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The Calvary Nightingales – My Robe (Spotify)

“Rare and old-style sound for every experienced ear. Acoustic guitar at its best and exuberant singing from proffessionals in the scene. The song's name make us think of something warm and cozy, so we guess that this is the main idea here.”

Grooving minor key Memphis 1970s sacred soul rarity sees LP/CD/digital streaming release for the 1st time

Fox Jackson – Like You in Everyway (Spotify)

“An easy listening track that is light & refreshing. With a distinctly 80’s funky, disco vibe ‘Like You In Every Way’ by Fox Jackson carries with it a positive message & comfortable feel. The instrumentation, vocals & guitar especially has that ‘Chic’ style sound that one would associate with the dance hall floor fillers of yesteryear. ”

London based singer/songwriter Fox Jackson has been enamoured by music from as young as he can remember. Inspired by the likes of artists such as Earth Wind and Fire, Prince and Pharrell Williams, his music blends funk-fuelled melodies, sexy vocals and dance-worthy beats, creating a vibrant and distinct sound which is undeniably his own.

His career in the entertainment industry began at just 11 years old, when he landed the lead role as Billy Elliot, in the hit West End musical, "Billy Elliot the Musical". His time there solidified his desire to be on stage, while also pushing him to dive deeper into the world of music. Following multiple roles on both stage and TV, Fox soon made an easy transition to his first love and true calling, music. Discovering his own sound and style, Fox has since been crafting music, with the intention to make listeners smile.

Following on from "Behind Closed Doors" is his latest single “Like You In Every Way” - written alongside producer Nick Burns, this floorfiller track is more than just a love song. This is the ice-melting, love-professing, warm sunshine single written during a transition period of Jackson’s relationship, carrying a message of trust and love regardless of doubts. The artist confides, “There is nothing so deadly to a fresh relationship as too many questions, sometimes you just have to let go of those fears and trust that you want to be together.” This is a positive, comforting song sure to put a smile on your face.

The track comes in like a glowing summer breeze of joy and positivity. The guitar has a strong melodic flow layered over the tasty, funky drums forging a rush of energy and movement. With a slapping bass line and a highly intoxicating, dance-worthy fluidity, “Like You In Every Way” features funky riffs and a rich, groovy soundscape, like caramel for your eardrums. The sleek vocals from Jackson are smooth and romantic, glazed in a cheeky energy that gives an undeniable charm to the song.

With an underlying wholesome tone, the organic track brims in authenticity and honesty. Jackson shares, “Music, as with all things in life, is about love. Music for me isn’t just about love, music is a love language. Music interprets my feelings, the feelings of those dear to me and helps me understand my place in the sea of those relation-’ships’”.

Hoping that his music will transport listeners to the golden age of funk, soul and disco, Fox Jackson is producing music for escapism and delivering something that will make you question which decade we are in.

Bella Brown & the Jealous Lovers – Rocket (Spotify)

“The magnificent, colourful sound, niciously executed and filled with the characteristic Retro Soul and funk waves of charm. The voice as well as the atmosphere of -rocket- can safely prove it as a truly elegant and rainbow work!”

“Великолепное звучание, колоритное, слаженно исполненное и наполненное свойственным retro soul и funk звучанию шармом. Голос на столько хорошо передаёт атмосферу песни, что -Rocket- можно смело назвать изящным и по-настоящему радужным произведением!”

Rocket is the title track to the new Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers EP. The track features a musicians who’s previous credits include Babyface, Beyoncé, Coolio, Fleetwood Mac, Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, and Justin Timberlake. The song is about a leaving the troubles of the world for a new place where peace, love, and unity are the pillars of existence.

Marlon McClain – Funkin Cause We Wanna (Spotify)

“Very professionally played and executed song. Distinct vocals with joyful touch, that can efficiently attract you. -Retro Soul- in its true manifestation. In the instrumental part the sound is clear, rich and bright.”

“Сыграно и исполнено очень профессионально, вокалисты со своей партией справляются, поют живо и качественно. -Retro Soul- в своём истинном проявлении. В инструментальной составляющей есть тембровая окраска, звучит всё насыщенно и ярко.”

