Aaroon – Cry for Kashmir (Spotify)

“The competent structure of "Cry for Kashmir" contributes to your deep immersion. A special, memorable work, with interesting synth sound in Techno & House rhythms. Mystic mood which reflects the artistic abilities of a true proffecional.”

“Грамотная структура трека способствует глубоко погружению. Особенное, запоминающееся произведение, с интересным звучанием синтезаторов, ритмов Techno & House, которое отражает настоящее блаженство для слушателя и находка для ценителей качественного звука. ”



Born in London, raised in Thailand, and now based in Berlin, Aaroon possesses a worldliness that inexorably manifests itself in his music by informing both emotional breadth and stylistic diversity. The DJ and producer’s E.P. Cry for Kashmir is simultaneously a statement on half-forgotten crises occurring around the world, an optimistic nudge towards global peace, and a testament to the power of art, created on the belief that music can physically affect anything from a human brain down to the structure of a snowflake.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 15, 2021