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Lenken – Rendezvous (Spotify)

“A rendezvous compilation of classic sounds of retro with a modern twist. It has that feel good throw back R&B feel to it. Smooth and delightful. ”

“Rendevous” is powered by both feel-good and dance vibes. The song features an effervescent/uptempo instrumental that prompts Lenken to gift us with an enthusiastic vocal performance, infectious melodies, and lyrics that will make you want to go on an adventure with someone that is capable of having you on cloud nine. More than anything, “Rendevous” is one of those tracks that is impossible to hate and easily consumable.

The Mountain – Sargeant X Comrade feat K-Riz (Video)

“Organic and dope, clean jazzy beat with immaculate lyrical style. This track preserves Hip Hop in its true format. ”

The mountain is high. Do you have what it takes to climb it? This is the first single from Sargeant X Comrade’s upcoming album dropping in November 2021 on Mo Gravy Records.

Olicía – Go Go Go (orange version) ft. Laura Perrudin (Video)

“Fun and laced with citrus. Full of choices and an interesting modern beat. The clap brings it all together in a natural way. ”

The fresh and exuberant rumble of “Go Go Go”, for which Olicía have collaborated with the renowned French harpist and songwriter Laura Perrudin, celebrates femininity and female self-determination from the very personal perspective of its creators. Perrudin contributed percussive structures and sounds on her unique electronic chromatic harp. It’s the final single before Olicía’s adventurous double album “Liquid Lines” arrives on Oct 1 2021. It comes with an elaborate video, shot in Southern Germany, that features the two band members amidst a large and diverse group of the most important and inspirational women in their lives.

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Love, DEAN – “Put A Record On” (Video)

“Looking for some real and serious sound? Then this may be a good choice. “Put A Record On” can easily stand among the most notable creations. Consisting of Alternative, Indie and Americana elements keeps a high production level and also invites us in the warm artists’ place.”

Musicians, singer-songwriters, and husband and wife, Rachael and Luke Price, are bringing back the feel-good vibes of classic Americana. On Love, DEAN’s self-titled debut, they’ve handcrafted a musical mosaic from vintage soul, Motown, old-time music, gospel, folk, and neo-soul. The self-titled album is themed around love and community, and coming of age milestones. It’s vibrant, personal, and it’s for everyone.

“This album is a love letter from us to anyone who listens. We’re hoping the listener feels let into our lives; that they can see value in music; value in people; and that they feel inspired to grow in their own lives and relationships. We leave space for grief, hardship and honesty but our target is encouragement and positivity in the midst of struggles,” Rachael says.

Rachael and Luke first met as Berklee College of Music students on the very first day of school. Rachael’s artistic perspective encompasses soul, gospel, and Americana. Luke is an accomplished fiddler steeped in old-time music, bluegrass, swing, and honky-tonk. From these varied backgrounds, the twosome nurtured a soul-pop aesthetic. “We want to connect with people, but we also like to keep things musically interesting. For example, there may be a section in 7, or a strange horn line or a complex drum fill or passage, but we never like these touches to take away from the song” Luke says. “We strive for something that feels familiar but has unexpected twists.”

The band began simply as DEAN! while Luke and Rachael were in college. They felt keen on the trusty and traditional overtones of the name. The couple also each had a beloved family member named Dean, and when they rebooted the project in Portland, Oregon, they modified the handle to Love, DEAN. A perfect addition that showcases the warmth within the group.

Love, DEAN is part of a creative community of musicians who drift in and out of each other’s projects and also come together to teach at music camps. “Our music comes from our experience and from the influence of our musical community which stretches across the country, from Boston, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Portland,” Rachael says.

The warmly inviting single, Put A Record On, grooves with a Beatles-esque soulfulness. The track features Luke’s Pop Staples-like R&B guitar filigree, Rachael’s slow-burn vocals, dreamy organ playing, trippy atmospherics, and a deconstructed pocket drums and bass groove. Its lyrics are evocative and inclusive—lovingly snapshotting how music can be a sanctuary away from the onslaught of day-to-day living. Rachael sings: Finally by ourselves we shut the door/Every step creaks slowly cross this floor/Anticipation telling us it’s time /Hold me tight as Ray sings “Georgia On My Mind.” “We love listening to records together and with friends, and we wanted to celebrate all the beauty of those moments, tangible and intangible,” Rachael says.