"Funkin Cause We Wanna" is the brand new release from acclaimed songwriter/ producer/ guitarist Marlon McClain. Following on the heels of his last single the successful ( #1 last week on R&B and Soul Urban Influencer chart ) "Aint No Stoppin Now" feat; BD3.

"Funkin Cause We Wanna' co-written and produced by longtime collaborator Ralph Stacy features Marlon on lead vocals on a funky, gritty and at the same time summery fun groove.

The vocals and groove are reminiscent of the great funk bands of the 70's yet brings a contemporary feel that is true to classic funk.

As the world starts to open up after over a year of shut down, 'Funkin Cause We Wanna" has a vibe of celebration and is a potential summer anthem.

Matthew “M.D.” McCoy – Thankful (Spotify)

“-Thankful- is a special idea of Retro soul track. It shows sense, load and focus, as well as jazz splashes in the overall sound canvas to create an impressive mood. The result sounds atmospheric and very interesting too.”

“От retro soul до hip-hop создают особую идею трека -Thankful-. Её смысловая нагрузка и направленность, а также джазовые вкрапления в общем звуковом полотне создают впечатляющее настроение. Всё это вместе звучит атмосферно и слушается очень интересно.”

This song is born of struggle, disappointment, self care and love, self determination and faith in Jah/Yahweh in spite of what seems to be. As well as carrying a spirit of gratitude, even when facing uncertainty.

Matthew MD McCoy is what happens when roots reggae and hip-hop meet a professor of theology. Much like his tresses, he represents the intertwining of faith that liberates, rebelling against willful ignorance and injustice.

Matthew Taught at Fisk University and Tennessee State University between 2001-2019. He stood in his authenticity by showing students that is was possible to mix academic astuteness with artistic disposition. He is an educator; scholar; musician; producer; songwriter; emcee; artist, and an active member of his community that has worked with and encouraged youth in various outreach programs throughout Nashville, Tennessee. His is also the leader of the band MD and Cobalt Blue who present a dynamic blend of reggae, hip-hop and soul.

What you hear most often from MD as an emcee are honest, creative and reflective lyrics. In his production you'll hear sample free live music, real instruments, that 95% of the time he is playing. You will hear horn lines commissioned from his peers and band mates and a creativity that is influenced by all of life while embracing his own unique articulation. The music has it's own vibe. Peace and Love, always.

Sargeant X Comrade – Beautiful (Video)

“Essentially, a combination of art, music & poetry in a YouTube video format, Sargeant X Comrade, ‘Beautiful’ delivers a soulful & melodic lead vocal over a simple guitar scat chordal pattern, soft percussion that in parts is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix ‘Little Wing’ There are some interesting vocal harmonies and drop-in’s that really enhance the track.”

Another art video from the Lo fi soul group Sargeant X Comrade. Beautiful is an attempt at conveying the feeling of falling in love through a visual narrative. Taking the “falling” part literal the video blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Reminiscent of a painting done in a contemporary fashion using video techniques instead of the traditional oils and canvas, Beautiful by Sargeant X Comrade combines art, music and poetry into one.

Hilary Watson – Lie Awake (Spotify)

“Remember the name Hilary Watson because you will be hearing it again and again. ‘Lie Awake’ is her debut single and Hilary arrives with a bang! Imagine the best vocal attributes of singers like Shania Twain and Patsy Cline and add them to a Carol King like sound with a catchy percussive vibe and you won’t be far away. ”

Lie Awake is the debut solo release of singer-songwriter Hilary Watson, also known as vocalist/guitarist of the duo, Hilary and Kate. Aretha meets Patsy Cline in her sassy, powerhouse roots sound. Recorded at Laurel Lane Studios in San Luis Obispo with Damon Castillo and featuring The Rainbow Girls on background vocals. More tracks and videos at

True Loves – “Sunday Afternoon” (Video)

“Captivating for the first second, True Loves know how to create a building up of groove layering, where the strong performances re-in forces as you step deeper. The lush harmonies and vibes here are hard to describe in words but overall sounds like a big party that you don’t want to be out of it. So press play and get lost on sound witchcraft of passionate professional musicians. ”

“Seattle’s instrumental soul heavyweights, True Loves, will release a music video for the title track off of their sophomore album ‘Sunday Afternoon’ on Wednesday, May 19th. Produced by Wild Gravity and filmed at Seattle’s Rainier Valley Cultural Arts Center, the video for “Sunday Afternoon” depicts the band plotting to retrieve their master tapes stolen by greedy, corporate music executives.

