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Ally Palmer – Walk Alone

“Walking in proud loneliness along the streets of the city, accompanied by a new composition -lyly Palmer-. Take the sunbathing, bathing in the atmosphere of warm rays Retro Soul and Funk and try to remember this day as something important in your life. Music that helps to breathe.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прогулка в гордом одиночестве по улицам города в сопровождении новой композиции -Ally Palmer-. Примите солнечные ванны, купаясь в атмосфере тёплых лучей Retro Soul и Funk и постарайтесь запомнить этот день, как нечто важное в вашей жизни. Музыка, которая помогает дышать.”

Carter & the Capitals – Lovely Lovely Lovely

“How often do your collection come across tracks in the genres of Retro Soul and Funk? Today, at this very minute you have the opportunity to update your list and enjoy this gentle taste of juicy music from -carter & the capitals-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как часто в вашей коллекции попадаются треки в жанрах Retro Soul и Funk? Сегодня, в эту самую минуту у вас есть возможность обновить свой список и насладиться этим нежным привкусом сочной музыки от -Carter & the Capitals-.”

Carter & the Capitals are a high energy five-piece funk group from Edmonton, Alberta. Known for their signature, hard-driving sound, soulful vocals, and catchy instrumental riffs, the Capitals fuse the most danceable elements of the pop and funk genres. By bottling up deep grooves from their wide range of influences and combining them with tight, snappy arrangements, the band offers its own unique take on Western Canadian funk.

Following up on their 2019 self-titled debut album, Carter & the Capitals return with “Lovely Lovely Lovely,” a joyful new track that serves as a reminder for the band to not take themselves so seriously and to enjoy the privilege of playing music with some of their best friends. With lots of growing pains and mistakes over the past years, the Capitals have become closer while making the best music they’ve ever made.

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Joanna Ramirez – Ride

“The atmosphere Retro Soul covers you with its lamp sound, live instrumental music and a chic vocal of the magnificent performer -joanna ramirez-. You have only five minutes to visit heaven.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Атмосфера Retro Soul накрывает вас своим ламповым звучанием, живой инструментальной музыкой и шикарным вокалом великолепной исполнительницы -Joanna Ramirez-. У вас есть всего пять минут, чтобы побывать на небесах.”

Artist said about this song:

"I’m giving encouragement to look deeper and realize that it’s o.k. to be yourself - get off the merry-go-round, feel your emotions and connect with a peace you can find in yourself and that nothing you see in this world will make you happy – you just have to choose to be happy."

Maddy Brown – Wiser

“The light rustle of the needle on the vinyl plate very competently tunes on the atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Charm in the ocean of sounds and melody Retro Soul and vocals -Maddy Brown-. She successfully managed to combine tenderness with charisma, thanks to this, her feelings are very subtly transmitted to the listener.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лёгкий шорох иглы по виниловой пластинке очень грамотно настраивает на атмосферу безмятежности и спокойствия. Очарование в океане звуков и мелодии Retro Soul и вокала -Maddy Brown-. Она удачно сумела соединить нежность с харизмой, благодаря этому очень тонко передаются её чувства слушателю.”

“Wiser” is an autobiographical song and narrative which details finding your footing post-breakup, recognizing your growth and worth, and ultimately becoming empowered to be straightforward and voice your emotions. The song is centered around Maddy’s personal experience of coming to terms with the truth that her long-term relationship was not the right fit for her. “Wiser” is a representation of recognizing her needs within a relationship, as Maddy openly expresses her repressed feelings and honors her experience through her songwriting process.

Maddy’s raw and straight-to-the-point lyricism, masterful vocal control and delivery, and soulful R&B-centric production reflect the wide range of genres that have influenced her music throughout her life. With two more singles in the pipeline, “Wiser” is just a prelude to the sonic direction in her upcoming 6-track pop-infused R&B debut EP, slated to release in Summer 2022.


“I hope people can take ‘Wiser’ as their own source of empowerment. Voice how you feel, recognize your worth, and be empowered to have high expectations for those who end up having the privilege to be in your life.”

-Maddy Brown

Micah Edwards – To Mama

“The songs that our mothers are always beaten in the sick place. I would like to quit all things, take a train or an airplane and fly to her – to mom. The elegant Retro Soul melody in warm vocal shades -micah edwards and with very mental text.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Песни, которые посвящены нашим матерям, всегда бьют по самому больному месту. Хочется бросить все дела, сесть на поезд или на самолёт и прилететь к ней – к маме. Элегантная мелодия retro soul в тёплых вокальных оттенках -Micah Edwards- и с очень душевным текстом.”

Gin Palace – Momma Never Told Ya

“The imperishable Retro Soul genre, which has already controlled our feelings and emotions. Similar music as a monologue with himself, which helps to plunge headlong into the musical component of a multi -faced theater. It is worth mentioning professional work on vocal parties. You need to hear it! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Нетленный жанр Retro Soul, вот уже которое десятилетие управляет нашими чувствами и эмоциями. Подобная музыка как монолог с самим собой, которая помогает окунуться с головой в музыкальную составляющую многоликого театра. Стоит упомянуть профессиональную работу над вокальными партиями. Это нужно слышать!”

This track is about taking all of that frustration mentioned previously and flipping it on its head, poking fun at it and using it as motivation to keep moving and making the world a more positive place as you go.

Momma Never Told Ya, takes the roots of Gin Palace’s influences, in the delicate psychedelic and funk and fuses it together with the bands own modern twist, creating a radio-friendly brass-filled funk "banger". With this song the band try to explore all of that doom and gloom, the imposter syndrome and the quiet questions we all ask ourselves in the middle of the night and force ourselves to put a positive spin on it. Moving forward and focusing on each other, how we can help each other.

“It doesn’t really matter, for we are only matter and only love is the goal.”


“In “Happy For You”, some exuberant vocals and affectations of a talented singer are forming the hottest atmosphere. The sound follows Retro Soul and Alt Pop motiffs, while pulling like magnet in a vortex of emotions. Strong and passionate result.”

HAPPY FOR YOU is an uplifting song about going through pain in a relationship and female empowerment

Jon Davis x BoyPanda – Burning In The Rain

“This track is real magic that can tear you away from everything in this world and stupefy your consciousness, like a sip of good wine! The whole web can be compared with precious stones, each of which is good in its own way. You just have to slowly admire their radiance and enjoy this moment! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек настоящая магия, способная оторвать вас от всего в этом мире и одурманить ваше сознание, словно глоток хорошего вина! Весь вайб можно сравнить с драгоценными камнями, каждый из которых хорош по-своему. Вам остаётся лишь не спеша любоваться их сиянием и наслаждаться этим мгновением!”

Dale Edward Chung – It’s Over

“The composition -Dale Edward Chung is a melodic, rhythmic gamut of sounds in the framework of the Retro Soul genre, which brings enormous satisfaction when listening. The vocal -saturated troops is a great way to ponostalgia. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Композиция -Dale Edward Chung- представляет собой мелодичную, ритмичную гамму звуков в рамках жанра Retro Soul, которая приносит громадное удовлетворение при прослушивании. Насыщенный тембральной окраской вокал прекрасный способ поностальгировать.”

“It’s Over” is about rising above and moving on, crushing the stereotypes that try to define us, breaking free and starting anew. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith to discover we can fly!

“It’s Over is only the beginning!”

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