивое и качественное произведение. Элегантная акустическая мелодия, идеальный симбиоз indie folk и приятной ритм-секции. Всё это подчёркивает общее качество музыки, а тёплый, летний вокал создаёт потрясающее произведение достойное вашей коллекции!”

Composed during the first lockdown of Spring 2020, « See You Again » examines the feeling of isolation and the difficulties of not being able to see each other in real. Not to touch, feel, kiss nor hug one another. A sense of helplessness reinforced by geographical distance: Mark Kelly is based in Vevey, Switzerland, and his mother lives in Manchester. For months, they could only talk virtually, whilst he usually went back to his native England regularly to see his relatives and friends. The song evokes all the small moments from daily life (saying hello to strangers on the street, drinking a coffee on a crowded terrace, etc.) that used to seem so mundane and natural, but that quickly got a different meaning when absent. A cry from the heart to express the need and joy of seeing other people again.

“See You Again” is the first single by the new project Mark Kelly & The Peaceful Warriors. It is taken from an album set for early 2022.

Vintz Desert, Abby Gundersen – So you can come home (Spotify)

“Conceptual work is always challenge yourself and listeners. It gives the commitment and sequence of all key components and makes listening to fascinating and memorable. -So You Can Come Home- With the endless vocals -Vintz desert and light rhythmic vibrations of Indie Folk. Inexhaustible source of sublime mood and pleasant peace of mind.”

“Концептуальная работа это всегда вызов себе и слушателям. Она придаёт совершенность и последовательность всех ключевых составляющих и делает прослушивание увлекательным и запоминающимся. -So you can come home- с запредельно трогательным вокалом -Vintz Desert- и лёгкими ритмическими вибрациями indie folk. Неиссякаемый источник возвышенного настроения и приятного душевного покоя.”

Leeroy Stagger-Ventura (Video)

“In -Ventura-, as if watching the illusory journey of the artist, enjoy with him the sunlight and mirages of invisible phantoms. Surprisingly, you fully live all 4 minutes of this track. Exact and multifaceted, bright and clean, romantic and warm moments…”

“В -Ventura- ты словно следишь за иллюзорным путешествием исполнителя, вместе с ним наслаждаешься солнечными бликами и миражами невидимых фантомов. Удивительно, но ты полностью проживаешь все 4 минуты трека. Волнующие и многогранные, светлые и чистые, романтичные и такие тёплые мгновения…”

Leeroy Stagger finds inspiration through grief on his new single ‘Ventura’ out today on all digital streaming platforms.

“The song ‘Ventura’ is about my friend Neal Casal,” says Leeroy. “The first time I met Neal was on a magical night in New York City, he was working on Willie Nelson’s Songbird record as he was in Ryan Adams’ band The Cardinals at the time. He invited us out to the 17th St. bar where all the Cardinals were hanging out, he introduced me to the band and they all had laughed how they were happy that Ryan wasn’t there because they didn’t want me to have a bad impression of him.

“Neil was always enthusiastic. We ran into him a few years later in Nottingham, England, where Ryan was playing the big theatre. Neal came out for coffee with me and my wife Coby and always had such nice things to say about my music and my career. He even sang on my Everything Is Real record, which was such an honour for me. Before he tragically passed, we had been in touch about him possibly playing guitar on some new music I was working on.

“I wanted to pay tribute to my friend in song. When it came time to make a video, I thought it would be very cool to have something surf related, as Neal was such a big surfer. He loved the ocean. I found this great old surf footage from California in the 50s on YouTube and approached the fellow who owned it (Wes Timmons) who also happened to be a film editor. He lovingly edited the video into the dream state we see. It fits perfectly to the song and is a beautiful tribute to Neal.”

‘Ventura’ is the first single from Leeroy Stagger’s new album Dystopian Weekends, which is set for release on October 1st. Recorded at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver at the beginning of the global pandemic, Leeroy says that “Dystopian Weekends is the serum of truth with a slice of light and darkness that we all need right now.”

INDOLORE – Oh Boy (Video)

“Music doesn’t always have to be complicated to become appreciated. Here is a good example of what we mean, by INDOLORE. Shinny Acoustic work with simple soundscape, soulful singing and quite expressive lyrics. Impressively nice!”

Stars and Rabbit – Pretty Anticipated (Live) (Video)

“Instantly memorable melody, rich instrumental parts and very soulful vocals from -ELDA SURYANI-. Strong lyrical promise, which is most fully expressed and revealed in the chorus. The pleasant sound of -pretty anticipated- does not leave anyone indifferent.”

