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Filiah – Goodbye (Spotify)

“Against the backdrop of gentle orchestration & a repeating guitar note Filiah’s sweet & pure vocal harmonies reach out to tug at your heart. Goodbye is a song that describes the deep sense of abandonment, loss & heartache one feels when someone you love ends the relationship.”

Goodbye is an unfiltered insight into Filiah's mind.

The song deals with the feeling of abandonment after the sudden ending of a deep love. It's about how the process of choosing to love yourself and saying goodbye can feel like both the best and most painful choice at the same time.

"This song is about me realizing that sometimes it doesn’t matter how great and infatuating a love is, if the people involved just end up in these toxic patterns again and again. I found myself getting caught up in nostalgia and memories on purpose just to still feel close to this person after they left. It felt as though I was literally carrying that ghost with me everywhere. And it was crushing. That was not how I wanted to remember it. So I wrote this song as a reminder for myself that saying goodbye sometimes is the only right choice."

It is the first single of an upcoming concept album- a raw and honest exploration of love, grief, nostalgia and all feelings in between.

Goodbye, as well as the album was recorded and produced by Filiah in her living room.

Aidan & the Wild – It’s Alright (Video)

“This track took us back to the heady days of Laurel Canyon. A gentle, tuneful blend of southern rock, folk & country that would not have been out of place alongside the greats that graced the stage of the Troubadour in West Hollywood. A nostalgic journey back to the good old days!”

It’s Alright is a folky guitar-explosion filled with jumpy melodies, multi-layered soundscapes and an ear-catching hook. The song was inspired by the phenomenon of the poppy flower, which blooms particularly well after the ground has recently been disturbed. Aidan & the Wild subtly draws the analogy to his increasingly difficulty coping with society’s ignorant attitude towards the current climate crisis. By talking about the heavy topic in a light-hearted way he hopes to keep the conversation going and perhaps even inspire some change, however small that may be.

Being fascinated by the guitar at the early age of eight Aidan & the Wild, the moniker by which Eindhoven based musician Diederik van den Brandt tells his musical tale, holds a deep passion for the instrument that has only been growing ever since. While his folky open-tuning guitar style can be linked to influences such as Ben Howard and the Tallest Man On Earth the singer-songwriter looks towards the direction of Nashville just as often. Packed with an intrinsically unconventional play style and disarmingly honest voice his songs result in a timeless blend of folk and americana that has a unique freshness to it.

Over the years his love for the guitar branched out to a wider range of instruments such as the pedal steel guitar, banjo and mandolin, which he can be found playing as a side man for various other acts almost as often as at the front of the stage. This skill reflects back to his work as a producer for his own records, on which he arranges and plays the better part of the instruments.

With over 450 shows in the past the 25 year old musician has ran a fair share of millage. Some highlights include airplay on NPO Radio 2 & 5 and 3FM, shows at the Naked Song Festival and Ilse deLange’s Tuckerville and various support shows for artists amongst whom Hiss Golden Messenger and Dan Owen.

David Omlor – Ghosts in Oklahoma (Spotify)

“In this track David recounts the injustice dealt to Native Americans on the infamous ‘Trail Of Tears’ & all in the name of progress. The short intro sets the mood for the clear, melodic & slightly gritty vocal. The tasteful guitar adds a touch of melancholy that sits perfectly with the other instruments to create a sorrowful atmosphere for the thought provoking narrative.”

Acoustic song about the trail of tears.

Enok Amrani – The Truth (Spotify)

“Original Folk work offered from a true artist. Enok Amrani gives emphasis in singing and usually prefers a melancholic mood with slow pace. Even it's not your day, the right sound will always be there ...available at the right time!”

Enok Amrani said about this song: "The song is about how people often tend to take some shortcuts by not telling the truth to escape unpleasant situations where one will be held accountable for their actions, without considering the consequences it can have both for themselves and others. "

Enok Amrani is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. His music, which is driven by the lyrics, often moves in a melancholic landscape with elements from different styles like rock,soul and country.

