9ICK – Candlecharge (Spotify)

“Etymology Records в который раз удивляет нас своими новыми, яркими релизами. Chill-hop продолжает покорять наши сердца и уши. Это удивительный музыкальный жанр, который воздействует на своих слушателей особым, умиротворяющим способом. Чистый релакс.”


9ICK's newest release is a wide blend of soothing downtempo sounds & Lo-Fi textural beats. The song draws inspirations from a plethora of nostalgic feelings & will surely warm your cold winter nights. Let the journey take you on a trip through the snowy streets lit with full moons and festive lights. Whether you’re studying in quarantine or unwinding with family, this beat will be sure to relax you.


Classically trained pianist and producer 9ICK makes hip hop beats with laid-back, electronic instrumentals and pop influences. Combining modern sounds with a love for composition, he adds just enough from his classical background to add his own spin on a seamless fusion.

Real name Nicolas Hamilton Stephensen, 9ICK’s musical training expanded to jazz piano. As this led to production and contemporary music, he combined the two for underground attitude spiked with industry glamour. With collaborator Justin Christopher, he creates atmospheric instrumentals and low-key hip hop which brings to mind his influences Childish Gambino and J. Cole, as well as acts like Mac Miller and the classic songwriting of Frank Ocean.

With a producer’s ear for detail, Nicolas has put in his ‘10,000 hours’ but continues to push himself. 9ICK loves 'ear candy' and reveals more on each listen, with piano riffs and textured production adding layers of surprises. Self-professed ‘genre-fluid’, he pays close attention to balancing the elements of his tracks and his classical knowledge adds a stand-out flair.

At age 19, Nicolas aims to expand 9ICK and study music production or film scoring abroad. An inseparable part of his life, music will always stay with him far beyond study- and 9ICK speaks to a young generation of music lovers looking for something a little extra with his laid back electronic beats, rhythmic hip-hop, and in-depth production.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 23, 2021