The video offers a candid look at the corkboard where the band has devised their heist while capturing each member of the band’s A-team-esque roles in ‘The Crew,’ listing everyone’s essential role in the plot while donned in slick black suits. The band successfully breaks into the compound to get their masters and redistributes the earnings to local venues and independent artists. As crafty as their swaggering instrumental tune with bold fanfare horn lines and a hard-driving rhythm section, True Loves prevail and toast to sticking it to the man.

“We wanted to recognize what a difficult time this has been for musicians, venues, and their staffs while corporate greed continues and how artists are taken advantage of by those at the top who continue to prosper while others suffer—a modern Robinhood tale told through a heist video,” says bassist, Bryant Moore.

Watch the video here.

The “Sunday Afternoon” video comes out ahead of the group’s sophomore record out via Color Red (music discovery platform and record label founded by Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds) on May 28th. The powerhouse, all-star project features Jason Cressey (Odesza/Monophonics) on trombone, Greg Kramer (Macklemore) on trombone, Gordon Brown on tenor sax, Skerik (Mike Clark/Fred Wesley/Charlie Hunter/Garage a Trois) on baritone sax, Jimmy James (Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio), Bryant Moore on bass, David McGraw (Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio) on drums, and Iván Galvaz on percussion.

The group transpired in 2014 out of a Sunday jam session between James, Moore, and McGraw and has ricocheted into an act that has garnered millions of YouTube views and countless tracks with six-digit play counts on digital streaming platforms. Sunday Afternoon comes hot off the heels of their 2017 debut instrumental release Famous Last Words and finds the band beaming with the most synergetic energy of their careers.

“It’s a collaborative effort with all of us. What’s great about people having input is that then the band sounds more natural, more cohesive. The band sounds more together in that way and that’s the way it should be. Because if the band sounds comfortable and it sits on the groove, then it comes to life,” said guitarist Jimmy James in an interview with American Songwriter (December 2020) that premiered the audio for “Sunday Afternoon.”

Pre-order and pre-save ‘Sunday Afternoon’ ahead of its May 28th release here:

Digital | Vinyl Pre-Order | CD

Fat Koala Disorder – Miss Purple Finch (Spotify)

“We are sure that this single will be of interest to many retro soul and jazz fans. Experimental and very unusual work with unique atmosphere, where its value lies.”

“Мы уверены, что этот сингл будет интересен многим любителям звучания в стиле retro soul и jazz. Экспериментальная и очень необычное произведение, со своей исключительной атмосферой, в которой заключается её ценность.”

Miss Purple Finch is inspired by a 1965 poem by e.e. cummings. The song reflects on life, its fragility and beauty.

Fat Koala Disorder keeps surfing on various genres. This time the duo finds itself in the vicinity of jazz. The final trumpet solo is performed by Rafal Dubicki - Polish musician cooperating with international artists, including Alex Band of Aleksander Maliszewski, Eljazz Big Band, Pendofsky, Ray Wilson and Genesis Orchestra, Michał Sołtan.

Stephanie Oliver, Henry Aberson, Pat Kelley, Brian Lee, Rod Ellicot – Want (Spotify)

“Light Jazz song with very meaningful lyrics and crystal clear singing. If you're one of those who don't use to immitate others and your personality is strong enough to make independent choices, then "Want" is what you really want!”

Want - Is a song about how we don' t all have to agree to get along - This is relevant especially in today's climate -

People think others need to agree with them or see things their way and that's not always possible or relevant .

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