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Macrowave – Ex Nihilo (Spotify)

“True epic production far from the typical sounds. "Ex Nihilo" meaning out of nothing, make us think of how can it be to form so many things from scratch. Truly amazing mix from a higher level of creation.”

Everything formed out of Nothing. This is beyond understanding, because there are no opposites.
A cinematic track with a darksynth vibe.

The Nomad Project – Miami Escape (Spotify)

“The Nomad Project delivers his new ep on Emerald & Doreen imprint, called Midnight Run. Here in nagamag, we picked Miami Escape, a synthwave track with wonderful harmonies and gentle groove which is offered for night thoughts for your long night drives. Which offers the escape you want from your daily routine. Beautiful layering of melodies which playing in your head, even when has stop to listen. ”

The Nomad project was created in late 2018/early 2019 by the Bassist of Rock band Tanoi. It's an exploration of 80s retro sounds and classic bass vibes.

MARI – Losing My Way [Official MV] (Video)

“An uncomplicated melody with a simple groove, it’s the right thing for our complex times. no need rush in our lives. Sometimes you need just to stop, listen, just relax. Mari with Losing My way offer this to us in a beautiful way. ”

“Незамысловатая мелодия с простым ритмом, возможно это то, что нужно многим. не нужна спешка в нашей жизни, и иногда нужно остановиться, что бы просто слушать, просто расслабиться.”

“Losing My Way” is about falling for someone you barely know, you give it your all to a point of detriment, but she doesn’t turn out to be who she was in your head.

MARI is a Bangkok based indie pop band. The 3 members, Justin, Jake, and Iñigo, are all professional musicians with successful backgrounds who wanted to take their musical journeys in a new direction.

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