Ben Walsh – She Gives Me Love (Acoustic Version)

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“In our times, there are a lot of imperishable and unlucking genres, but among them there are too few those who settled in memory with a pleasant, nostalgic wave. The new Blues Song from -ben Walsh – contains the mood and atmosphere of Americana and Rockabilly, recreating the times that have gone for many times. For many, but not for you and me!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В наши времена много нетленных и нестареющих жанров, но среди них слишком мало тех, которые оседают в памяти приятной, ностальгической волной. Новая Blues песня от -Ben Walsh- содержит в себе настроение и атмосферу Americana и Rockabilly, воссоздавая ушедшие для многих времена в небытие. Для многих, но не для нас с вами!”

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The Roughhousers – Toenail Soup

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“From the very first notes, the track sets in a positive way, increasing the degree of your mood with every subsequent second. Similar work in the Rockabilly genre today is a huge rarity, from which they become even more attractive! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“С самых первых нот трек настраивает на позитивный лад, повышая градус вашего настроения с каждой последующей секундной. Подобные работы в жанре Rockabilly в наши дни огромная редкость, от чего они становятся ещё более притягательными!”

Children’s rockabilly duo The Roughhousers are back again with more distinguishable and entertaining zaniness! Grey DeLisle and Eddie Clendening’s newest single, “Toenail Soup,” continues the pattern of their previous releases by offering adults a splendid selection of songs for their kids with enough variety and musicality to keep all parties sane and satisfied. Plus, the themes pack meanings and messages well-fitting for the modern children’s music scene. Starting with “Princess Mike,” gender boundaries are broken down in a palatable way without pushing the envelope too far. “Azucar” packs all the sweetness of youth dessert cravings in an artful way that even parents can get on board with to sing and dance along. “Monkey Butt” hails as the ultimate bathtime anthem for kids and adults alike. Now, “Toenail Soup” is here, as The Roughhousers have yet another fun and surprisingly age-inclusive story to tell.

The best comparisons for what to expect from The Roughhousers’ “Toenail Soup” are some of Johnny Cash’s renowned works of musical storytelling. Those are some big shoes to fill, but without a doubt, the one thing these artists have in common is their mastery of conveying a comprehensive tale through song. In this case, the story is about a questionable concoction that dad whipped up for supper while mom was away. With many inedible ingredients that dare not be recited, the song breaks down this recipe for disaster and the events that followed when mom finally returns home. The attention to detail in these lyrics, backed by a lively, unbelievably catchy instrumental, is guaranteed to keep anyone’s interest piqued from beginning to end.

“Toenail Soup” yields the perfect balance of kid-friendly animation with the cheerful, animated personalities of The Roughhousers. DeLisle and Clendening perform this song in a bright,’ 50s-designed kitchen with an enormous brewing pot of the track’s title food in its center. However, the duo has company in this video: a mini green-tinted DeLisle contributes to the story from within the soup. “Toenail Soup” proves that The Roughhousers’ streak of delivering bar-setting children’s hits for adults is still alive and going strong.

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Project One – Pick-nik

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“Gather with the company of good friends, spread the fire, get the guitar and feel how the light breeze is blowing in the back, and a high grass shake on the skyline. A good example of an ideal rock composition in which the vocals play a key leading role. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Соберитесь с компанией добрых друзей, разведите костёр, достаньте гитары и почувствуйте, как в спину дует лёгкий ветерок, а на алом горизонте покачивается высокая трава. Хороший пример идеальной рок композиции, в которой вокал играет ключевую, ведущую роль.”

Project One is a band from Hightstown, NJ which plays an electric mix of original compositions with style, personality, and edge. Their hard driving music encompasses Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock, Country, Metal and more. The band is composed of Scott Belgard (guitars), John Epstein (guitars), John Ferrigno (drums). John Kelly (vocals), Art Stephano (bass).

Bobby Dove – Hopeless Romantic (Spotify)

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“Hopeless Romantic is the new album of Bobby Dove, including 11 carefully crafted songs for tickle your ear needs. We picked the same titled track which happens to be and the intro one. Light heartwarming atmosphere for the incurable romantics who hunt love even when the turn out been hopeless. The importance is to be guided by love and romance always to make this world a better one! ”

The upbeat title track and lead single (with video), satirically exposes the highs and lows of being a “Hopeless Romantic”. Bobby's vividly shattered dreams are brought to life with nostalgic melodies, and a topnotch Canadian country band that includes Bazil Donovan and Jimmy Bowskill - along with an animated visual clip produced by the “gorgeous and glorious” Gregory Pepper. Co-produced with Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo) and Tim Vesely (Rheostatics) at The Woodshed studio in Toronto, Bobby Dove’s new album, Hopeless Romantic, offers 11 new original Americana/Country songs on subjects such as unrequited love, being on the road, haunted hotels and hard-rocking pallbearers. On Hopeless Romantic, Bobby collaborates with some of the finest in Canadian Country music including Jimmy Bowskill (The Sheepdogs, Blue Rodeo), Burke Carroll (Kathleen Edwards) as well as guest singers Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo) and Jenny Whiteley.

DSP band – Coming Back to Town (Video)

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“A very positive song in an energetic country style that sooner or later we all return to our beloved and familiar prairies of our native lands. Coming Back to Town is for you, dear travelers!”

“Очень позитивная песня в энергичном стиле country о том, что рано или поздно все мы возвращаемся на любимые и знакомые с детства прерии родных земель. Coming Back to Town для вас, дорогие путешественники!”

This is kind of a road trip country rock tune about being on the way back home (literally or imaginatory). Traditionally sound, with instrumenst such as harmonica, dobro, banjo and organ..

DSP band (Down south pepper band) is from the small lappish village Kvalsund, in the northernmost part of Norway. The core members of the band are Per Øyvind Mathisen and Rune Nyby, they have been making music together for a long time.

The band plays americana and country inspired music that reflects the joy and sorrows in life as they observe and experience it. They have released 20 songs on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon, they have also released the album ”The Last Twang” on CD with 12 country and blues inspired songs.

A couple of DSP bands singles have been on independent country music single chart, as a result of airplay on country radio stations around the world.

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