DSP band – Coming Back to Town (Video)

“A very positive song in an energetic country style that sooner or later we all return to our beloved and familiar prairies of our native lands. Coming Back to Town is for you, dear travelers!”

“Очень позитивная песня в энергичном стиле country о том, что рано или поздно все мы возвращаемся на любимые и знакомые с детства прерии родных земель. Coming Back to Town для вас, дорогие путешественники!”


This is kind of a road trip country rock tune about being on the way back home (literally or imaginatory). Traditionally sound, with instrumenst such as harmonica, dobro, banjo and organ..


DSP band (Down south pepper band) is from the small lappish village Kvalsund, in the northernmost part of Norway. The core members of the band are Per Øyvind Mathisen and Rune Nyby, they have been making music together for a long time.

The band plays americana and country inspired music that reflects the joy and sorrows in life as they observe and experience it. They have released 20 songs on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon, they have also released the album ”The Last Twang” on CD with 12 country and blues inspired songs.

A couple of DSP bands singles have been on independent country music single chart, as a result of airplay on country radio stations around the world.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 5, 2021