Chaz – (It Gives Me) Joy (Spotify)

“- (IT Gives Me) Joy- is a hypnotic and mysterious world created by the sound wizard -Chaz-! If you like a light, multi-layer Neo-Soul song, then you will gladly immerse yourself in this sound maze of euphoria.”

“-(It Gives Me) Joy- тот случай, когда музыка сама создаёт атмосферу, а не подбирается под настроение. Погрузитесь в этот гипнотический и загадочный мир, созданный настоящим волшеюником -Chaz-! Если вы любите лёгкый, многослойный Neo-Soul, то с радостью погружайтесь в этот звуковой лабиринт эйфории.”

(It Gives Me) Joy is charismatic, uplifting, romantic, with a beat and hook that's addictive

Gabriel Alexander – How It Feels (Spotify)

“-How It Feels- is the truth of a unique sound that uses all modern technologies in creating music. The sound is so touching that hearts a striking way. NEO-SOUL with a combination of funk music sounds great, which produces a sachet-clean impression.”

“-How It Feels- по истине уникальное звучание, которое использует все современные технологии в создания музыки. Звучание настолько трогательное, что поразительным образом покоряет сердца. Neo-Soul с сочетанием funk музыки звучит великолепно, что производит душещипательное впечатления.”

Donna Senders, Humbi – safe (Spotify)

“Summer, tangible evening, green tea brewed in a copper bowler in the forest and favourite delicacy on her knees. Through the open doors of creation, the Neo-Soul melody of -Safe- is composed. By closing our eyes, we feel the smell of trees around... with their rustling foliage fading away in order to return again.”

“Летний, осязаемый вечер, зелёный чай заваренный в медном котелке в лесу и любимое лакомство на коленках. Через открытые двери машины сочится мелодия neo-soul, которой наполнена композиция -safe-. Закрыв глаза мы чувствуем запах деревьев вокруг, шелест листвы и мысленно исчезаем вдали, чтобы вновь вернуться.”

"safe" is made for everybody who knows or wants to know the feeling of being safe in a relationship with your loved one. This can relate to personal battles to get you there, accepting your sexuality, or whatever comes to your mind. A vulnerable yet bubbly song for all the lovers.

Blak Emoji – Swooning On You (Spotify)

“"UBlak Emoji" turned out to create a very juicy single with warm sound. In "Swooning On You", there's a romantic neo-soul touch, incredibly cozy content for an equally cozy setting.”

“У -Blak Emoji- получилось создать очень сочное и при этом ламповое звучание, которое согревает своим теплом. В -Swooning On You- много романтического neo-soul звучания, невероятно уютное содержание для не менее уютной обстановки.”

Fronted by singer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kelsey Warren, NYC band Blak Emoji have shared their latest single, “Swooning On You”. Having built a following and received critical acclaim for their previous work over the last few years, the band’s self-produced and independently released new track is another impressive entry into their growing discography. It follows “Mechanism”, which was released earlier this year, and precedes the band’s forthcoming album due for release in October.

Playing drums since the age of 5 and guitar and piano since the age of 12, Kelsey showcases his full production range on “Swooning On You”, expertly and seamlessly blending together R&B, soul, electronic and pop – i.e. all the sounds he was immersed in throughout his childhood growing up in South Jersey – with a fresh and modern twist. “I was working on this beat in Logic on and off for a few weeks”, says Kelsey. “I had the drum pattern and bassline down but went back and forth experimenting with sounds and ambient textures for quite a while.

“The lyrics were inspired by a recent conversation, and once the lyrical lightbulb turned on, the melody came out of nowhere. I completed the music, recorded the vocals in a day, put it all together and mixed it. The song describes a 'love at first connection' vibe. That feeling you have when you relate to a person instantly without explanation.”

Having carved out their own lane with a unique sound and style, “Swooning On You” looks set to continue the band’s impressive rise. And with more new music to be unveiled in the coming months in the lead-up to their anticipated new album, they are undoubtedly an act to watch out for over the next year. “Swooning On You” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

Live dates: Rockwood Music Hall, 2/10/21

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