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Aarktica – Delicate Waltz of Shadows

“Whispering vocals about the struggle most of us have to face in this life, carefully mixed with peaceful acoustic melodies. A philosophical approach of how stronger can become if we pass through difficulties and choose to stand up and fight. Quality music with food for thought too.”

Aarktica’s “Delicate Waltz of Shadows” is a journey through pain, loss, healing, and growth, and captures the non-linear nature of forgiveness in the face of adversity. “I remember, when you were kind / just like yesterday of another lifetime / and the love still flows,” sings Aarktica’s Jon DeRosa, making peace with complicated emotions. A gentle acoustic strum accompanied by subtle electronic soundscapes, the song showcases Aarktica’s prowess in bridging meditative folk and starry-eyed ambient. “The album is about this idea that once we acknowledge certain wounds, weaknesses or unpleasant feelings, and instead of ignoring them, we dive headfirst into the darkness and face everything that is terrifying, there’s at least the possibility (and more so, the likelihood) that we will come out on the other end feeling stronger and more empowered,” says DeRosa on the overall message of his forthcoming album We Will Find The Light, out September 30th via Darla Records.

Claire Coupland – Love Song

“When love comes to your heart, you are ready to sing and distribute your emotions with the help of a beautiful, romantic lyrics, which is saturated with music -claire couPland-. A little acoustic background, atmosphere of Folk sound and you are already on the way to the one you love and who loves you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Когда любовь приходит в ваше сердце вы готовы петь и раздавать свои эмоции с помощью красивой, романтической лирики, которой пропитана музыка -Claire Coupland-. Немного акустического фона, атмосферы Folk звучания и вы уже на пути к тому, кого вы любите и кто любит вас.”

September 9, 2022 - Canada: Today Canadian singer-songwriter, Claire Coupland, has released the first single off her sophomore album New Light, due out in early 2023. Love Song can be heard everywhere you stream music, and was premiered via Canadian Beats.

Love Song is a spritely love letter that sits right in the pocket of California folk and Canadiana, written and performed on a shimmery high strung acoustic guitar. It takes listeners through a lush toe tapping arrangement echoing bluegrass and country styles with dreamy harmonies, watery electric guitar, slick standup bass and playful percussion.

Like many other artists, the stasis of the pandemic left Claire Coupland with a substantial period of reflection. Without live performance and the usual music engagements, her creative focus was turned inward towards a collection of partially written songs that had long been lying dormant in her imagination. Deeper, darker and more vulnerable song writing exploration unearthed stories of fragile family dynamics, the struggle to belong, homesickness, painful goodbyes, and hope for the future.

After half a year of email and phone correspondence, Covid 19 vaccine rollouts and easing of border restrictions, the stars finally aligned and Coupland made a trip to Los Angeles to join creative forces with JUNO award-winning musician and producer Sam Weber (Bahamas, Terra Lightfoot, Madison Cunningham). Together, with a hand picked selection of LA’s finest musicians (including members of Dawes, one of Claire's biggest musical influences), the team laid down a collection of exciting new songs with bluegrass, folk, soft rock and grunge flavours, and thus her brand new album, New Light, is set to release in early 2023.

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Edvard Borneo – So Lonesome I Could Drive

“Song that feels so positive, but at the same time it is much more deeper and melancholic. Song and instrument like a metaphor of life and all that it brings, good and bad moments, but you keep going, because, you can choose the soundtrack of life as well the life itself. ”

Rahael – How Do You Love

“-Rahael- invites you to feel freedom of flight, because it is precisely such impressions that her new job leaves behind. Delicate vocals, like sweet syrup, pouring through your veins, and the melody of acoustic folk music takes you together with the fair wind, under the clouds!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Rahael- предлагает вам почувствовать свободу полёта, ведь именно такие впечатления оставляет после себя её новая работа. Нежный вокал словно сладкий сироп льётся по вашим венам, а мелодия акустической Folk музыки уносит вас вместе с попутным ветром ввысь, под облака!”