Gently not Judgingly by Sweet Imperfections (Video)

“Acoustic piano and violin piece written for all different people. “Sweet Imperfections” aims to emphasize the fact that we shouldn’t discriminate between human races. Impressive melodies binded with meaningful words.”

Sweet Imperfections said about this song:

“” We wrote this song during the “Black Lives Matter” movement over the summer with a desire to help this Country feel loved again and hopefully heal the deep divide between our people. Gently not Judgingly is calling out to us to; “Take a walk in my shoes and you will see, you’re not that much different from me”. We wanted to inspire people to understand and sympathize with our differences instead of condemning and judging people. We believe it’s time for real change as depicted in the bridge, “It’s time to let the past times pass through us, find a new way to make waves of real change”. “”

Sweet Imperfections is led by singer songwriter Bri Schillings and a collective of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers.

ME is better with WE!

Frances Luke Accord – Maria (Spotify)

“Frances Luke Accord with their peaceful piece, are here to take away all the tension and anxiety. Fabulous delicate singing voices and a background of Folk at its best mix, offered for your mind relaxation.”

Frances Luke Accord’s next body of work, the Sunnyside EP, will be available to the world on March 19, 2021. The first track on that upcoming release, “Maria,” is available now for you to preview. "Maria" went through many iterations (including an earlier release from 2018), before capturing this version. The atmosphere of emptiness and calm we were able to achieve this time around lends the song a richer synchrony between lyrics and music, and better exposes the spiritual center of the song's narrative arc. Or so we feel!

When Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers put their songs and their voices together, there is a delicate and powerful magic that commands the room to attention. The duo is known as Frances Luke Accord, and they are what NPR’s Mountain Stage calls “the definition of lean-in music.” Their soulful branch of indie-folk is orchestrated with spare and sophisticated acoustic threads woven into a lush backdrop for their intimate melodies. Rich, up-close tenor harmonies lend their timeless songwriting an urgency that honors the Simon & Garfunkel comparisons but pushes beyond into the world of Bon Iver, Jose Gonzalez, and progressive folk music.

A Crystal Clear Moment – Close My Eyes (Spotify)

“Acoustic, delicate, sythesis with soft melodic patterns. Sit comfortably on your bed, close your eyes and concentrate on that heartwarming voice. The ultimate relaxing song, which cannot leave you unaffected.”

Stockholm based A Crystal Clear Moment drops the debut album Arms Remain Open. The mix of radio-ready and feel-good singles juxtaposed against dark melancholy tracks makes it a retro-modern pop album with LP format dynamics and a meaningful story to tell. The beautiful piano ballad Close My Eyes was released all without promotion before ACCM signed with ALOADED on PR. It truly deserves a better fate and a new chance for the album release next week!

A Crystal Clear Moment was founded by Stockholm’s Rickard Abrahamsson. By his side he has an acclaimed collective of musicians, engineers, designers, directors and cinematographers. The debut album Arms Remain Open due March 26 has a strong sense of finding inner peace and being true to yourself.

The first single Close My Eyes is a low key piano ballad and When You Were Young is an upbeat radio-ready single with an energetic synth bass. Once Again is a roadtrip soundtrack under a hot California sunshine and A Better Day is a groovy love story dressed in denim tailor-made for American radio. The rest of the story adds a darker melancholy and creates an album dynamic reminiscent of traditional albums like in the old days. It tells a story.

With its female lead vocals from starlet Harper Diaz, ACCM is musically connected to artists like Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift or Shelby Lynne. These iconic women all display the mix of moods that range from bright, sunny and radio-ready to dark, moody and melancholic. It’s hard to believe ACCM is a Swedish project. The final touch was a supreme mastering in New York by legendary Scott Hull who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, David Bowie and many more.

The Rose Petals – Military Man (Spotify)

“The fresh Country sound that you need to listen, is out now. Leading acoustic guitar chords bring harmony in your soul and welcome the Spring sense. Very notable singing and overall result that you'll remember for a long time.”