“Мгновенно запоминающаяся мелодия риффа, мелодичная инструментальная составляющая и очень душевный вокал -Elda Suryani-. Сильный лирический посыл, который наиболее полно выражается и раскрывается в припеве. Приятное звучание -Pretty Anticipated- не оставляет никого равнодушным.”

Indonesian duo Stars & Rabbit have announced their new album ‘On Different Days’. The album will be their first with UK label, Trapped Animal Records.

Arriving June 25, ‘On Different Days’ is an introspective look into the last twelve months, finding the rare gleams of light that crept through the dark. As human contact and the possibility of unloading our problems to others disappeared, we all had to become our own islands tending to our own mental health – lead singer, Elda Suryani celebrates her newfound self-reliance as well as noting the acts of the community that have got us through. With ‘On Different Days’ they create a community resource all of their own.

Though the band are household names in Indonesia, their music has also transcended well beyond those borders; they attract almost 250,000 monthly listeners, they’ve toured the UK and played a prime slot at 2019’s Iceland Airwaves.

Focus track, ‘Pretty Anticipated’ deals with the moments between the ups and downs of life where you can sense that everything always works out one way or another. Somehow it makes you trust what life brings. And that moment is something worth a celebration

Writer and singer said on the track: “Have you had that moment when you realize how far you’ve gone with your life? That is when “Pretty Anticipated” was written down in my journal. Oh man…went through all the ups and downs but still managed to keep my sanity and being able to find joy on the ride is something to appreciate over time. It’s one hell of a life coping skill and I’m taking this opportunity to celebrate it. Also because I feel that within each celebration there’s a cultivated sense of deeply feeling O K. To be or not to be. Two things I found. One, my foundation. Second, all emotions are valuable information of where I am right now and where I want to go.”

April’s single, ‘Merry Alone’, a nod to the interconnectedness Suryani felt when the whole world became lonely overnight – “Lonely people, I can feel you more”, she sings.

Speaking about the track, she said: “At this point in time, have you ever felt irrelevant to the world around you? Disconnected. It left you a little lonely. How about knowing the truth, that you’re not the only one. Will it make a difference? To be able to see, hear and feel the loneliness of others. Will it make you less lonely? By being alone together. Will it spark a smile even a little?”

There was a part of lockdown when the whole world seemed to start playing Animal Crossing. It was as if the trees in full blossom, the golden sand and the shimmering blue of the sea circling the picture-perfect islands provided soothing as the real world imploded. ‘On Different Days’ is its aural equivalent. Suryani sings of beautiful gardens, lavender wilds and ‘roses bigger than my head’, and her partner in crime, Didit Saad concocts soundscapes that adds to the vividness of her lyrics.

When our world is reduced to little more than our bedroom, we have to create worlds of our own. Soon the world Stars & Rabbit created for their own sanity will be ours to lose ourselves in.

Drea Lake, Bryan Eggers, Michigan Lake – Disappear with Me (Spotify)

“It is amazing how the piano and guitar are combined with such a pleasant romantic vocal. Inspired chorus makes everything so good that the listener feels the need to play on repeat the whole day. Light Indie Folk, a little smaller on the synthesizer background and you take care of calm and harmony.”

“Поразительно, как пиано и гитара сочетаются с таким приятным, романтическим вокалом. Воодушевленный припев делает всё для того, чтобы слушатель напевал иго, как минимум, по 100, а то и более раз за день. Лёгкий indie folk, немного тлеющего на фоне синтезатора и вы обретаете спокойствие и гармонию.”

Haunting duet between a man and a woman now symbolically separated by an ocean. A song about the power of memory and loss. Celtic vibes underscore a duet in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan and the Cowboy Junkies. The sound is clean, acoustic with a modern Celtic vibe to the guitar.

Drea Lake is a singer songwriter who grew up on conservation land rehabilitated land near the Elora Gorge. Her acoustic sound reflects influences of pop, folk, finger style guitar and neo-soul. Drea sings the gamut of the human experience, often faith in the phoenix rising in love, friendship, and the world.

Specific Coast – Wasn’t Love (Spotify)

“-Wasn't love- tells an emotional, picturesque story. Gentle vocals from -Specific coast- virtuoso who combines soft sound feed with highlighting strong emotions in priority. The song is atmospheric, the overall tone and structure is designed in a special, cozy way and with a deep emotional promise.”

“-Wasn't Love- повествует эмоциональную, живописную историю. Нежный вокал -Specific Coast- виртуозно сочетается с мягкой подачей, тем самым выделяя сильные эмоции в приоритет. Песня атмосферная, общий тон и структура выдержана в особой, уютной атмосфере и с глубоким эмоциональным посылом.”

