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Sound Kodz – “Open Your Eyes”

“A very warm, chamber sound and plexus of such genres as Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop made this track a real source of inspiration for all romantics. -Sound kodz- they know how to recreate the sound capable of driving you crazy.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень тёплое, камерное звучание и сплетение таких жанров, как Neo-Soul и Hip-Hop сделали этот трек настоящим источником вдохновения для всех романтиков. -Sound Kodz- знают, как воссоздать звук способный свести вас с ума.”


"The time we wrote this particular song, the world was stepping into unfortunate major changes.

We were really inspired by keeping a positive mindset and messaging that through this song. People were and are really feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders and need something uplifting. When we first heard the instrumental, we knew what needed to be said.

We recorded at Earthworks, a popular studio in Newark Ohio. We were all there vibing. Sound kodz, Mik Moli Music and Brandon Bankes spreading positive vibes throughout the session. We ended up with a product that we are proud and pleased with. This song OPEN YOUR EYES has perfect timing. We just want to keep people inspired, uplifted and happy."


Sound Kodz are a breath of fresh air and positivity in a world that is currently full of turmoil and negativity. The groups message of unity, peace, and love is more needed in 2022 than ever before. Sound Kodz’s music channels positive energy that produces uplifting sensations simply missing from today’s music.

It is never derogatory and loved by fans of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. It’s bringing the fun, the poeticism, lyricism and the sustenance back to hip-hop, returning to the genres core values. In their own individual households as young kids, they were all exposed to great music. Which contributed to their desires to one day become musical artists.

Each member of Sound Kodz started their love of music between the ages of 8 & 9 years old. They began singing and/or dabbling in Hip Hop. The members of Sound Kodz are inspired by 80s and 90s artists like MC Lyte, Nas, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Since their passion was ignited they have continued their musical journey into Hip Hop.

Efajemue – Finite Spaces [Ft. J3PO]

“A little intoxicating Neo-Soul and Lo-Fi Hip-hop will not hurt you and only emphasize your independence, filling crystal glasses with the breath of your melody. Calm music to preserve the balance of your soul and body.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Немного опьяняющего Neo-Soul и Lo-fi Hip-Hop вам не помешает и только подчеркнёт вашу независимость, наполняя хрустальные бокалы дыханием своей мелодии. Спокойная музыка для сохранения баланса вашей души и тела.”

Xades – Shaded

“Atmospheric symbiosis of two hypnotic genres - DUB and Neo -Soul, in the rhythm of which you dance in the light of the moon. The melody, as if the oily paint that has come down from the paintings, in which you are sinking deeper and deeper, plunging into its intoxicating abyss.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Атмосферный симбиоз двух гипнотических жанров - Dub и Neo-Soul, в ритме которых вы танцуете при свете луны. Мелодия, словно сошедшая с картин масленая краска, в которой вы тоните всё глубже и глубже, погружаясь в её опьяняющую бездну.”

Dub-infused neo-soul tune “Shaded” by up and coming Berlin singer Xades is a sensual letter to a lover, who sees their loved one’s potentials despite any anxieties and insecurities. An ode to unrequited love featuring a spoken word part and organic instrumentation. Xades is the new born project of shape shifting DJ and curator MSJY (Dekmantel affiliate). As Xades she explores her voice and writing, creating beautifully nostalgic neo-soul under a heavy influence of dub and contemporary R&B.

The track is accompanied by a remix by Miami-based producer and DJ Coffintexts, who put together a bass heavy IDM techno remix of Xades’ neo-soul-meets-spoken-word original.

dezabel – Move

“The-dezabel- no goal of a planet unfamiliar to her by someone’s name, everything she wants is to her new single, which comes from the heart, hears as many people as possible. Just stunning Neo-Soul with a bright and very energetic atmosphere of immersion. Fabulous!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У -dezabel- нет цели незнакомую ей планету чьим-то именем назвать, всё, чего она хочет — это чтобы её новый сингл, который идёт от самого сердца, услышало как можно больше людей. Просто сногсшибательный Neo-Soul с яркой и очень энергичной атмосферой погружения. Великолепно!”

