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Total music posts:2,564 Total artist interviews:111

Neoclassical Pop Jazz World Music House Electronica Psychill Psytrance Techno Blogwave Rock Hip‑Hop

Total music posts:2,564
Total artist interviews:111

Rxtherapper – BLACK ROSES (Video)

“The track is very rhythmic and attractive. It is distinguished by the balance between the drums, piano and the Bass part. It is this hip-hop that creates a mood and shakes your columns in the confusion of our endless everyday life. Wonderful job!”

“Трек очень ритмичный и привлекательный. Его выделяет сбалансированность ритма ударных с пиано и басовой партией. Именно такой hip-hop создаёт настроение и раскачивает ваши колонки в суматохе наших бесконечных будней. Великолепная работа!”

Rxtherapper once again shows us why he is respected amongst the greats with his unique an versatile & lyrical abilities he isn’t missing 2021

Matthew “M.D.” McCoy – Thankful (Spotify)

“-Thankful- is a special idea of Retro soul track. It shows sense, load and focus, as well as jazz splashes in the overall sound canvas to create an impressive mood. The result sounds atmospheric and very interesting too.”

“От retro soul до hip-hop создают особую идею трека -Thankful-. Её смысловая нагрузка и направленность, а также джазовые вкрапления в общем звуковом полотне создают впечатляющее настроение. Всё это вместе звучит атмосферно и слушается очень интересно.”

This song is born of struggle, disappointment, self care and love, self determination and faith in Jah/Yahweh in spite of what seems to be. As well as carrying a spirit of gratitude, even when facing uncertainty.

Matthew MD McCoy is what happens when roots reggae and hip-hop meet a professor of theology. Much like his tresses, he represents the intertwining of faith that liberates, rebelling against willful ignorance and injustice.

Matthew Taught at Fisk University and Tennessee State University between 2001-2019. He stood in his authenticity by showing students that is was possible to mix academic astuteness with artistic disposition. He is an educator; scholar; musician; producer; songwriter; emcee; artist, and an active member of his community that has worked with and encouraged youth in various outreach programs throughout Nashville, Tennessee. His is also the leader of the band MD and Cobalt Blue who present a dynamic blend of reggae, hip-hop and soul.

What you hear most often from MD as an emcee are honest, creative and reflective lyrics. In his production you'll hear sample free live music, real instruments, that 95% of the time he is playing. You will hear horn lines commissioned from his peers and band mates and a creativity that is influenced by all of life while embracing his own unique articulation. The music has it's own vibe. Peace and Love, always.

Vainis – En Tarvii Mitään (Spotify)

“An excellent hip-hop tune of an old school style. Virtuoso execution in a wild mix. The main musical theme is deployed and also available to the sophisticated listener. Energetic rhythm, excellent gradation and many bold musical moves.”

“Превосходный hip-hop старой школы. Виртуозное исполнение, трек пестрит масштабом, главная музыкальная тема развёрнута и доступна даже искушённому слушателю. Энергичный ритм, отличная градация и много смелых музыкальных ходов.”

Edo. G & Insight Innovates – Choose Your Path (Video)

“Grab this chance to experience a true Hip-Hop tune, made with care and original style. Rhymes packed with energy, selected lyrics and… scientific approach! Don’t waste time and prepare yourself for the ultimate; “Choose Your Path”.”

Edo. G & Insight Innovates bring their meditative and jazzy single, “Choose Your Path,” to life in this new video that transports you to their hometown of Boston.

The track stems from the duo’s recently released self-titled album and it showcases exactly what you can expect from the entire project. You get one cut after another of expertly crafted rhymes from Edo and Insight, with the latter also providing every beautifully produced instrumental.

“Choose Your Path” is a welcome dose of timeless hip-hop from the Boston-based duo. And in this video that’s directed and edited by DoomDaWiz (for Wiz Craft Productions), Edo and Insight post up at the Boston Museum of Science’s Charles Hayden Planetarium. It makes for a slightly psychedelic viewing experience that suits the vibes from the two emcees.

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform to support the duo’s debut collab LP, Edo. G & Insight Innovates which is also available on vinyl and CD via Brick Records.