The Rose Petals, fronted by songwriting partners Peter Donovan and Elijah Ocean, take off their rose-colored glasses in favor of a historical lens on the folk rock "Military Man," the latest release from the band's debut album American Grenadine.

Donovan says the song was written about the Eisenhower era and the false notion that there was ever a time when everyone was living the good life.

"American Grenadine is an album about American legends and tall tales, specifically those involving our Presidents and First Ladies. Most of these stories are inspired by actual events. But, over time, the details become tailored and exaggerated to the point of mythology - their subjects commemorated as our de facto American gods," says Donavan. "'Military Man' was written about General Dwight D. Eisenhower and the myth of the 1950s. The Eisenhower era is often remembered as a time of great prosperity. But in reality, not everybody was enjoying the good life. One in four Americans was living in poverty. However, after fleeing to the suburbs (via a brand new Interstate Highway System), the flourishing middle class was able to largely ignore the growing urban decay. Today, we usually think about the picket fences and the two-car garages. We wax poetic about the 'good old days.' We find the past much easier to digest through rose-colored glasses."

American Grenadine, the debut record from Los Angeles pop-rock band The Rose Petals, has been over a dozen years and thousands of miles in the making. The group’s songwriting duo, Peter Donovan (All the Real Girls) and Elijah Ocean (Rolling Stone named his 2018 single, “Down This Road,” one of its top 10 best country and Americana songs of the week) first met in 2008, but it wasn’t until Donovan embarked on a cross-country tour of U.S. Presidents’ graves in 2016 that The Rose Petals came to fruition. On that trip, Donovan and Ocean wrote over 20 songs, 11 of which comprise the group’s debut record, American Grenadine. Using jangly guitars, sparkly tambourines, and tantalizing harmonies, the album tells the unseen stories of 11 U.S. presidents and their wives, from Warren G. Harding’s postmortem scandals (“The Kids All Sent Their Pennies”) to Dolley Madison saving irreplaceable valuables like a copy of the Declaration of Independence and a painting of George Washington when the British came to attack the White House (“Chesapeake Leopard”). Far from a political statement, though, the songs on American Grenadine are not intended to be a celebration or an admonishment of their subjects. They’re stories about life, love, power, and death. They’re snapshots of threads in the American tapestry, as seen through the eyes of our very fallible American presidents. Ultimately, American Grenadine, through crisp layers of guitar and emotive vocal lines reminiscent of both R.E.M. and Gin Blossoms, proves that these powerful men — these seeming American gods — were just as imperfectly human as the rest of us

Julian Brown – Walls (Spotify)

“The very fresh release of a young skillful artist is here. Soft guitar notes combined with the artist's silvery voice. Also noticeable are the dymanic changes in this fantastic mix that hold you there like a magnet. ”

‘Walls’ embodies the feeling of loving someone paired with uncertainty and hope. It talks about when the timing isn’t right, although the person might be. And even though you’re not with that person at the time, there may be a moment in the future where the relationship makes more sense. Underlined by a catchy guitar riff, ‘Walls’ has an uplifting, almost euphoric arrangement, that creates contrast to its rather thoughtful lyrics and combines, the two controversial elements, hope and bitterness.

Sean O’Reilly – My Song (Harper’s Mix) (Spotify)

“-My Song- composition is rich in one of the oldest instruments, the symbol of Ireland - Harp. Fluctuations in silence and voluminous vocals of -Sean O'Reilly- make even the experienced listener to hold his breath from such quality.”

“Композиция -My Song- насыщена одним из древнейших инструментов, символом Ирландии - Арфой. Колебания в тишине томного голоса -Sean O'Reilly- заставит даже искушённого слушателя затаить своё дыхание.”

Sean O'Reilly restored a 100 year old harp and learning how to play it, putting together a new arrangement based around the Concert harp. Original song was on piano.

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