Freedust x Saphie Wells – Take Me There

“Moving among Jazzy string instrumentation, Latin percussion and a few synth elements, this elegant release can broaden your music horizons. Also the voice of Peruvian singer Saphie will keep you the most cheerful company. Press "play" and nothing can distract you from relaxation.”

Bare Jams – Roll With It

“Living, instrumental music always affects a person very positively. Fills his heart with a love elixir, ennobleing and extoling over this world. The magnificent Neo-Soul performed by -Bare Jams-, charm in every note played!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Живая, инструментальная музыка всегда влияет очень положительно на человека. Наполняет его сердце любовным эликсиром, облагораживая и превознося над этим миром. Великолепный Neo-Soul в исполнении -Bare Jams-, очарование в каждой сыгранной ноте!”

Driving Destiny – High on You

“This track adequately occupies its NEO-SOL niche. He is very original, he has his own idea, his own style and a unique atmosphere. -Driving destiny- very skillfully conduct a thread of narratives, which instantly conquers their audience!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек достойно занимает свою нишу Neo-Soul. Он весьма оригинален, у него есть своя идея, свой стиль и уникальная атмосфера. -Driving Destiny- очень умело проводят нить повествования, чем мгновенно завоёвывают свою аудиторию!”

Steady Legend – Bad Boy (Radio Edit)

“The legendary group -steady Legend- with a unique sound that combines Neo-Soul and Funk styles, deep and spiritual vocals and all the charisma of each of the musicians. Very rich and rich music!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Легендарная группа -Steady Legend- с уникальным звучанием, которая объединяет стили Neo-Soul и Funk, глубокий и душевный вокал и всю харизматичность каждого из музыкантов. Очень богатая и насыщенная музыка!”

Think about all the musical milestones that have come with the introduction of a new lead singer. There’s AC/DC with Brian Johnson, Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio, Pink Floyd with David Gilmour and Roger Waters, and Jefferson Airplane with Grace Slick. Now, Austin soul-rock outfit Steady Legend isn’t quite as well-known as those groups…at least not yet. But they are fixing to pass the torch to their new head vocalist, Analysa Gonzalez, whose choir and church band background have given her the chops to wow a packed house without breaking a sweat. The sweltering passion of Gonzalez’ singing style led Steady Legend to re-tool their sound more towards funk and soul, and after two years of careful tweaks, they’re ready to make that transition official.

Steady Legend just announced the inauguration of Analysa Gonzalez through their next EP, Say Hey. Say Hey was written entirely by Steady Legend guitarist Michael Mancuso, and produced and mixed by Incubus, Matchbox Twenty, and U2 engineer CJ Eiriksson.

WhitMo – One More Szn

“In this Neo-Soul, the whole graceful power of the unique voice is used, whose energy envelops the warmth of the romantic atmosphere. Music, which is able to heal all the scars of your soul and will help you find the balance you lost.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этой Neo-Soul композиции использована вся грациозная мощь уникального голоса, чья энергия окутывает теплотой романтической атмосферы. Музыка, которая способна залечить все шрамы вашей души и поможет найти потерянный вами баланс.”

Joanna Ramirez – Ride

“The atmosphere Retro Soul covers you with its lamp sound, live instrumental music and a chic vocal of the magnificent performer -joanna ramirez-. You have only five minutes to visit heaven.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Атмосфера Retro Soul накрывает вас своим ламповым звучанием, живой инструментальной музыкой и шикарным вокалом великолепной исполнительницы -Joanna Ramirez-. У вас есть всего пять минут, чтобы побывать на небесах.”

Artist said about this song:

"I’m giving encouragement to look deeper and realize that it’s o.k. to be yourself - get off the merry-go-round, feel your emotions and connect with a peace you can find in yourself and that nothing you see in this world will make you happy – you just have to choose to be happy."

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