Bobby JaGGerJacK – The Bad Guy (Spotify)

“-The Bad Guy- sounds just perfect. No bulging tools and good general track arrangement. This is a truly titanic work of sound producer -Robert Earl Austin-, which leaves a lasting impression... within the best forms of hip-hop sound!”

“-The Bad Guy- звучит просто идеально, нет выпирающих инструментов, общая аранжировка всего трека радует слух. Это поистине титанический труд саунд-продюсера -Robert Earl Austin-, который оставляет неизгладимое впечатление. В лучших традициях hip-hop звучания!”

Imagine if John Wick woke up one day and said to himself “You know what, I want to be a rapper today!”

Buku Wise – NevermindMe (Spotify)

“A foot-tapping, head-nodding blend of reggae & hip hop with a heartfelt message to those that didn’t pay attention the first time around. ‘Nevermind’ by ‘Buku’ has that Mega Hit, always on the radio kind of feel & polished production. This is going to be a biggy – You heard it here first.”

Nevermind Me is a smash hit by Buku Wise that reminds those who didn’t take noticed before but now the tables have shifted. Great Song

Sargeant X Comrade – Beautiful (Video)

“Essentially, a combination of art, music & poetry in a YouTube video format, Sargeant X Comrade, ‘Beautiful’ delivers a soulful & melodic lead vocal over a simple guitar scat chordal pattern, soft percussion that in parts is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix ‘Little Wing’ There are some interesting vocal harmonies and drop-in’s that really enhance the track.”

Another art video from the Lo fi soul group Sargeant X Comrade. Beautiful is an attempt at conveying the feeling of falling in love through a visual narrative. Taking the “falling” part literal the video blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Reminiscent of a painting done in a contemporary fashion using video techniques instead of the traditional oils and canvas, Beautiful by Sargeant X Comrade combines art, music and poetry into one.

TaReef KnockOut – Turkey Bacon (Spotify)

“-Turkey Bacon- is composed with concept and integrity. Interesting ideas and sound transitions. The artist is experimenting with a set of bold decisions and hip-hop mood.”

“Цельность и концептуальности. Именно так можно охарактеризовать -Turkey Bacon-. Пакет интересные идей, музыкальных переходов, экспериментов, набор смелых решений и настроение хип-хоп ритмики.”

Florida rapper, TaReef KnockOut drops off his brand new EP, Eggs for Breakfast released worldwide on May 21st, 2021. Turkey Bacon is the opening track packed with clever lyricism and good vibes to set the tone for the Tallahassee emcee 4 track EP. Eggs for Breakfast is TaReef’s best work yet as he’s focused and hungry for more.

Mykii J, Sooftheradiokid, Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly – Crime Scene 2.0 – song by Mykii J, Sooftheradiokid, Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly | Spotify (Spotify)

“This is not your typical Hip-Hop sound, but one step beyond the basics tune. Not just one or two, but three artists joined in "Crime Scene 2.0". The result should be heard with caution, as it's likely to blow the mind and stimulate our brain. A sudden burn is about to appear from your speakers!”

"Crime Scene 2.0" is the follow-up to Mykii J's original "Crime Scene" released in 2020. This time, Mykii J, whose alter ego is X-Men's "Gambit," has recruited other "Mutants" like him, including Sooftheradiokid and Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly, to deliver a powerful, hard-hitting anthem that once again "kills" the noise from haters and nay-sayers.

Alias Molombo, A-F-R-O – All About… (Spotify)

“This is an incredibly attractive hip-hop hit. Live rhythm and mix that drags new listeners and draws its slowness. All of the above give rise to a large, deep picture. All components embody that ultimate atmosphere of "All About...".”

“Это невероятно притягательный хип-хоп. Живая ритмика и читка увлекает за собой неравнодушных слушателей и притягивает своей неспешностью. Всё вышеперечисленное рождает крупную и глубокую картину. Все составляющие воплощают в себе то, что в итоге дарит эта работа - атмосферу.”

US-Heavyweight-Rap-Champion A-F-R-O teams up with producer Alias Molombo from Germany for this collabo "All About..."

A-F-R-O, known for his work with R.A. Rugged Man, Jedi Mind Tricks etc. delivers top notch lyrics to a sample based classic Rap-Beat, that bumps your head.

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