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Michal Martyniuk, Vanessa Freema – How Do We Make It? (Spotify)

“Collaboration single that blends classical with electronic ideas. Starting with piano melodies you cannot imagine that the following part switches into House! Yes, it's possible to have both in one and the outcome sounds very artistic too.”

One of New Zealand’s most talented contemporary Jazz artists, Michal Martyniuk, brings his magic to the soulful dance music arena by way of a stunning collaboration with one of the UK’s best loved vocalists, Vanessa Freeman (4Hero, Nathan Haines and Bugz In The Attic). Taken from Michal’s forthcoming 'Reconciliation EP’, 'How Do We Make It?’ sees Vanessa deliver a warm, compassionate vocal that sets a tone for kindness and self-empowerment - a message especially poignant amidst the current challenges in the world. Add to that a dynamite Neo-Soul groove that's ripe with classy keys, a bubbling bassline and infectious beats, courtesy of Michal and UK producer Mike Patto, altogether bringing a fresh, optimistic vibe for 2021.

Michał Martyniuk, (born in Poland – now living in New Zealand) is a pianist, composer and music producer, who is widely lauded as a new rising star in the Jazz scene. In 2016 Michal released his debut album, ‘Odyssey' under the After ‘Ours moniker with Nick Williams), featuring contributions from Sharlene Hector and Nathan Haines, amongst others. Then In 2018 Michal released his second album ‘Nothing To Prove’ (highlighting his mastery at the piano), followed by ‘Resonate’ in 2019, cementing his reputation as one of the most exciting up and coming artists in contemporary jazz. Furthermore, Michal achieved 2nd place at the prestigious 'Made In New York' Jazz Competition, was nominated for the prestigious ‘Fryderyk 2019 - Jazz Discovery Of The Year’ award, and in 2020 was a finalist at the ‘New Zealand Music Awards - NZ Best Jazz Artist Of The Year’ for his album ‘Resonate’. Michal is at the vanguard of the next wave of music makers venturing to build on the traditions of the past, yet evolving an exciting new future for Jazz and Neo Soul.

Soulecta, Lee Walker – Good for You (Spotify)

“Super strong beat, high pitched singing effects and very rich percussion are fairly enough to prove this track good, good for you! Another collaboration gem patiently waiting for the dancefloor success. Fascinating endless UK Garage style of course.”

Rising Garage star Soulecta teams up with House heavyweight Lee Walker (Defected/Hot Creations/DJ Mag Best Remix Winner 2016) for their new single ‘Good For You’. The track is a perfect blend of energetic house and garage, seamlessly mixing house drums with garage bass and vocals, creating a record that can be enjoyed at home, at the gym, or on the dancefloor by house and garage fans across the world

LEGATO – It Was You, It Was Always You (Spotify)

“By listening -It Was You, It Was Always You- immediately felt the impact of jazz and light in so unobtrusive seclusion which gives limitless improvisation.”

“Слушая -It Was You, It Was Always You- сразу ощущается джазовое влияние, а лёгкая и такая ненавязчивая камерность даёт безграничный простор импровизации.”

The first installment of a brand new 2 track EP - due out in its entirety this April - sees LEGATO meld incisive, swing-infused percussion; gentle, soporific keys; and ghostly vocals - that swoop and fade throughout - to craft this ultra-elegant and entrancing new record; one that doubles-up nicely as a bold, 2021 opening gambit from EMR.

Stayhomie — I can do it for you (feat. Snezhik) (Video)

“Cool and loose-limbed piece of art, ideal for your ears. Do you need to isolate from the daily madness? Just pick up your headphones and adjust the volume level. Concentrate on the slow beat and let the singer’s charming voice lift you in the clouds.”

Stayhomie presents a music video for his single “I Can Do It For You”. Its footage was shot by photographer Luis Quintero at the mass of a religious community in Panama. These visually powerful video clips inspired Max Kubbe (a.k.a. Stayhomie) to put them together to make one whole story with a stunning climax.

Single “I Can Do It For You” is taken from the debut album “Random Heartbreaking Memories vol. 1”. Album features several vocalists from different parts of the world: Grisly Faye, Bark Bark Disco, Snezhik, Neon Lights, Bew Nalance.

Stayhomie: “There are two selves inside of me. One of them looks toward melancholic experimental sound, the other one infinitely loves aesthetics of the 90’s, ultramelodism and sentimental pop-phrasing. You can find both of them on this album”.