“Wasn’t Love” is the latest single from Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Specific Coast. His debut single “Home” found success having been prominently featured in the hit Netflix series, Ginny & Georgia. With over 5k playlist adds, 10k Shazam’s, and his first airplay on BBC Scotland’s The Roddy Hart Show under his belt, Specific Coast returns with his melancholic single, “Wasn’t Love.”

Specific Coast is singer-songwriter, Matt Dunne. Dunne picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and soon after began teaching himself how to sing. Drawing comparisons to bands like The Lumineers and The Head and the Heart, Specific Coast often mixes finger-picking acoustic guitars with heartfelt lyrics.

“‘Wasn’t Love’ might be my most relatable song I’ve written. Everyone has experienced a relationship ending too soon. Maybe it’s bad timing. Maybe it’s a childish fight or a miscommunication. Either way, someone gets hurt. The song itself feels ancient to me. I wrote it in 2016 when I was struggling with relationships, both platonic and romantic.” - Matt Dunne

A veteran of the music industry, Dunne has held positions in concert promotion, artist management, music publishing, and label management. After multiple peers in the industry had come to him for guidance, Dunne created Cactus Coast, a community where artists, songwriters, engineers, and producers could help each other achieve their goals. Dunne began hosting backyard concerts at his home in Silver Lake, providing a unique, intimate setting for artists like Royal & the Serpent to perform. Dunne used this safe space to test out new material for his own project, Specific Coast. Eventually the house shows turned into networking events, which turned into writing sessions, which turned into songs, which turned into several placements in a Netflix series. After years of helping others transform their dreams into realities, Specific Coast returns with his second single of 2021, “Wasn’t Love.”

Creature Comfort – Light Boy (New Hue) (Spotify)

“A finely balanced, perfectly produced blending of a finger picked acoustic guitar and male/female vocals give a refreshing, clear & vibrant warm to the beginning of the track. The additional drums, bass, keys & distorted electric guitar are skilfully stacked over-time lift the track to even greater heights & include a tremolo gated effect that adds even more interest to an already absorbing song.”

"'Light Boy' was a song off of our EP Echoes & Relics which came out in 2016. Around that time, one of my friends and roommates Alex Robinson had a little studio setup at our house. One day I go over to him as he's working and he goes, "Listen to this." He was recording his own version of 'Light Boy.' The chord progression was different, the melody was the same but it was really refreshing to hear in a folk styling that I don't traditionally write in. Flash forward three years and he's now a member of our band. I really liked the version of this track that he created with the folk sensibility that he brought, so we decided to bring the entire band to the studio and added in some slide and drums and bass. My favorite little nugget of trivia about it is at the end of the song, you can hear a sound recording from Al's grandparents' cabin in the middle of nowhere North Carolina, where we were just recording nature, and you can hear a bird gently chirping in the background."

"The song is about feeling chemistry with someone and really thinking a relationship is going to develop when the reality of the situation is that a romantic connection isn't there. It's a song describing the emotions I felt at the time, and when I was let down, I wanted that person to remember me and what we could have been.

Toler Gibson – Harlingen (Spotify)

“Track mood steeped in faith and best hope for a brighter future. -Harlingen- attracts the listener not only for its technical components, such as high-quality synthesis and mixing, but also for its conceptual idea that -Toler Gibson- reflected in the lyrics.”

“Настроение трека пропитано верой в лучшее и красочной надеждой на светлое будущее. -Harlingen- понравится слушателю не только своей технической составляющей, вроде качественного сведения и аранжировки, но и своей концептуальной идеей, которую -Toler Gibson- отразила в тексте песни.”

a song about growing in up in Texas... life and death in Harlingen tx... El Paso Tx

Toler Gibson is a group of mountain dwellers living high above the clouds in California.

It started when Gibson, a Canadian born, Texas raised Angeleno moved from LA to the mountains of Idyllwild and met Toler, a Seattle born and raised Angeleno who had moved to Idyllwild from LA, three years prior. The two bonded on their love of country, folk, & psychedelic music and immediately started pickin’ and singin’ their favourite classics in one cabin or another. Toler Gibson was born.

The two have been in multiple other known bands such as Bell Gardens, Furry Things, Winter Flowers, Old Gold, as well as releasing solo material. TG started by playing their favourite old country tunes in the bars and roadhouses in Idyllwild but eventually turned into a fully fledged band. The band expanded when drummer Charlie Woodburn and bass player Rob Hume landed in Idyllwild from LA, then adding Drew Manne as their main pedal steel player. The band played their first original set at Grand Ole Echo in LA in 2018.

The boys started slowly tracking “The Days Before” in Gibson’s Heavy Meadows studio through 2019. They found a home with London based indie label Rocket Girl Records.

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