Ajeet x Sam Garrett – Water and Sky

“Velvet vocals, melody of acoustic folk music is as if created to give you a few minutes of charming travel to the wonderful world of harmony and solitude with yourself. The violin and other live tools, a light percussion will do everything so that you are remotely remotely from all problems and rest with your soul and body.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Бархатный вокал, мелодия акустической Folk музыки словно созданы для того, что подарить вам несколько минут очаровательного путешествия в чудный мир гармонии и уединения с самим собой. Скрипка и другие живые инструменты, лёгкая перкуссия сделают всё для того, чтобы вы максимально отдалились от всех проблем и отдохнули душой и телом.”

Ajeet’s smooth, velvety voice flows between the deep smoky timbre of Sam Garretts vocals, who joins Ajeet on the song ‘Water and Sky.’ Reminiscent of her popular song Akal, this song travels between the present and worlds far away, with this powerful duet taking you along for the journey. Acoustic and electric guitar, harp, fiddle and harp are held up with Rhodes, bass and a fluid heartbeat percussion.

Dieter van der Westen – Erie Canal

“Love this kind of smooth country song, full of nostalgia and mood that makes you think of past times. Great vocals and a guitar that goes with them. I can feel the autumn on this one, with leaves falling down while walking a dog in the park with this as a soundtrack.”

The popular song "Low Bridge, Everybody Down" was written by Thomas S. Allen (although some have questioned its origins [1]), recorded in 1912,[2] and published by F.B. Haviland Publishing Company in 1913.[3] It was written after the construction of the New York State Barge Canal, which would replace the Erie Canal, was well underway, furthering the change from mule power to engine power, raising the speed of traffic. Also known as "Fifteen Years on the Erie Canal", "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal", "Erie Canal Song", "Erie Barge Canal", and "Mule Named Sal", the song memorializes the years from 1825 to 1880 when the mule barges made boomtowns out of Utica, Rome, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo, and transformed New York into the Empire State.

The music cover published in 1913 depicts a boy on a mule getting down to pass under a bridge, but the reference to "low bridge" in the song refers to travelers who would typically ride on top of the boats. The low bridges would require them to get down out of the way to allow safe passage under a bridge.


Early 20th century recordings of the song include ones by Billy Murray, Vernon Dalhart, and Jack Narz. The song has become part of the folk repertoire, recorded by folksingers like Glenn Yarborough, Pete Seeger and the Weavers, The Kingston Trio, the children's series VeggieTales, and artists like the Sons of the Pioneers. Dan Zanes included it on a children's album with Suzanne Vega singing lead. Bruce Springsteen recorded the song on his 2006 album We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions. The cartoon series Animaniacs parodied "Low Bridge" with their song about the Panama Canal. The lyrics are also the text of the book The Erie Canal (1970), illustrated by Peter Spier.

Maja Lena – Through The Wall

“The melody came from the depths of the forest thicket, like a lonely elf who has lost his mind in the world of people. He brought with him the mystical atmosphere of acoustic folk music with chamber pop elements, delighting everyone with his beautiful and such mental vocal.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия пришедшая из глубины лесной чащи, как одинокий эльф, который заблудился в мире людей. Он принёс с собой мистическую атмосферу акустической Folk музыки с элементами Chamber Pop, радуя всех своим красивым и таким душевным вокалом.”

MAJA LENA recently announced details of her second solo album Pluto; produced by longtime collaborator Rob Pemberton and set to be released 2nd December on Chiverin Records.

Today, she shares the album’s second single, "Through The Wall".

"I wrote “Through The Wall” while we were recording the album. I wasn't sure if it would make it onto the record, but I couldn’t stop playing it and then we ended up tracking it.

"Lyrically, there are themes of feeling torn between two worlds, themes of feeling not good enough, and themes of feeling lost. It’s also about the strange passing of time." - Maja Lena on "Through The Wall"

Alex Heane's (who is also in Willy Mason's band) bass part brings a real grounding warmth to "Through The Wall", topped off with Emma Gatrill's (erstwhile member of Laura Marling's group) beautiful clarinet parts. The drums were laid down by producer Rob Pemberton, who also drums for The Staves.

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