Stayhomie is an electronic producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Ultramelodism, patchwork of voice samples, vintage synthesizers and Roland 808.

du0 – Come Home feat. Emily Coulston (Acoustic) (Video)

“From where to start and where to end for this blissful song? Wins your attention from the first milliseconds! The sound layering and atmosphere here is brilliant, Emily Coulston impressive vocal capabilities comes to give the secret spice of a wonderful recipe that has been cooked here. This is a memorable song, which invites you to listen again and again on repeat! ”

The track had an unlikely birth. du0 tells the story: “The three of us were among nine musicians invited to attend AMPLIFY, QMusic’s Songwriting Retreat at Heliport Studios in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia. It was amazing and incredibly hectic. We were rotated in groups of three and had to come up with a song from scratch, and produce and record it in 4 hours. We did this five times in three days.”

The result, Come Home, has had 1,107,000 streams on Spotify, but little radio play so far. And now the acoustic video is going off on YouTube. There may be something in this, we don’t know. Hopefully you can help us find out what it is.

Phil Anker – The Longest Night (Spotify)

“The whisper of percussion in The Longest Night and light, unobtrusive elements of Future Garage are an amazing combination of sound ideas in one small but cozy composition from Phil Anker.”

“Шепот перкуссии в The Longest Night и лёгкие, ненавязчивые элементы Future Garage - это удивительное сочетание звуковых идей в одной небольшой, но уютной композиции от Phil Anker.”

Jacana People – Imari (Spotify)

“As the title "Imari" reveals, Jacana People focused on converting images into notes. Light, colourful, melodic and warm; This one will stick in your mind and possibly keep playing for hours!”

Taking cues from the heady precision of Bonobo, the meditative quality of Burial and emotional resonance of The Field, Jacana People return with their most refined piece of work to date, ‘Imari’. Following a dynamic first 10 months together, Jacana People gained early access to the million-stream club, landing tastemaker & editorial support from the likes of Anjunadeep, Apple Music, Spotify, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio and a #1 Hype Machine slot - on their first three releases since forming.

Jaguar, BBC Radio 1, ‘If you like your Bonobo, your Four Tet and your Tourist…you’re gonna like this a lot’

Constructed around thoughts of escapism and change - ideas and ideals that 2020 has given significant weight to - ‘Imari’ conjures an abstract location from which colourful and hopeful narratives emerge. Driven by warped and delicate vocal chops this forthcoming single connects the physical with the emotional, thanks to a backdrop of vibrant synths and cascading percussive textures. Confident in its sonic identity, ‘Imari’ emits a quiet energy from which mesmeric harmonies take the listener to a place of respite, where dusty beat loops and repeated synth pads mirror life’s circular patterns.

Jacana People have firmly positioned themselves amongst the new wave of UK electronic artists in the ascendance, including Barry Can’t Swim, Effy, TIBASKO, 1-800 Girls, and TSHA borne out through collaboration and remix duties as well as landmark releases. ‘Imari’ marks a new phase for these long- standing friends, bookending their first year together as Jacana People. - Lie to Me

Caught halfway between city noise and rural British landscapes, Jacana People make bittersweet electronica imbued with sprawling organic textures. Following a dynamic first 10 months together, Jacana People gained early access to the million-stream club, landing tastemaker & editorial support from the likes of Anjunadeep, Apple Music, Spotify, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio and a #1 Hype Machine slot. This pair have firmly positioned themselves amongst a new wave of UK electronic artists in the ascendance, borne out through collaboration and remix duties as well as landmark releases. With dynamic new material and compelling remixes set to bookend 2020, Jacana People will move into 2021 with drive and momentum for an invigorating year ahead.

Aftrlyfe, Rider Shafique, Silke – Dive Deep (Spotify)

With a powerhouse collaboration with UK-based artist Silke, blending in perfectly with a post-rock production and Rider’s rootsy vocals, this EP is nothing short of hip and groovy. The three heavily synth-based tracks seem to be telling a series of chronological stories, starting with the contemplative and atmospheric ‘Dive Deep’. The second track ‘Babylon a Burn’ furthers the theme with a more upbeat cinematic music, leading to climactic crescendos in its penultimate track ‘Rise from the Ashes’.

Aftrlyfe’s music is reminiscent of the trip hop vibes of Massive Attack, and his influences also include FKA Twigs, Run the Jewels, and 6Lack, among others. When asked for a defining album that influenced him, he answered Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’, which was a sonic illustration of emotions that made him feel beyond what was known before.

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